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Northern Colorado TeaM, #62

Loveland, Colorado

Teachers: Rayson, Gabriel and Machiventa

TR: Daniel

Guests: SR, JB, MP, JE, RA, and DB


Gabriel: An overview from Orvonton & Nebadon

Co-creative approach is rare

Risks and rewards are huge

The need for the SRC was foreseen, but not announced


Intentions of the First and Second Revelatory Commissions

Rayson: Q & A

  1. Develop and pursue "lines of thinking"
  2. Conflicting bits of information
  3. Looking for gaps is of prime importance
  4. Correcting historical record
  5. Revelation through individuals subject to error
  6. New Age influences
  7. Psychic phenomena
  8. Reaching the vast majority of individuals
  9. Remember this is a co-creative activity—ask for assistance
  10. Question about Joseph
  11. Connection to New Age Movement
  12. Value of reading additional material
  13. Seeking with co-creative curiosity
  14. Hall of Registry
  15. Sleeping survivors
  16. Morontia orientation and experience
  17. Forming teams for this work

December 27, 2004

[This session was arranged for the purpose of meeting with Rayson to ask questions and discuss approaches for working with the Second Revelatory Commission. "SR," a Coordinator for the mortal aspect of this co-creative effort was in town briefly. Several members of the Northern Colorado group were able to attend this extra session as well.]

RAYSON: Good afternoon. This is Rayson. (Group welcomes Rayson for returning so soon, as he had met with the group the day before.) I never left! We have quite a pantheon of guests here among with us. I am your "MC," so to speak, and I will accept questions later on. First, I wish to introduce our first speaker, Gabriel, who will be followed by Machiventa.

GABRIEL: Good afternoon. This is Gabriel. (Group greets him warmly.) We welcome you to this Sovereign meeting. For our guest today, I wish to provide an overview from Orvonton and Nebadon, in orientation to what is occurring here today and with the Correcting Time, Teaching Mission, and the Second Revelatory Commission. The work of the Correcting Time that Michael has inaugurated is most unusual. All of Orvonton and Nebadon are in awe and wonder at his procedure for healing the wounds of the rupture of darkness that was brought about by the dark personalities, whom you know of.

Co-creative efforts to heal these wounds on the planets are very rare in all of the Universes. It is not unusual, but it has not occurred locally. It is, as you know, a high-risk enterprise, it is long term and requires diligence and patience of grand magnitude on the part of all who are involved in this. The rewards, however, are very huge and they are more immediate than increasing the spiritual pressure upon the planet as is done on most other planets that have aberrations. The reward is two fold: One, it is our belief, our intention, through the assistance of Michael and his Celestial Legions, that the healing of the planet will occur more rapidly than through the pressure increase process. Secondly, the soul value—if we can use that term with you—the "weight" of souls leaving this planet is much greater because of the decision-making that individuals must make to participate and heal themselves and move on.

This is not a rapid construction process, typical of many that you have seen on your planet by humans. This is deeply planned by Michael and his Staff. You can be assured that these processes, these developments will unfold carefully and in a timely manner, and not prematurely. This is the overview that I am directed to present to you today. You may accept that this work of the Second Revelatory Commission is a development of the First, was foreseen but not revealed at an earlier time. And now, I present Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Prince.

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. (Welcome from group.) I am pleased to be here as well and I am so pleased to see your diligence and your care, your commitment, your sincerity and your intentions so clearly laid out before you. These are all highly visible to us.

The aspect of the Second Revelatory Commission was not revealed in the first Revelations simply because it would divert attention from the effectiveness and the work of the First Revelatory Commission. There was no need to reveal this to any of the mortals, either in secrecy or in open forum.

The first Revelation, the intentions of that were to set the story right, which was simply put. It was not intended to begin a new religion or a new church, as that was seen as another ossification of the text of revelation, and the investment of authority within an organization would hold back the work of that revelation itself. It is no coincidence that this Second Revelatory Commission has been inaugurated at this time, as it will provide material that is much more friendly, palatable, and palpable to ordinary believers, whether they come from a religious background or not. The only helpful aspect that would help them would be to have a belief in God. This would be more easily acceptable for many people.

Young lady, [SR] we are very pleased at the work that you have begun. We are most pleased with your own diligence and your commitment, your appraisal of truth, your digging and your prospecting, your search, your willingness to uncover truths wherever they may be. We have had need of a good mind to help organize these efforts, the efforts of other sincere mortals and the efforts that we can provide through you. You too, have been a recipient of much insight, as you know. Do not hesitate to step forward even more. There will be other groups that will develop and we know that you will not be able to individually and personally attend to each group, but we would ask that you provide your voluntary assistance to future leaders as they request, and as you offer. We are most appreciative of the eagerness that you have shown.

Now, I will remove myself and turn this over to your teacher, Rayson, who will be glad to entertain and answer your questions. Thank you. (Group thanks Machiventa as well.)

RAYSON: Good afternoon. This is Rayson. Now we can get over with the "edgy feelings" and get on with the work at hand today. We have been asked to co-creatively meet with you to answer any questions you may have. Again, we would like you to frame them from a global perspective to begin with, as this will assist you more effectively to get to the specific questions in a more appropriate, timely, and effective manner. You may begin.

SR: I have a group of twenty people who asked to participate on the SRC committee to ask questions. To start with, I have given them an assignment, first to write a little "bio," state their intentions, and formulate two questions for consideration. Now I realize from their input that this project is much more complicated than I originally thought. I wonder if we should work with categories, or read the Urantia Book together sequentially. Do you have any suggestions?

RAYSON: Certainly. Our preparation for this group, your question askers, and participants is that you would "mine" a line of thinking. You may mine several lines of thinking at one time if you wish, but it would be most helpful to you, as well as to us, to be able to answer questions of a lineage, rather than at each meeting asking perhaps twenty different questions from twenty different categories.

The reason for this is that these revelations are instructive and they are developmental, and in some regard they are evolutionary. You will find that the development of ideas through the answers that are provided to be almost lessons in themselves. As the questions are answered, these will lead to further questions in this genre. Continuing this line will be most profitable for you. It may seem tedious, but on the other hand, for others it will be quite an exploration, and their curiosity will be whetted and satisfied as they proceed. The ability of offering several—three or four—lines of questions in a session also provides variety among the answers. You will find too, that there will be a rapport between the answers given, between the categories. Obviously, you are aware that all of this must be consistent and not inconsistent. There is a complement and compatibility to the answers.

We are not shy in this regard about answering esoteric questions. We really care that you not ask questions such as "How many hairs are on an angel’s head," or "How many can dance on a pin," as those lead to very irrelevant answers and do not contribute to the comfort of those who read these lessons. We wish to convey through the lessons, these answers, a compassion for everyone who reads them, whether they are Christian or whether they are Buddhist or whether they are of another religion. Part of our mandate is that these answers be available, compatible, and applicable to all populations. Obviously there are language limitations in English, which are overcome in other languages that also have their own inherent limitations. Curiosity questions will be entertained, if you feel and have intent that they are relevant to the pursuit of your questioning, your line of questions.

You will find that the revelations that are given will be more forthright, they will not be glib and they will be quite candid. Just as knowledgeable, caring, compassionate parents reveal to children the truths as they can accept, as they grow older they can only do so when the groundwork has been laid for them to hear the larger answers. You live on a most difficult planet, where some of the answers to your questions are quite harsh. You live in a harsh environment. This is a very material, a very masculine planet. This infusion of answers is to assist the Mother Energy on your planet; the feminine is essential to balance out the future of this planet’s environment. Does this help you?

SR: Yes. It will help when I study the transcript. I have another question: If, in researching a topic using the Urantia Book and Teaching Mission Archives, we find something of a conflicting nature, such as two TR’s who give differing answers to the same topic, is that the kind of question we can ask to resolve the confusion?

RAYSON: We wish not to enter into that fray at this time, as was revealed a week or so ago. We wish to continue the dialog and monolog with you and provide additional information. You will find these loose strands that seem conflicting will eventually be drawn into the new weave, the warp and woof of the new fabric of information. It has been our observations among you that getting into these, "he said/she said," "he TR’ed/she TR’ed" situations does not assist in your comfort and belief, but rather perpetuates this. The reason why we do not wish to enter into this at this time is also because of using TR’s — they are in our terms, "fragile" and inconsistent, whereas we are used to high degrees of reliability of truth in the communications that we have. Error is inherent in using conscious beings as TR’s to reveal these truths. We feel that entering into this process would only add more fuel to the fire. It will lead to greater contention and to greater discussion and diversity of your conversations regarding these issues. Thank you. (Short pause.)

May I add, that what we wish to do is to—in your research of the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission archives—is to find where there are more gaps or holes in the Revelation. It may be that you are able to structure your inquiries in your questions in a manner that answers your first question as well as fills in the gaps of information.

SR: In the history of Urantia section of the Urantia Book, a lot of it seems outdated because of new findings since the 1930’s. Will the history be amplified to include the new findings of the last seventy years, such as additions to the fossil record? Can we ask questions designed to fill in these gaps in our historical record?

RAYSON: Most certainly, you will not receive the incredibly detailed information that was given in the Urantia Book, but you will receive generalities about these histories on your planet. As was stated in the Urantia Book, that they could only reveal realities as they existed at that time and could not reveal realities which would be foreseen in the next two or three-thousand years, by your scientists. This would cause great difficulty. The generalities we will give you will assist you in homogenizing the inconsistencies that you see in your scientific records.

SR: Since there have been so many inventions since the Urantia Book was written—for example cell phones—will there be more analogies made that will help us to understand such things as the "harps of God?"

RAYSON: Yes. There will be many more metaphors for us to use for you to understand your relationship to this world and to the mansion worlds, now as you live here and then as you live there. Does this answer your question about scientific development?

SR: Yes…. I think so…. I think it will become clearer later on when we start asking actual questions. I have a million questions, I just don’t know where to begin, or which ones to pick that would be most helpful for getting started.

RAYSON: It may be useful for you to ask many questions. Today we offer a broad field for asking questions, so that you may hone your ability to develop questions later.

SR: There is one thing that I’m very curious about. I have read the Gabriel of Sedona Books, and he claims to be an extension of the Urantia Revelation. At first, I didn’t believe it and then I read it again before going to visit him, and it began to make sense to me. Because some of it rang true to me, I became confused about the contradictions between it and the Urantia Book. For example, on the subject of reincarnation, if the Urantia Book is in error on this subject, will this be corrected in the new text?

RAYSON: I will try to answer your three questions. First, this individual you refer to, is an open portal of consciousness—there have been many in your history of this world, in this nation and many other nations—the psychic phenomena that has occurred through him is not unusual in that we use individuals as this to reveal as much truth as possible. You can think for yourself of the many individuals who came forth and published and had an effect upon your nations and civilizations since the Fifteenth Century. You can see, looking back historically, that some of these individuals had gotten it right, whereas others did not. Also, this requires you to be very discerning —the consciousness of the individual mortal affects what they say. The stronger the individual and their ego, the more influence it has upon the revelations that come through him or her. You could not possibly get white light to transfer clearly through a pink piece of glass, could you? Certainly not. So too, truth as white light, comes through many individuals over the centuries, in many countries, in many cultures. The influence of spirit through individuals, i.e. revelation, as you would call it, is ongoing, it is unending. It is essential that it be so, in order that your truths, your religions may grow.

SR: He talked about people coming here from advanced planets to help advance our civilization, by the "star seed" concept. I find a lot of New Age beliefs are based on what seems to be true. Is this type of confusion going to be cleared up in this process?

RAYSON: The influence of other civilizations upon your planet has been ongoing. This has not been through biologic seed planting, as that is the work of the Life Carriers. The "influence seeds" that have come to your world have been intellectual, spiritual, and technological. These become evident when seen from your history that there was a sudden burst of wisdom of sciences, of mathematics that were profound, unexpected, [and] evolutionarily sudden. Often, these have been the work of those who have assisted in the elevation of your planet. Just as your nation tends to go out and meddle in other countries’ business, so too other civilizations have meddled in the work and the development of your planet, albeit they knew that this world was in quarantine for many thousands of years. This does not prevent strong-headed individuals and strong-headed civilizations from influencing your planet.

I would be less than helpful to you to go into this in great detail, as we would be "going down a rabbit hole," which would be unproductive and divert you from the true work that you have before you. There are tremendous psychic abilities in each individual; these are latent in many of you, active in some and highly developed in others. Just as there are very few individuals who have absolutely no psychic abilities, who are of average intelligence and good heredity, so too there are very few of you who have the clarity of a morontial or a midwayer being. Yet, it does exist.

Let me add that because the universe is a friendly place. Consistently, our positions are that we will not impose beliefs that are strongly contrary to yours. Our mandates are to lead you consistently, faithfully, lovingly, compassionately, carefully, tenderly as we would with children, for you are spiritual children. You would not go into a birthday party and throw around firecrackers, scaring the wits out of children, even though as adults it may seem like a lot of fun. We could do this too with the revelations that could be made to you, and these could be directly planted into your mind, but this would be most destructive and devastating to you as an individual, for your life would be forever changed during the duration of your mortality.

So too, we will not reveal information, insights, [or] technological information that would detrimentally affect your course as a civilization and as a world. Therefore, you as a civilization have developed technologically, whereas other civilizations have developed intellectually, psychically, philosophically, and morontially. We honor your belief that this does not exist. We do not go along and slap you in the face like cantankerous or ornery mothers that will not allow your children to swear. So too, we will not shock you into believing that psychic phenomena are truly an aspect of your lives. Now, having said that, I could reveal much more and take up three or four hours of your time on this topic alone today, but I think that this alone will give you an opportunity to ask much more pointed questions today and in times to come.

RA: Rayson, I have a more global-type question. I know that a lot of Urantia Book readers who have studied the book for a long time are looking forward to perhaps getting some of their big questions answered. But I also hear from you, Machiventa and Gabriel that there are a lot more people who have needs that this new book (SRC) could address that would perhaps reach people who cannot handle a big, complex book like the Urantia Book. Do you have any guidance in that area?

Rayson: Yes, certainly. We do not foresee that there would be a huge volume as the Urantia Book. We foresee that there would be a "library" of books—thin books—that reveal the lessons that have been given to you and reference the material that is provided in the Urantia Book. These volumes will grow, of course; they are open-ended books. The questions and the answers that we give now are preliminary. These materials will be developed in time so that you are able to "mine" them and bring them together. This will cause you to ask more questions, which is good. Does that answer your question, though you had a nebulous question?

RA: Yes. I just wondered if it would be more beneficial to our planet as a whole to come up with questions that the layperson wants to know the answers to, rather than being a very scholarly work that only a few people would understand.

RAYSON: If these materials are not practical, then they will not help the individual and they will not help your civilization. We are not concerned about your civilization through these activities; we are concerned about the individual, so that they understand easily and comfortably, their part and their role on this planet as material beings and as spiritual beings evolving. Surely, this must be readable to the vast majority of individuals. Look at the intellectual cream of the crop that reads the Urantia Book—this is a very remote and isolated group of people. Many concepts they speak easily about in [study] groups are not easily understood by the layperson in the community, and this is unfortunate, yet this is another reason for this work that we have begun here. Thank you.

SR: I had a question about the nuts and bolts of this. For example, let’s say that an answer is given to a question. Do we then take that verbatim, or can it be edited? What are the rules about that? If an answer seems to lack clarity, would it be considered tampering to say it more clearly through editing?

RAYSON: We welcome you to participate in the editing of the transcript that is forthcoming from today. You will find that many of the answers that are given that come through this mouth are repetitious, or that the syntax is not right, that there may be disagreement of the number and person in grammar. It would be most unfortunate if these transcripts were released in such a rough form. You as editors—and we—wish many people to participate in this and to get this exposure. Many people are needed to participate in this. Editing is guided by the intention of the Commission. It is guided also by your commitment and your lack of personal agenda for these pieces of work that come forth.

It is essential as you work with your twenty members that they are clear about who they are in this process. If each one thinks they are a "Dr. Sadler," then we will have great difficulties. If on the other hand, they are willing to forfeit their identity and to participate as sincere students of revelation, then editing will be much easier. We have an awareness of your hidden agendas, which you do not have. We move forward into this revelation carefully and your question is most appropriate. And so the diligence that you provide in editing these materials is a review for you of your intention, your commitment and your sincerity—and your own agendas.

The outcome of these transcripts must be that the intention of the session remains intact. To reinterpret a statement that was given by a teacher to mean something else would be a darkening of the topic. When in doubt, it is best to go within, be still, and to commune on the answer. It would be most helpful if you had a TR in your questioning group or as an assistant to your editing. If it is beyond that, you can go directly to a midwayer or to a celestial teacher to assist you. We believe that true mind, whole mind, cosmic mind, investment of Spirit of Truth, will provide you with consistent answers in how to edit these materials consistently, fairly, and completely. You know that you have invested within you many, many spiritual guides. You have the seven mind adjutants, the Spirit of Truth; you can call upon Christ Michael personally to assist you. You have a celestial teacher assigned to you. There are many who can assist you. When you ask for clarity, just as you do in the writing that you do, it is forthcoming faithfully when you "get out of the way." Thank you.

SR: Well, I’ve had a lot of practice editing those diaries when they say things that I don’t agree with, but I am still letting them say it. It is just so that people can read it, and if they see mistakes then they tend to throw everything out. That was why I thought it would be important [to edit].

RAYSON: Exactly so! (Pause.)

[This is Daniel. There is nothing forthcoming.]

SR: I’m hogging the questions, so let someone else ask. (Group: Ask away! This session is for you.)

JB: I have a question that is probably a curiosity question, but I wonder if you could tell us anything more about Joseph, Joshua ben Joseph’s father. There has been so much myth and glorification of Mary, but my impression was that Joseph was a pretty darned good father to Jesus. I wonder what kind of special place there must be for him? (Rayson: Explain "special," please.) Well, like the Council of 24 or …. Michael must have had a special [place or role for him]…I know that he went on to say that whoever loved the Father, was family—which is probably a contradiction to what I have just been asking—but I would just like to hear a little more of his life story.

RAYSON: He was every bit the equal of his wife, and had not this man provided such an exceptional example to his son, the outcome may have been quite different. You can imagine, can you not, the monumental personality—not as huge, but as complete—and the development of true character in this man, to have such influence upon his mortal son, Jesus. And he did this in a short time. The accident, which took his life, should tell you that there is no special place for any of you as mortals, (Turn tape)…or in conjunction with seeking to fulfill the Father’s will in your life. Yes, there are members of the Reserve Corps of Destiny, and you can imagine that Mary and Joseph could easily be considered members of that Corps. The details need not be gone over thoroughly for you to understand the dimensions of this man, genetically, or [of] his personality, with his social character, his morality and his ethics, for he was every bit prepared to raise this son through the rest of his life, to the best of his capability. Yet you can see how magnificent the outcome was, for such a quickly and short-lived life that he had.

You have a good adventuresome curiosity, which we hope you will retain and ask this question when you cross over and follow him where he has gone in the morontial worlds. You will find that his life was well prepared for his journey as a morontial being. Thank you.

RA: Will it be possible for this new work to bridge the gap between differences of opinion on this planet, where we do not seem to be able to resolve the situation, for example in the debate over "creationism vs. evolution." I would like to see perhaps, something that can explain the middle road and bring both of those camps closer together. Is that going to be possible for some of these touchy issues?

RAYSON: This is the middle road. You can never make a person believe a fact. We have found among worlds that—and particularly even on this one—you cannot lead a person to understand and accept a fact, even when it is obviously in front of them, if they believe otherwise. This approach to lead people into enlightenment is the way that Jesus brought followers into enlightenment. He addressed each individual. Somehow, these teachings must touch the heart of an individual who reads them, to know that there is a Sovereign God, who loves that individual—personally and intimately—and cares greatly for the course of that individual’s life, and is willing to assist that individual to the capacity that they invest in it, and will provide that even unknowingly to them when they do not.

This revelation is not a marketing campaign. We are not renting billboard space, but appealing through this message, in a more gentle way, to those who do read, who are curious, who are interested, and who wish to know more. You will find that through the new search engines of your Internet that these revelations will reach people who put in searches for this material. When whole libraries are made into a digital form, then this will be accessible to anyone, all over the world. We did not request that, for we foresaw it would be an obvious development.

People yearn, humans yearn for compassion, understanding, and they yearn for recognition of themselves as individuals. And they yearn for an enlivened life, for self-esteem, for a positive self-image. When religions teach there is a harsh God and that obedience is required and sacrifice is required, without exception, without question, then there is no tolerance for that individual, for the difficulties that they have. This message in all its forms is to approach the individual. That is why it must be easily read by the majority of people. The concepts must be easily provided, so that they can internalize it and "see" it within their mind. This is a long-term effort. We have only begun.

SR: One problem that I see with the Urantia Book is that it has cut itself off from the New Age [movement], and there is so much New Age material out there that is understandable to people. I wonder if one of our biggest jobs would be to connect the Urantia material to the New Age material somehow and sort of re-establish that connection so it is not separate?

RAYSON: Exactly so. This is an intention of this work that we have. The New Age is a huge movement on your planet; it is something that will not "go away." One of the intentions of these materials is to provide and appeal to those individuals who seek broader explanations for the lives they live as spiritual beings, conscious on numerous planes. Yes, the Urantia Book did "cut its nose off to spite its face," by removing itself from a genre which would become acceptable to a broad spectrum of educated and enlightened individuals.

Many of the experiences that you have had spiritually are real. They are not imaginations; you are not mentally ill. When your loved ones pass on and return to you a few days later and speak to you, you cannot dismiss this, can you? It is indelibly marked in your minds, for the rest of your life. And so when you have faiths that do not accept this possibility, then there is a dissonance in your belief system and you are not sure what is real—what you have read, what you intellectualize or what you have experienced as an individual. Yes, there are numerous phenomena, which we will be glad to discuss. There is a whole theory that will encompass this and reveal itself in time. For now, you have been chewing only on the leg of the elephant. You will be quite astounded at what remains.

SR: Well, I feel that we have to start with this little step of getting questions, and then this whole big elephant will reveal itself one inch at a time.

RAYSON: Certainly. It is much like your paintings, your pictures that you have for children—you simply give them a brush with water and they go over an area and there’s the tail, and go a little further and there’s the leg, and dab another bit of water and there is the trunk, the tusks and the ears, eyes and so on. Yes, this will all be interconnected and eventually will make sense. Yes, there will be intellectual disconnections with what you have believed before, only to the degree that you believe that it is a complete elephant by itself. There is so much to reveal, which was not given to you earlier.

SR: Would it help if all the people who are coming up with questions, read as much as they could of the New Age literature, to be familiar with it, instead of just focusing on the Urantia Book with its limited concepts?

RAYSON: Most certainly. And we advise you to proceed this way; read greatly. Do not swallow the book whole, so to speak, but be discerning. There is a great deal of what you call "frou-frou material" that is attractive to less serious minds. You are looking for a consistent concept—series of concepts—you are looking to discern parts that fit into the whole. You may read whole volumes and only come away with three or four new ideas or concepts that fit, yet in the back of your mind you will see that the material you did not use immediately may be useful later on to connect with new material.

All of the writers from the 1850’s through the current era are not all wrong; neither do they have it all right. The capacity of mortals to reveal exceptionally complex concepts and whole structures of understanding is insufficient. Only through enlightened, well-read minds can you begin to get some of those "Ah-ha’s" from connecting the dots. Do not throw out a book because some of the concepts are illogical or irrational. Sometimes, some of the most bizarre books have wonderful ideas early on or someplace in-between the pages. Do not be closed-minded, but be open-minded; and neither should you be accepting of all that your read.

As you broaden your mind, work with many different concepts, some that you believe, some that you disbelieve, some that you accept, some that are unacceptable, some that are questionable and some that just seem possibly true. You will find that through greater reading, you will have a greater mind, and you can encompass greater amounts of information. By doing this, you are removing an inherent bias to begin with. The bias of the closed-mind, knowing the truth and all the truth, the whole truth, within the confines of two covers, is a closed mind. Some books are immense in their capacity to inform and to elevate an individual—the Urantia Book is one of those. But it is one of many great books, which have come to your civilization. Apply yourself humbly as you read. Remove your arrogance and open your mind to the possibility that perhaps this author was also informed in some way, which will reveal itself in the words.

SR: One example I have—I’ve read a lot of books that described the mansion worlds, that were channeled books from the 1800’s on up, and they sort of flesh out [concepts]. The Urantia Book says "you will be assigned a residence," but then these books go into detail about what these houses look like. It’s very fascinating. They are not all the same, but if you ask two people from earth—a man in Japan and a man in New York—to describe this world, they would give you two different descriptions and they would both be true. So, I wonder if all of this information is already here on our planet in all these books, and if any of that would be used in fleshing out let’s say, the mansion world concepts—almost like the source books [of the Urantia Book]. Would they already have to exist in order for you to tell us something about it? Would we have to go and find that information, almost like finding the sources?

RAYSON: You would be quite amazed if you had quick reference to all the books that have revealed truth about the afterlife—meaning everything that does not relate directly to the material world that you live on—whether it is in your mind or in spirit around you. There have been revelations occurring on your planet since the beginning of conscious mind, the beginning of the first individual capable of thinking about God. Revelation does not cease. And how many people on your planet do live here? Approximately six billion, I understand, and each one is capable of receiving some revelation, though most have no interest.

Revelation can come through in many forms. It would not be unusual for you to have read something in a science fiction book that may fit with aspects of the Urantia Book. It would not be unusual for you to receive great insights from reading esoteric books, by those writers from the 1850’s and forward. What we are saying is that you do not need to read all of these to ask your questions. We will assist you as best we can, with the capacity of the mind that we work through, to help you coordinate the truths that come to you. You will find as you read more and more, that your mind will be able to ask more and broader questions that try to encompass these unusual sources of information in revelation. The mind is a powerful instrument. Even the one you have is quite grand in its capability and its curiosity, its outreach to bring in to its conceptual self, missing pieces. When you earnestly seek in co-creative curiosity, with your guardian angel or celestial teacher or midwayer, do not be surprised when some of this material just suddenly appears and is introduced to you from a friend, or it comes through the mail. You will have many insights that come to you, which do not directly come from the material that you read, but are developments from your mind and from the insights that you receive—in other words, revelation from higher sources. Have I gone off the track in answering your question?

SR: I can’t remember my exact question, but it sounds pretty good! Oh yes, I asked about the mansion worlds, because to me it is not a curiosity thing. If you go on a trip to China, you go to the travel agent and you get an itinerary. So I think that the more we can know about what happens when we die, the more it would affect people’s lives, and so is the mansion world a good topic to ask about when the time comes?

RAYSON: Most definitely. You will find that many of your curiosity questions, which were denied to you before, will be open. Part of your instructions are to be able to construct your questions concerning curiosity issues, so that it contributes to your mortal journey.

SR: Can I just ask one little question? When it says [in the Urantia Book] that we can consult the registry and look up the people who have died before us, that was said in the days before we had computers. Would that be like a big computer that we go to and, punch into a big Google search engine or something like that? We would have to have a way to find these people. Things like that I am just dying to know what it is going to be like.

RAYSON: Let me share with you that your "Google" was not really very famous five years ago, was it? And look how your consciousness to encompass vast sources of information has grown with this development and its contemporaries. When you go to the Hall of Registry, you will have gone there with an intention. When you go to the registry hall, you will enter and you will be greeted by one who seems to anticipate what you seek. But the information and the sources that are operating there operate here in the same way. You must ask a question to get an answer, even if the being who is helping you, already knows the question.

You may say, "I’m looking for Bill Hernandez," and you will need to say no more, for in the registry, [in] your consciousness, the imprint of this personality exists. Your helper will assist you to go to—a "machine" is far too crude a word to use for this intelligent, living entity—that will help you find the registry for your friend. As well, when you ask, you do not ask, "Well, I want the full history on Bill Hernandez. Where does he live, where has he been? Is he in detention again, or has he mended his ways?" for that truly is none of your business. But if you ask, "I would like to meet my friend; it has been a long time," and of course, this heart connection that you have, will be very evident both when you arrive and when you speak your question. Of course, your concern is for your friendship, the companionship, which you shared, and yes, this will be revealed to you, not so much on a "screen" but on a pedestal that is similar to the one that you stand on, where you see your friend. And you will be invited to contact him to see if he wants to visit with you.

The interface of these technologies are living, they are intelligent, they are knowing; they encompass mind far past what you are used to. There is an intuitive capacity for these "machine entities" to assist you in ways, which are totally unconscious even to your own mind. Yet, there is a reservation in this capacity, as it is minded, to be careful of whom it entertains. You will not be able to fully appreciate or use the capacity of this instrument, until well into your morontial career. The capacity of many of these instruments is at the level of morontial beings that are about to make their transition from the Morontia schools of Salvington to the early Spirit schools of Orvonton.

JB: What happens if the relationship, the person that we are searching for doesn’t arrive there until a further dispensation? Some of these happen only every one thousand years don’t they? (Rayson: That is correct.) And will we be informed, something like, "Well, sorry but so-and-so hasn’t arrived yet?"

RAYSON: It will be something quite similar to that statement, yes. It will be revealed to you clearly, though it will not be necessary to tell you why, for what occurred in that individual’s life to have detained them on their planet of origin. Do you understand?

JB: Well, I don’t quite understand when you say, "planet of origin," I guess I was thinking something more like, "That soul hasn’t been rematerialized yet."

RAYSON: This statement may be a simple as, "Your friend is awaiting the next dispensation before they appear." (Thank you.)

MP: Would you also be able to tell if someone has chosen not to go on and continue the morontia worlds?

RAYSON: If their existence lies within the registry, yes.

SR: I’ve read the Urantia Book over and over and over and I believe—and other people do not agree with me here—but I believe that anyone who is born of the spirit and has a Thought Adjuster that they are aware of and that they are cooperating with, automatically do survive and wake up three days later on the mansion worlds. I know a lot of people who think that even though they have a Thought Adjuster and are trying to do God’s will, they are still going to have this thousand year sleep. I think that that needs to be cleared-up, because people are living in fear that they are not going to survive right away, when I don’t think they need to be fearful.

RAYSON: We agree. (Pause.) Was there more that you wished besides that brief answer?

SR: No, I like it that you agree with that. There are some things like that are so clear to one person and not to others and those things could be cleared-up, by statements made or something that can really wipe away that doubt.

RAYSON: The explanation is manifold; I will give you a shortened version. The way forward for those individuals who are "born of the spirit," meaning they engage, accept, believe and their intention and their will is to do God’s will and to move on to Paradise, surely they will not be held back from their progress. Unwarranted detention is not progressive for the soul, is it? Certainly not. We have in our instructions, not to promote easy transit to the morontial states. Our instructions are to encourage you to continue learning, rather than simply sitting back and saying, "Ho hum. I will get there anyhow, I have a Thought Adjuster and my progress is assured." This would be detrimental to your soul growth and in fact would hold you back from forward placement on the morontial worlds and the classrooms thereof.

We encourage everyone to engage his or her spiritual progress willfully, powerfully, intentionally, and sincerely. Be committed to your course. Be committed to your will to do God’s will. Be committed to grow, and in that growth, trust that you will be translated on your third day, to the morontial worlds. Your reconstruction is all but assured. Your reconstruction in that brief time is assured by your willingness to believe, to accept, to know that you are a son or daughter of the Living God, Christ Michael, and that you are at your essence, in potential union with your Thought Adjuster. You are a being of potential fusion with your Thought Adjuster. When you live your life with this awareness, this consciousness, do not be afraid of tomorrow; do not be afraid of your death; do not be afraid of being a sleeping survivor, for we have to wake you up soon so you can get busy learning some more.

JB: If there are those who don’t have a concept or don’t think in terms of doing God’s will, but want to live their lives according to what is "right," isn’t that in essence pretty much the same thing? I mean they don’t phrase it in those terms. Maybe they aren’t sure that there really is a God, but yet there is something inside them that compels them to want to do what is best, what’s right, as they understand it?

RAYSON: It is most sad for us to tell you that there are many good people—moral, ethical people of high standards—who will be sleeping survivors, waiting to be awakened on the mansions worlds after a long sleep. What detains them [as sleeping survivors] is simply that they have not activated their willingness to cooperate and to coordinate their lives with the will of God. If you have heard the message of the Master, of Jesus, if you have heard that salvation is available to you, if you have been enlightened, if you have been made aware, then you have responsibility to engage that message or not.

Whether you live rightfully or not, the difference is in whether you commit yourself to the higher planes of your life and are yet to develop. We encourage everyone who hears the message, or who has heard about Jesus, who has heard about God on your world, to engage this seriously, for it is serious business. Can you imagine the confusion of these moral, ethical individuals when they awaken and wonder why they have slept so long, when they become conscious of that long era? They will wonder, and then they will know, that they did not make the decision to join their fellow believers. Does this answer your question?

JB: Well, yes and no. I am thinking of a certain individual that I know very superficially, a psychiatrist who has devoted his life to helping children, but he says he can’t believe in God because of what happened in the Holocaust, the idea that a loving God couldn’t allow this to happen. Yet, it seems that he’s a very kindly man who has sought to serve people. I don’t really know enough about his thinking, but I hope that clarifies my question?

RAYSON: Certainly. He has evolved in his service to others; he has yet to evolve in his service to his Creator. There lies the difference. (Thank you.)

JE: Is the significance of waiting a thousand years really important or not?

Does it mean that they enter the morontia state at a lower class level, so to speak? Or is there some other differentiation caused by that long wait? Time is endless, once you are passed on from here.

RAYSON: The duration of the time is not relevant, for the one who awakens, it is just as though they had gone to sleep and woke up the next morning. What will occur, as you have been informed already, is that these individuals will be awakened and they will [be] tenderly made aware of where they are. They will be placed in a special remedial class to be made aware of the eternal parameters of their existence, of the potentials that are before them. Every opportunity will be made to engage them to accept [the] responsibility of saying, yes, they wish to move ahead. Every possibility will be made to assist them in not saying "No, I do not believe in this; life has been too painful; I want out." After those individuals, who have [declined the opportunity after] further examinations of that [choice] by other bodies with those responsibilities, that person will pass out of existence as though they never were.

You will not find them in the registry; you will not find their presence or their name. But what remains is what they provided and what they gave to God the Supreme, through their life. You and others who are believers, who study, who strive to learn how to live a moral and ethical life and of service, you will "test out," so to speak, to higher classes. You already accept your eternal journey.

You, however, will be given time to re-orient yourself for there will be an amnesia effect that will slowly be dissolved as protective covering to your consciousness. In all cases of all beings, there is great care that you are not shocked, that you are not made disposed in a way that makes you unfriendly to your career. Just as we do not shock you with truth that we could give you now, so too, when you reawaken, you will have this muffled feeling of awareness about you. Just as children learn in close environment and then move into other rooms, so too, you will do the same. Your awareness of morontial senses will slowly begin to develop. It will take a great deal of time for you to fully recall all of the positive parts of your life.

And only through careful introduction to your life —viewing it in great detail, in sound, in color and motion, in another registry hall of your life —will you be exposed to your decisions, which made powerful effect in your life, and from which you will learn great wisdom. These too, will be revealed to you slowly. Your lives of decisions that were harmful to you, some of these you call "great sins," these are simply experiences that were unproductive or highly detrimental to yourself, and worse yet, detrimental to others. What you must get from this exposure is an understanding and an appreciation, a way of giving these experiences value on the morontial level, for you to take in fully the mota that these are to tell you. You will be guided; you will be cared for; you will not be exposed to harsh realities. Even well meaning humans, caring parents, ofttimes expose their children prematurely to [harsh] realities of their planet. Do this gently with your children. Just because there are evil or ugly realities of your world does not mean that children must have the blinders pulled off their eyes suddenly, and they are harmed by this. So too, we do not do that with you, even when it concerns your own life. Does this help?

MP: So in other words, we don’t just have a life review and that’s the end of it and go on. We continue to learn from the experiences that we have had here and it is part of our education?

RAYSON: Most definitely! You will get to review these many times. You will find that in discussion with your social group, your peers, your small educational clique, those who are in your immediate educational clan, you will review these events and situations many times, for as you reveal them, others will get lessons from your experiences. This is the way of living many experiences vicariously. Yet, with care, you will be invited to understand fully, how these came about through and with this individual and the permission of your joint guardians, as you go to the Registry Hall of History, which will show their history and this lesson, if you do not fully understand it as it was related by them in your conversations and discussions. And you will have many, many uproariously laughing occasions when you recall your foibles. You will not believe how stupid you were to have done some of the things that you have done! You will chastise yourself and belittle yourself and slap yourself in the forehead, crying on your knees in laughter at being so silly. (Much laughter.)

SR: I think we are already doing that! (More laughter.)

RAYSON: Then you are ahead of it. You know what to look forward to. What I am saying is that no stone will go unturned, where you can learn. If this is from a friend’s life, then those stones will be turned. You will have opportunities to role-play; you will have opportunities in many different configurations to thoroughly learn these lessons. The intention of this is for you to thoroughly squeeze out every part of the juice of every "grape" of your life, so that there is nothing left; so that it is not even moist with experience; that you have every bit of the pulp that you can get out of it and enjoy it in the rest of your eternal career. Why is this so? This is so because your lives as mortals are so rich in such a brief period of time, that there is so much material that you can decompress in your afterlife and understand more thoroughly then. You think you forgive yourself now! You will have quite a time of that later on. (Change of tape.)

This is a lesson that perhaps Sondjah would relate to you: Think of all the wonderful social occasions that you have had in all your life, where you have laughed uproariously, where you have wept with joy, where you have learned so much, where you have been touched deep to the quick, by the experiences of another. Think of all those occasions in your life, and then think of all the harm and all the injury and all the abuse and all the neglect that you have ever felt, being wiped away, and all that remains are wonderful experiences. And you can relate your difficult experiences to others in safe surroundings, confident that they will not belittle you, and yes, unfortunately, not everyone is quite that mature. Truly, the morontial life is not absent of hurtful feelings or hurtful statements given by others. Remember, you are in a learning environment; others may not have learned the lessons of tolerance. Many carry with them great egos yet.

You will be protected at all instances from truly hurtful experiences. We do not want to have your life bent in its growth, but you will not be fully protected from all instances where you may be made little of by one who has a greater ego. And you in turn—how would you handle that? Would you gravitate to their level and belittle them, telling them how small they are for having said that? Maybe you both would go to detention! (Loud laughter.) We wish to pull the cover from the reality of your morontial experience—it is not harsh; it is extremely friendly; it is incredibly supportive; it is helpful. When you think you have no help, just as you do now, then you do not. But truly, the helpers you have now will be visible to you. You will have a teacher/peer, who will assist you, a one-on-one tutor who has completed the class earlier. You will have your Guardian Angel and your Thought Adjuster is your ever-present companion.

Remember, when in doubt, go within; ask for answers and they will be revealed. But in this case, you will be told, when you ask. Not all of your questions will be answered; you may receive a Socratic question in return: What do you think? What are your choices? How would you handle this? What do you think a senior teacher would say? And that persona, that entity, will be with you, visible. Your questions that are serious, which no one can answer in the group, will be addressed by your teacher, and answered and explained to you, that you fully understand it. No limitation will be made upon your learning, whether in time or thoroughness. The care that you wished to have as a child as you grew up, in your mortal experience, when you were left to learn on your own, will never occur, except when there is a purpose for that to occur.

And when you are stumped, dumbfounded, and you [have] said, "What is this about, is this a review? How do I get the answer to this? I don’t have an answer! —you will be helped. You will be thoroughly, completely, compassionately, energetically helped. You will not be given answers quickly or readily, except those, which cannot be gotten through experience. Information is information. Data is data. But experience is hallowed! And the learning experience is revered and respected, and we will not withhold this from you at all, not one whit! You will be given the opportunity to experience every possible learning opportunity that you may ever wish to.

JB: Sounds pretty good!

RA: Sure beats sitting on a cloud, playing a harp for eternity! (Much laughter.)

SR: I see, like your psychiatrist friend, who has all this wrong teaching that is preventing him from believing in God, I see our whole purpose in helping with this revelatory work, is to help people like that, to understand, to have the right teaching presented in such a way that it can overcome the wrong teaching. I want to know all of it for myself too. I know where I’m going, but I think of all these poor people who are living in ignorance and don’t know what we know and it’s our job to help them to understand it. That is what I see is the purpose of this [project] is to help those people.

RAYSON: Exactly so. Why would intelligent individuals make decisions that counteract or work against their infinite ascendant career? Oftentimes what is missing in your equation as mortals here is the lack of understanding of their origins as a mortal. Also, you do not understand their genetic structure, their race memory in their genes. You do not understand their heredity from their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, generations back. You do not understand or see the pain that was caused to them by erroneous parental roles, or models that were missing. If you have a problem with authority now, you surely will have one later. The intention of these revelations is to augment the compassionate message that is inherent in the Urantia Book. It is a means to appeal to those individuals who do not understand. It is a means to invest in the ignorance so that ignorance does not exist. Ignorance is a void, it is a vacuum saying, "I need!" This is a message to assist those to fill that need. What is so sad is when great minds, great spirits, great personalities do not even feel their need. You must be that message carrier! To touch their heart and to enliven them to be in touch with their inner love, their inner sources, which are there waiting for them.

Let us entertain only a few more questions, as the time passes by and these individuals tire.

DB: I have a question. Would you like to give us some guidance on how you would like us to proceed methodology-wise, to gain more insight and provide more insight into the writings of the Urantia Book?

RAYSON: We are currently engaged in that process now. The methodology is cumbersome at best, right now; it is difficult having so few venues to work with. It is enhanced by good leadership and by thoughtful administration. The methodologies will be plodding as they are now for quite some time. Diligent minds, careful consideration and lack of nit picking will help you greatly. Open your minds to Nebadonia’s influence; ask her to participate with you. The methodology is co-creative, and when you are by yourself, do not forget this, and do not forget it when you join together. Insure that there is a dedication of intention, when you do come together. This will assist you in being receptive to outside influences that are positive and are helpful to you.

Until then, until you have greater experience, be patient with yourself and with others through this. You have yet to see many personalities bump noses, as they are wont to do. And to those that want to assist greatly, and are so energetic, we ask them to tune their pace to the cadence of others. For you must step together for this to work well with us.

SR: Will the celestials lead the right people to those who are organizing with me? I am just kind of trusting that the people who should be involved in this are being brought into it. I just thought they would come if they were meant to participate.

RAYSON: We have done a good job so far, have we not? (Yes.) Trust the process, but also carry the message, "we now invite you to begin another group." You will find that twenty is quite a maximum number to work well with, over the distances that you have. Even twenty, who met in person, would break into committees and work independently, coming together with the larger group. This may be something that you wish to do at this time, as you entertain different strains of questions. This sort of process could take on many more members if they were willing to participate in a committee. A committee is not really a good name for these smaller groups, for they are really teams. They are teams that are working conjointly with us. Though they may have decided to accept the delegation of a strain of thinking, they are not alone in this process, but they must emulate the larger group and the larger effort of this whole revelation.

By making the message more widespread and appealing to more people to apply or to participate, make sure that there is a vacancy for them to sit at the table. Ofttimes capable individuals withdraw at a distance, waiting for a space to be empty. It may be that you can create this space by having subordinate groups for them to join in. Offering the opportunity to participate in lines of questions may afford you the opportunity to express this invitation to those who are holding back. Also, you eventually will have bodies of individuals who have little in common with the Urantia Book history, but who have read other esoteric materials as well. They are not excluded. We have no exclusion, except for those who work against this good. When you are ready, send the invitation to us and to our midwayer helpers and you can be assured that there will be a forthcoming response from your mortal friends.

SR: I’ve noticed even in the first round of questions it has been sort of divided. I can see it grouped into some categories for more scientific minds, while others just want to know more about Jesus, and still others are more interested in the mansion worlds. I can see where the different personalities come through and where it divides along those lines.

RAYSON: Very definitely. You will find that some good minds do not like to compete with others who have ideas [on topics] that take time away from what they are interested in. Therefore, the smaller groups of like-minded and like-interested individuals would be helpful.

SR: My next assignment was, after they had all turned in their questions, I asked them to read each other’s questions and comment on them. We are doing that right now, to see if everyone understands the question, or if they think it has already been answered, or if they would phrase it differently. It was an exercise to get us started.

RAYSON: That is a good way to start. Do not proceed with this too far, however, as individuals tend to be comparative in their analysis, and comparative analysis is not helpful when it comes to personalities. The enthusiasm you seek will be assisted by individuals who want to participate in the administrative functions of your group. You may throw a "wild card" at them, by asking them how they would like to proceed, but do not leave the question at that, as a good leader provides avenues for their expression. Throwing open a wild card with no directions or examples will provide you with a way of shattering your group. But ask them whether there are individuals who would like to entertain categories of questions, and you will find that there will be a joining together of those minds. We feel you will find your group to be more productive when they are able to speak with individuals who are like-minded. You have found already that the large group is like-minded in that they have a common interest in pursuing this Second Revelation. Now find further subdivisions of commonalities, and soon you will see that there are not enough people to fill up the categories. Soon you will find that you will have many categories that people express an interest in and wish to participate in several. (Thank you. That was very helpful.)

I will entertain one last question, please, for the benefit of this one. [Daniel is tiring.] (Pause.)

RAYSON: Are you satisfied?

Group: Yes, yes. It has been a very productive evening.

RAYSON: Thank you for your participation. You will find that you will need a general session as this, occasionally. In some way, these must be accommodated, so that you can get a global perspective and then go home to do your homework and develop more specific questions. This has been very helpful for us as well, and you can be assured of the Melchizedeks writing up lesson plans for everyone. (Group: All right!) Us! Blessings to you, dear friends. I do not call you children for you have grown out of your britches. You have taken on the mantle of apprentices. We wish you to wear your humble colors well, as you work with your peers in so many different locations. Be humble in all regards, for good teachers are always humble. Good day.

(Group shows appreciation to both Rayson and Daniel.)