Vancouver, US of A,

December 12, 2004.

Midwayer Rihte.

Subject: "Energy."

Received by Mechele.

Rihte: "Good evening dear one, it is I, Rihte. I am so pleased to be here again, and tonight I shall speak to you about energy.

"Sense the air, take notice of the noise, smell the sweet fragrant scents of your universe. It is all around you. It comes from the Pilot Light that is aflame inside your heart. But, is yours simply a tepid glowing ember, or does it emit sparks of searing white heat? Turn up this smoldering hue, and make it scorching hot with Life, Love, and Truth once again. This is energy!

"Regenerate, and be rid of your mortal ways of accepting personal defeat. Tease your anxiety into squeals of delight instead. Your stress has now vacated into non-existence. Amalgamate once again your God-self and spiritual celebrations! This too, is energy!

"Burst through with brilliant ideas of why you are here. Become Christ Michael’s advocate for reason, not assumption. Divulge your yearning for His perfect love that has no bounds. Embrace your self-love, too, for this will set you free.

"Exude an array of gratitude, for your ideal purpose, is your seedling of Truth. Tend it, water it, and watch it grow into our Creator’s utterly perfect element. Merge into the Oneness with mind, body and soul. This is where you came from, and this is energy!

"I leave you now with love. This is Rihte."


Receiver’s note: Rihte is so exquisite, and overflowing with abundant energy tonight. I sense Lady Sharmon quite near, looking very beautiful in a grand blue dress.

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