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York Group

Two Un-Named Teachers

Two Transmitters: KL/MB

December 01, 2004

[Note: We did not anticipate the information below to be received and so no recording was made and no hand notes made until much of the text was already given. The last part of the transmission was taken down verbatim.]

The summary of information received:

1) The second revelation will be simultaneous within the System of Satania to planets that have defaulted.

2) Each planet that went into the Lucifer secession will also have a secondary revelation with variations from Urantia's revelation due to the history and other differences on each planet.

3)There is no one Second Revelatory Commission involved, but there will be many layers of celestial personalities for each planet within the system to produce the second revelation.

4) The Ancients of Days approved the first Urantia Book revelation and issued a mandate of what could and could not be revealed. The second revelation will have the Ancients of Days in some sort of supervisory oversight once again. Permission is already granted but certain areas of truth still may not be revealed. Such information is not finalized.

5) Teachers used on the different planets are not currently being shared between planets. That is, Planet A does not use the teaching staff found on Planet B and vice versa. Celestial personalities have to more or less specialize their knowledge to one planet due to so many differences. Urantia is a focal point in the universe and it is watched closely. Celestial personalities experimenting with policies and procedures on one planet share with the other system planets what is working in their Correcting Time programs. They are also sharing what does not work between the different planets undergoing the Correction.

The following information is transcribed verbatim:

Q: What is the trigger to initiate the second revelatory project on Urantia?

First teacher: The process as far as planning has already begun. We are waiting for individuals to be in place on many levels to facilitate the flow of information. This will begin when all is ready; not necessarily when human kind is ready.

Second Teacher: There is much preparatory work needed to get the different personalities ready who will be transmitting forthcoming information. The effect of all this work will be to know God better. It is as if we are waiting for the salt shaker to be filled with salt so we can shake this information to those who so hunger for words they know will bring meaning to a world in dire need of further help.