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Unidentified Teachers


1 - Where Are We with Vol II of the SRC Project?

2 - What is the Source of Information That Gives The Reincarnation Idea Validity?

3 -  Are Our Teachers a Panel or just Anonymous?

4 -  Business Ethics

5 -  How To Help a Person Who is Despondent

December 15, 2004

T/R’s: KL/MB

Q: Where are we in the progress of producing a new volume through the Second Revelatory Commission?

A:(KL) The project is beginning. It will take some time to get it up to speed. Our intent is to go with the natural flow of human interest and involvement, with the hope being that there will be a steady addition of those interested in being a part of the project until there is enough momentum to catch the interest of the spiritual community at large. We hope for an influx of individuals from many spiritual paths to make the overview from humanity as complete as possible. There is much excitement as this new volume gets under way. What possibilities lie germane in this new adventure to open the hearts and minds of your world through increased understanding of fundamental truths? What enthusiasm thus should be generating among you! Consider the privilege of being invited to be a part of it all.

Q: How widespread will the involvement be on the part of mortals regarding the new revelatory commission?

A: (KL) Anyone who wishes may become involved on any of many levels. The reaction of humankind is what needs to be measured, accessed and spoken to. We have a goal of filling in the gaps in understanding that are now so prevalent. This is necessary in order to move your races along toward the spiritual development which should by now have been achieved. This revelation is directed more toward the common man among you than the last version of revelation in the form of your current Urantia book Many more minds will be able to grasp and accept the new truths than was ever before possible. We are very excited about this prospect and the effect it will have on the progress of your planet. There remain many variables but this can bring about only good, only growth, only positive effects. The degree and the timetable of this advancement is the only thing remaining to be seen. It is agreed that the more mortals involved in bringing forth the revelation, the more complete and all inclusive it will become. That is the goal. Your participation would be much appreciated and would lend much to what we are attempting to accomplish here.

[Editor’s note: A discussion ensued about what constitutes appropriate questions. It was decided to asks those questions we thought never would get answered and let the chips fall where they may. 99 percent got answered.]

Q: What are the elements that make up the evidence for reincarnation to so many? We already have taken into account the pre-experience of the Thought Adjuster, and the genetic memory of cells and the collective knowledge of the race, but it seems there are, or may be other factors. Can you enlighten us?

A:(MB) There is a library of knowledge and experience that is not intended to be withheld from you, but through your own race (selves), as a race, distraction in life prevent this knowledge coming forth. This knowledge is ignored until the desire to know supercedes or overpowers your closed door to your mind.

(The library of knowledge) is very similar to the internet system that you use now to access information from seemingly all corners of the universe. And as you are experiencing this (cosmic) knowledge it does not require computers to receive it. There has been a lot of knowledge lost over the years because of one nation feeling superior to another thinking that one nation is not of use to them. Information does not know limitations of space or time that impairs the transmission of knowledge. As your mind (might) access this information from the past, do not judge it, or ignore it, or make it more than it is.

See it as the portals of time opening for you to gain knowledge that is your birthright, just do not get lost in its content (as evidence for a former life).

Q: What type of information are you talking about? What category of information from the universe is receivable from this library?

A (MB) When people like Einstein want to answer something, they know how to open their mind to arouse the universe. The library has no boxes, no walls, and therefore they can get answers to what interests them. If more people with varied backgrounds could think like this there is no question that nothing would be denied them.

Q: What is the type of thinking like? Can it be taught?

A:(MB) People contain their thinking. People are afraid to think differently, to (be seen) as silly, or to change the normal mode of thought. They have to find it themselves because each individual process (to get there) will be different. There could be certain guidelines taught.

Q: Could you mention one of these guidelines?

A: (MB) Not at this time. Unteach yourselves narrowness. Teach yourselves not to think every time you have need of knowledge one needs to go to human sources. Once you learn to think you DO NOT have to go to a university or a library to get this information, you might be able to receive from the universe.

(KL)The cosmic mind has much to offer. What has to be learned is HOW to reach out for knowledge. There is a certain freeing up process that has to happen in the mind. Certain personality types, those with specific thought processes, can do this easier than others. Because there is work involved means many will not pursue this cosmic knowledge. It is available. Through thinking you will find it.

Q: Have any of us at this table been able to use a similar process to add to our knowledge through the cosmic library?

A: (KL) Yes, each one of you has done so on a limited basis. You may have been able to "intuit" or felt a spark of inspiration that touched on the cosmic mind systems. This was not something you controlled, but perhaps wandered into. If you pursue these flashes you may begin to approach understanding the process talked about that are required to develop this (ability).

Q: On another subject: The teachers here give no names. We have asked for, but not received further identification. May we have names, initials, some handle to refer to you? Are you a panel such as is received in the Washington, D.C. group?

A: (KL) We find that names are not important. We match with the personality types of ourselves to the person in the situation through which we can best do our work. In this case, some of the teachers may move in and out (with you). [Editor: meaning there are more teachers involved for each transmitter than just one].

Our mission is to educate you; to facilitate your involvement in those on-going schemes for progression. We remain devoted and applaud your efforts.

Q: Business ethics in this country seem to value the profit and forget the employee. Can we look forward to change in climate in the way we do business– make money– these days?

A:(MB) Business is a reflection of the culture. Your culture is very competitive, and the dog eat dog mentality that does not encourage doing things a different way makes one fear of being eaten up by the other.

But this is a misconception. There are many businesses being run with true values, but it is the one’s that make the headlines that are seen as, or considered as the majority.

(KL) If you wish, and trust the universe, they will aide those persons, look after them, that are working to provide values in the work environment. The universe, when allowed to, will prevent abuse of such persons.

Q: How do you help a person when words no longer sink in who has become despondent. Specifically, the individual spoken of is in his late twenties and can not find a good reason to live.

A: (KL) Self love is required here. This is not an easy thing to teach. The assurances you give are patches (band aids) only. Regardless, encourage him in every possible situation. This person needs to have successes and there is none currently in his viewpoint of himself. Teach Father’s love. Teach it repeatedly.

You must also trust that there is help all around him, and that he must experience what he will. Seeing your child suffer heightens your sense of parenthood and further illustrates what Father’s love for you is like. Trust also that this problem (of despondency) will also pass.

Session End