York Group

Four Unidentified Teachers.


1 - Compulsions

2 - Training T/R's - the very beginning of it

3 - Process of getting UB readers to contribute to the second text

4 - Satania's secession governments

December 08, 2004


After a five minute centering practice, the following questions were replied to:

Q: How do compulsions impose themselves on our free will?

A1 (JS) The compulsion in fact is free will-- self-deluded free will. Compulsion is an action that one takes with a motive to do it again but not always consciously. The compulsion, whether it is drugs, alcohol or some other addictive object is the mind’s way of eluding or otherwise avoiding the challenge of a fear. Different labels of these behaviors all originate within.

Discipline is the term that is used to cure these compulsions. The work does not bring immediate pleasure, but just like physical exercise, discipline brings true benefit. As the world moves faster . . . people become addicted and compulsions lead to false gods (money, drugs, material pleasures).

These pleasures lead only to the one with the compulsions. Pleasures themselves are not a bad thing but raising them to a level to worship distracts from your true goal. Look within and if you are honest you can truly find your compulsions as they are desires for external feelings. With patience and determination one can conqueror these things.

A2 (AH) Compulsions are energies within the self that drive a person into self destructive behavior which has its origin in the domain of will. Yet these energies become overwhelmingly large and out of control to the point they stop the process of self will-being able to cease these appetites.

In this way compulsions have a driving force– the ego’s way of coping on a level that keeps God out and likens one to (attempt) a self-existence that does not need God.

A3 (KL) Compulsions are the human’s attempt to stave off a great hunger - hunger for proof of the sense of the self and acceptance from the self and others, and ultimately, it represents a hunger for God.

A4 (MB) As one gives up free will discipline this invites compulsions into life as a way of creating direction, filling up time, and as a way of life.

These compulsions then create a cycle taking away free-will. Lessening ties to others, cutting off, isolating one’s self, so that they can only get help from that compulsion to the point these compulsions rule their life and become their reason to be - the reason for their existence. No other person (unless that person is part of the obsession) is able to help them. Until they realize their final direction is to turn for this help through allowing God to help them find God within.

Q: A new Teaching mission group wishes to form in Brasilia and asks the teachers to give some advice about how to train T/R’s within the group.

A1 (MB) It first requires a desire for each individual to expand their knowledge. The teachers also need to be acknowledged because the teachers surround them waiting for their invitation to draw closer.

A2 (KL) It is required to have each first acknowledge the ever-present spiritual influence and aid offered by these teachers and to accept the authenticity of their presence and then to relax into it. To believe and to invite these other steps are required to begin.

A3 (AH) Certainly coming to know themselves and understand the patterns that one operates by is imperative in the beginning. One achieves this through quiet contemplation and comfortable meditation within the group setting. Then some can be practiced outside the group as you have done. . . . As one experiences enlightenment the others will also be on the same path but do not expect everyone to develop at the same place at once. Your growth occurs when you make the attempts to go out on a limb and be open to the way we set (it) up for you.

A4 (JS) The journey in the beginning to work with teachers is a single person experience. That is true not only in feeling but in understanding the process. As these new individuals embark on this adventure, they must understand the value and really desire the relationship with the celestials.

We can not explain the experience in words, but it can only be experienced first hand and progressively closer to one’s self over time. The Journaling in any fashion is an excellent tool as it anchors the individual to their own personal journey and contains a record of the original product of the growth then experienced.

Each person will attune to this practice and will acclimate themselves to this change in consciousness– consciousness of thought patterns. They must trust, not in themselves, but in the Father, to guide them, and they must excuse themselves (about falling) over stumbling blocks. This is a process and every experience will get them to their goal. You must remember we were here for all of you (the York group) to aid you in the process.

Q: How in the world will the process to write the second text include Urantia Book readers world wide for their input into the Second Revelatory Commission?

A: (JS) Our outreach to the readership will begin with those closest to the teaching mission, even those who do not use the label of the teaching mission, but who commune with the Father and work with teachers.

The value and beauty of this mission will come through these channels and then your modern tools of communication and instant global contact which makes the world seemingly small. Humanity and the human interactions are much the same today as they were in the original Forum (for the Urantia Book), and will become (the method) of person to person and comes to other persons who find truth, beauty, and goodness in its work and the (news) will continue to expand.

The precise plans of the celestial entities is not for you to know – it does not affect you at this time. You will see it as you go about your business and you will recognize its origins.

Many people will respond to this call. Those with varying abilities will contribute their questions. The Revelatory Commission has a deeper understanding of the true value of the questions and answers (of the contributors) and will organize and facilitate a model of the revelation regardless of the amount and quality of the material. The process will evolve to be most effective for our goal.

Q: Are all of the planets that went into secession overseen by Melchizedek governments now?

A: (KL) There are various rehabilitation efforts in different locations. Several of these efforts are being accomplished similar to your planet. Many more efforts are being done in varied ways, in varied phases, with all plans leading to Light and Life, but each tailored to the circumstances found on the each planet and the progress that exists on each world.

Many are further advanced than your world. Several are lagging behind, but all efforts are being coordinated and compared to ascertain the most effective means. Melchizedeks will be involved in at least some aspect of each of the rehabilitations, but they are not, in all cases, the driving force to propel the planet forward. They are (the Melchizedeks) grateful to all (and line up) for these services in whatever capacity they have been assigned. No planet will be left behind.

[Editor’s Notes: T/R (JS) (I received a summary of some other comments: Every time there is a rebellion the "healing" needed to rectify the harm is not written down. The work, in a sense, is always experimental.)

The summary was received in response to a discussion among the group which wondered aloud if all these Melchizedeks in close proximity within one system might mean that some experimental work might be done that otherwise would not be undertaken. The answer we think implies, not anymore than the usual experimental solutions to tough problems. Editor.]