North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Allow Spirit to Function,
  2. Going about doing Good.

Teachers: Rayson, Elyon

November 21, 2004

* Rayson (Jonathan TR): Rayson here, I salute you. Divine energy and divine love are one. Divine energy is all powerful; divine love, pure. These two are manifest in your dimension in your presence as your body and as your soul. You therefore are the expression of God in minute form. This expression is latent until you recognize and allow spirit to function. When you are born in spirit, you are accepting of your placement in the holy family. Then is unleashed the energy of eternity and the love. When your will accepts the momentum of divine will as expressed throughout this universe and localized around your being, you have made a most significant choice which unleashes potentials for your advancement. I recognize in you the activation of this energy and love. The light is apparent; the fragrance is sweet. In discipline of a spiritual nature it is taught that you practice, that you apply yourself to the teachings you come to understand in order to transform yourself from a disassociated, independent creature into a truth-aligned, God-absorbed child of the Father. Also it is taught that you merely allow and spirit will do the work. These two procedures are not contradictory. Imagine holding a young child in your arms. As that child leaps into your arms you allow, you accept, you receive. But for that child to remain stable in your grasp, you practice, that is, you hold firmly, carefully, tenderly, with effort. Such is your spirit work, ever accepting and receiving and always applying, giving effort. In the core of your being is the presence of God. Unfolding, blossoming within the soil of you is this presence being transformed through your experience into soul. It is the Father finding expression in His child, not as Himself alone, but in partnership with His daughter and His son. It is a solemn endeavor, holy in its effort. You are graced, and in this grace you grow, and in this growth you give. In the entire cycle the Creator and creatures join in communion and in joy in the fellowship of the unfolding of life and the awakening to love. Take my words into meditation. I will return another day. Thank you.

* Elyon: Greetings, this is Elyon. It is a delight to have my long-term friend Rayson with me in our classroom. He is one who does not mess around. This fellow is one of the most dedicated teachers in this mission. He is ever investigating ways whereby humankind may advance and not so much in the single direction of planetary progress and not only singly in the expanding direction of personal growth. His desire is for the simultaneous unfolding of both of these endeavors. His orientation I have adopted as well, as you have noted in my lessons over time. This is your twofold purpose. The midwayers have informed you that Jesus went about doing good. He did that not for himself; he did that for others. But he also highly valued his time alone with the Father. While this time did assist his fellows, he did so for himself, for that interlude is soul-charging, mentally refreshing, and emotionally calming. This state of being blesses your fellows even while the turmoil of life rages on. Goodness comes about through contact with the grace of God. As you grow, little by little the planet advances. As your love and light is witnessed, others are inspired and, again, a little more the planet advances. Nurture your hope; foster your ideals through action. While the Father has bestowed upon you His spirit fruit, it is your responsibility to partake, to assimilate, to be transformed. In this you will express spirit. Much has been expressed today for you to consider, to reflect upon. I will allow time for questions and comments you may have.

Evelyn: I like how you pointed out that allowing spirit and practicing spiritual disciplines are two sides of the same coin. We tend to think in dichotomies, black and white, that if you allow spirit you can't force it. I think you clarified that we can do both and they build on each other. Similarly, working on planetary growth and working on personal growth aren't opposites, either. They contribute to each other.

* Elyon: I respond by bringing to your mind your classic image of the praying hands. These two hands are apparently opposite in configuration, but joined together is an act that is complementary and unified in the prayer.

Thank you, my friends, for welcoming me into your awareness today and for the love we share. Honor that which is sacred in your fellows, for it is the same source of the divine that you also hold within you. I take my leave.