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Northern Colorado TeaM Group, #59

Loveland, Colorado 

Teacher: Rayson (TR, Daniel)


  1. Review of Sincerity, Intent, & Expectations
  2. Remarks on Second Revelatory Commission
  3. Network of Worldwide Consciousness, of One-mindedness
  4. Reasons for Group Preparation of Questions
  5. Heal Contentiousness, Divisiveness, & Ego Aggrandizement
  6. Build Compatibility Through Process
  7. Process More Important than Destination
  8. Build Expectations That Are Real

Q & A:

  1. Curiosity-type Questions
  2. Progress Reports on Mansonia
  3. Role of the Internet on Readiness for Src
  4. Prayers for Consciousness
  5. ET’s
  6. More on Why Now for Second Revelatory Commission
  7. Believe in Yourself Without Arrogance

November 28, 2004

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Group welcome) My, what a hearty group we have here today! You are stalwart fans for Christ Michael’s work. Neither sleet nor hail nor gloom of night nor blinding snowstorms outside, as today, keeps you from being here. Thank you and welcome. [Ed. Note: Loveland was in the process of receiving 15 inches of snow. Some group members were not able to make it.]

We have enjoyed this week very much, observing mortals of the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission communities and other communities throughout the world that take note of these transcripts. We have listened to the "buzz," as you say.

And as your teacher, one of my responsibilities is to insure that my students have learned their lessons well. You know that the first elemental necessity of your work of enlightenment is sincerity…sincerity and more sincerity. We wish you to examine your sincerity for your participation in Christ Michael’s work, whether you believe in the Correcting Time or not. What are your interests for Christ Michael’s world and for the healing of your planet? What is your sincerity for participating in this new dynamic era, which has transpired in the last fifteen years or so? What is your relationship to Christ Michael? …and his work?

Second, please review your intent, your intent for all that you do in your life. When you write a letter, make a phone call, and have an opinion, what is your intent? Is it concern for others or is it for yourself? Examine your intent; be earnest about this examination. You have so many activities in your life that we hope and ask that you examine your intent for each activity, whether it is preparing the lunches for your children as they go off to school, or as you read the Urantia Book and hold opinions about others concerning it, and how you think they should think about these subjects.

And I would offer one more—what are your expectations? What do you expect from your belief, from your association, and from your efforts to participate in the Urantia Book studies, Teaching Mission, Correcting Time and this Second Revelation that is to come? Remember, the Melchizedeks’ statement about disappointment, disappointment, disappointment. Will some of you "fatten" on disappointment? Or will you remain "lean and hungry" spiritually? Keep these things in mind, please, as these are fundamental to your work in your life.

Now, I will give you a metaphor about Christ Michael’s concern and interests in the Correcting Time for you, individually. I wish you to imagine a wheat field that is ripe, that is amber and golden and ready for harvest. And this wheat field is ten miles wide and one hundred miles long. The harvest is to begin. And the harvest is complete, where every head of wheat—tens of millions of them—have been harvested, and the dozens and dozens of seeds in each wheat head has been accounted for, not one lost during the harvest. Not one grain out of billions has been lost. This is the care to which Christ Michael is preparing the healing of your planet, and that "one grain" is you. If all your world were saved, and your life and your soul were forfeit, we would count it as a failure. You are of great value; there is a personal, intimate investment in you by Christ Michael. Only by your decision, will you abandon the journey, the great journey of your infinite lifetime to Paradise. Every effort will be given to you, individually.

The care and the preparation for the Correcting Time, has been long. And yes, there are new programs that come into existence as contingencies that are needed in a timely manner. This beginning of the Second Revelation of Papers has been long anticipated. This point now is the earliest at which we can initiate it in your world. And remember, we asked you to ask questions, to prepare your questions. One question [that] seems obvious is "What conditions presaged this arrival of the Second Revelatory Commission’s work?" "What preparations, what standards, what criteria have been met, that it could begin now?"

And I will tell you: Many of you recall that we have oftentimes referred to the "hundredth monkey phenomenon of awareness." Do you recall that? (Students: Yes.) Well, my friends, we are not dealing with monkeys now; we are dealing with mortals—conscious mortals. Now, how are these mortals conscious? They are conscious of participating moment-by-moment, sincerely, intentionally, with the greater design of Spirit for their lives, in participation with Christ Michael and the corps of celestial teachers and other beings of light, who are here. There is now a consciousness worldwide on your planet that is now self-sustaining. Why do you think that "good" comes to those more easily than it did twenty years ago? It is because you are supported in consciousness—spiritual, moral, ethical consciousness, for right and for light in your life and everyone else’s life. Your good is in harmony, it is in pattern, it is complemental to that which is good [for] your planet. And there are enough individuals on your planet now to sustain that continuously. As the Second Revelation is designed, it would be premature to have brought this into existence before where there was a network of enlightenment among mortals.

Last week, Gabriel told you how to proceed. He asked you to come together in groups to study the Papers—and yes, you [individuals] already have questions about what is there—we would hope that you will have questions about what is not there, for the Papers are not complete, as most of you know. Some of you have already come forward with questions, and have delivered them to our dear transcriber. We wish that you hold these back as Gabriel’s conditions for submitting them have not yet been fulfilled. You recall he said, [""When these conditions are met, then the questions can begin."] Some of you may be anxious and say, "I’m ready! Let’s ask questions—what are we waiting for?" "Hey, I’ve had questions for years that I have been waiting to ask. I want to ask them now!"

Now, let’s tie this back in with the network of consciousness—the hundredth monkey phenomenon—the intent of having you come together in groups is not only to study the text and to ask questions that are reasonable, but it is for you to join in "one mind." You recall from Gabriel’s presentation that he reiterated this consciousness of one mind, over and over again, stated in several different ways. He knows you are not deaf, but he wanted to impress you that this is significant, that this is material to your lives as growing and evolving spirits and souls on this planet. Your coming together and agreeing upon questions is a process of augmenting, developing the consciousness of oneness on your planet. You are joined with others of the light, all over your world, whether they are Urantians or Catholics or Episcopalians or Hindus. People of the light join each other in consciousness. The intent of this is to help you come to—not only agreement—but [also] peace in your agreements. Surely we do know that you are contentious among each other, occasionally. You vie for dominance of ideas, to present ideas first, to say "Look at me; I know this first!" and you are easily aroused to tell others that their position is wrong, that their beliefs do not fit. Are these positions that the Master would take? No, surely not. He would lead you to a higher understanding of your position. As evolving mortals on this planet, the model that you have before you is to become "like" and "as" the Master. He was neither a sheep nor lion, but truly, a powerful, proactive leader. And yes, he saw the contention among his Disciples. He saw it among the Twelve. He saw it in the temples, among the believers there.

Your planet will never be healed by on-going conflict, divisiveness, selfishness, and self-centered ego aggrandizement, but through the cooperation of individuals, who compromise by developing new ways of seeing the same issues in more constructive ways. We would be glad to help you in your groups, work compatibly, productively, and become voluminously compatible. There are so many ways to come to these solutions that have already been invented and shared with you through your mortal consultants and psychologists.

We are more interested in the process of development of questions than the questions themselves. The process, the journey is more important than the destination. As mortals, it is all about process; it is all about how you work that process. Oftentimes the chores that you are given, the tasks that you are given, are simply to help you through the process. And in the end, through good process working, you will end up with good questions. And through this—we are hoping that it will occur throughout the world—that there will truly be new lines of energy, cooperation, that those people who are of light, who move towards the light—right living, ethical, moral, constructive living—are supported by the energy around them so they succeed.

This process that was inaugurated last week is like turning the wick up, the wick higher on a lamp to make it brighter. The forces of evil from outside your planet have been vanquished. Now you and we must contend with the darkness and the evil on your planet as it exists. There will be no war to wipe it out or eliminate those people of darkness—but simply through the process of bringing more light into your world will your world be brought fully into the light and The Days of Light and Life. You are the candles. You are the wicks. You are the brightness. Through your work, you will help enlighten the world and bring it into peace. Peace is truly an eventuality, but not an assured outcome at this time. Small increments of growth, small increments of consciousness of light are needed to overcome this darkness on your planet. We have given you a program within the structure of your belief system, within your organizations, to help this process. We hope you will engage it constructively, positively, powerfully—and willfully, doing the will of God to enlighten yourself and others around you.

Having said that, I can now step down from the podium to the same level as you. I am delighted! I am encouraged—I am more than hopeful—by the enthusiasm that you have shown within one week. Speaking one-to-one, I say, "Thank you!" We have no doubts —I have no doubts —that there will be many small groups throughout this nation and many nations, that will be developing questions that are thoughtful, carefully crafted, and with a planned and deliberate outcome that they desire. Thousands of you have read the text of the book, and there are literately tens of thousands of questions that can be asked that lie fertile and latent in your minds. We ask you to come together enthusiastically, to develop questions and develop insights on your own into the reading of this material. And remember, your questions are not limited to the book, but to your planet—to the planet that is to come to the Days of Light and Life, eventually.

I am not authorized to answer questions at this time, until the conditions that Gabriel set forth have been met. We would be—I would be —remiss to encourage you to ask them at this time. Beginning now with answering questions would thwart the desired outcomes. This process is not here to encourage you to develop into a "group-thinking mindedness", but individuals coming together.

For too long, individuals have stood alone in their beliefs, coming together frequently—or infrequently—for fellowship. Now we wish you to come together to engage each other to develop the important questions of your life on this planet, your survival on this planet, and the growth of your soul and your successful transition into the morontial realms.

As you worked in your groups, we also wish you to identify those who are TR’s, those in whom you have confidence —and enlist their assistance for this project. This will not be done through one individual, but through many, as Gabriel has requested/announced. We wish you success, and we have set the parameters for success. We know that it will be successful, and this is your desire as well. We have many years to work on this project—let us engage it together, thoughtfully, sincerely, [and] intentionally. Let us state what our expectations are, for we should have expectations that are real, reasonable and understandable to others. Just as the First Revelatory Commission did it’s work, thoughtfully, earnestly, over a long period of time, so too will we and you act in the same way, co-creatively. Use the pattern and example of the First Commission, the work that was done through them, and improve upon it in this new era. Yes, you should be skeptical; healthy skepticism is valuable. Do not hesitate to be skeptical, but we beg of you not to be cynical.

I would be glad to answer questions that are within my domain and authorization to answer at this time.

Student: Rayson, one of the things that people are interested in is… will we be allowed to ask any curiosity-type questions along these lines, from this new Commission? I know in the past, you have steered us away from that, but if there is an overwhelming number of people who really, truly want to know some of these curiosity things, can they be submitted and considered?

RAYSON: Certainly, as long as you understand that we reserve the right to say "no" to certain questions. The intent of curtailing curiosity questions was to keep you on task, to keep you focused, to keep you earnest about the important aspects of these teachings. We know that you have a tendency for digression; curiosity run rampant is detrimental and unproductive. So yes, we will answer curiosity questions, but we will use them to direct your attention to the important issues. (Thank you.)

Student: I have kind of a light and personal question. Assuming that a number of our group are getting up in years and as this process is going to take a number of years, looking at the history of the Urantia Papers development, will we be able to—from the morontia worlds—get information on how this is progressing, or how our grandchildren and great grandchildren and so on, how this progress towards Light and Life is developing on our home planet?

RAYSON: Certainly. You can request transcripts as well. (Laughter.) Ask a light question; receive a light answer! But truly, you will be updated about the progress made on your planet through your own efforts. Your contributions will not be forgotten or ignored or set aside and forgotten, but they will be identified and identifiable. You can research those records easily, more easily than even your archives. Think of the grand "search engines" that the angels have.

[Ed. Note: The Teaching Mission/Correcting Time Archives can be accessed at: ]

Student: I was thinking as you were talking Rayson, about what conditions were necessary for this to be timely. I was thinking about how much worldwide communications through the Internet—I mean the fact that we can now communicate with people on the other side of the world in a few hours or minutes—it’s quite amazing so, I wondered if that doesn’t help in the timeliness of this undertaking:

RAYSON: You are certainly correct. The Internet has had a huge effect upon the spread of common consciousness. Consciousness is the thread that ties all of this together. You are living and believing in the consciousness of light. Your contributions of cooperation and compatibility, assistance, support, tolerance—all work towards this consciousness, the association of consciousness of light. We can imagine that those members in Japan for instance, who have read the Urantia Book, may start their own community and develop questions for their own TR’s there and record them and start their own archives. These two efforts are very much parallel, and one will support the other.

The archives needed to be existent before this could truly be effective, truly be cumulative and identifiable within the archives. The Internet created consciousness among everyone that your world is smaller, that you are aware of others in foreign lands who are helping you. Many commiserate about the "out-sourcing" of jobs to foreign countries that assist your business[es] throughout the rest of the world. Yes, it may be harmful nationally and economically in that regard, but internationally, globally, consciously and in the development of global consciousness, it is very, very helpful.

You know that others can relate to you whether they live ten thousand miles from here, or farther. You know that you do not have to rely upon someone in San Jose to help you, but that someone in Bangladesh may. This is a wonderful process. When you think of the tormented continent of Africa, think of the thread of consciousness that is there—it is fragile, my friends, and in some places, totally non-existent. Your consciousness of prayer, directed consciousness towards that continent is very helpful to knit the threads of the lines of consciousness in that continent. Your prayers, your consciousness, your deliberate and intentional thoughts of support and caring, your prayers for Divine assistance to them, is powerful.

You, as an individual in the network of consciousness of light, have the ability to help these individuals immensely. In your groups that develop questions, you can in turn use the group to be a powerful instrument for others in the world. You can augment the Internet of consciousness that you are a part of, and strengthen it immensely through your consciousness. And when you maintain consciousness of this throughout the day, you provide a continuous feed into it. Through your beam of light, in the signal of consciousness that you send, you are all connected. When you realize you are connected in light, you become one part of the one-mind of all on this planet. It is powerful, my friends! (Student: Wow. Thank you.)

Student: Rayson, I have a question: It has to do with the morontia life and our attempt to understand more fully what we can learn from the book on that and from you. First, there were 28 statements of human philosophy that were paralleled to mota and it appears that the archangel author wasn’t able to present the mota content for some reason. Could you shed some light on this?

RAYSON: I will defer that question, and the answer for another time, my friend. This is part of the delay of questions concerning the text, which I wish you to join with others. That is an excellent question. Do not discard it, but keep it and wait for your group to consider it for submission. (Thank you.)

Student: Another question: In regards to the basic energies of space, it was commenting that light and electricity are secondary and a sub-manifestation to those energies, even is stepped down to our system of…(inaudible)…. Is there anything that you can comment about as to their nature, these basic energies of space and whether or not they are accessible on Urantia as a source of free energy?

RAYSON: I will answer that in part. Yes, it is accessible on your planet. This energy is of the eternal nature; it is not time-bound or dimensionally bound. It manifests between the two universes—the finite and the eternal. It may seem impossible, a will-of-the-wisp to pursue, something that is as ethereal as this, but technologies can access that part, that side of that energy in dimensional form. It is truly an unlimited source, and it may neither be destroyed, nor used up, worn out, or discarded—but you can ignore it.

Student: Is it represented in our frequency bands?

RAYSON: Only as an echo.

Student: I have a different type of a question: What is the significance of the ET bases on the backside of the moon, and some on Mars? And why are not ET’s mentioned in the U -book?

RAYSON: ET’s are mentioned in the U-book. They are just not identified as such. "ET" is not a good label for us to use, as it is too exciting and is too culturally specific in your era on this planet. The Urantia Book has repeatedly said that there are other planets, other systems, within the quarantine area. Truly you are not alone in the universe. That is all that I wish to share concerning that. (Thank you.)

Student: It’s rather puzzling to me why Gabriel and Monjoronson feel like "now" is the time for some of this, because we see so little of this higher one-mindedness on our planet. Um….I don’t exactly know how to phrase this question…

RAYSON: I understand your question. We see the network of consciousness upon your planet, and it has existed for a good deal of time. It has been very strong regionally, and in some regions it then disappears. There is a belief now among us, among Michael’s staff, that it is sufficiently strong and global to remain self-sustaining. For all the cynical and bitter statements about the divisiveness of Christianity, belief in God is at an all-time high. The wars of the West and Islam have raised the thought of Allah in the minds of all of Islam. They pray as earnestly as you do. Some of their prayers are not as evolved as yours; and many of your prayers are much less evolved than theirs. You do not see what is on the next page, do you? (No.) We do.

We know that your world is evolving spiritually. Most of you—we took the world as a whole—are moving along grumblingly, complainingly, resistingly. Many of you—even in this community—struggle with your ego about knowing the right way of what to do for others. But you believe! Others believe. You hope, you have faith that there will be peace, that there will be a maturation of your world, eventually, to come into the Days of Light and Life. This step would not have been inaugurated were there not sufficient supports within mortals, themselves, to have this [as] an on-going enterprise. But if you consider continued support through Christ Michael’s many corps in the Correcting Time, you will see that it is very timely. You might think of Christ Michael as a "venture capitalist in spirituality." He believes in you. As much as you argue among yourselves, he knows you are all headed towards the light. Your intentions are in the right direction. You are sincere, and many of you are deeply, deeply earnest.

What we wish you to do—and we know you are fully capable of—is to believe in yourself. Believe in yourself that you can successfully, cooperatively, easily, joyfully work with your fellow brothers and sisters of the light. Once you begin to understand this, then you will see that there are many other purposes to this Second Revelatory Commission’s inauguration than just the generation of questions and the development of new text. And again, the invitation is here, presented to you now, every moment of your waking and sleeping life. When you are in doubt, question the Source. Ask questions of Michael, your Thought Adjuster, your guardian, and your celestial teachers. Do not hesitate; ask for guidance, for understanding, for clarity in your own thinking—as well as your friends. Be humble. And, believe in yourself, without arrogance.

Blessings to you my friends. Truly the lessons that you are experiencing, we appreciate so much, and those of us who have passed so long ago from the mortal realm are able to re-engage this very vital level of spiritual reality that you live through on material planes, and which is such a challenge. All of us thank you so very much for your courage to participate and enter areas that are doubtful, which may contradict your prior beliefs, and challenge your own security in your faith. We look forward to your interest and participation. Good day. (Group gives thanks.)