NEBADONIA – September 13, 2004

[Transcribers Note of Change: My name is Jerry Lane and I have been atttending the Center for Christ Consciousness' transmission meetings for about four years, hosted by Donna D'ingillo . . . . Recently Donna moved to Oakland and asked me to take over the Monday night transmissions of Michael and Mother Nebadonia in Marin, and send these to TML as she has been doing. So here we go! Jerry Lane . . . (Marin TM Group)]

Prayer: Michael and Mother Spirit, like old friends we are gathered here once again to enjoy Your Presence. Your Presence is something very dear to us. It gives us an ability to know a greater depth of truth here in these sessions. And so we ask You to help us open our hearts and minds to feel Your presence, and to enjoy the expansion of truth which is possible here. For this we are truly thankful and appreciative. Amen

Good evening, dear children, this is Mother Nebadonia who addresses you now. I wish to thank you for your attendance all these many Monday evenings where we have shared so much together. It does My mother’s heart good and proud to see My children growing in spiritual stature, expanding their human lives to become beacons of joy and hope to those around them. This is Michael’s and My fondest wish: that you grow and expand to realize greater and greater rewards in your lives, and then freely share them with your brothers and sisters. You can see now how this sharing with your brothers and sisters who are in greatest need, is the most rewarding. So we ask you to be open and sensitive to these needful eyes that search you for help and love. Just be open, be willing to give the time and the effort in your lives to be there for others.

If you would envision a more spiritual world, what would it look like but that the citizens of this more beautiful, loving world are open to those around them, just as you will all be in the next phase of your lives on the Mansion Worlds. But you can accomplish so much of this now. So much of this is possible, now. You have the innate ability, now. In all eternity, it is always now.

This requires an inner strength, the strength of elasticity, to be there for another person. For if you are truly open, if you are not screening what comes in, nor presenting a certain stance or attitude, you will not know moment to moment what you will encounter. This, my sons, is the true adventure.

Being open for others, especially those in need, will stretch you and you will not know what you are capable of doing, for another, until you are in the very midst of it. Here I think you will find even greater joy in your unexpected ability to love, your unexpected ability to listen. Let that listening go deep inside you without fear. You may be most surprised of all at your response, at something absolutely brand spanking new coming out of your own soul to fill this human situation. And it will be unmistakable. You have all known this at times in the past. Think of these times. Remember these times when you were filled with the absolute assurance of just having done a wonderful thing for another person. Doesn’t this glow in your memory? Doesn’t this feel like a true possession of your soul? This is the glory of love. This is the glory of hope. This is the glory of being in tune with the Father’s ways.

Now reflect too, my children, on the times when you were in need. Remember the times a look in someone’s eyes, or a hand on your shoulder, a little smile, maybe a hug, when you were in need, and someone else, out of their unfathomable generosity of spirit, reached across what felt like a chasm to you at that time, reached across that chasm and touched you. I’m sure these moments too are unforgettable. This is what we do for each other. Remember these times of stress, or loneliness, or need, or anxiety, or even panic. Remember these times. This is where your strength lies. This is where your resilience lies: when all these buffeting winds of circumstance - the swirling motion you find yourself in, called life - threaten to uproot you and blow you away. Like a magic rubber band, you just snap back. You go on, and once again you are there for another. Michael and I will always be here for you. We are your backup, if you like us to be so. Think of these things for a moment, remember all these great good times, and if you have any questions or comments, I would be glad to hear them.

Student: Mother, I have a very difficult time being in the "now." I find myself filling the now up with stuff that really doesn’t need to be there. Just so, I’m not spending my life alone…(too faint)…in the now. I think I’m afraid of it and I don’t know what to do about it.

Mother: C, my son, I hear the contrast in your question. I feel, if not a judgment, then an evaluation in the contrast between what is happening, and your desire for something more. Does this seem to you to be accurate - that there is this awareness of what is happening to you, and this must be "now," and yet there is this desire for something other than this?

Student: Yes. Now that you say it, very accurate. Most of the time, but not all of the time, but most of the time, I would like to be somewhere else, doing something else - my mind keeps telling me. Like making a big contribution, even though You and Michael and the others have said that we can make good contributions in and of ourselves, just being ourselves. It’s like the present is not enough. I want more, or different. I’m not quite sure what it is.

Mother: It seems a very positive thing to me, this desire for more: more involvement, more sharing, more goodness. There are several methods to find more specific ways to go about this. How do you go from a general desire to specific actions?

Student: I’m not sure what you are asking, Mother.

Mother: I’m suggesting that what you are searching for are specific things to do. You feel this desire to do, as you say, more important things, more loving and supportive things. But you are not sure exactly what these things are. So how would you find these specific things to do - maybe a project to take on, other ways of relating with people? This, to me, is what you are asking, and I would suggest several things. One you are doing right now this very moment. You are opening yourself. Another can come from within you. Your own creative imagination, in concert with your Father Fragment, can create projects for you to immerse yourself in. These might be so fleeting, now, as they occur to you, they get lost in all the other mental chatter - as you feel it to be. So I would suggest writing them down. Spend some time in meditation and prayer and just let yourself go. Initially, have no judgment or evaluation on what comes to you. Just be open to this Source of all the aspects of life which surround you. And wonder. Open yourself to wonder: what do I want to do? In other words, trust your desire to suggest very specific ways of how to live today, even the next half hour. You will find, maybe, the question shifts then to one of jumping off and doing them. And that is another whole thing. You are asking for adventure into the unknown, are you not?

Student: Yes, Mother, I am.

Mother: You might find it is one inch in front of your nose. So take courage, my son, and step off. Experiment. You cannot know until you try.

Student: Thank You, mother I will do that.

Mother: Thank you, My son, for your original perception, and for opening to allow that contrast and that desire to affect you. And be in My peace.

Student: Yes, Mother - Your talking about stretching and elasticity and joy: I’ve been stretched quite considerably the past two months, by what comes around in my home life, and my daughter, and so on. And You know I made a pledge to myself, and to Michael, and to the universe, of wanting to be who I am created to be. But there are times where there’s a part of me that says that enough is enough. But into…(too faint)… I don’t know if I have a question or not, about the state of my being. But at a time when my patience is being tried, I try to encircuit the situation or person in Michael’s Spirit of Truth as You have asked me to. I’m trying so hard that sometimes I wish I could step off. I wish people could see that there is so much more to who we are, that we don’t need to struggle and resist life. Do You have any comments?

Mother: D, my son - as your text mentions in many places, there are many kinds of energy swirling about you, inside you, and right through you. These are roughly - and I say roughly because they cannot be ultimately separated - of your body, and mind, and spirit. Physical energy of a body type depends on good nourishment and rest. Mind energy will also require good nourishment and rest. And the text informs you that even very pure spirit beings use up the kind of spiritual energy that also needs replenishment and rest. The architectural spheres have their periods of greater and lesser illumination for this very reason. Now there is a kind of internal trustworthiness that you are slowly, but steadily earning. And it is this cautious, careful, and attentive trusting of yourself that allows you to rest, because there are times indeed, when enough is enough, and you need to let it all go. And tonight you are sharing this perception.

I wish to reflect it back and encourage you to trust yourself at these times, in body and mind and spirit. In all three aspects, it is not only good nutrition - good food, good ideas and concepts, spiritual company - but it is also rest, letting go, trusting your Father to bring you awake again. This takes a kind of courage to allow yourself to be extinguished, and trust you will reawaken renewed. The deeper and more profoundly you can do this, the greater your refreshment. The alternative is to feel, quite actually, being driven along, because there is no respite to what pushes you relentlessly. There is no end to it. But here you must use all your wisdom to ask, "Who’s pushing?" And if you feel that even part of this is your own doing, trust your greater self, your spirit that unites you. Trust yourself to let go, and get the real deep soul rest you need. This is not only the profound, wonderful, blissful sleep you know physically. I would suggest that, all during your day, have what you might consider to be mini stillness meditations. Maybe only five minutes. Maybe just briefly, between different parts of your day, you thoroughly, deeply relax and let go. And trust that Someone greater than you will put you back together. Does this seem appropriate, my son?

Student: I see it so clearly and I see the courage involved in letting go of past patterns and reactions, and I can see how it can further stabilize my relationships, and support me. I’m not getting caught up in their drama - if I couldn’t put trust and belief in myself.

Mother: What I am suggesting, my son, is that the times when you feel deeply, terribly soul weary, it is because you are. Rest is the most precious of things, at times.

Student: Yes, it can be.

Mother: So rest in our peace.

Student: My body is certainly saying yes. (group laughs)

Mother: And "yes" is the most important part. And welcome, my son.

Student: Dear Nebadonia, I would ask for some general ideas on how to use my mind more effectively. We know the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Mind or the God of Mind…(too faint)… I want to hear…(too faint)…wonderful mind. I’m genetically predisposed to be a little bit, a little bit overactive in the mind, on jumping. (?) I would ask for general advice for a more efficient mind, and maybe not be plagued with balancing mind functions…(too faint)…emotions somehow more harmoniously. I would ask for general advice.

Mother: V, my son, it may help to get a clearer notion of the various functions of these aspects of yourself which I just mentioned to D: body and mind and spirit. In a sense your personality, your ultimate unique reality, enjoys these dimensions of contact with what surrounds you. Even, from the point of view of your personality, your own inner perceptions surround you. Your body obeys general physical, material law, what you call natural law. It is susceptible to physical forces and materials, so at the same time it is the means by which your personality contacts the material world around you. Think of your skin that encloses you and very distinctly defines who you are as a physical being, and yet not only separates you from all the world around you, but puts you in contact with that world. So it is with your spirit. Your spirit is that realm of cosmic reality that is creative, that can add something new to all that is continuing from the moment before. Your personality has this creative power - largely what you know of as imagination, and this has precedents. It also has contributors. Your personality can choose a greater contact with other spirit personalities such as Me, or Michael, or celestial teachers, even God himself right within you as company. When you ask for greater efficiency of mind, think of the mind as, not solely, but primarily, the connection between these different aspects of yourself. The mind, in and of itself, is not all that creative - the spirit is. The mind as connection to the physical body and the physical brain has much to do with learning and preserving, not only what you know as memories that can be consciously brought forth, but the enormous, enormous background of what you have learned ever since you were born. As you know, this has intrigued humans for many, many centuries, this balance between heredity, as you mentioned, and environment - all the tens of thousands of hours since you were born. So use your mind to think deeply about these aspects of yourself, and if you are not happy with the contents of your mind, try to understand these different components: memory, understanding, mechanisms of a physiological nature that go back millions of years in the whole evolution of animal life. But it is your spirit, too, which can present you with something new, in contact with beings enormously vast and nigh eternal from a human standpoint. This may point the way to what you want as efficiency. Is this understanding helping you?

Student: I think it does, and it helps me to see it. My allowing free little flatter emotions (?), and it allows the door for the creature to be valued more and begin to co-create, along with the Thought Adjuster and all the celestials, a better future. It seems that the more recently with the flatter emotions and the flatter diet and everything, that it seems like maybe, I might not have been trying hard enough. Maybe a little bit mentally lazy, but I see the point that it leaves room now for creative aspects of a mind and a co-creative, clear environment, I hope. So thanks.

Mother: I would agree, especially that you need to experience this experiment. You have to try different things in order to know them. Keep in mind that you have been co-creating your reality from the beginning, and that emotions are largely reactive. The best way to master them is to be actively alert, active rather than reactive. But at the same time I would suggest developing a deep respect for your emotions. For they can come from a totality of your being and inform you of what is around you. So you don’t want to, as they say, throw out the baby with the bath water. Use your emotions. Find a way to examine them and understand them, so you can trust them and the information they can give you. And be in my peace.

Student: Thank you very much.

Mother: Well, my sons, I congratulate you on accepting the stretch. Like a sore muscle after an injury, your spirits, after the terrible injury done to this planet, hundreds of thousands of years ago, require this stretch. It is what keeps you resilient and flexible. Just as you age physically, and there is a natural tendency, even with very young, to grow stiff, all the greater need for this stretching in body and mind and spirit. Have trust and faith in the being, the Supreme Being, Who puts you in this situation for your own good. So when you feel that ache of the stretch, remember the love behind it. Good evening.