Armesh - [2004] - Acts as Secondary Midwayer, Teacher, and partner to Primary Midwayer

Zeen, and receiver Helen Whitworth. Not initially of this planet. UK Progress Platoon.

Katrina - [2004] - Celestial Artisan, and Teacher. Works with Armesh, Zeen, and receiver Helen

Whitworth. UK Progress Platoon.

Zeen - [2004] - Primary Midwayer, Teacher, and partner to Secondary Midwayer Armesh, and receiver Helen Whitworth. Not of this planet. Specializes in technology and healing. UK Progress Platoon.

PROMPTS: 9/20/04 (From George Barnard)  

ABC-22 tends to lob into my "burrow" at 1:22 (ABC-22), or number 22 of the first family.

I read 12:12 like I read 11:11, 1:11, 1:01, 2:02 etc. Just an "hello", likely with a subliminal message "attached" which will safely surface when needed.

2:22 IMO is just another double digit prompt.

4:44 is generally understood to deal with Destiny Guardians and the Cherubim -- saying "us four" are on duty. Hi-dee, how-dee, Kiddo!

12:34 and especially 12:48 deal with "progress" (progression). It means "Good on ye" or "yes!", go ahead for the sake of progress.... we concur.

The good thing about it is that once you yourself establish a given meaning, they'll know, and prompt you further along those same lines. See dreams below*****

The 11:11, 12:12, 1:01, 2:02 etc was my suggestion back in 1988. It was immediately taken up on, because of the convenience of most of these being 61 minutes apart, not 60. And in that one minute, I tell people, the Midwayers can do their washing, a weeks worth of shopping, and pay all outstanding bills. :o)

Dreams **** for instance... If you buy a book on dream interpretations, no matter how unlikely the interpretations, your Destiny Guardians already know the book, and will serve up dreams to suit. Back in the sixties one of my patients gave me a dream interpretation book. I read it from cover to cover, and I was not impressed with it, but from that time on almost every new psych patient began to tell me dreams that related to that very book, and this gave me faster insights into their neuroses, phobias, disorders, etc. My dreams, too, changed immediately, and when I requested to be given just 3 main points to conclude on, it was immediately accepted... not just for me, but for 100's of patients, too.

We are "progress", always short on time, and every Celestial cooperates where they can. Angels are severely underrated. They are the "super-brains" and the chatterboxes of the universes.


9/15/04 (From George Barnard)

Feedback -- Our Control Over The Element That Is Time.

Bob: With regard to your quote below re the loyal midwayers, I am not positive, but pretty sure you included this quote because Armesh and Zeen are supposedly Secondary Midwayers, is that right?

George: We understand Armesh (esh = male) to be a Secondary Midwayer, Zeen to be a Primary Midwayer, the bubbly Katrina to be a Celestial Artisan. This is a rather common structure for a celestial workgroup as far as we are able to have regular contact with them. However, and as a rule, "the workgroup" as such includes many more personalities we do not usually hear from. As noted below, Midwayers do class themselves as Teachers even if the curriculum is determined much higher up the command chain.

Bob: So what I am saying is, that it's not too clear (to me) as a one-off, that this quote is trying to say just that. You with me ;-)?

George: I'm with you, and, yes, it says just that. Zeen and Armesh are regular Midwayer associates of the Primary and Secondary families respectively.

The really important thing that is pointed out in the transmission below is that the Midwayers have the ability (although perhaps somewhat limited) to foresee events that have not yet occurred. IOW their minds can "warp" time (forwards and backwards), and this allows them to turn up in many places to assist, only seemingly at a moment's notice.

As I understand this Midwayer ability to foresee events, it frequently gives them the opportunity to use their freewill prerogatives to effect positive changes. Therefore, like humans, they fulfill their task of being co-creators, not just slaves to a system that has them caught up in a time facet that demands them to endlessly follow orders. They are persons, indispensable, and accumulating huge amounts of "universe credits" in their work.

Reference Urantia Papers: P.865 - §4: The 1,111 loyal secondary midwayers are engaged in important missions on earth. As compared with their primary associates, they are decidedly material. They exist just outside the range of mortal vision and possess sufficient latitude of adaptation to make, at will, physical contact with what humans call "material things." These unique creatures have certain definite powers over the things of time and space, not excepting the beasts of the realm.

That last sentence (above) is rather vague. The transmission below is much more descriptive regarding non-linear time as the Midwayers experience it with their morontia minds.