6/27/93 Transmission

Oklahoma City, OK

(Michael's Return is in blue font within text below)

RondEL: Hello, to one and all. Again we meet, exchanging ideas for plans of relighting the Father's love within. Again we have come to assist each of you here in this challenge. May we recognize, at the very least, that the path is somewhat unclear at times. I wish to provoke in your mental state ideas...[inaudible]...upon the recognition of Michael's Second Coming. Are you aware of the planning and associated timing of this outstanding event? That is to say your preparation over the past few months has expediated the coming of Michael to Urantia, and we would appreciate knowing, in your deepest thoughts, how you may perceive the actualization of this event. If each could speak solely from the corner of the mind which needs exploration, we shall facilitate your concerns, joys, your fears.

M: What exactly is the question? Are we aware of the planning and timing of...?

RondEL: My dear one, we wish to explore your comprehension of Michael's Second Coming, influenced by your preparation, which has occurred over many months. We see, maybe, that your hearts, minds, and souls have been prepared as you engage in activity such as this and therefore the appearance of Michael on Urantia has been expediated. Not feelings do we pursue, instead perceptions of this truth.

D: Not feelings, but perceptions?

RondEL: We only wish at this moment in time to dwell in your thoughts in order to freshen our perceptions so that we may continue to enlighten you in ways which are just-suited for you as individuals.

S: I will speak to that question although I am not completely sure I understand. I believe that the Second Coming of Michael will occur when each of us, through his dedicated commitment to the Teaching Mission, has reached the apex of our ability to serve Michael in whatever way He chooses for each of us to serve. And I believe we will also be told by the teachers when this is happening and when Michael's second coming is about to happen. Speaking only for myself, I believe that when I can approach everyone I meet with total unconditional love and when the pain in my body from emotional holding, or whatever holds it, is gone, I believe that personally at that time I will be able to completely serve Michael and the TM and my fellow human beings.

RondEL: At this time we receive your response and attempt to answer all expressions of thought at a single moment. So if another in the group here wishes to express him or herself we will listen attentively.

D: I will share a fear. I believe as much as I can believe, that indeed Michael will return. I feel that it is likely to be within my physical lifetime. I hope that I would be aware when it happens. I pray that I may be of service in His efforts. But I am afraid that His presence will not be known to me. I am afraid that I will be asked to serve by one I do not see as Michael. And I am still afraid that I will be asked to give up and I am afraid that I won't give up those things like my family.

RondEL: Thank you for a provocative response. We will encompass and answer to these concerns after others have spoken.

C: RondEL, I have not received any internal answers to the questions you have asked and I tried to avoid speculation about when Michael might return. I only know what I have read in the transcripts and that is unclear especially with respect to the date. I would like to say more; I really don't know how to answer your question, I don't get an answer. I would share it if I could.

RondEL: My dearest student, know in your heart perceived truth and integrity. Under no circumstance do we see fault or failure and we wish to applaud your honesty. May you stay open and I'm sure many thoughts will begin to stir.

M: I'm in a middle place between Urantia teachings and bible teachings and I'm not aware of what the UB teaches about the Second Coming of Michael, or Jesus. I don't know that I can answer your question, I think I'm too new to this.

RondEL: Has there been any concerns raised since your readings have begun?

M: Concerns about what?

RondEL: Speculation on Michael's arrival here. Facts: When? How? The impact of His arrival? Any of these or others.

M: As you know I'm not only in the middle ground between the UB and the Bible but also in middle ground between belief and disbelief. And as far as concerns, I have concerns for our planet, our environment, our living conditions. I'm concerned that human beings are going to destroy life as we know it, I guess at this point I haven't had concern about Michael's return.

RondEL: Thank you, this information will add to our interest at this time.

M: RondEL, I share many of D's fears. I wonder what is the purpose of Michael's next visit?

RondEL: And we attempt to discuss that exact purpose after the final response.

[long pause]

RondEL: All information is in, has now been received, and the response is found in the arms of your savior, Michael of Nebadon who chooses at this time to join with angels in response.

Michael: Welcome, in glory, the glorious spectacle of your Father-Son, who created all loving and endearing His dearest children. Seated on a rough surface you call Urnatia, I view you in delight and behold beauty spilling forth to my open, receptive embrace. My arrival, mitigated by circumstances, some unforeseen, others predicted, has been localized to a space in time which, in its rightful evolution, belongs somewhere within the next fifty to one-hundred years of earth life.

I am so proud of each of your willingness' to proceed in spiritual flow. This truly has opened a passage for My imminent return. However, regardless of the state of your planet, in terms of relating to emotional, spiritual welfare, I plan to re-enter your planetary sphere. No judgments cast will impede this experience of light source sent to your planet. The casting out of love in some mortals' souls cannot sway my appearance. Truly, no human force of will can discreate my existence and my full intent to arrive in light. Only those who seek my appearance will find utmost pleasure and joy. There will be no mistaking my presence; it will be unforgettable as well as unstoppable. The expediation of my appearance has been presented by your faithful teacher, RondEL, and this holds true...[inaudible]...timing is the only perceptible change regarding my appearance. Openness to the stillness within reminds [?] each of your parts of my presence today and always will it remain so. I am omnipresent.

The rapture yet to be experienced can be found today, of course, in your stillness, with love and centeredness. Fear not retribution, I arrive in love. You will know me, I shall protect those who are susceptible to the infringement of power by others who appear to rule in force. I question the role of imagination and would enjoy dispensing of any fears by a simple action.

Carry a momento of my love in the palm of your hand. Powerful love embodied in a vision of simplicity, purity, can release the onslaught of painful or remorseful projections into the future.

The image I provide at this time will be the unique to each individual here. If it is your desire, cup your hands in an upward and forward motion. I drop into your palms an emblem reminiscent of my all-powerful loving intent for my children. Now raise your hands, if you so wish, and receive, in your cup, my gift. It is received. Now hold it in your memory for a moment. The momento is yours.

I arrive here to welcome my children back to the home that was theirs but has long since been neglected. My arrival comes at such a place and time as is inconceivable by others on neighboring planets and associated...[end of tape]... you refer to as your birth-land place is under siege. The time has arrived...[unclear word choice]... when my direct intervention will be required to positively offer freedom from the slavery of fear and turmoil, chaos and poison. Your planetary existence has been so dim. If you only realized the potential within--you might find great desire to shed all burdens of the past and symbols of fear projected into your futures. Embrace the God within and know my arrival is imminent. Continue on the paths of further enlightenment and I will come to your place of peace. Resting in the shadows of a hot, summer day we will create a new document for living.

RondEL: It is I, RondEL. I would like to ask each of you to reflect for a few minutes on your place in God's endless kingdom.

Michael: Have there been other concerns or unanswered questions? Can I assist in anyway at this time?

D: Father, my brother, my son, please accept my foolishness. There is much I don't understand. You said fifty to one-hundred years; I understood that to be between fifty to one-hundred years from now. And you mentioned a document in the shade on a hot summer day, can you respond to those please?

T/R: I feel Michael spilling forth much love and warmth to you.

Michael: I spoke of timing [his return] and I wish to restate the event will occur within fifty to one-hundred man-years. The gap of time may confuse your sense of right timing, yet in my existence there are many variables to consider. Therefore, [the] seeming distance of time is equated with exact and precise measure. Forgive my sense of longevity. Equate this with the timing for children where you speak of a great vacation you might be engaging in. Explained to your child in terms of months or years, it might confuse them, yet makes great sense to your mature mind. Allow much discretion as I embark on attempting explanation of time. Please know that all that you do, whether it is in time for my Second Coming or not, will be registered as positive energy facilitating my arrival. And know that your knowledge of me will ever increase until we find each other basking in light of the Father.

In respect to documents I refer to the possibility for changing the appeal of one's life-story. Would it interest you to have long discourse with me regarding possibilities and unforeseen joys?

D: Sure.

Michael: Absolutely. I would relish this time as well. Getting to know you would truly bring pleasure. I embrace the possibilities for each of my children and would like to allow times in discourse always.

[20 minute break]

Michael: To continue in discussionary efforts to discern the true impact of my arrival on Urantia: With such fortunate opportunity I [would like] screening the questions referring to fear-based discussion; whereby detailing our discussion, embellishing [instead] the hope and relief I will bring to those who suffer under darkness.

R: Michael, I was discussing this with my friend D.. What will we do on this planet , in your Second Coming, with the millions and millions of people through their ignorance but very much in their sincerity, in their efforts to learn about God, who nonetheless are not Christians and so if Jesus comes back will not these people feel that there religion is second rate religion and on the other side of the coin would not that cause harmful and perhaps false pride in those Christians who then declare that their religion was the only true religion? I think they would use that to their advantage. could you talk to me about that?

Michael: My son, who speaks of great necessity for understanding, I call to you a witness of the diversity of background created in light and occasion of the Father's will for this planet. Many tribes have created different conceptions of the Eternal One. I arose a babe in a basket, vulnerable, helpless and endowed with spiritual material. Each man who lives is endowed with the Creator's life energy. Upon my arrival the knowingness of our divine origin, will guide all to my light. Separateness of faith is bred by inhibited creativity. Inescapable, however, is the conclusion that I am the Creator. the potential within all beings. Man must divorce himself from sanctions which rule out the spiritual endowment for those who have created alternate, but nonetheless acceptable religious paths.

R: This is good then if we should come under a new world religion along the lines of which you describe with reverence for each other's creativity, with spiritual endowment and as you said upon your coming that all men will be drawn to your light, I can imagine perhaps, that at that time the creation or revelation of a new world religion. I cannot due to the perversion of your teachings by the Christian Church imagine that the world religion would very much resemble the orthodox teachings of the Christian Church. Will there be a new world religion upon your coming?

Michael: The Advent, the coming of my spiritual force, will cause every mortal to turn his/her attention to their disposition and at the same time all religion will become no more, shall not be required. Only in light of human misunderstanding can I be forced into novels taught to undisciplined disciples. My forceful nature, in love received, will beckon all to reach to feel my embrace only.

R: Will you come alone? Will you bring others? Will you attract other mortals to your revelation?

Michael: You my son, are part of an army of mortals who prepare my passage. The hearts of those I touch today will shine as stars guiding my path to the Father's...[inaudible].

Prepare the way for others to be prepared, and so on. I arrive with the forcefulness of angelic virtue, sounding horns of everlasting forgiveness and hope. Arriving beside me will be finaliters, others of discipline in like manner inconceivable to you at this juncture. However, your thoughts will be impressed with visions of hope and picturesque scenes of my coming will [ensue]. Stay open and receive, share these also with others in your midst. It is part of the preparation.

S: Michael, I have a question. Will you please tell us now, at this time, in your own words how we are to prepare for your Second Coming? And also, I wonder as time goes on if we will each receive specific guidelines for what you wish us to do in preparation for your Second Coming?