North Idaho Teaching Mission Group



The Way, The Truth, and The Life

Peace that Passes All Understanding

August 29, 2004

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. Once again we are in association experiencing our friendship in love, enjoying our camaraderie, acknowledging our connection in spirit, awaiting our final destiny on the platform of the Father on Paradise.

It is ever an intrigue to ascending spirits the uncovering, the discovering, of the Father's will. In the past I have addressed the nature of the will of God as it becomes active in your personal lives. A world such as yours, not having a Planetary Prince and its staff of guidance counselors, humankind has resorted to rules defining the will of God, when in reality His will is the full activation of the potentials resident within you, bestowed by Himself as Himself, your Indwelling Spirit.

There is a way to know the will of God; that way was revealed by your bestowal son Michael. Did he not say, "I am the way, the truth, and the life"? For you to know the Father's will you are to be the way through which His will is activated upon your world, and this is done through the honest recognition of truth and the sincere effort to be and do that truth as fully as is humanly possible given your current level of growth. The will of the Father is not static; it is not a list of definitions to be conformed to in order to be recognized as one who is aligned with the will of God, for Jesus said also, "I am the life." The will of the Father is living, and on Urantia it lives as you and through you daily. To know the will of God is to be the way, the truth, and the life yourself.

You have created the dynamic differential wherein the glory of divinity is manifested on the ground of humanity. When you are fully assured of your right in this alignment with the Father's will -- which is no less than the recognition that you are a child of the Heavenly Father -- you realize a spiritual peace, a peace that is defined by assurance. It is a peace that comes from alignment, a peace independent of turmoil, even present in conflict. It is not a peace defined by quietude and tranquillity, but the profound knowledge of belonging to the spirit family of God.

To an ascending spirit there are two modes of function. When from the human end of the connection to God you feel and recognize your walk hand in hand with Him, you are in peace in the present. While this is the desired relationship of creatures who reach Godward, it is inevitable that days will come and pass wherein you feel disconnected even while the divine resides within ever ministering to your needs. One who knows peace does not retreat ashamedly in the recognition of the lack of contact but activates faith, faith in the experience of having been embraced with God. This second mode is the mode of walking toward the divine. In one manner you are confident of your partnership; in the other manner you are pursuing your partnership. Both modes assume your relationship with God, your value with the Father.

Gone is a third mode of disconnect, of uncertainty of presence of the divine, of fear of your rejection. Gone is the misunderstanding that there may not be a Father who loves you.

This is the peace that passes all understanding. You are this day in the everlasting arms of your divine Parent. Some days you look into His face, Her face. Other days you look beyond, but you know within deeply of your belonging. Go forth, my friends, and be the will of the Father in your way, manifesting His truth in your life.

I welcome your comments or your questions. Thank you for hearing my lesson.

Evelyn: Your use of the word "peace" reminds me of the word "joy". Joy doesn't mean happiness in the superficial, feel- good way so much as the underlying joy or peace felt whether you are in a difficult situation or whether things are going smoothly.

* Elyon: Indeed this is the condition of the spiritual qualities of such states of human being. I have spoken much of the spiritual foundations upon which to build your life, and joy and peace are part of this foundation, for the vicissitudes of life may burn down your structures, but your foundations remain. There you find peace and joy wherein which you may rebuild with the assistance of the Father.

Jada: Thank you, Elyon.

* Elyon: Let the peace that warms your heart extend into your limbs to the tips of your fingers, to the tip of your tongue, to the tips of your toes that you may be a giver of such peace to all your fellows. I take my leave. I give you my love.