Northern Colorado Team Group, #54

Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Rayson (Tr, Daniel)


  1. Boise Conference Comments
  2. Unity, Peace, Harmony & Openness
  3. Attuning to the Higher Good
  4. Potential for Healing the World
  5. Fundamental Rule of Inclusion
  6. Being an Integral Part of the Universe
  7. Accepting Responsibility
  8. The "Next New Thing"
  9. Being Patient for Seeds to Grow
  10. Another Day in Paradise
  11. Living with Stability
  12. Building a Future Pattern with Intent
  13. Mortal Interest in Phenomena

Q & A

  1. Intentional Communities
  2. Outsourcing & NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement]
  3. Monjoronson’s Headquarters

August 29, 2004

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. It is good to be here with you. As you are aware, we have been traveling about, in many places on your earth, not only the conference in Boise, but many other places around the world. These are times of great changes for you. We wish to take note and comment upon the conference. The theme was "Unity," a variation of unity, and you saw the political positions within this small community of the Teaching Mission, Foundation, Fellowship, and other related organizations were there at one time —a situation that was not heard of before. How did this occur? And why did it occur? Your politicized groups have discerned quickly, as compared to other religions, that you have so much more in common than you have in differences. There is more to be gained by oneness of effort, than there is by division, contest, and competition. And so, this unity was truly a co-creative development that occurred for you, and for us.

Changes as this can and will occur when individuals attune themselves to the higher good of Michael’s work. When you forget yourself, forget your selfishness, forget your positions and find your common interests, you will find that Michael and Nebadonia’s interests are there in the forefront for each of you and all of you. You should be pleasantly surprised and pleased with yourself that this has occurred, after only 20 or so years of division. This is really quite a short period of time, whereas it has been centuries for some religions that are separate sects of the same belief system, and millennia for larger factions in religion. Twenty years or so is a brief period of time, a "sneeze" to be excused, where you pat each other on the back and begin again.

The "how" is that you are open to a larger perspective. The "how" is that you were receptive to higher guidance. The "how" was fulfilled by your willingness to incorporate the teachings of Michael and of Jesus’ life into your operational lives, into your organizations. "Why" it occurred is another facet that you also, perhaps, are aware of —the circuits have been opened to this planet, the quarantine has been lifted, circuits have been re-instituted, augmented, developed, and are even now continuing to be more fully developed. And further, there is within each of you an openness to receive that which you have asked for, to become one with the mind of Christ, one with the mind of Michael, one in the spirit of Nebadonia. You are open to peace, rather than competition. And so you have received the vibrations of peace, and all that which goes along with peace.

The co-creative part was your decision, selection of a choice, making a decision and then taking action. Other organizations, individuals, may not have attended, had they chosen otherwise, but they chose and they took action, and they followed through with that action. The options, the energy was made available initially through the increased vibration of your planet. We have been teaching you about energy and vibrations for many weeks —even months, some for years —and this is a real manifestation, a demonstration, a workable solution that you can see and have experienced. It is real.

Now, if you think this is an exception, then you have limited the vibration of peace, harmony, and unity. But if you think this is a beginning, a bud that has opened, the leaves are forthcoming, and the flowers will appear, then you realize this is just the first of many wonderful developments that will occur in your world. It is not that it takes more energy to effect larger numbers of people, or larger organizations—certainly not—it only requires a willingness for larger numbers of people in larger organizations to be opened, to be receptive to the possibility for the potential of good, for unity, for union—not uniformity, not mediocrity—but for unity with others with similar perspectives, similar interests.

It requires a humility that augments this potential that does not say, "Me! This is mine. This is my turf. I will control this," but humility to say, "This is yours too. There is room for you and for us, and for all others who wish to join in the central position." And when you find that, you find that this position is neutral. It is not energized by selfishness. It is not a scenario or a venue for manipulation, but simply a place, a platform, another horizon—the now of the platform to express, to deal with and work with other individuals, to be at peace with them, and to visualize your self working peacefully with them, and they with you. You are visualizing a peaceful future. To visualize in the mind is an extremely powerful operation. You are in effect setting up the best that the universe has to offer to you. When you align your self, your individuality with the larger whole for the benefit of everyone, you have begun to become part of the larger whole of the universe, the larger part of a larger organization.

Now my discussion today, to you, has been seemingly quite remote from you, but the emphasis is, these things could not occur without you, individually, wishing them to occur. Your lack of participation, or your unwillingness to participate or even your visualization of thwarting union and harmony and unity, works against the good of your whole. But your agreement, your compatible agreement and energy and enthusiasm and encouragement go far to enhance and develop potential for everyone. We are not saying that your world is "on a roll," that all will be rosy in a week or two. No my friends, there are still many tough times ahead—but what I would wish you to see, through this small beginning, is the potential you have for healing your world.

One of the fundamental rules you will learn early on in your morontial experience is one of the fundamental rules of the universe, and that is the rule of inclusion. The universe is inclusive. You are included in it. You are part of it —you are not excluded. Exclusiveness and exclusion are anathema for growth and social development, moral development. Separation is an aberrant way of living. It does not encourage the socialization of a universal mind, of which you have immense potential. Think what will occur when your scientists discover that there are truly other organisms, even microscopic ones, on another world. This will change your whole universe view.

You are not exclusive —your world is not one that exists as an anomaly in the universe as the only planet with living beings. Such isolationist, exclusive, withdrawn perspectives are antiquarian and retard your growth to become a citizen of the universe. With that perspective, think how retarded many of your social policies are—your foreign policies, your domestic policies. Think how slowly they let your world progress. You, my friends, are important to your world. That is why, behind each of your chairs stands so many others, who are supporting you, assisting you, even though they may be here simply in training. Your world will not be healed by us alone, but with you in concert with each other and with the spiritual administration of the planet and your local universe.

No, there will not be some shiny knight in a flying saucer who will come down and save you. That is your job! Each of you must become an empowered, individual of the universe. If you take that myth of being saved by the great prince or some great hero of the universe, then you must apply that to yourself. And if you point the finger back at yourself and say, "Who am I?" you had better take another look, because you have the potential to be that hero or that heroine. You have within you the capacity to heal your life, and you can be of great assistance to those around you. You are first, energetic beings. You are not separate from the energy flow of the universe. Now that the circuits are connected, you are truly an incredibly integral part of this grand universe.

I will give you a metaphor: Now imagine pi [p]…you know what "pi" is… now imagine that taken out to a million decimals, or a billion, or a trillion. Now, one day a scientist goes through this number and finds—right there—at the 580,000,000,000th position, an integer is missing; there is a gap, there is a comma, an integer, a space, another integer and then a comma. Now, that would be quite startling, would it not? How could that be? Where did it go? It seems impossible, does it not? But everywhere through the universe after that day, people would take pi out to that position and farther and find that, yes, that position has no integer. Now back to the reality of your world and the universe, you are each that integer! And pi would not work without you, being a part of it. You can opt out, you can play dead, you can stay on drugs all your life, you can forget about the universe and your part in it, but you will always be here—you are in that position—you are needed. You are what help make this universe work. You are essential.

Now let us take this silly metaphor a bit further. Let us say in this comic situation that every one was scurrying around the world looking for that missing integer, and someone knocks at your door and you open the door, and they realize that you are the missing integer. And they tell the world, and the world is so happy and pleased to have found the missing integer, and now pi will work once more! Yes, you chuckle—this is silly in some ways—but the point is that you are essential. You are what make the world go around. You help make the universe complete. You are a powerful individual. It is up to you to appreciate how powerful you are, just as individuals made decisions to build the unity and fulfill the unity that existed at the conference in Boise, that unity still exists—it did not evaporate, did not go away, was not dispelled by anything that happened—it still exists. And so, once begun, these processes of unity can expand. All it takes is a change of attitude, a willingness to think in harmony, to get off of your position, to accept other interests, broader interests than your own.

Are there any questions concerning this aspect of today’s lesson? (None.) It is a lesson that is self-evident, is it not? It is "in your face." It is to be accepted or rejected, and even if you do nothing with it, you have let it be, it is another way of turning away from it. The flip side of this is the responsibilities of healing your world, and that is your responsibility. It is unavoidable.

The reference book you use, The Urantia Book, speaks of immense potentials and immense developments and processes in the universe, and it speaks also lightly but consistently to your responsibilities as a part in the universe. And it speaks this way, that you can augment your growth, you can move ahead quickly by accepting and initiating your energy to incorporate the lessons. You can reject it, you can stand still and say you are not going forward—and you can do that for eons—but you are responsible for your position. It is an unavoidable aspect of your life. Your world often does not hold you responsible for your actions or inactions. You are based—your existence and performances—are based primarily on the commission of things, rather than the omission, but in the afterlife, in your morontial existence, you will become aware of both sides equally. You will need to commit to your program of training and education, and when you are remiss to move forward, you will be counseled, talked to, guided, educated—and you will be not disregarded in any way, at any time—your position of why you do not want to move forward will be addressed. You will always be encouraged to develop the best that is within you. So we urge you to accept this minor responsibility of pulling the rope with others to build unity in your world. And when I say, "you," it is not this small group right here, but all who read these transcripts, all who are aware of these thoughts, to pull together.

(Pause.) [This is Daniel. It looks like we’ve got a little break here.]

RAYSON: Today we will continue a bit of your cultural review. The first part of today’s lesson was in the main about that. It had to do with finding unity, experiencing that, when you really have not known much of that in your lifetime, and how to hold this as an attitude, something to anticipate, something that you really expect to occur, rather than not occur. To change your attitude from a cynical position, "Oh yeah, that was just once and it will probably never happen in my lifetime," to the point where you say, "Yes, this is a beginning. I see it beginning and there is no reason why we cannot continue this in other areas — why there could not be unanticipated, sudden changes of unity, of harmony, in agreement, moving together forward, rather than apart."

This next part has to do with a cultural development in your nation—in western nations—where there is an intense desire by companies, corporations to maintain earnings at high levels, and that has to do with the phenomena of "the next big thing," the next new thing to occur in your life. What is the next new thing? How would you handle two hundred years of peace? Will you anticipate that the next new thing would be that war would break out, and you would be happy about that? Or would you be willing to set that aside and say, "I’m glad those days are over!" and the next new thing is another day of unity and harmony and peace?

We know that these new developments in the Correcting Time, Teaching Mission on your planet, oftentimes brings with it, another great new thing to you, that you had not anticipated or had hoped to hear, and there it is—you hear it. And you begin to see small openings of these developments. You are beginning to see through this process, how long it takes, how much great patience it takes for mortals to see that the seeds of celestial, angelic and divine guidance on your planet bear fruit, that are manifested as events, situations and developments that you can actually experience. That which occurred at the conference was no accident. Just as the disintegration of a single movement a couple decades ago was not willed or wished or desired by anyone in the administration and management of this planet or Nebadon, the situation came into existence through the development of the human minds, and through the outworking and in-working of many mortals. But through in their prayers and desires and yearnings and through the celestial and divine and angelic—not only cooperation, but initiation of healing processes have come into existence. It has taken so many years to heal this, and yet there are still many who are reserved in their opinions about this.

The next new thing on your planet may be just another day in paradise—could you stand that? You in Colorado have a saying about that, do you not? Go outside and the air is cool and the sun is warm and the sky is blue, the mountains are beautiful—you see glaciers and you see snow peaks here and there—and you say to yourself, "Oh, another day in paradise! Thank you!" Now expand that further. I know that some of you are addicted to the next new thing, the next big thing to occur in your life. You have become acculturated to the marketing hype that is pandemic in your nation—how would you handle, how would your nation live and exist if there was economic stability? Do you think that there will always be an inflationary factor? That more and greater profit is the way to stability?

Expansionary economics feeds on itself, as you have seen in past years, and in moderation over long periods of time, can mean immense growth and stability—social, economic and cultural—for everyone —for those who are uneducated, receive education; for those who live below the poverty line, rise above it, through cooperation and through their own efforts. Yet, the next new thing oftentimes in those situations is not an explosion of growth, but a recession or depression. Your world is past its maximum, stabilized population. If it were half its level now, it could stabilize at that and continue on well into the future, but its situation is precarious.

These philosophies and policies, growth, expansion, whether by political organizations or religious organizations, are self-defeating. They may serve the larger organization and political institutions, but that is self-serving on their part. How are individuals to live, stably, peacefully, productively? Do some live well, while others live less well? That is not stability. Remember, my friends, all of you will arrive in the future—ten years, fifty years from now—there will be more of you, perhaps—and more who have less, and fewer who have more. This, which I am speaking about, is new to you, is new to your nation, new to its policies, and new to almost every nation on the world. Stabilization, normalization and balance, where the flow of goods and services and monies throughout the world creates on the whole a level playing field. It is such an out of orbit paradigm for you to perceive that it is inconceivable for some of you—truly inconceivable even for great economists and great philosophical minds. At this point, it is just so much spinning of philosophical words, a wonderful intent, but with no means of instituting this for everyone, and that truly is the situation at this point. It is something for you to hold in mind, however. It is a part of your world, eventually. And even if you never voiced this, but hold it in mind as intent, you hold a future pattern that will exist in your world.

Those participants of this movement, some of you are excited by new developments. Some of you are phenomenologists—you are interested in the phenomenology [analysis] of the process. How is this possible? And in some ways it is impossible to describe, trying to explain—it just is. It is more understandable when you are a part of it. Some of you are immersed in the culture of the next new thing, the next piece of news, kind of as a tabloid headline, waiting for the Magisterial Son to appear in one group. And as we shared at the conference, and has been shared before, Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son is here, is not in person, is not corporeal, and we do not anticipate that development, that phenomena until much progress has passed in the world to support his presence. There must be a culture that will do that.

For those of you who are patient, where you wait two or three years for a new development, your appetites will be satisfied and even whetted, as you see the larger scale of developments on your world begin to unfold. And is it not an interesting situation, where you see the unfoldment, of the saving of your world, simultaneously as you see the devolution of your world occur around you, the destruction of your world is occurring around you. There is hope in the midst of even the greatest hurricane. There is hope even in the midst of great destruction. These developments that you have seen are the seeds of the future good, of harmony, of balance, of sharing.

Examining today’s lessons, I suppose you may think that this is the end of summer, and it is back to school again. In some ways that is true. There have been many wonderful developments this past summer. Now we begin fall, which for most in this country means back to school, to going to work every day, anticipating that vacation next year. Yet in other countries, it is school all year round. Before closing today, I ask if anyone has any questions, and if there are individuals who wish to…who feel the nudge from their teachers, if they wish to TR, they are most welcome to initiate that. We will now receive your questions, if you have any.

Student: Rayson, since you gave us those lessons on intentional community, have there been any attempted or started throughout the Teaching Mission groups worldwide?

Rayson: Yes. This is a thought that is held by a number of individuals. As far as breaking ground and pouring concrete and foundations, writing charters for communities, no, this is still in a beginning position, through there are communities around the world that are doing those very things. Intentional communities as we envision them, have a beginning in the minds of many, and this is where all good things start.

Student: Rayson, we have at the present time an election coming and we’ve got two schools of political thought. (Rayson: Only two?) At least! One is to keep all the jobs here at home and not to outsource, and the other is to build the world economy through such agreements such as NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] . Is this the right time to encourage NAFTA type of arrangements?

RAYSON: You have a question?

Student: That was the question.

RAYSON: Would you please restate that then?

Student: The question is, we have two political schools of thought going on now that it’s election time, one is that we should discourage outsourcing of jobs to other countries, and the other one is that we need to have a free economy and outsource jobs where economics dictate the jobs to go. I think that that latter one tends to build more unity. We have agreements on the books now of NAFTA, which encourages building world unity. I just wondered if this is the right time for that, and would like your comments on the way we should be proceeding at this time?

RAYSON: (Pause.) [Daniel: He’s got his tongue in his cheek.] The currents of your nation and the nations of your world are moving forward into oneness —it is unavoidable. There is a natural dependency that develops in a world that has experienced separation. These processes, these institutions, these policies that you mention are only minuscule blips in the screen on your world concerning these developments. Whether they are right or wrong depends on the very circumstances at the time. These policies may be totally right in future years and totally wrong in future years. Certainly you as a world are going in a direction where you have not gone before. It requires the interests of all to see a commonality, to project one party or one position, and not another, to support one and not another—it is not our "cup of tea," not our desire to state our preference, as we have no preference—these are the affairs of man. You would be wiser to seek council of the Most Highs, who are involved in these processes. I do not deflect your question by saying that, but they have a larger interest in this question and the resolution to the problems of your nation, and not just of this nation.

Student: You didn’t really answer the question. I’m not asking you to take sides of the political debate, because each party has strengths and pluses and minuses, but I’m concerned about at this time for our country, on that issue.

RAYSON: Our concern is not just this country. Our concern is your world, which efforts and which interests and which powers and processes augment the development of a common world, where there is the support of peace and the development of individuals.

Student: That answers my question.

Student: Is there any particular region or location of our planet where Monjoronson would need to have an intentional community to support his work and his staff. Is it possible for us to know where it would be likely for him to set up his headquarters so that we could assist him?

RAYSON: Yes, certainly, I can give you the exact location. It is the location where there is an interest by mortals to have an intentional community to begin with, that would support his presence. It is not a geographic location, but it is the intention of the individuals. Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son, is not looking for a group of followers, but a group of leaders, where he will be accepted as a leader among leaders, where there is initiation for harmony and unity. This could be any place in the world where there is support for his presence, support for the policies of Michael, and support for the growth of these ideals, these economies. There is no specific location assigned at this time.

Are there any individuals now who are feeling a nudge from their celestial teacher or guardian angel, or some other being of light? Who feels a nudge from them who wishes to speak? If there are, we would appreciate if you would say as much, and we will wait. (Pause.)

We appreciate your presence here today, through what you may call a tedious session, one that is necessary on occasion. We thank you for being here, for holding this in thought, and we ask you to continue to hold these efforts of Michael and the Magisterial Son, your guardian angel and your Thought Adjuster and your celestial teacher in mind. You are an important part of this equation. We would not be here if you were not. Good day.