I Embrace Each Of You -(An Exercise)

AUGUST 16, 2004

Prayer: Mother and Father, we sit in the sacred space, in the stillness we open ourselves to receive you. You know our minds; you know where we need you. We invite you to impress yourselves upon us and make us more like you. Thank you.

Good evening, my children; this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Because of the intimacy of the group this evening, I will embrace each of you individually as we continue to build in you the presence of your Father.

J, I will begin with you. Breathe into me. Let me embrace you; feel more of my presence. (Pause)

In your mind’s eye and in your heart’s desire, explore what it would be like to be fully enveloped in your Father’s being. Feel your yearning for this, my son, as I weave you in him. (Pause)

Let the safety imbued in the Father be the foundation I build within you; let it solidify. This is the soul safety for your continued growth. As I make my way across the room this evening, simply sit in the place and receive what your Father wants to give you. I will now move on to C.

C, receive me now. (Pause)

And now sit in the place where you desire your Father’s presence to envelope you. I will build you in him. (Pause) As I continue on simply receive your Father. Focus on your desire for him to be inside you freely as I move on to D.

D, will you receive me now? (Pause) D, my son, will you now receive your Father’s embrace? (Pause)

Each of you is changing, gradually but steadily, you are changing. You are, as you would consider it, metamorphasizing similar to the caterpillar sleeping in the cocoon, waiting to emerge as the light butterfly ready to spread its wings and fly, being free to move about in the universe in the wind that carries it, and with the internal sensors inside the butterfly to find its nourishment. You are these caterpillars now ready to emerge from the cocoon soon. Your indwelling Father Fragments are the winds that will take you from experience to experience where you will find your soul’s nourishment, where you will rely on us to continually feed you: what will I! learn in this experience? What are you seeking to show me of your nature and who I am in this experience?

Your time in the cocoon is a time of great unconscious development. Sleep in this time by resting in stillness. Soon you will be called to be more actively engaged in ministering to your brothers and sisters. This period is important for your continued vitality and stamina where you will be asked to stand strong in the face of change. And we have been preparing you long these many months and years. The time is soon to be where you will engage what you have learned.

Before we continue in the second phase of this evening’s lesson and experience, I would wish to entertain your questions now about any concerns you may have regarding your development.

Student: Mother, I still have a lot of fear, especially in public where I might have to speak out. I find that fear stops me a lot. I would like to get rid of that fear. I would like to contact my teachers but I don’t know how to do that.

Nebadonia: When you are in this fear are you asking me to embrace you?

Student: No, I’m not. It’s usually pretty sudden, and it’s more like, "I don’t want to." Like a little kid would. Asking you to be with me is an afterthought. The feeling of not wanting to is sudden. It’s fear that shows up as "I don’t want to."

Nebadonia: It is an ingrained primal response to a situation wherein you are perceiving yourself as lacking or insufficiently experienced, is it not? (Yes. Right on!) Before you embark into this experience, would you deem it advisable to allow me to embrace you beforehand? Would you not give a friend a comforting hug or a pat on the back of encouragement before someone ventures out to publicly speak or engage in a difficult task?

Student: Yes that would be wonderful if I remembered to do that though. In the instances I’m speaking of the fear seems to come upon me very suddenly. I see something where I say that I need to do that, and then no, I don’t want to. It’s very frustrating!

Nebadonia: But, my son, you must remember to allow me to give you the encouragement and the supportive nudge you need to take into this next step. You may still feel the tug of resistance. That will be normal for a time. Each time you remember to ask me to support you through the experience, the internal resistance you feel will diminish. Go now into that place, recall an experience where this occurred, ask me to embrace you. See how your resistance begins to yield to more confidence and a sense of "I am not doing this alone." (Pause)

Student: What I’m thinking now is can I ask moment by moment so I don’t get caught beforehand? Will I get your support beforehand?

Nebadonia: Now, what do you think the answer to that question will be?

Student: Well, it would be "yes." Thank you. The other thing I’m thinking of is that even though I’m recognizing that I’ve run my own show most of my life and doing not too good job of it, that resistance is still there and I don’t want to do that anymore. That thought still comes up from time to time and interferes with Michael and you and the other people around me…I’m not sure what I’m trying to explain. I don’t want to do this by myself.

Nebadonia: This will be with you for a time to come still. Be less concerned about this. Simply recognize when you notice this and allow your Father and me to come into your experience. Invite us to participate in this with you. Do not anticipate what we will impart to you. Allow that opening in your mind to lay the foundation where we can participate with you, and you will feel a greater strengthening, a greater yielding to us, for your perspective will shift.

Remember, your rudimentary human nature is undergoing a change away from its primal animal attributes to the Father-imbued components of personality. You will feel this animal part of you for a time to come. It is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of or worried about. It is there to be harmonized with the divine qualities that are a part of you. Who builds that in you? We do as your parental source. Simply acknowledge when you feel these moments of your raw self to be harmonized with your divine self by calling on us and asking us to participate with you and to build! into you what we know you need to spiritize your life vehicle. Do you understand this, my son?

Student: Yes, Mother. Thank you. I will do that.

Nebadonia: The biggest word for you now, my son, to keep in mind is remember to invite us to be with you.

Student: I will remember, Mother. Thank you.

Nebadonia: Be in our peace, my son.

Student: Last week I experienced a spiritual teacher named B. Kreme. He says that Matrieya overshadows him when he speaks. He led us into a meditation that is called a transmission meditation and he asks us to create groups of three or more to do this. I was wondering if this would be an aid to my development or not?

Nebadonia: When groups of individuals gather for the development of the unit as well as the component and the intention is for the God-self to heighten and for the group energetics to be spiritized, what value do you think that would serve?

Student: A very great value.

Nebadonia: Does this answer your question?

Student: I felt this meditation would be a great service to this planet. The other question is that there is part of me that wishes to worship with others and to pray and meditate. Not get caught up in their dogma, just to be there.

Nebadonia: This is precisely what you focus on: what is your intention, what is your desire. When you gather in this spirit, whether is it 2, 20, or 20,000, the energy is proportional to the desire of the intention. If there are many who desire this, then this is a powerful force indeed.

Student: Since you know what is in my soul and what my soul needs and yearns for, can you enlighten me upon what I need to do or what is necessary for me in my day to day life to aid my development?

Nebadonia: Let us construct this experience for you to carry with you in the coming days. Feel your yearning to be unified with your Father-source. Now as you feel this yearning, allow yourself to feel whose nature you feel more dominate in you: your divine nature or your primal nature? Feel where you are in the moment.

Student: I feel more and more that I am in my divine nature more and more, that my primal nature is lessening.

Nebadonia: Simply sit in this place; ask yourself to feel those components of your primal nature that have not yet blended, harmonized, fraternized with your divine nature. Sense this now, my son, and when you do, simply invite me to weave more of your divine nature into you. (Pause) If you are willing when you are ready, your brothers would benefit from the experience you have just had. (Pause)

Student: I still have this fear and confusion in my nature.

Nebadonia: This is precisely what is being asked of you: to feel your primal nature, to allow it to be exposed to you in its primal rawness. Why would you want to run away from this, this is a part of you? It is a rudimentary part of you, but it is still the way you were created. That which we build into you through your thoughts, feelings, desires, and decisions piece by piece is the fabric of the divine which overlays and embraces this basic nature you have been given.

Student: It feels like something centering around survival, my place in this world: responsibilities, money, my children, etc. The primal pattern is so deep within me that I’m at a loss to go into the fear and express it to Michael. I don’t even know where to begin or what question to ask or what to be. It’s hard to sit in this place.

Nebadonia: And yet it is a place where we can enter and show you a bigger picture of reality. Your animal fear is reacting at a very basic instinctive level. You know this intellectually, and yet the very survival instinct within you is reacting to the potential loss of self. Are you willing to face this?

Student: I know no other way. But as we have spoken in the past, it ceases to work for me now.

Nebadonia: Spend time with us now in the sheer desire for this raw primal-ness to be embraced by your divine nature. Be willing to allow this to occur in its fullness. You will not know until you experience this what this truly means, the significance therein. The exchange of the basic nature in which you have lived all of these years with the soul self that you are building; you will not understand, you will not know, you will not experience what this is until you live through it. Living through this will only follow when you open the door by saying "yes" to letting this part of you yield. Will there be fear? What do you think?

Student: I can feel it right now!

Nebadonia: Ask for more faith. Ask to be embraced by us to go into this with us.

Student: My mind is seeking some sort of clarity or understanding, something to hold onto; what is waiting for me on the other side of this fear.

Nebadonia: What is the gift, what is the promise that you know you have? Do you not know you have life eternal? Life eternal! What does that mean? What is that all about? Ask for this now to be imprinted upon you: what does this mean in my cells, what does this mean to my life vehicle, what does this mean to who I am as a component of the God-self? Spend time asking for a deeper understanding of life eternal. Sit in this now, my son. Feel your desire for a deeper understanding of what life eternal is. See how your fear responds to this. If you feel this would be beneficial to your brothers, I would ask you to consider sharing your insights with them. (Pause)

Student: The first feeling that came up was hope; feeling of hopefulness. The fear didn’t seem so dreaded or dark. My first impression of life eternal was just the richness of this eternal now moment, and that this primal nature to survive is just holding on to my will instead of letting the divine will take over.

Nebadonia: Sit in the idea and energetics of eternal life. Allow these words to be impressed within you. Receive them in your cells. Allow your sense of identity to rest in eternal life. Slowly and surely you will feel the fear around you melt into trust, soften in my embrace helping you sense your divine nature overlay your primal self, which will grow much stronger. (Pause) This is vigorous soul training you are taking on for yourself. As I said earlier, this is part of the experience of the caterpillar resting in the cocoon before emerging as the butterfly. (Pause)

Student: As I mentioned I need to let go and become free like the butterfly.

Nebadonia: Rest your soul in us. Allow this time of identity transference to take its course. Sit in the idea and energy of eternal life, and surely you will be guided into that experience, my son, as you grow in our peace. (Pause)

Student: Mother, no questions this evening. I wish to thank you again for the real practical dimension of what you are giving us; its very useful, down-to-earth nature. The other evening there was a wonderful spiritual teacher on TV expressing that truth that as you change the way you look at the world, the world itself changes. I’ve been experiencing a wonderful change in my apparent world, my real world. It’s giving me a wonderful sense of growing because the world itself is getting more full and beautiful. People keep emerging; I don’t know how else to express it; they just emerge. And where I might have before seen a lack of something or some negative quality, now I’m beginning to see how complete everybody is. It’s hard to describe, there they are and they are complete and whole and going about their life with a determination which is a marvel. This gives me a great feeling of having changed inside. Thank you also for my dear, dear, friend Anapurna. Another friend, V, is helping me transcribe his lessons so I’ve been able to read them and absorb them so much more deeply. I just marvel that this other kind of being, this different order of intelligence, is so human. Thank you, Mother.

Nebadonia: Surely the words you speak will be read by many, which will trigger new insights in them of how utterly safe it is to trust us as your parents, who always provide you with what you need to grow in beauty and goodness; and that your words speak a quality of faith that you instill in others. You do not fully yet comprehend what you have just shared and the impact this will make upon those who will feed upon your sentiments.

As you read this lesson, and as you read your words, allow this idea to settle into you. This is your great privilege and responsibility as well to become more cosmically aware of the impact you make each moment. As we said to you several weeks ago what kind of impression do you wish to leave this planet? Every thought you think, every experience you feel leaves an impression. Those that reflect truth and love and goodness and righteousness are added into the cosmic matrix of the evolving love that moves the growth of God into the greater universe. Think about this, my son. ! Digest upon this during the week. I think you will have many more wonderful experiences as you gain new insights into this. Be in our peace now.

My sons, how your efforts please me. You cannot know the delight in your Mother’s heart as I hear each plea that you render to me. I am your Mother. I will grow you into more beautiful and vibrant sons than you already are. You have yet to fully appreciate the beauty of the personality that you are developing. Still there are times when you have fleeting glimpses, but yet you do tend to allow the un-spiritized component of your personality to weigh you down at times. Let go of this now. Seek only that which you striving to attain by coming more to me, asking to know me more. Trust me more, my children. I will tune your thoughts to that which truly uplift you. You do not need to harbor in fear. When you recognize that it is there, then it is your reminder (remember) to come to me! (Pause)

I am impressing upon you this simple idea to remember to embrace me when you feel this fear of your animal nature. Remember the time when you were little boys when you ran to your mother. You have not grown so large as to not be needful of this. Oh, my little ones, what delight I have when you run to me. W! hat joy it gives me! Use these letters, the first letters of remember: REM: Run, embrace Mother! (Pause) Let this settle into your primal response area in your base chakra. Let it become a reactive part of you. Run to me, embrace me so I can feed you with what you need. (Pause)

Now, my sons, in preparation for the event for this coming Saturday wherein you are being invited to participate in a global prayer for forgiveness to embody and embrace this world, I ask you to join with me now. Feel your desire for the liberation of this planet through the installation of forgiveness in the hearts and minds of the citizens of this world. This is the great soul awakening. Feel your desire for your brothers and sisters to awaken to the truth; the truth of who they are as our children, the reality of how beloved they are. Feel your desire for them to want forgiveness to reign supreme in their soul for the woundings of the past to be embrace! d in the new light, and to be seen in its divine perspective.

What has happened on this world in the scheme of cosmic events is meaningful. As we build this forgiveness component within their hearts and minds more, the more they will begin to awaken. Feel your desire, feel your passion for forgiveness to dominate the hearts of others. Have people been painfully, tragically, mournfully scarred because of this betrayal of the divine plan on this planet? Yes, they have! Is every distortion forgivable and redeemable? Yes, each one is! The broken hearts of our children can be mended by having forgiveness flow copiously through each experience that has rendered your brothers and sisters to be contained in self-doubt, self-loathing, and self-condemnation.

Feel the depth of desire for forgiveness to reign supreme in the hearts of each individual. As you go into this day at the proscribed time, center on this desire, center on this passion. Know that a great outpouring is coming, and that the children of this planet will be fed with this. They are being fed with this, they will continue to be fed with this, and this day is another step for the liberation of Michael’s world.

Let us sit now in your desire. Simply allow your Father and me to enter into the core of the earth, into the hearts and minds of your brothers and sisters as we build forgiveness upon this world. (Pause)

The light of truth blazes upon you. It grows within you; it frees your soul. May this truth free all of the citizens of this world as we bestow the mercy of the heavens upon this world. Good evening.