Instilling In Others Hope & Love

AUGUST 4, 2004

Prayer: Father Michael, we are here to receive you and we invite you to make our minds like yours. We ask for an awareness of your presence that is full of hope, joy, and wonder of the world that you have given us to live upon. Help us to see this world through the eyes of an innocent child as we look at the goodness and truth you are building here. We thank you for the opportunity to see the world thusly. Amen.

Good evening, my children. This is your Creator Father. I am Michael. Tonight, as before, we will continue to build the foundation of hope within you intersecting this quality of promise into those areas of your thought processes where you have had lingering doubts or confusion about what is transpiring on this world. It is quite normal and expected that your minds would still house great confusion. Tonight, I invite you to allow the energy and the promise of hope to imprint upon these doubts, to embrace any confusion you have in your mind about the massive rehabilitation plan that is now well underway on this world.

Stay focused within. Bring your doubts and confusion to me. It matters not how deep or troubled you may feel within your core. I invite you to give it all to me, my children, and let me instill within you the promise, the future, the awakening. (Pause)

Is this not a wondrous time to be alive on Urantia? My beloved world of my earthly life is awakening to the spiritual current, to the energetic vibrancy that has been long dormant in the hearts of humanity! Feel the significance of this awakening! Allow your Mother to take you into the fullness of what this means. Let your mind embrace what it is you are participating in. And then, you will feel a deeper current of hope coursing through you, uplifting you, and impinging upon joy. Feel this my sons, and let it grow and let it predominate all of the doubts and confusion in your mind. (Pause)

As we have shared with you in the last several weeks, this quality of hope is what your brothers and sisters will need in the coming days and months, and even years, as more change comes about to this world. As you grow in your capacity to beam my hope into your brothers and sisters will you deepen your insight into the workings of this correcting plan that I have implemented for this world and the others which went into rebellion.

The overarching quality of hope instilled in the human heart will give you the staying power you require to view this from the perspective that all things are indeed working for a glorious outcome, even thought conditions may appear to be chaotic. Look beyond the chaos. Look beyond the disruption. Pierce into the mystery, see the stability that lies underneath the surface in the unfolding of the divine plan in all its splendor. This is mysterious to you because you have not yet experienced what this means. There are certainly ideas on the planet of an idealized social fabric. But no one has experienced this in its fullness. As you pierce into the mystery of its unfolding, will you feel a greater sense of anticipation and excitement all bound up together in hopefulness.

Let these words go down deep, imprinting into your depths: I am the resurrection and the life. In me hope is the eternal spring — creation. It is all brought into being by your Mother ’ s breath that moves and works through you; taking those places within you that yearn to do the Father ’ s will, intersecting with that thought and allowing it to be expressed in your every day lives. Let us bring this now, this energetic thought pattern, deep within you: I am the resurrection and the new life. I am the eternal spring of hopefulness. Drink of this deeply, my sons, feel this! (Pause)

I am the resurrection and the life. Take these words, say them inside: I am the resurrection and the life. Feel what they do internally. Let them settle into each cell. The promise of a new life creates new awareness within you of the power of hope. This power of hope has the capacity to awaken the long-slumbering human heart.

I share this with you freely, my children, for you to use as you beam this into your brothers and sisters. Receive this gift. Know that you only have to ask and I share this with you. What I am building in you will take root, and you will learn how to share and use this effectively with those who come before you. Feel your desire for this, know this is yours to grow into and use effectively when the time is right. (Pause)

Let all who so will come. Come and receive. Receive me — my hope, my promise for a future life that is dominated by love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and peace. Peace in the hearts and minds of all who reside on this world. Yes, my children, that day is coming. You and many others — the workers in the field — are bringing this peace to Urantia: my peace, my truth, my light, my essence. I am the sovereign of this world. I am the father of your heart. In me, the resurrection and life is the eternal promise for the peace of the world. Good evening, my beloved children.

Nebadonia: My children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Tonight is not a night for questions or comments. It is for you to internalize this experience deeply and to keep it with you in your heart, to relive this experience through your reading of the lesson. This is one I would ask you to revisit many times in the next several weeks, irrespective of the fact that we will continue to build this foundation of hope within you in the next few weeks as you come here for the meetings. The experience tonight is one that will take root and grow the more you revisit this and allow us to build your Father’s hope in you.

This is part of what is now necessary for you to become vibrantly alive, resonating hope in order for the beam of hope to stay strong and to activate and awaken another person. It will not be necessary for you to understand or know how to awaken another person as it is to feel this hope permeating each cell, coursing through your being — dynamically, enthusiastically, passionately! You are bringing in a great power. We are instilling this within you for you to become natural and light as you instill this into our children.

So once again, let me weave this quality of your Father within you: the resurrection life energy that seeds hope into the hearts of our children. Oh, my little ones, what joy is this for me to build this in you! Receive this with the fullness of the affection of my Mother’s heart. (Pause)

Tonight as you slumber, call on me and I will be there to build you in your Father; in hope and the new life that we are building on our beloved Urantia. Sleep in us. Be in our peace. Good evening, my beloved’s, I love you.