North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


This Chapter in the Reconstruction of Urantia

August 1, 2004

* Monjoronson (Jonathan TR): By way of sound I make my presence known. I look to an increase in awareness of my mission among the many who are receiving my contacts and are willing to extend personal services to further uplift this planet enlisted with me. This chapter in the reconstruction of Urantia I am honored to be directing. It will be a thrilling episode for those who wish to participate, for it will bring witness to transformation unprecedented. However, you will also be faced with much uncertainty and difficulty, for not many around this sphere are as ready to accommodate guidance that will adjust many policies and procedures in effect currently. It will be seen as a threat to power that is currently established. You will be directed as to what task you may perform. The planners of my effort work closely with me for the development of our long range goal. However, as Urantia is an experimental planet, we must allow great variability in our projections. This is due to the effect of human response which is valued as sacred, never to be manipulated against your will.

Therefore you likewise will be required to cope with the uncertainty due to a flexible, varying course of events. We come as a company to this world for your benefit. We are not engaged here to overlord. You are not to be rounded up and made to behave as we would like to see civilization live on this world. It will be a gentle, steady process of infusion that will gradually transform the minds that are open and responsive. From this foundation there will begin the hard transformation of the rest of your fellows into a new world view and a progressive life process. This is where you are our most valuable assistants and co-players. It is a great time for Urantia.

Your world is a celebrity among the many planets in Michael's universe. Though much of the news from your world is what you may call startling, for it is so unlike the many normal spheres, you are likewise a planet that is astonishingly vigorous and resilient. You depict qualities of persistence midst confusion, of determination while ignorant. You have repeatedly dug up for yourselves the truths of eternal existence with no certain sense of guidance. Your spiritual muscles are massive since you have been over many centuries struggling so hard apparently so alone. You have not had the immediate direct comfort of celestial interface. This is now changing, but the character you have acquired will greatly accelerate the transition.

We are not starting from scratch; this is not reset to the beginning. This is the end of a long incubation from which will hatch a fairly well developed new approach to culture, to society, to all the institutions of your civilization. Michael revealed to you a personal religious experience with the Father of all. I come to reveal to this world a progressive planetary experience within the Supreme everywhere. I am Monjoronson. I end my address. Thank you.

Ginny: Thank you very much for coming. We asked for your presence. I have a pretty direct question. Have you appeared already on this planet personally to anyone?

* Monjoronson: I am able to tell you "yes". I am not free to tell you to whom, for it is a visitation of a private nature, having to do with that personality's personal orientation in this program.

Ginny: You mentioned a new approach. Could you elaborate on that a little?

* Monjoronson: I first repeat that our plans will be flexible. The shift that will initiate our mission will begin with an awakening begun with a few of you and spreading across this world that cooperation is of an immediate necessity and even of emergency nature, that fighting upon this world is no longer going to be acceptable. You cannot be told this; it must be realized, and this realization will come by way of your ministry. The new approach will begin with the realization of the importance of intercooperation among all the differing peoples. I hope this gives you an initial point from which to function.