All Work For God

January 11, 2001

* Daniel: Greetings, this is Daniel. I am here today, along with Aaron and others to share with you in an effort to emphasize aspects of our participation in your lives. We would like for you to recognize that there are many beings working for the same purposes and while one of us generally speaks when communication occurs of this nature, it does not mean that only one teacher is present, nor does it mean that the content is coming from one being, rather are there many participating in a joint effort of enlightenment. As an example, when you ask your questions, while many times Aaron may give the response, the actual content of the response may be from another source other than Aaron.

Therefore, we would have you recognize that the relevance of our names is for the purpose of awareness that there are diverse and numerous beings present in an effort of upliftment for your planet and at this level does the relevance end. Names do not have a high degree of importance for us, as to who relates what to a human source. And from the human perspective we would encourage a recognition that spiritual presence is available and yet we would like you to place less emphasis on who the speaker is. My question for you today is to ask you if you understand why we feel it is important to make this clear.

Robert: If I were to take a stab at it, I would speculate that it would be to prevent some type of a cult status around any single personality as has been done in the past. And I would ask, what, if there was any specific trigger, caused you to reassert your admonition today.

* Daniel: More so we are relating this as a general insight. Particularly, either of you can look within to see if anything you have done relates to this. It may not be relative to both or either of you directly, but we would like for you to recognize this fact. It’s a broad based statement.

Our reasoning is to make it clear what the importance of our presence is for. Jesus spoke to his apostles many times about many different issues, concerns, ideas, and in the end, the vast degree of discussion surrounding Jesus is about him and his death and his rising. As a legacy, Christ Michael feels that this mission should not follow the same pattern. People, once again, as always, have the danger of missing the point regarding the purpose of what is happening now, as they did then.

You know, of course, that the gospel is a living breathing thing. It’s not all caught up in the history about someone or something. When you all realize that the world will progress farther by focusing on the elements of our teaching rather than who we are, this world will then be primed for degrees of change that have yet to be seen and that are hoped for by many. Do you understand the reasoning behind my statements here?

Robert: I believe I do and yet being finite creatures we have such a need for something tangible between ourselves and spirit since it is so difficult for us to make the contact. It’s a tough nut to crack because of our addiction, our need, for an intermediary. Yes, I believe I do have a good understanding of why you mention these things and I try to adhere to them as Bob does as well. Yet, as people, we want a Father and a Mother that we think we never had, so we try to find a substitute. It’s a hard one to get past.

* Daniel: And we recognize these desires within the human family. In a sense, we are asking for your maturity, such as the progression of a child through teenage years into adulthood. With the maturity of our relationship, the degree of our impact on the world will be at a much larger level than we can ever have in the elementary classrooms sharing the abc’s the 123's... This is valuable for foundation, but further progression calls for expansion of perspective. When you, as humans, lose the need to know, to have that identification and direct assurance, you will be capable of expressing spiritual insight in a clearer manner.

Recognize that there is one family of God and when you desire to do God’s will, everything in His power, anything in God’s family, will align itself with you. There is no need to differentiate who, what and why. We, in a sense, our asking for this maturity to make you more effective as people in the world in your relations with others and not only as such, but also within yourself there comes a unification of mind with will. The differentiation of spiritual presences falls away in the recognition of child unified with parent in an effort to grow in knowledge and to become perfected.

This is our insight today that I wanted to share with you and I appreciate you offering me this time and opportunity to share. Regarding your personal inquiries today, I will leave that to Aaron, but if you have any more comments or questions regarding my discussion with you today, feel free to share them at this time.

Robert: Yes, I do. I would like to engage you in your very language and concepts you bring forth. By using the concept of family, by using the concept of parent and child, do we not inadvertently set up a grave potential for abuse, of having leaders who all too often succumb to the very idea of that hierarchy of that parent, of that child. I am struggling now with the concept of our creator as Father because it is limiting. And I’m wondering if the very language we are using is also playing into the restrictions of the past rather than opening doors to spirit potential for now and the future. Is that too convoluted?

Daniel: I do not think so. You must recognize the limitations of revelation we have, as I’m sure you have read in the text of the Urantia revelation. Therefore, we are confined to using human terms to define relationships and until better terms become available, and not only available, but until they also hold similar relationships in your human minds, we are restricted from utilizing a concept.

On a personal level, I share the term parent, rather than father, because I recognize that God’s relationship is parental and that you are at a level where you can recognize the ideal rather than the limitation of Father. God is not simply a Father. We know this. You know this. But in your terminology, parent is the furthest we can communicate this relationship at this time, due to the fact of a desire to maintain personality and personalness, as God’s relationship to you is. We do use concepts that are impersonal, on occasion, in relating second hand, but in discussing your direct relationship with your Creator we are confined to the relationship of a parent to a child, for that is the highest human concept of this relationship at this time. Is this clear for you?

Robert: Yes. Although I’m sure we will revisit this from time to time.

Daniel: I look forward to your ideas as they come to you, for it is in the evolution of human thinking that new concepts do arise which allow the opportunity for expression of a deepening of concept. I will withdraw at this time and allow your questions to be directed to Aaron. Thank you for your time today.

* Aaron: I am Aaron. Good day friends. How are you doing?

Robert: Pretty well.

* Aaron: Here we are enjoying a respite from attending a planned conference. Due to your change in schedules, you have given us a conflicting schedule today. I share this merely to relate that we have existences and that sometimes we must shuffle our plans in our relationships with you. Also, I relate this to let you know that playing "hooky" from a staff meeting, to be with you is pleasurable for us. What’s on your mind today.

Robert: Bob expressed a question about his writing. If you have any encouragement, I’m sure he would appreciate it.

* Aaron: Yes. Simeon, you are undertaking to relate a tale that you have built up in your mind over years and transfer it into a historical document, meaning transferring it from mind to paper. The relation of what is in the mind and the heart into the written word always pales in comparison to the concept. Therefore, your perfectionist tendencies hold you back from simply being able to share the story to the best of your ability. If you can come to the recognition that there is limitation in documentation, you can then more easily approach the task, recognizing that you can never capture what is in your heart and mind to be shared completely on paper.

You also procrastinate and you’re undisciplined and by simply making the time, sitting down and actually writing the information, you will build a self-discipline much like exercise. If one exercises regularly for a period of time, they will become more capable of producing a higher degree of output. You will begin to move past the sore muscles and aching joints into an enjoyment of the exercise. So it is with your writing. Actual struggle with the technique for a period of time produces a blossoming enjoyment of the exercise. So I would encourage your application to the procedure if you are serious about the task and to ease up on what you feel you need to put on paper at this point in the task. Time for revision comes later, once the story is out completely. I hope these thoughts help you today good friend. Are there other questions today?

Robert: Yes, I have a couple. The first is a curiosity question. I would like to know, the various psychic circles that we attain in our mortal existence, is the circle attainment of any individual a matter of public record? If I were to ask you the circle that I have attained, is that available to me?

* Aaron: No, simply because the truest awareness comes from within in the signalizing of your relationship to your Adjuster and the influence He increasingly gains in your life. We could through a secondary manner, technically receive this information, but it is of common knowledge from our side that this information generally has no true value. If there were reasons for sharing the information or if it had value, we are certain that it could be possible in that case. But otherwise it would not be shared.

Robert: Okay. My second question, which, to me, is quite a bit more important, when Jesus of Nazareth said that "I and the Father are one," was it necessary for him to have been deity incarnate? When I fuse, would I not be allowed to say the same thing?

* Aaron: That you and the Father are one?

Robert: Correct.

* Aaron: Yes. At fusion, this is a true reality. You have become one with your adjuster, therefore giving you a permanent and unbreakable connection with the First Source and Center. Arrival in the first circle does not signify the same thing, which I am sure you are probably aware of, as the actual case of fusion itself. And you understand that Michael was not destined to fuse with his adjuster, therefore, when the actual awareness came he could express this even while being human due to the fact that he came into full blown unbroken communication with the Thought adjuster, hence, the Paradise Father. Therefore, while he didn’t burst into flames or disappear from the earth, he remained present to fulfill his destiny. Realize when you come to the same awareness of fusion, the likelihood is that you will not remain here and present on this planet.

I want to go further today and say that Urantia is not, and has not been under normal progression. Therefore, even the most enlightened beings that come from this planet, still have remedial courses they must take, so to speak, when they reach the morontia spheres, due to certain inevitabilities produced by association with some of the distorted realities present on this world at this time. Are there any other thoughts that I can share with you today?

Robert: Yes, I have one more question. In our teaching, our instruction of others, toward the end of spiritual progression, were I to talk of the historical person, Jesus of Nazareth, on the same level as other great religious teachers in the history of this planet but elevate the message above others, I guess, would that be an okay or even desirable thing to do?

* Aaron: Do you mean relating Jesus as an equal human being with Gandhi, Abraham, Moses, for example, and then relating the key components of his message as being the most important realities?

Robert: Yes.

* Aaron: This is fine, so long as you recognize within that you are not diminishing the reality of who he is to you, who you know Jesus to be. In a sense, never compromise reality. Jesus truly was a human as Gandhi, or any other, therefore you can relate him as an equal human being. You do not have to claim God status for Jesus, for he truly was human even while having divinity within him and he would love for the world to see this side, to recognize his humanity.

Robert: That helps me a great deal. I thank you for that.

* Aaron: I am glad for the ability to share with you and thank you for this question. It certainly holds some enlightenment for others, as well, as to methods of relating spiritual insight.

Robert: Unless Bob has any other questions, I think I have no more today. Let us know when we can get you out of another meeting. Always happy to contribute to the delinquency of others...

* Aaron: Actually, we were required to get a pass, so to speak, and while we relish the opportunity to interact with you, we also enjoy many aspects of our morontia training and ascension process. Therefore, whether here or in a meeting, we would have found reward, so I hope our light commentary about our exclusion from today’s staff meeting does not give the impression of true delinquency, as I know that it doesn’t with you.

It has been a pleasure to share with you today and we look forward to another time of sharing with you whenever you come together or when you call as individuals. We will see you then. Good day.