Illawarra District, Australia, June 16, 2004.
Cherubim "I’ll be Frank" and Alice.
Subject: "Cherubim – Their Lives and Destinies."

Received by George Barnard.

Frank: "Frankly . . . it has taken a while, but you are here with us now, and our beloved Midwayer friend will do the honors in passing on our thoughts. This is Frank, together with his beloved consort of many ages, Alice. We are Cherubim. We are longtime students in this local universe, and we are the offspring of Mother Spirit. As well, we are not now attached to any specific (individual) mortal.

"Somewhat unusual, but not all that uncommon, we have been given the task of overseeing, and at-higher-level assist in coordinating, the activities of the 11:11 Progress Group. We travel, and we visit the many members of the Progress Group that are so widespread. We observe, and we take note of the growth of this group, and we make recommendations in connection with this communication and teaching effort.

"We, Cherubim and Sanobim alike, were created for the task of observation, watchcare, and recording, and it is in this fashion that we in turn learn a great deal about the terrestrial lives you mortals lead. To do what we do—to serve—is our around-the-clock duty, and our delight. From time to time, although hardly on a regular basis, we grasp at the opportunity to say our piece.

"We work closely with the Urantia Midwayers, and we report to our Seraphic Leaders of the Progress Contingent. They, in turn, are responsible to our esteemed Planetary Prince.

"There is a steady growth in the number of those humans who are achieving some form of contact with their Midwayer Partners, Co-workers and Assistants. We delight in noticing this growing number that are increasingly achieving some form of awareness of their Celestial Associates, more so are we intrigued by the particular functions they might be embracing.

"Indeed, our dear brother, this is the Spiritual Correcting Time, and although you generally impatient mortals tend to want everything ‘now’, ‘immediately’, and ‘why should I have to wait for it’, we are used to seeing everything that is on a grand scale move relatively slowly, steadily. We who are used to seeing things take ages, do notice a quickening all around, oh yes! Yes, it will take ages, but this treasured planet will reborn in Light and Life.

"Everything is relative, and compared to you, short-lived mortals, we ‘fostered the growth’ of ever so many human toddlers before we were appointed to this present task we treasure. And still, we take time to revisit those of our charges still here that have grown and matured, and we learn so much, we almost feel human."

George: [?]

Frank: "Envy, indeed, but we can never be jealous, for jealousy and the unconditional love we feel for you mortals, simply cannot go together. We feel towards you like a parent might feel, praising and encouraging their children to do their best at school, to aim high when choosing a wonderful career, and we delight in the offspring’s progress as we experience your lives by drawing close to you.

"We truly are ‘born-to-be’ surrogate parents to you, and from time to time our faint voices of encouragement do come through to you. The destiny of Cherubim may well be to always remain Cherubim, however, in extraordinary circumstances exciting promotions can come our way. Our tasks have long entailed the caring for the younger of your races in all its varieties . . . (inaudible – something "reward") . . . and our diligent studies of the human mind’s workings, have allowed Alice and I to be placed where we are today.

"Be diligent at your tasks. This is Frank. Always Frank."

Alice: "The big talker and I love you all. Understandable! We are brought into existence with the ability to unconditionally love you. We observe the magnificent lives and tasks you are offered to lead. We note the opportunities that come your way on this world, compared to what is available to the likes of us Cherubim, and, we might even feel a ‘tinge’ of envy of the great life paths you can choose for yourselves. "So do I . . . on rare occasions." "After dropping hints all over the place, like the high-born ladies of olden days dropped their handkerchiefs for a much admired suitor to pick up and courteously hand back to them, we, too, make it known that we, on occasions, would like to be noticed.

George: [?]
[Editor's note: We can not prove it, but we think the conversation paragraphs got scrambled in the transmission to the archive.  We apologize for the confusion.]

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