From George Barnard

To all,

This transmit deals with an enquiry about a rather psychic four-year-old child, brain damaged during birth, capable of reading other people’s minds and pasts, and now very fearful when ‘the imaginary playmate’ goes missing. Supposedly, other ‘unfriendlies’ turn up in its stead. The child, seemingly, has no speech problems.

11:11 Progress Group, Illawarra District, Australia, .

Cherubim "I’ll be Frank."

Subject: "Before Childhood Amnesia in The Damaged Brain."

Received by George Barnard.

May 17, 2003

George: "Father/Brother Michael, those off us who have here gathered in Your name politely request this ‘mortal station’ be fine-tuned into, and for the volume be turned up extra loud." Frank:

"We have received your enquiry, and sketchy as it is, it is my personal pleasure to respond in regards to your questions, for this is our angelic fare indeed. We are at the ‘coal face’ of analyses and investigations of this kind. However, no direct request has been made of you, or of us, I’m unfamiliar with the case, there’s no inevitable approval to open the specific files at a future date, and nor do we know the request to even be genuine. We may presume it is.

"We are aware of the dilemmas regarding the birthing difficulties that can be experienced, and as the eminent Dr. Mendoza recently pointed out; they are a regrettable reality. Your files also show that rather fruitful discussions with (Life Carrier) Orion were had.

"We do have a broad analysis of the results of such difficulties that can be experienced with such birthings, and which do cause a delay in normal progress. However, there is a reliably consistent behavior in many of the tiny ones, and I remind you of the well-known saying, ‘Out of the mouths of Babes…’ They see and hear a lot more than you might imagine. They are being educated.

"Virtually all children go through the exercise, and have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with – to in the early formative period become accustomed to, and learn from – what tends to be the most forward of our kind, the Morontia Cherubim (as distinct from the less ‘ebullient’ Sanobim), the child’s guardians.

"Speech can, but does not necessarily find itself in a greatly halted circumstance, even as the child may progress at a slower rate due to what can often be minor, but consistently presents as global cerebral neuron losses, and I need not lecture you on the remarkable recovery potentials of the human ‘cerebral miracle’, no indeed.

"Well then, looking at such a case of which there are many, one finds there is a tentative approach by the next to be fully engaged mind endowment, now only partially supported by the more complex and still healing brain – the very next endowment to fully connect up with a partially damaged brain.

"This is the endowment also productive of childhood amnesia. In normal children it generally ‘comes around’ at an earlier age, suddenly, and bringing about the amnesia, thus leaving the knowledge of the Cherubim Guardian quite hidden – buried in the deeper mind. But in some cases it (the amnesia) is greatly delayed.

The longer it (mind endowment link-up) is delayed, the feebler will be it’s initial connection, and the more likely will a growing dependency on the Cherubim become evident in the child. Again, when it is more successful in linking up with the speedily developing brain, the memory loss of that ‘imaginary friend’ can be sudden and not at all strongly felt, if at all, as the Morontia Guardian is then neither seen nor remembered.

"It is at those times when the perceived temporary absences of the ever-present Guardian Entity becomes a traumatic episode, that ‘other-than-beneficial entities’ may present to the imagination, but as always with what is real or perceived – and there are none such harmful, or injurious entities, I hasten to add – the trauma remains real to the child. There is real fear.

"The development of fear response, even if long delayed, is an important acquisition in human life where potential injury is an ever-present reality. To learn fear is to be growing up, becoming a big boy or girl, yet the assurance that the Guardian Cherubim, even if unseen, is always there is a point the parent can ‘press home’, regularly and insistently.

"Approval for letting the parents know by Midwayer Messenger that real help was actually long ago put in place will always depend on his and or her receptivity to celestial advice or prompting. It is not yet a common occurrence for the average Jack and Jill parents to be chin wagging it with the likes of Midwayers.

"Summing it up: A much lengthier, and intimate contact with the Morontia Cherubim, as distinct from a shorter term ‘imaginary playmate pattern’ can be the cause of a dependency. The partially successful moves toward essential and full, sudden childhood amnesia in the instance of delayed cerebral progress, and where the Adjutant of Courage makes scant or intermittent contact, can promote excessive fear in the child.George:Frank:

"Further, these instances of a prolonged period of partial activation of the Adjutant of Courage, may leave for the adult a great deal of childhood information, providing treasured memories of early infancy.

"This is Frank. Let us for a time remain gathered together in His name."

*Note:© The 11:11 Progress Group

Personal details are in the safekeeping of Guardian Angels, and not normally available to others, as in this case where specific questions could not be answered – the ‘file’ remaining closed. "And how can that be avoided with a child that needs extreme care? But as healing takes place, and that individual catches up, you may well witness more extraordinary behavior patterns. Some important gifts and talents of a spiritual nature may develop, not seen in a child of easy birthing experience, and as the damaged brain will ever compensate. "And an over-protectiveness in parental care?" "Amen! I, too, come out-of-uniform, unarmed, but practically fearless, whilst our Simone does the honors of facilitating this chat. I will only approach your request ‘in general’, and as generals go, I’ll be truly loud, and I’ll be painfully Frank. Good day to you, my brother in Christ. Let’s play the vocal chords here.