Will - Rules of Operation for the Group - Oct 27, 1991 - Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee Florida Group

Group Formation with Teacher Will


Two short sessions form this transcript 10/27 and 10/29 - Will sets the ground rules and voices her expectations and assures the group they do not learn alone.


Will 100

Sunday, October 27, 1991


Will: Greetings to you as you attempt to gather information concerning your group. You have spoken wisely concerning them. They do await your contribution. Be not concerned. The burden of the group does not lie only upon you. There are others who will aid you in your search.

My job will be to furnish you with the words to write down. Your only responsibility will be to be open to what we say. Try not to add any interpretation to anything. Strictly put the words down as they are given to you. If a word doesn't come through, we will change and use another. If you can't spell it, do the best you can. The others can do the spelling.

If there are gaps in what you hear, stop and wait to see if perhaps you have written down a word incorrectly. You cannot expect to get every word. It can be all cleared up in time. We will proceed with the lesson. Do you wish to take a break?

Melissa: No.

Will: God the Father surrounds us, God the Father supports us, the love of the Father protects us. Where ever we are, He is.

Melissa is here tonight to present to you a paper we dictated earlier to her at home. She was very skeptical and concerned that all of you were waiting for her to start talking and carrying the weight for this meeting. This is a difficult responsibility for her to carry. I have assured her that such would not be the case.

You all must do an active part in the group and in all messages being delivered. The group as a whole is to spend time discussing the message and how it can best be applied in the group and in your private lives. As you receive your message give ear and let it be known that each of you are being spoken to. It is the Father's will that you pay close heed to the words to be presented. He loves you and directs each of you to love each other and to work among yourselves for the greater good of all.


My name is Will and I will be your teacher. Rest assured that I teach with authority and know where of I speak. If you have any questions, I can answer them, but for now please let me just talk.

Our Father loves you more than you can ever know. The fact that all of you are here tonight attests to that. He is also aware of your dedication to the doing of His will and urges you to daily seek His will in your lives. Take time every day to call upon Him and His guidance. He will always be there with you. Be responsive to His guidance in all things and He will show you the way.

Melissa tires so we will stop.

- - - -

October 29, 1991

The Universe is designed so that those will creatures who have chosen the path to the Father may have every opportunity for growth and development. It is necessary at times to place before them challenges that necessitate decisions that nurture the soul within them. They make decisions that make the soul grow if they decide to do the will of the Father in Heaven.

We watch urgently as one of you falters and then finds a firm footing on steady rock. It matters not that the footing was shaky at first. What does matter is the final outcome. Be patient with yourselves as we are patient with you. God only knows how long it will take for you to acknowledge your own weaknesses and turn to Him for support.


Some of you think you have the ability to tread the waters alone. Such is simply not the case. You must learn to rely upon the Father in all situations. Lean not to your own understanding, but call upon Him while He is near. He will be ever vigilant in helping you. Be not afraid, but rather confident in His love for you and His ability to see you through all problems you may face.


Once you are finally aware of the reliability of your heavenly Father, you will turn to Him first. There will be no need to spend even a moment in fear. Anxiety will pass you by and you will no longer be concerned about the future. Be not anxious about tomorrow. Sufficient is today and the troubles thereof. He is with you always.