Ambrose: Question and Answer Period

What Did Jesus Write In The Sand?

Do Foods or Elements Enhance Reception?

January 28, 1996

Tallahassee, FL, USA

Ambrose: Greetings dear students, it is I Ambrose, He who loves you.

I have not had the opportunity to join in your small group for some time, and it fills my heart with delight to be given this opportunity this evening. You had a guest speaker last week who left you with an exercise. I was asked to share with you the purpose of the exercise. I’m sure you wondered where it was leading. The purpose was to put you in touch with your own creative abilities. Visualization plays, and will play a very large and meaningful part in your lives. Visualizing the direction you move whether it be in your personal lives, or whether it be in your prayer time, as in this evening, as you prayerfully sent energy to your friend and sister Joan. Visualization adds not just strength to what you do, but it actually acts as a propellent, moving, pushing what you desire from the threshold of thought into the threshold of action. We highly recommend to each of you to begin practicing creative visualization, knowing that it will be a tool that will become increasingly more useful as you continue on this path toward the Father, and service to Him in this Mission. It is my desire to open the floor for questions, yet my student is allowing fear to well up, so give us a moment please. She has the desire to step out in faith so we will commence, if you have any questions, the floor is now open.

Vincent: Ambrose, there was an event in Jesus’ life, where a crowd of people had gathered around to, I believe it was to stone a young girl and He wrote something in the sand that once they saw it they dispersed. What did He write in the sand, it isn’t described in the Urantia Book, and I’ve always wondered?

Ambrose: I am sorry Vincent, I do not know.

Helen: Is there anyone who would know that? For I too have always wondered.

Ambrose: One moment please. I have been told that the answer will not be forthcoming at this time. This makes me uncomfortable only because I understand your curiosity, your desire to know those things that you do not know. And yet always, on all levels, most especially on yours, and yet also on my own, there are those things that we ask and are told we are not ready for the answer yet, for whatever reason. I do not understand, and yet I accept. I am sorry.

Vincent: Can you tell us if our efforts in putting out the Network of the Heart material has been effective in furthering the Teaching Mission?

Ambrose: Yes, most certainly. Not only has it been effective on an immediate level, it will be effective on a long term basis, as these books you so carefully, and lovingly prepared will be handed to many others, shared with many others, as well as word of mouth. Always are the published efforts of those groups such as yourselves, most helpful in promoting this mission on your planet. There are so many components that go into spreading the good news. Each of you are instrumental in so many ways, by the words you speak, by your very actions, indeed the fruits that you so lovingly present in your lives. And in addition, the Internet is another very effective way people are being opened and touched to embrace this mission, many do so on subconscious levels, even now, and more and more are fully accepting today what yesterday their minds were closed to, because of people like yourselves sharing your hearts with one another, sharing the fruits of the spirit with your brothers and sisters, sharing indeed what you have been taught so lovingly by your teachers. So yes, Vincent, this book that you have put together, your group, will indeed be effective.

Loren: Where is Will?

Ambrose: Will is on a holiday. Always there will be times of reversion. Regardless of the level, we work, we rest, we play, it is what makes us balanced, if you will. And above all that, always, do we embrace the Father’s will. She will perhaps share with you when she returns. Did that answer your questions, Vincent and Loren?

Loren: Yes. Thank you.

Helen: I have two more curiosity questions. The day that the Chilean friend mentioned, does that mean anything to you?

Ambrose: I’m sorry, please repeat the question.

Helen: Saying to Vincent, “What was it?”

Vincent: The red letter day.

Ambrose: No, I’m sorry Helen, it doesn’t.

Helen: Apparently it’s something that’s being talked about in the Teaching Mission, or somewhere. The uhm, other question....

Ambrose: One moment please.....My associates are not familiar with the red letter day within this Teaching Mission. I’m sorry Helen, continue please.

Helen: Uh, the other question, uh, last week or a week before, I asked it there were foods or substances that could enhance our receptivity and uh ability, to uhm grow spiritually or to open circuits, and I was told yes. I’ve become interested in the platinum elements as such a source and uh, is there any information on them?

Ambrose: I am not allowed, I’m sorry to say, to make recommendations along those lines. You will discover as you search perhaps, and yet that is yours to do or not. These are freewill choices that I am not allowed to interfere with. Again, I regret to not answer your question in a way that you would have preferred. What was told to you was that yes, food substances can effect and do effect all systems, some adversely, as well as beneficially. It is because of your physical make-up, you have all of the elements within your system, you are interconnected with all of life, and so anything that you ingest can effect different systems, either for the good or for the worse. I know that isn’t the answer you wanted Helen.

Helen: Really it isn’t because I feel that if the thrust is for us to grow, to mature, and if there’s information that might help us, not be prescribed to us, but made available to us, then it rather confuses me why we are not given the information. I mean if there were a diet, or uhm anything that could help us in our struggle, a medicine to help us in our illness, or whatever we had, it seems that it would be beneficial for us to at least have the information, and then we could decide whether or not we would use it.

Ambrose: You have been given the best information, you have been given the best route, the best tools to develop and open spiritually, by embracing and accepting the Father’s will. By turning your life over to Him, the direction over to Him, opening your heart to your brothers and sisters in service and love, these are the things Helen, that move you on your path. A diet or a pill might be seen along the lines of a quick fix, and yet trust me when I tell you that what seems to be the hardest, longest route, is in fact the most effective.

Loren: Has Will left the planet for her reversion experience?

Ambrose: Yes, Loren.

Vincent: Do you have a closing thought for us?

Ambrose: I would ask you to spend brief moments during the day in recognition, thanksgiving, opening to the Father. This is where your sustenence is; this is what will propel you on your path toward Him, and will give you all the things that you need to continue to unfold as the spiritual child that you are, as the bright light that you are all becoming. Thank you for your questions, and again I regret that I was not able to answer as completely as you might have wished. Thank you for letting me visit with you this evening. Go always in His Light, and with my love. Shalom.

All: Shalom.