Group and Location unknown

Teacher: Ratta

Topic: Need For Slow Growth

August 20, 1998

There are some among you who despair that the Teaching Mission is not growing more rapidly, that the revelation is not spreading quickly enough. Quite normal, mortals expect to see results in their lifetime.

Slow growth is essential at this time...the vast majority of Urantians are material-minded and therefore unreceptive to purely spiritual stimuli.

You have been informed that things have a way of changing rapidly - this is how that works. Consider that no generation since the rebellion has been born and grown up under the full mantle of the universe spiritual circuits. Even now, young minds are developing, swimming in the lush spiritual currents that were absent a few short years ago. You have no idea what will occur, for you have never witnessed the work of complete spiritual circuitry....A GENERATION WILL ARISE THAT SEEKS NOTHING BUT TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS...As unlikely as it sounds to your ears, it will happen.

Your task, as members of Prince Machiventa's mortal staff, is to have the information available for that blessed generation ready when they appear. It must be contained in your lives, not just your text and teachings. The Master must be alive and walking the planet in the form of his faith sons and daughters....HALF MEASURES WILL AVAIL YOU NOTHING...A superbly organized brotherhood, while commendable, is no substitute for the Word made flesh. Each of you must become a living beacon of hope. The Master must be represented in every neighborhood. Shine forth His Spirit, His Love, His genuine open friendliness...be Him to the extent of your capacity...and that spiritually stimulated generation of men will appear, seeking Him...it is inevitable.

Despair not, be of good cheer, brighten your corner and celebrate the Life of the Son . . . .