From the George Barnard List

Christ Michael

"Retaining A Sense of Normalcy."

Idaho, US of A,

December 14, 2001

TR Sandy Montee


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Benson Cautionary Message To Arcadia Group, Dec 2001 About Conditions On Urantia

Michael: My Gift To You

T/R Sandy Montee

Michael: "I am with you now, as I am with you at all times. Daughter, this is Michael."

"We who are in the Spirit World are looking down at Urantia and our hearts are greatly saddened. Many groups and nations are causing unrest and uprisings, and more and more different countries and cultures are advancing toward terrorism, anger, and fighting among themselves, and all this for the sole purpose of gaining power and control over others. This is a growing series of evil doings.

"Yet, many among the people of these nations are trying to persevere in the best way they know how. Countless of their citizens are afraid to leave their homes. These trends are ever more evident in the lands of Israel and Palestine.

"I have long questioned the innate creative ability and absolute willingness of both man and woman to manufacture weapons of all kinds to make use of in the fight with one another. Even so, many of these destitute people are already caught up in a fight for survival and for them it has now become to kill or be killed.

"Each of you alone must determine within yourself how you react to, and behave towards, other people on Urantia. This fight, this battle for supremacy is an instigated one. This now is a time to be protective of, and show your love towards, your circle of family and friends. This is a time to "hold it together" in the love of the Father.

"Try to retain a sense of normalcy, and aim to achieve that sense of peace within yourselves. Show and teach your brothers and sisters. Talk with God in your quest for freedom for all mankind on Urantia.

"Mother Spirit and I bless you, and hope you will receive the love and caregiving we send you. We hold you all in our arms, our minds, our hearts.

"The Father's will be done."

End excerpt

BENSON Cautionary Message Dec 17, 2001 Arcadia Mission Excerpt

 Benson: TR, Steve. This is Benson speaking, to add my comments for the holiday season. Michael, this week delivered a cautionary, yet reassuring message through your friend George Barnard. Even he is aware of conditions being worse than he expected on Urantia at present. He is taking extraordinary action. Be assured that the Armies of God are on standby. They are employing techniques of near intervention that will stop short of such action. In efforts to maintain the peace during the time of the end of the first year of the twenty-first century and the beginning of what they hope to be a better second year, I would urge all of you to attempt a very simple practice during this season and to suggest such a thing to your loved ones when you are together with them at family gatherings. Suggest that they pass this on to their loved ones and to family, friends and neighbors as well. It takes only a brief time with your family members, perhaps before a meal or a family gathering. Recall the events of this year and say a prayer for peace by electing to observe a moment or two of silence when gathered together and ask in the Father's Name. We may experience inward peace, which comes from knowing the true love of the Father. This will do wonders in creating an atmosphere of tranquility during this season. It only takes a few brief moments but the benefits will be enhanced and will be greatly beneficial. The family is the model for God's plan for the entire Universe and this is one value that must and will always persist, it is what makes us strong. It is what has and what will keep us safe. May the Father's Love bless you all during this season of reflection. That is all for now, Godspeed and peace.

[From the same Arcadia transcript above, Michael speaks next . . . . ]

CHRIST MICHAEL Jerusalem Conflict Dec 17, 2001

 Michael: TR, George. Good evening my dear children, it is I, your Father, Brother Michael. In this time, in this age, life has gotten pretty complicated for many of you. I am well aware of the conflict that occurs at the place of my birth, but all that is dark to me, all that does not shine any light. My focus continues on the bright souls that illuminate this world. My plan is to cultivate these beautiful and wonderful souls, so that they may ignite others. I want to bring light to this world, I want to bring happiness and I want to bring love, that is my wish at this time of year when it is so common to give gifts. My wish list is that you help me bring this world into light and life. I would like to give you all a gift as well, my gift for you is something that you will receive, not quite at this moment, but later on down the line. I do wish to describe it to you so that you may look forward to the day when you can open this beautiful gift which I have prepared for you, especially for you, all of you in this room. The day that you enter my kingdom, you will be greeted by the angelic host and many celestials; you will be bathed with love and glory and you will be reunited with your loved ones and I will be there to greet you as well.

You will be lavished with beautiful homes where you will reside and where you will continue to love one another. On this glorious day when you arrive, a message will go out to the entire Universe, that one of my sons or daughters, has joined us in the Kingdom of Heaven. Your status will be elevated and many shall come to you for help. You will eagerly help those who ask, for you have been prepared ever since your days on Urantia. What is so good about this gift is that it keeps on giving. For the more love you give the more love you shall receive, and of course you always have my support.

Do not be dismayed by the times, for the day will come when you will help me bring this world into light and life and that day will be most glorious; that day when this world enters into a new stage, it shall become the crowning achievement in my Universe. I am so happy that you are all part of this undertaking. I am very confident in all of you, you are capable of the goals that are desired. I would like to describe more about my gift, but the words fail me in what is to come. Much of it can be seen in your imagination, but let me assure you it is very glorious. When you finally get there, I will be happy as well because you will finally be able to see me face to face. In your hearts you will have a perfect sense of completeness because you will know that everything you have fought for, everything that you have believed here on Urantia, everything that you have professed is true. Everything that you strive for is true. Loving one another in order to build a brotherhood of love is true. I will be with all of you during this holiday, so greet me when I arrive in your homes and in your hearts. For I will be most grateful to spend that time with you. I send you my love and my peace and I wish you goodnight.

All: Thank you Michael.