Half Moon Bay, California

Teacher: Olfana

Poems of Blessing

November 10, 1993

Blessings and Prayers

from the Half Moon Bay, California Teaching Mission Group

This is a poem of Blessings:

May the white light of God fill your heart.

May the beauty of love fill your soul.

Enter the temple in peace.

This is the rapture. Behold!

Now I and the Father are one.

May this moment remain in my soul.

God's love is the power. Behold!

From Him to the Son,

We are One!

Olfana 11/10/93


Father, grant us your glory in our lives.

We, who serve you, give thanks for the beauty in this work.

May we ever seek to affirm the righteousness of your creation.


Olfana 1/13/94


God's protective love surrounds you.

His energy charges your system.

All goodness comes from the Father.

Take his love, and use it to serve Him in your life.

You are a cherished child of the Father.

All praise to Him!

Olfana 2/01/94


Father, protect us from all fear.

Let your love surround us, heal us, and lift us toward you.

Rain down upon us the cleansing drops of your merciful love.

Olfana 2/12/94


Father, Protect us.

Increase our willingness to grow in understanding of your truth.

Let us join together as God's creation, and unite our intentions with faith.

Olfana 4/05/94


Father, you light our hearts.

You fill us with divine energy which causes us to know you.

Please grant us opportunities to share this love with others.

Help us to understand that when we reach out in love,

We extend your presence in our lives.

Father hold us to your heart.

Keep us, tenderly, near you.

Allow your love, your light, your power,

To fill our beings and strengthen us.

Olfana 4/25/94

Father, Guide us in truth.

Lead us to your temple.

Allow us to enter there

And kneel in worship.

In such contemplation of your being

We are redeemed, reborn, and made in spirit.

Grant us, Father

This opportunity to seek you

In all the days of our creation.

You are the Rose of Love

Which blossoms in our hearts

And penetrates our beings

With the beautiful fragrance of your love and spirit.

Allow us to breathe in this fragrance

As we breathe in the life-giving energy

Which you pour down upon us

Throughout time and all eternity.

Father, Forgive us our hesitancy,

Our moments of weakness,

Our times of demoralization.

Help us to remember you.

Help us to renew our faith,

Daily, hourly, moment by moment.

Lead us in our search for your truth, beauty, and goodness.

Inspire us, Father, in our dreams.

Olfana 5/12/94