Group: Unknown

Teacher: Loriyana

Topic: The Spiritual Life

T/R: Unknown

April 28, 1994

The doing of his bidding your only possible gift and service to your brothers and sisters your highest activities. Greetings my good friends I am Loriyana I am your teacher this evening.

We listened with great interest to your discussions prior to the beginning of this lesson and do not bear you ill in taking this time amongst yourself I will therefore try to be brief. Our lesson tonight deals with understanding the difference between following the outward forms of spiritual assistance as opposed to understanding and following the true spirit of spiritual beliefs.

The Master said beware of following the outward trappings of a spiritual life and [being] so focused on these to miss the true spiritual import that lies beneath. The kingdom of heaven, brought to you in greater fullness by Michael, was meant to liberate the human mind from the fetters of constraint thinking, narrow minded attitudes and propensity for humans to engage in meaningless ritual, thinking they are improving their spiritual state.

Our suggestion is that the revealing of these attitudes provide those of you with more tolerance, more awareness, more interest in these subjects, provide positive role models, provide opportunity for enlightenment for your friends who are misinformed on this subject.

Thereby you, all of you [who] have misinformation on other subjects will be better to accept enlightenment when it is provided to you. It is said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, it is said that group prayer has more power than individual prayer, these are the dynamics of the interaction of a group of individuals with varied backgrounds with different life experiences who when coming together are able to augment each others shortcomings.

Thereby as a group providing a fullness of experience that is a tiny comparison to the concept of the Supreme Being which you are all ostensibly working towards. Therefore do not utter the outward conventional wisdom of the day while missing the true spiritual realities that may go unnoticed beneath and always be prepared to learn from others, and always be prepared to teach others that [which] you learned.

Thereby all participate in improvement of the many and the many depart wisdom and augment understanding to each individual, thereby creating very efficient valuable and spiritual grounded means of collectively improving your lot [derived from] the double tragedies through the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adamic Default.

This is the main means that wise humans must learn to employ to catch up with planets not torn by these terrible interruptions on the path from animal illusions to true morontial awareness.


Greetings my children I am Manutia. It is with much pleasure that I observe the lot of you here in this group struggling and winning the never ending struggle against ignorance, fear and intolerance.

Your progress with your retreat this summer gives us much joy. It is so pleasing to watch mortals whom we know are capable of so much begin to utilize true wisdom, determining needs, seeking solutions and striving forward towards actively attaining a higher level of understanding and spiritual maturity.

Please accept our congratulations for your efforts, this is truly a benchmark from the troubled progress of your planet and your peoples and so it will be noted in the annuals of eternity. Farewell my children. Always seek the spirit, always receive the strength to be more spiritual. I must now go and return this session to Loriyana.