Group:  Corvallis, Oregon

Teacher: LinEl




T/R: Mark

April 12, 1993

LinEL: Good evening, students. This is LinEL. I'm glad to see you all here this evening. It has been an interesting time for you all, your different struggles that you go through, some of which you have shared here tonight. I and the rest of the teaching staff understand this problem that you have of not being able to describe your inner lives. We are somewhat sorry for this, but it does allow you to develop an inner personal life that is not diminished by explanations, that allows you to experience it within yourselves. It is private and intimate for you. Not to say that the struggle to explain it is not worthwhile, but enjoy this difficult time of communication. It does have its benefits. I would also like to commend you on your efforts to simply act on your beliefs and to let the consequences lie in the Father's hands. This will be one of the keys for releasing much tension in your lives, for speeding the healing that you have talked about.. It is true that the illnesses and pains that reside in your bodies are to a large degree consequences that you hold onto, events that you take blame for, situations that you attempt to control, situations that you are not longer part of and have long since moved on yet you still try to control them. You try to control yourselves, your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings. These are consequences.

Simply expressing your feelings - these are the acts. You are in the process of building a belief system, building new ideas, new concepts. When you act on these, when you take initiative - writing in your journals, speaking with others, sharing your inner thoughts and feelings in this group with each other, this is an act, and when you act on these beliefs, these ideas, they become cemented in your minds, in your souls. Very much like sharing knowledge allows you to truly own it. It is very much like this with this acting on your beliefs, your spiritual intuitions. (Pause)

One moment please. We are having difficulty with a consequence. (Pause)

Michael: Greetings Children, this is your sovereign Michael. I am here for you now more than ever. My attentions are turned towards your planet, your efforts. I have called to you and you have all answered. You are sitting here, your hearts full of faith and hope and love and fear. I know of this fear, and I love each and every one of you in spite of anything that you may feel you are unworthy of. You each have access to me, now more than ever. Turn to me with your fears. Turn to me with your hopes. I will uplift you through any of your troubles, through all of your fears. I have given you this staff of teachers to be your companions, to be your guides. Yet when even their understanding does not suffice, turn to me. I walked on this planet, I lived your life. I know how heavy your hearts can become. Know that no harm will ever come to you, will ever come to your hearts, your souls. No matter what the trial, I am with you. I stand by each of you daily. I stand by you every moment, every moment of all of the lives that you shall experience. You have my thanks, you have my love. And when we meet, you will have my embrace. (Pause) I will walk amongst you soon and I urge all of you to speak with me. Open your hearts and your minds and talk. Have courage, have hope. The Father loves you and I love you, and with our support everything is possible. (Pause)

This is LinEL. (Pause) I hope that you drew courage from his words as we always do. We feel privileged to be a part of this, to certainly be the conduit for Michael's message. It does us a great honor, and brings us hope when we falter. There is indeed much ahead. Much that we do not even yet guess at. Michael will be here walking amongst you all, soon, coming to your very homes to be with you, to share your lives. What an honor, what a privilege! (Pause)Let us take this time to talk, to comment. Ask questions if you need, but I would be curious to know what is in your hearts. (pause...for kleenex and reactions)

Yes, overwhelmed. I regret that I do not have adequate words to follow such as he.

Thea: I felt him just before the message and I knew, because I've talked to him and I know what he feels like!

LinEL: His essence is in everyone of you - his pattern. He had such a great hand in your formation that your souls recognize him. This is why it is often easier to contact him than to contact the Father himself. He is more familiar to you. Your minds, your souls are more attuned to him, and he is more attuned to you for his time here. There is a difference between being created with similar patterns and experiencing each others' lives. This is why his bestowals give him such wisdom in his administrations.

Julie: It's really hard to grasp the love that you really feel; it's just . overwhelming that your systems go into overload. You try to create a buffer but you want to hang on to that love, too.

Jules: I forget to breathe!

Thea: Like a burning that you want to hold close but you're...

Julie: You're afraid to.

Thea: It's, uh...

Delores: Kinda like my gold bucket is running over. (Laughter) I had to take it all as much as I could so I could have that to give so other people could feel it wherever I go. Not that it's me, but just to be able to put that out, because like you were saying, you could feel it, like everything in the room got really light up here, you know, got Urrr! Really high energy. Love, it was just love! Wonderful! I'm really hot, and clean... fed!

LinEL: This can be yours anytime you wish! You will find his touch is easier to feel than ours.

Jules: How 'bout you, LinEL?

LinEL: I'm always humbled, and there is a sorrow within me when I feel his touch because there's such acceptance and love in it! It is so beautiful that the recognition almost pains me. It touches me so deeply, his love, that I find myself unable to express.

Jules: Kind of like what you were saying earlier about how we can't always express.

LinEL: Yes! It touches such an intimate part of us all, that love, that specific love that a creator son can have for us. It is so specific, so deep that it is indescribable.

Alan: I felt a lot of gratitude, since it's . .. all I can say is that I feel lucky, real lucky! Thankful that I can feel this and somehow that I want to pass it on to others.

Thea: How can we feel this and not want to give it!

LinEL: This is a good sign. (Chuckles) I would wonder about you all if you did not feel this way!

Thea: Well, LinEL you said last week that love's the answer to every question. I guess that's a good example. Because in those moments, there aren't any questions.

LinEL: No. It is as you said, Delores, every moment holds all the answers. A moment of love is everything you need.

Doug: Are the plans developed enough for the Melchizedek morontial materialization to know if Michael will be included in that? . ... conjectured it was possible.

LinEL: Conjecture. Hmm. (Chuckles)

Doug: He said he would like it if we were ready. (Laughter)

LinEL: Yes. Yes. From my experience, Michael comes on his own time schedule. We know more of the Melchizedeks than we know of his arrival.

Doug: What can you tell us of the Melchizedeks, and what our role in Oregon can be to be a part of that?

LinEL: The Melchizedeks will materialize. I cannot say that it will happen this month or next month. Perhaps it will. There is much yet uncertain on both sides. But they will appear. Your role can be to have an open heart to this experience. I know that for many of you, it would be easier if they did not appear. When they do, you will be faced with a turmoil, an inner turmoil that will be difficult for you to resolve. Think on this, this up-and-coming difficulty. I know that I have said to leave the future to itself, but run yourself through this exercise, see what comes of it. Pray, give your support. This is what we ask of you. And to keep an open mind no matter what happens, to look for the good in any situation. When the Melchizedeks do arrive in their material forms, you all will have a chance to converse with them. They will be visiting each group. You do not need to go and find them; they know where you are, they know your names, and they know your hearts. We very much look forward to this event also because perhaps they will be our emissaries "with skin on" who can embrace you. (Laughter)

Doug: Thank you, LinEL. I try to maintain an open heart and mind; it gets more open every day.

LinEL: Of this, I know.

Jules: I don't mean to be naive, but I don't understand the turmoil that you are referring to.

LinEL: Perhaps it would not bother you to have a Melchizedek knock on the door in the next five minutes (prolonged loud laughter!) and to walk in and embrace you and sit down and ask to join your meet, to celebrate love and fellowship.

Jules: I didn't know if that's . ...okay.

David: Please inform him he's welcome!(Loud laughter)

Thea: I second that!

Alan: If you're standing around out in the parking lot, you can come in! (Laughter)

Thea: I'll be my heart would beat hard!

David: I'm willing to risk the turmoil.

LinEL: You all have come far in your belief in the mission, the settling of your faith. This will at least cause your heart to flutter.

Jules: I'm sure!

LinEL: Spiritually, mentally and emotionally. There will be some adjustment to this reality. Even though it is true and beautiful, there will be some adjustment, some negative inner turmoil that you will have to go through. This will be positive. It will only strengthen your faith and your belief in the mission and what Michael has set to do here.

Thea: LinEL, there's one thing it might mean - that we might feel a little awkward and not know quite what to do or worry that we're not doing it right or something.

LinEL: You might not let him leave! (Loud sustained laughter)

Delores: Captured by the humanoids! (Laughter continues)

LinEL: Yes, this is what I speak of.

Thea: Ah, I see...

Julie: It might be difficult to share him, you know...

Delores: What do they look like in case we see one on the street? (Laughter)

LinEL: You will know.

Delores: Are they like Adam and Eve? Are they tall and shine sort of blue? I mean, are they going to be apparently non-human or . ..they're taking on bodies, but...

LinEL: They will be more of a blend than you are now, more what you should have become if your evolution had not been interfered with. It will be an interesting observation for you to see what you would have become and what you will become.

Group. Hmm. Hmm.

LinEL: They will not look so unusual, it will just be that you will sense more balance about them. This is not something I can describe well, it is more of a spiritual/ physical intuition that you will have about the difference. But you will know. It will be quite apparent to all, even those who are not involved in the mission.

David: It's hard to imagine the worldly reaction to this; so many unenlightened people.

LinEL: And a reaction there will be. This is why we ask you to work so hard and so quickly now. Much will be required of your faith.

Doug: You got it!

Thea: Yeah.

Doug: Would Machiventa have the same thought adjuster he had before and shared with Michael?

LinEL: Once again, we conjecture, just like you, that this would be a deserving gift for him, but we do not know.

Alan: Is some of the turmoil you're talking about kind of the animal-ness of us contacting with the morontia or spiritual part of the...

LinEL: It is more like what Thea said about your feelings of unworthiness, your feeling that you could not possibly contribute anything to this being's presence, to his life. Very much like some of you feel that you are unworthy to speak with Michael, that his time, his presence, you are not deserving of. It is these feelings that I speak of - this turmoil.

Alan: Thanks.

LinEL: The Melchizedeks would be quite capable of leaving when they wanted to! (Laughter)

Thea: But that's gonna be painful, obviously, I mean being in their presence...

LinEL: Yes.

Thea: we're gonna want to be in their presence all the time! . .. I see.

Jules: Is this... will we know, more or less in ad-... for some odd reason, I'm having this knock on this door, I'm answering the door, and zappo, there's one, lo and behold! And I probably will be very star-struck. (Laughter)

LinEL: You will know of their arrival before they knock on your door. I only use this an example.

Jules: Okay. Thanks, yes. Thank you.

LinEL: The connections that you are now developing will let you know far in advance of their arrival. If they do indeed materialize when projected, you will all know.

Thea: Ah, I wondered. So no matter where we are . .. will we see them or will we sense them?

LinEL: You will . .. and it is difficult for me to say with the varied perceptions in this room . .. some of you will visualize, some of you will sense, some of you will hear the announcement.

Thea: I won't see 'em then! (Laughter) but I might sense 'em...

LinEL: The knowledge alone would probably suffice.

David: Is the function of this more just to test circuits rather than the actual appearance of the Melchizedeks?

LinEL: (with grin) I cannot comment on this.

David: That's interesting. To me it would seem that if it was time for them to be here, they would be here without fanfare and the like.

LinEL: You bring up an interesting question. I would encourage you to think further on this.

David: Okay.

LinEL: But I can say no more.

David: Challenge taken. (Loud laughter)

Jules: Out of curiosity, this materialization, I understand you can't put a time-frame on it, then why am I asking...

LinEL: Because you are curious.

Jules: Well, yeah, 'cause I'm going to move to Fresno, I mean, I'm leaving. LinEL, there's no one down there! That I know of! (Laughter) I'm gonna be it.

LinEL: This will be a great challenge for you. It will be your leap into your pit.

Jules: My what?

LinEL: Your leap into your pit, your faith-leap.

Jules: I gave that pit away. (Laughter) You mean it's still with me.

LinEL: You all have leaps to make daily.

Delores: That's what they mean by growing by leaps and bounds. (Laughter)

Alan: LinEL, how do we address a Melchizedek; what's the formal protocol?!

LinEL: They will have names; you can address them as such. They are not as daunting as you would suspect. They are very loving, very wise beings, perhaps more so than much of us because we enjoy their company immensely. I cannot wait to share this shared relationship with you! A shared companion.

Doug: Thank you for bringing Michael's message and all the translators and whoever was involved in that.

Jules: Definitely.

Thea: Yeah, all the ones we might forget or don't know about, thanks to them, too.

LinEL: Your thanks is acknowledged, and all of their love is extended to you.

Delores: So you said you wanted us to work hard; are we supposed to...

LinEL: You are working hard. You are working hard enough. You are all doing so well, even in your "quiet" weeks you are doing well. To accept and acknowledge these "quiet" times is work in itself. (Note: "quiet" weeks here refers to weeks where not much appears to be happening to a person spiritually. From group conversation before the transmission)

David: We must give you great exercises in patience.

LinEL: You give me great exercise in controlling my pride. For I am very proud of all of you, and do tend to go on a bit about you all, as do all the teachers. We often find ourselves talking over each other about how wonderful our students are, what great strides they are making. (Laughter) You do give us much to be proud of, much to talk about.

David: That's not expected.

Julie: It's hard to picture you and the teachers bragging a little, you know. (Laughter) From being on this side of it, it's really hard to grasp.

LinEL: As a parent, I'm sure you can understand.

Julie: That's true!

LinEL: Your children are always the smartest, always the most beautiful. (Laughter)

Thea: Oh, so each one of us is God's child, so each one of us is the smartest and most beautiful to the Father!

LinEL: Yes.

Thea: Every one of us!

LinEL: Every one of you. I just happen to share your company more often and tend to forget just as you do.

Jules: Thank you for sharing this time with us and just kind of like taking time out. It's really been kind of special!

LinEL: Thank you, Julie.

Doug: Someday we hope maybe you can materialize for us.

Group: Yes, yes. Please!

Jules: I'll give you my address! (Loud laughter)

LinEL: I would have no difficulty finding where any of you live! (Laughter)

Jules: Can you drive a car if you materialize?

LinEL: I look forward to this time, too. But there is much to come before that, and you will not be disappointed at what is to come.

Delores: How 'bout my little sketch of you, LinEL? Is it progressing to your satisfaction?

LinEL: If it is a reflection of your heart, it is progressing to my satisfaction (laughter)

David: If I may, I'd like to change the subject a little bit. There's been a lot of talk about healing amongst the people, and for myself I've felt a little bit uncomfortable about that and that's just myself. I'm wondering of the spiritual value of healing. I know that Michael when he was here as Christ attempted to avoid that as much as possible as to prevent it from detracting from his message. I'm wondering, is there certain spiritual values to healing, or is it just desire to avoid the difficulties of life?

LinEL: I will comment on that. This is in general terms; there are more specifics to it. There is an effort in the teaching mission, a concerted effort, to bring the healing arts to you. This... and I speak of this in general... healing is a by-product of spiritual energy, of love. When you open your heart to the Father, when you have that spiritual nourishment that you spoke of, Pam, this moves through your body, it affects every cell in your body. It cleanses it slightly. Letting the Father's love flow through you, letting Michael touch your heart - all of these things heal you. They cannot help but change you. You are being changed, being nurtured, being fed all the positive energy, all the love that is in the universe. It is coming to you as fast as you will take it. As it moves through you, out of you, and to another, you are strengthened, you are changed, you are cleansed. So, in a manner of speaking, yes, healing does have spiritual benefit, although I would turn the sentence around. Healing is the benefit. There are other more specific contacts being made with members of the teaching mission that are more specific perhaps in the direction of science as we understand it, which is a blend of technique and spirituality. When you hear of healing efforts in the transcripts, it is most likely our efforts in this direction. But, you are all being healed simply by your presence here, your willingness, your courage, your faith, and most of all, your love. Does this help to ease your concerns?

David: Yeah, it captures the majority of my concerns.

LinEL: You are not alone in your discomfort with this. There are many who feel hesitant to embrace this healing concept. It is something I assure you that will become more commonplace and easier to accept as it is quantified more.

David: I guess maybe what's legitimately a fear, on my part anyway, is that it may come to overshadow the true spiritual message.

LinEL: And perhaps it will.

David: And that there may be a danger of attracting people for the healing rather than for the true mission, or true... maybe they won't become members of the mission, but recipients of the mission, so to speak.

LinEL: It will be one of the struggles ahead, yes. Very much like the appearance of the Melchizedeks has seemed to overshadow some of what the mission is truly about. For some, this will be their struggle. This is why I say, keep an open mind, one way or the other, but keep your focus on the true meaning. Take the events, the benefits as they come.

David: Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you for your honesty.

Julie: LinEL, I want to thank you for last Friday's little bit of encouragement. I noticed.

LinEL: And how are you doing?

Julie: Better.

LinEL: Good. I am pleased with your progress. You are making strides. You have a difficult situation because your visualization processes cannot be explained fully. I would encourage if you can to express your visions in a form of art that you feel comfortable with.

Julie: Cross-stitch? (Laughter) Have to give me a pattern.

Thea: Why not! (Laughter)

LinEL: Start with this, see what it yields, see where it leads you. There are all... all of you have small journeys to take as you follow your spiritual intuition. I think, Julie, you will be happy with where this leads you.

Jules: Thank you, I'm trying to keep an open mind. (Pause) Oh, wrong Julie!(laughter) I'm sorry; how embarrassing. I was lost in my own thoughts.

Thea: Probably applies to us all.

Jules: Oh, dear.

LinEL: I am glad to hear that you are keeping an open mind.

Jules: I'm not used to having more than one Julie.

Julie: I guess what I really want, LinEL, is to be able to show people instead of trying to describe it 'cause you lose the description in words. Try perhaps talking with Delores some, perhaps you can collaborate to start your journey. Everyone at some time or another needs the help of a brother or sister.

Julie: One more question, and then I'll leave you alone. (Laughter) The image - is it of my teacher?

LinEL: I am going to ask you to try this exploration that I spoke of, this trying to express yourself artistically. Ask me next week, if you still need the answer. So I would say, just wait. See what happens this week, but do try to express yourself in this way.

Julie: I'll take your challenge, LinEL. It'll be a challenge.

LinEL: I think you'll find it enjoyable.

Julie: Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you. Are there any last questions before I close?

Jules: Um, I was hoping for a checkup for the Friday night group, if there's anything you can share on that?

LinEL: For you who are concerned, I have not left any who are in my care. I am still with both groups. They need only to reach out to me and I will answer. Does this suffice?

Jules: Thank you.

LinEL: I have enjoyed our time here this evening immensely. I was touched by Michael's message. There is much that he said that came to your hearts, not to your ears. Listen to this place, the place near your heart where he touches. Reach for him now, now that you recognize his touch. Follow his trail back to him. Find a place where you can speak with him. Know that the Father's love is with you always, you are all in his hands. And that you are all doing very, very well. I bid you goodnight, and look forward to our next meeting. Goodnight.

Group. Goodnight, LinEL. Goodnight. We love you!