Group: Corvallis, Oregon

Teacher: LinEl

Topic: Quiet time; Your place

Questions about the afterlife

T/R: Thea

April 5, 1993

LinEL: Good evening, students, this is LinEL. I am pleased again to be with you and hear you share together. As I have said, this is very important, and we are all delighted that you are growing together, learning from each other, coming to love and understand each other and yourselves. You are all being asked to make those leaps of faith that are troubling. Remember, the Father's arms are always there to catch you. You cannot fall. I know it is difficult, but please keep trying. I want to speak to you... to continue tonight discussion of several of my past lessons with you, to continue talking about connections, and about your "place". I want to talk to you about the quiet time.

When you are seeking your quiet time, you are creating your place in eternity with the Father. This place is your eye in the storm, your oasis in the desert, your place of security amidst all the uncertainty that is forever unfolding in the vast universe of experience. When you go to the Father to seek him, you are literally creating with him "soul moments" that build your eternal dwelling.

There are things which you can do to enhance this time that I would like to ask you to consider. Think about increasing your use of visualization to enhance this time and place.... it's ironic, I call this time and place, yet truly this is a place without time and infinite in intent, so that it is timeless and placeless, but this is difficult to explain, and time and place will suffice.... consider enhancing this experience by bringing into your mind visualization of those things which help you feel most close to the Father. You can even consider bringing to the Father something you love and treasure, to add to your "place", to make a part of a permanent experience/ situation with him. Perhaps it might be a flower, it might be an image of love, it might be a truth which has recently rung in your heart. Consider bringing to your silent time one thing to add to this experience.

One thing you will find is this will give you a small focus that will help enhance your experience and help the difficulties you sometimes have in remaining focused. I know that many of you struggle with your minds ranging far and wide when you sit in this time. I would urge you please, do not chide yourself for this. As I said last week, these are still baby legs on which you walk. Be gentle with yourselves.

When you find your mind wandering, when you discover this, this is a good time to share this thing, or these things with the Father, that you want to be part of your experience with him. You can learn to use this in place of . ... Thea is distracted by the small animal... you can learn to use this technique as a way to return your focus without judging yourself in the process. Also, you are creating your place with you and the Father. It is truly yours! Everything of you that is truth, beauty and goodness will eventually be there. You can begin now, you can start now to bring these things that are of you, and to add them to this place, to make it truly yours. This is your refuge, this is your home, this is your temple.

When things ahead are difficult - and you live human lives; remember, things will be difficult - and you have chosen to be part of this mission; there will be struggles. When things ahead are difficult, this is the place you are building which is with you always, which you can take everywhere, which you never lose. This place will be your grounding, your comfort, and everything of yourself that you willingly reveal to the Father in this way, sharing your inner self with him, all of this will enhance. Understand, I do not mean that you should not bring your difficulties. This is, I hope by now, understood. I am simply saying, add also the good things, the true things, the beautiful things, all of which you deserve, and which some of you struggle with. Add these also! So that when you are out in the swirl of life you will have always this place.

You will learn in time to live from this place. Not that you will not be in the world, but that you will carry this with you in such a way that you will feel the Father, truly feel his presence more continuously throughout your day. You will be housed and sheltered in his love in the midst of whatever may come. Again, I do not say this to alarm you, but only to help you to cultivate this place, this time. This connection is the first and foremost connection for which you must seek.

This is the primary connection and from this all else follows. In order for you to let the love of the Father shine through you, you must allow yourselves to experience and accept his love for you. I know for some of you this has been difficult. Your world has concepts, rebellion-tainted, which make this more difficult than is normal. This means that you must put out effort to overcome these faulty teachings and beliefs, more effort than you may often wish. Nevertheless, as you have talked about amongst yourselves this evening, there is much good to come from this.

When you share together about your experiences, you strengthen each other, you learn to turn to each other, and as I spoke last week, this also is another connection, in preparation. And I will talk further about this. But I also wish tonight to speak of your connection with Michael. All of you are able to develop with Michael a personal friendship. This connection is different from that with the Father. Michael is not within you as a fragment, but his spirit is with you and you can develop with him a personal friendship-relationship which will guide you and give you tremendous strength and comfort. Seek him as you would seek one of us. Seek to speak with him. Speak with him knowing that he also knows and loves and understands you beyond anything you can imagine. That the Father's love comes to you also through him, that he in your local universe, is the gateway to the Father, aside from your thought adjuster, he is the next most important connection to seek to foster.

I know for some of you the thought of sitting together with Michael and speaking as friends seems almost, perhaps, irreverent, perhaps magically impossible. But this is something which you can all do, and in time, as you strengthen that connection, you will hear his voice, even as you are learning to hear our voices. Some of you have already experienced this and know whereof I speak. I would encourage all of you, especially at this time, to seek him, to talk to him.

I know it seems like there are so many of us to speak to, nevertheless, this is an important time to take steps, even if it is only once a week. Even if it is only once a month. Whatever your ability, strive to do this, strive to experience this. It will foster that circuit; it will help that connection. It also, as you have heard some others speak, . ..Michael is the one to petition for many of your prayers for your fellows, prayers concerning this system. It does not matter whether or not you address him, but you will find tremendous satisfaction when you can take your prayers personally to Michael and begin to hear his voice and feel his concern and understand that he truly cares about every one of you, and every one of the ones about whom you care, that he is truly concerned with every happening in his universe, that you can turn to him always, for understanding and assistance. This is the second most important circuit.

This receiver is having some difficulties during this time when there have been struggles; please be patient with her. These things will become less troublesome with time, and as all of you begin to come into receivership more fully for your teachers, you will understand and laugh together about these struggles. I want to stop at this point and ask if you have questions on this subject. I am ready for any questions.

Jules: I'm assuming we can change our "place" at any given time? That as we grow that our place will change along with us?

LinEL: It is not exactly that your "place" will change as that you yourself will become more fully centered in that place, which is already present from the Universal Father for you. Does this help?

Jules: I don't know. What I think of is our countryside that we have here in Oregon - the fields, and as you were saying to bring gifts, I was bringing a couple of daffodils, I was bringing myself, and then, a couple of planets were added in the sky, and then I thought but that's where I'm at now, 'cause that's beauty to me now, but maybe five years from now, when I go to my place it might evolve to something totally different from what I'm viewing in my head now.

LinEL: One of the things, Julie, about your place is that it will enlarge so that all of what you now love and all of what you come to love will also be there, bigger and bigger, until you start to understand more of the eternity and infinity of the Father and his love.

Jules: OK. And I can bring more than one person, then. LinEL: Bring all that you want, all that you treasure to him. Mark: I guess I want to comment on your lesson tonight. I rely on my thought adjuster, I throw the things out and I say " hang onto that one for me, I want to keep that one." and it never dawned on me to try to keep them myself. To almost... to share in the keeping, and thank you for that.

LinEL: Truly, this is a joint creature, you and your thought adjuster together, yes. This sharing is part of the Father's will. Yes. This is part of what he means when he asks of you to share your inner life with him.

Delores: What about sharing with others?

LinEL: Yes. Any of this, any of you, any time you share these thing, the good and the bad, all of these things, with each other you are growing between you the same connectedness... it cannot of course be the same as your relation with the Father, but it has that love, it is that truth and beauty and goodness which are all love, it is making yourselves real to each other, and as that grows and the connections grow, you feel it, feel this is the Supreme in its development.

Delores: I was so frustrated today, LinEL, though, because the new people that I've been working with don't know me and if feels like my teaching patterns are forced to change in the workspace that I'm in now and I can't use my old methods because time works differently there and I was growing really frustrated, but there was a comforting presence I was aware of more than once today beside me, and I felt confounded because I didn't feel like I could share that with anybody who I was working with. I couldn't say "Oh, LinEL's here!" And I knew it was you because then there was that voice over the telephone and she was spelling out L-i-n-n-e-l-l, yes, in Mississippi, and I'm going, "Wow, LinEL's in Mississippi", you know (laughter) . .. just a name over the telephone spoken out loud when I'm wondering about this presence that's visiting me all day today, but it was just a sense of frustration about how much I demand from the people around me that they deal with my sharing world, and they don't want to - they don't have the time and the inclination to give that much of themselves and that's really frustrating for me.

LinEL: Two things I would say to you aside from commenting that I did also enjoy this experience. First, is that when you have done the best that you can do at this time, and this doesn't mean perfection, remember again, the acts are yours, the consequences are in the Father's hands. This is not for you to do such that they respond perfectly, but for you to do with love and sincerity, and when you have done that, you may let the consequences go. Secondly, it is also an
opportunity to learn new ways to be more effective with different people under different circumstances. All of you will be finding this in your lives ahead, because as we progress in this mission, indeed this precise kind of conundrum will occur again and again... how in this different circumstance can I reveal the Father? You will learn from these things, and my presence hopefully is a comfort. There are many presences for all of you. Your personal teachers are with you, the Father of course is always with you. Remember, drawing on these connections and strengthening them will help you in those moments when you face these struggles. It will become a thrilling challenge, it will become an enjoyment almost like a puzzle to be solved in delight.

There will come a time when this will no longer trouble you so deeply, or frustrate you so fully, but will become truly one of the delights of your lives.

Delores: I guess it's my fear, because then they're gonna judge me, they're gonna draw their lines, they're gonna say, "She's wacky; don't listen to her!" And then I'll have to have so much courage to stand up and continue to be who I am! That's what I'm afraid of.

LinEL: There are many of you in this room who feel exactly as you do, Delores! This is the struggle. This is why your place with the Father is so important because as you come to feel that love and have that centeredness of who you really are, then it will be easier to take the consequences which come at you, and yes, they will come. To take those and give those also into the Father's keeping, and stand strong, and stand . .. yourself, be yourself. Yes. All of you wrestle with this. Love each other, support each other, talk about this together, but know that fostering this connection is the ultimate healing of this. Love is the answer to every question, in the end. And love from the Father is the healing to every problem. The more you foster this connection, the more you can stand, and release the consequences that come to you, good and bad, into the Father's hands.

Barbara: LinEL, I have a couple of questions about the quiet time and what you've asked us to bring to it. The first one has to do with the things themselves. And I understand that you are referring to things and places that we've seen and experienced and so on, but do you include in that also imaginary things, imaginary places, ways of seeing ourselves, fantastical and realistic and whatever?

LinEL: Yes, everything your mind can create. What I am encouraging you to do here is spoken of in the Urantia book when it is referred to also storing up treasured memories - this is a part. Bring also your memories, bring your creations, bring your highest and deepest imaginings, bring all of your creativity, everything you can think. Yes.

Barbara: The other question has to do with some of the images that I've created through the years to help me with meditation and prayer and other kinds of things. I've been looking for the one that feels right, that will help me to the place where I want to go, and they keep changing. I think maybe Julie was touching on this. They change from time to time and I let some of them go and pick up other ones. Is there... should I be looking for a specific piece of imagery that I can carry through my lifetime, and maybe add and drop other ones, you know? What should I expect? I don't know.

LinEL: This is an ongoing process which does not cease on this planet but continues beyond. You are seeking your image of the Father. You are seeking your images of ultimate truth, beauty and goodness. They will continue to grow. I know it is difficult because that hunger makes you want the one, the one that will finally do this. You will not feel that satisfaction until you sit before the Father himself on Paradise. But, the process, you will grow to treasure the growth of these concepts, the changes in these images, and they will become almost a film, a tapestry of
your search, your personal search. So do not be distressed if you do not find the "correct" one soon. Even in my terms. (Laughter)

Barbara: Well, then I have a follow-up piggybacked onto that. There are certain eastern philosophies that I've heard about and studied about that recommend, for instance, a mantra that is given to an individual and kept through out a person's life to help guide to a sacred space. Is that not a correct way of thinking or is that limited or . ..?

LinEL: This can be very serviceable in the beginning, but when you are on advanced stages such as all of you are, and you have the benefit of teachings from the Urantia book and these teachings that we bring you with this mission, you are far beyond this use because there is always the danger of the static, that lies in this. You are ready to seek, and search. However much unready you some days feel. You are ready to seek and search and to continue to grow and expand this, and a single mantra would, if used exclusively, make it difficult to do this. This does not mean you cannot invent your own phrases to use, but like your images, you will find that you then find new phrases as meanings expand.

Barbara: It's nice to know that that's because I'm so spiritually advanced; I always feel so flighty. (Laughter)

LinEL: Remember, none of you can judge your spiritual positions. This is simply not possible on your world. It is far easier for us who have access to many other informations and your angels, to have some idea of where your limitations are and where your strengths and where your developments are. We spend much time discussing this so that we can teach you as effectively as possible. I am tremendously pleased with you all. And I welcome also you, Daryl, to this meeting. Daryl: Thank you. LinEL: I am pleased that you came. I have already "met" you, but now I can say so in person. Daryl: Thank you.

LinEL: This group is very treasured by us. You are truly struggling to become friends with each other. We hope to see this experience become something that will grow and expand so that as numbers are added, this can continue. We feel very encouraged about your progress. There will soon be a message for you from Michael. There are indeed some difficulties ahead. We have never tried to hide this. We have said so many times. The nature of this entire mission means that there will be much strife as human beings try to sort things out. Nevertheless, please be assured, there is no danger to this mission. It is only personally difficult as you choose your paths. You are all safe in the Father's hands. You will not falter. You may struggle, you may feel pain and difficulty, but do not be concerned. You have more help than you can believe.

Doug: To follow up on Barbara's mantra question: is the "quiet" in the phrase "quiet time" more of an internal attitude as opposed to external silence?

LinEL: Yes, actually sometimes the concept of "quiet" has been misunderstood. This receiver's early experience led her to believe that quiet meant QUIET, and she would not listen to our voices. The quiet is the serenity and peace of that place with the Father. It is the holiness of that bond, and as you seek this, you will learn to feel what that feeling is, which is not actually related to physical quietness, but to a state of connection, of relaxedness, a state of loving and being loved. Does this help.

Doug: Yes. Recognizing the stillness, no matter what's going on around us.

LinEL: That's right. You will all increasingly learn to do this, so that you can walk in the world with a piece of this stillness in your heart and shine it forth to others, even in the midst of chaos.

This is growing in all of you. When you feel discouraged and down, understand, these are necessary places also. Sometimes we are doing things unseen, preparing you for the next stages. Sometimes you are wrestling with things that are necessary for you to look at in order to make choices about. There are many reasons, but there are never reasons for you to judge yourselves on these things and we do not judge you either. It is not possible in your state for you to be in some perfectly state at all times. You are all making progress and these ebbs and flows are simply a part of human life which cannot be avoided. I sympathize with you all, for even on planets in light and life, we experienced our degree of this sort of thing, so I do know what it is you struggle with, even if the intensity on your rebellion-torn planet is greater.

Jules: When we're with the quiet time during the day, by being in that place, that allows us to be a channel for the Father.

LinEL: This is true. Yes. This does not mean that you must be in complete contact to channel that love but the more contact you are in, the more fully it will come forth.

Jules: As you know, I'm still working on that.

LinEL: As you know, you are all still working on that. (Laughter) Truly, you are all together in this. And we as well, for after all, we, too, have not yet attained perfection.

Jules: I have a kind of question on... I don't know how to phrase this, so if you want to hop in , that's okay, but I'll give it a shot.

LinEL: You know I would prefer to hear it in your words.

Jules: I know. I'm wanting to visit the other groups, but I still want to keep my home bases; I still consider that I have two. But I'm curious on how this works with you teachers. Like you've already known Daryl, and I assume that you know quite a few other people that we're most likely not aware that you know, but how does this go from one person... I guess this was an "I" question... for anybody that just goes around, popping around visiting other groups on a regular basis.

LinEL: What do you mean exactly, "How does this go?"

Jules: Well, you guys keep track of us. I call it welfare checks? (Laughter)

LinEL: If you mean, is this difficult for us, no. This is not a problem for us. We encourage you to do your explorations and experimentations, and to seek each other out in all kinds of ways. This does not give us any problems at all; it gives us some pleasure.

Jules: So, I guess if I'm going to visit other groups that have teachers, are there teachers that are going to visit, too? I mean, like myself, am I going to have more teachers visit, or...

LinEL: Actually, if you knew how often virtually all of the teachers are with all of you, you would be surprised. Our time circumstance, and our limitations are not anything like what you know. All of the teachers actually know of all of you. This is not difficult for us. It seems unfathomable to you, but we are in touch. We may not know every specific, but we are in touch with not only you but also those whom you know and care about.

Jules: I had just the concept that each teacher did the welfare checks on their pupils of your immediate group but then you shared with each other in your meetings about...

LinEL: This is the basic way in which it works, however, there are many, many events. We do not have the kind of set practices which you use for organization and structure on your world. We have structure. I don't know how to explain it to you. It is much more organic and flexible than your structure. Therefore, it would be hard to even say it was an exception if we did something different, but simply what the event at the time needed, what it required of us. Does this help?

Jules: Yeah! A real eye-opener.

LinEL: There is much that you have to learn that we will be teaching you about changing your thinking as regards structure. I think you will all find it interesting. I look forward to giving a lesson on this.

Jule: Yes. That would be nice.

Doug: I would think Julie's travels help her from being dependent on a single teacher, which would be like being hung up on a single mantra or something.

LinEL: If you consider possible futures as well, this is personally a wise choice for her to make. She is planning to travel somewhere, and these experiences are useful for her preparation. This does not mean I do not encourage all of you to travel and share together, simply that this is personally a wise choice for her own circumstances.

Jules: Thank you; that means I've been listening.

LinEL: You have indeed been listening; I had noticed! (Laughter)

Barbara: I'm interested in what you said about time because very shortly after Randy died, I was thinking about what it would be like to wake up and to realize ones loved ones had been left behind. And that even though it wouldn't feel so long, still there would be waiting for a reunion and I had a very clear, strong image of Randy saying, "What are you talking about? You're already here!" just exactly the way Randy would talk, which led me to . .. and he was, you know, Hocval was talking with me too, and it was very, kind of weird, but it was like time is very different there, and it was almost as though what we're waiting for to happen in the future is already happening. Further along the line, I mean, does . ..

LinEL: Time continually changes in its revealment to you conceptually as you progress through your universe career, until, of course, the point of eternity. In the time and space universes during this universe age, there is a continual unfoldment to the individual as you progress, of time change, so that even though it is a universe of time and space, those concepts do not remain static in your experience as you grow and develop. Yes. It's extremely different as... even a thousand years ago, ten thousand years ago. These changes continue, these perceptual changes continue.
Partly, in response to the changing perceptual abilities that are increasingly enhanced in morontia bodies.

Barbara: So my loved ones who have died might be experiencing that reunion with me, even though I'm still experiencing my linear time frame here on Urantia?

LinEL: Because things are all connected through the Father, who is in eternity and infinity, these connections can occur, even though in your terms of time and even ours, they are not yet. Even as your thought adjuster can tell you, "You are with me already in Eternity!" Even so can these things be a part of your experience through your thought adjuster, even if in the more literal time and space universe, they have not yet occurred.

Barbara: That's neat. It was very comforting to think that might be how they . ...

LinEL: Your loved ones are never lost to you, and there are ways to feel and share that love even during their "sleep", their transition sleep. Because the Father is your connection through eternity.

Barbara: Do they dream?

LinEL: This is a time period where it appears to them as if nothing had happened. Truly, if you sleep ten thousand years, when you wake, it is as though you went through a doorway, and no time whatsoever passed. They do not dream. They are not truly asleep.

Mark: Sorta puts deja-vu into perspective. (Laughter)

LinEL: This is an interesting comment. Many of you have wondered about this. Perhaps we will be allowed to discuss it. Group: Hmm. Cool.

Doug: I was born crippled into this world. What are the variables in being reborn into the next world; what's the chance of defects.

LinEL: These things do not occur. While you are born imperfect, this particular type of difficulty does not occur. The bodies that you receive do not have the kinds of defects that happen on a planet such as yours. Even on more normal planets, such things are relatively uncommon. You need have no fear that this will occur to you.

Doug: Thank you.

LinEL: I assure you, you will be satisfied, all of you, with your new morontia forms.

Jules: When we receive those forms, I'm assuming there's going to be people from other planets, other ascending mortals, it's just not going to be from this planet?

LinEL: I do not fully understand your question. "Where" - do you mean in location, or do you mean others...

Doug: The first mansion world includes the other planets' . .. LinEL: Yes.

Doug: ascendant beings also. LinEL: Yes.

Jules: Okay. Well, that makes... Doug: all into the same morontial bodies. LinEL: Yes.

Jules: Well, that's what my question was - are we all going to have the same type of bodies?

LinEL: They are the same type, but remember, increasingly, they will reveal who you truly are, your true self. This self you are making in this place with the Father will become increasingly visible in your literal form. Part of what you are doing in this creation with the Father of this is literally building your... your structure... this is not exactly the right word... this form literally reveals this connection outwardly as you progress.

Mark: So if we don't do a good job, we may be missing a nose? (Laughter)

LinEL: Mark, I always enjoy your humor.

Jules: I was thinking more on the physical aspect, I guess, because we all know what our species as human stuff looks like, but we don't know... it is a curiosity question... like what your physical form looks like on your mortal planet, and so that goes for everybody else.

LinEL: The closest chance that you will have... if we are successful with visualization you will get some idea, but remember, you cannot perceive us with the same senses that we perceive each other with here, therefore, even that satisfaction of your curiosity will not suffice. There is truly no way to let you know, except perhaps to say we will not necessarily look four-feet tall with large heads and black eyes as sometimes aliens are represented on your world. (Laughter) You will not be frightened when you see each other.

Jules: I'm a Star Trek person, so I'm prepared now for anything. (Laughter) If you're familiar with Star Trek.

LinEL: Actually, we are all familiar with Star Trek. This series has some inspiration; it has received some inspiration.

Delores: So you're going to talk about a third connection?

LinEL: No, I spoke that one of the third connections is the connection amongst yourself, but tonight I had planned to restrict myself to the connection with the Father and with Michael. And.. there will be much to come on these connections.

Barbara: Well, I'm a little vague on my Urantia book theology, you understand, I've only read this much of it so far, but my understanding of it is that as we progress in our careers, we kind of all disperse to various places to do whatever it is we're supposed to be doing. Will we... is that right?

LinEL: This is not always technically correct, no. Often times, as is mentioned in the book, there are working groups established who may see long periods of time together. (Tape turned - material lost) When you achieve our status on this side, the way space is organized and utilized makes these requirements quite different. You are crowded here, whereas we have ample room for the many beings who are in this room at the moment.

Barbara: Well, what I was getting to was will we be able to.. if our morontia bodies are all fairly similar, will we be able to recognize other people from Urantia and does it make any difference?

LinEL: It makes tremendous difference. These relationships... oh, do you mean specifically Urantians? Barbara: Yes. LinEL: Yes, this is recognizable. This will remain recognizable.

Barbara: Is it catching or something? (Laughter)

Delores: Or black clouds on our souls? (Laughter)

Daryl: They're the ones without the noses! (Laughter)

LinEL: Truly, your humor is wonderful. We enjoy this. Particularly during a transmission when I can make Thea's mouth smile! (Laughter) This has been difficult for her. I think she's improving. (Laughter) You will recognize each other. You are given a particular pattern from your life carriers. These kinds of things do in fact persist as a part of your universe identity. So, yes, you will know. You are also known for your status on your planet and highly honored.

Doug: We'll always share that "color and smell" that make us human, and we'll always recognize agondonters?

LinEL: Yes. Always. These recognitions are spiritually important. Recognition of others in spiritually conceptual ways is an important part of your entire universe careers. This recognition is an acknowledgment of spiritual realities. I must ask for final questions at this time although I would love to continue. Remember, I will be here. This is not the end. Are there any last questions?

Daryl: I have one. I enjoy my quiet time immensely and I've had some exciting things happen to me during the quiet time. And I had an experience one night during a quiet time at Doug's house that I really wasn't quite sure of what to think of it, but I had a slight tingling sensation in my lips. Is this something supernatural or is it just self, or... do these things occur? I feel a little pressure once in a while.

LinEL: These things do occur. They vary from individual to individual, but many of you will discover certain physical sensations. They are not so much supernatural as they are your own personal reactions to the effects of spiritual presence. Does that help?

Daryl: That does help.

LinEL: And I urge you all to discuss these reactions with each other, because although you may not all have the same ones, you will find others who share them. This helps you to validate each other, it helps you to feel a part of this process and to see how each other grows and develops... the similarities, the differences. This is part of being a loving group together.

Delores: LinEL, are you a member of the violet race?

LinEL: Delores, you ask some very interesting questions. I am not going to answer you at this time. No one has ever asked me this question? You are speaking of my time on my world. I am not going to answer your question this evening. (Laughter) You know I have done this before; I have to make sure you understand that this can continue, my not answering questions sometimes. (Laughter)

Delores: Okay, okay. I slipped it in anyway; you asked for only one more.

LinEL: I have never been asked this question; I am amused. (Laughter)

Delores: Do you have to get permission? I can see you trying to make Thea smile.

Doug: I offer you my gratitude, LinEL, for perservering with us all the last couple of months, the changes we've gone through and you're still there and you're still telling us

LinEL: This has been my delight. You must understand, dear, dear, dear students! You are all doing well, all of you have done well, your brothers and sisters have done well. The struggles that you perceive as being so acute are not the same to us. We do not see this. We do not judge this in the same kinds of ways. This has been no strain on us. We have been sorrowful about the pains and difficulties, but you are all progressing, even those of your brethren with whom you have difficulties, all are progressing! It has been our delight to be with you, to be your servants, and to work together. We are becoming a working group together. There are many things ahead for us, even beyond this planet. So, it is to us also to thank you, for the opportunity of learning to intimately know you and understand and love. I thank you for your appreciation. I am with you during the week. Your teachers are with you tirelessly. Your angels are leading you both into challenge, but also into comfort. The Father envelopes every part of your life, inside to outside to inside. Everything is within his grasp. All is well. Michael is your personal father and brother. He loves you, he knows you, he knows of your struggles, he understands your struggles. Move foreword and do not fear the down moments. Yes, they will come, seek each other, call each other, talk with each other. And I look forward to our next meeting; we all look forward to our next meeting. Farewell! Group: Goodnight, LinEL. Thank you.