Group: Corvallis, Oregon

Teacher: LinEl

Topic:  Quiet time

T/R: Thea

December 18, 1992

LinEL: Greetings. The Father's love is always with you. This is LinEL, your teacher. I have again enjoyed your conversation, your speculating together and addressing common problems with your companions is familiar as we also do these things. You are progressing very well. We are all pleased at your progress and excited at what is to come. Please remember however to continue your quiet times and to show love in your lives to the greatest extent possible. There are indeed many exciting times ahead in this mission, but it cannot be accomplished unless you do your homework. We know that you all desire this, but sometimes it is more difficult to actually do. Know you have our assistance and encouragement always available, even when you cannot feel this. I am ready to take questions.

Alan: Hi, LinEL. I'm wondering. During my week I'm pretty faithful about doing ten minutes of quiet time. Is there anything else that would be particularly helpful, whether it be connected with my thought adjuster, interacting with my teachers or whatever, that would be helpful to the spiritual growth?

LinEL: Alan, greetings. I suggest to you, and to you all, that you make a little time available to think about possible things you can do to improve your daily life. This will be somewhat different for each, although I would encourage you to discuss this together. There are many techniques - however, these work best when you yourselves participate in their discovery. We have given you basics and you can now take them and adapt them to your personal use. Several things to keep in mind. Find ways to seek spiritual sustenance throughout your day, not restricting yourself merely to one time, and always seek to increasingly make this part of your regular life, not seeing it as a separate thing, for it is not. As you spiritualize your daily living, you will find all things go more smoothly. This is part of practicing the spiritual life as Michael lived it on Urantia. Does this help? Alan: Yes, thank you very much. LinEL: Thank you.

Delores: LinEL I have three questions about that same thing. At first I thought spending ten minutes a day meditating would be real boring. And I would have to force being still, but now suddenly, it's become refined in a way. Can you explain to me what changed and what quality occurred that made that different?

LinEL: Delores, you know what you know. I mean by this, although you cannot explain such things in material, intellectual terms, your heart recognizes the difference. I would urge you to seek this feeling/ sensation/ understanding in all your spiritual practice.

Delores: Okay, that answers the second question. A whole-heartedness seemed to occur where first it was only on my left, and then in group meetings at stillness, I would feel whole and it would go out through the right side, too, but I couldn't get that while I was alone, and then last week, it got so that I could feel that wholeness all around me whenever I did it, and now it's become a part of me constantly, that there's this wholeness that I feel and the word sustenance that you used, it's like a food or a rest or a nourishment rather than just being still and making myself think about God. It's a food, nourishing process that happens. And my third question is why does it sometimes feel like the ground shakes or like there's earthquakes that happen?

LinEL: Delores, I would encourage you to focus on this sensation of being loved by the Father, which is indeed sustenance for us all, and to concern yourself less with specific physical locations. These are, in the end, unimportant. The feeling of being sustained by the Father is the part which gives us true life. When you, all of you, come to feel this enveloping love, you can truly move through your days giving out what you receive. This is part of what you can eventually expect through your quiet times, however, please do not judge yourselves for your progress. This is not useful. Remember also, we never judge. Such judgments are removed from spiritual pathways. You will progress more quickly and safely if you tolerate your own shortcomings as well as others. You are human, and cannot yet be perfect, therefore, pay attention to your success and do not lament your apparent failures, for I tell you these failures as you call them are also part of your growth. As to a sensation of earthquakes, Delores, this is a personal symbol I would encourage you to explore and perhaps discuss with your friends. Does this serve? Delores: Thank you, LinEL. So when it seems like nothing happens sometimes, we shouldn't judge that as nothing happening.

LinEL: This is true because it is not possible for humans to sustain this at all times, and when you judge yourself as wanting, you narrow the spiritual floodgates of the Father's love. Therefore, be patient with yourselves, for things are happening even when you do not feel this. Delores: Great. Thank you. LinEL: Thank you, Delores.

Cindy: Thank you, LinEL, for the gracious words about not judging ourselves. I think that we all can stand to hear that, and I know for myself, it's really heartening to hear. My question, kind of on the tails of Delores's, is there have been a few times when I have felt the Father's love, and in my quiet time I often strive to feel his love for me and it's only rarely that I actually feel it. I'm wondering if I just need to be more patient and not judge myself because of it, or if there's something else I can do to help that? Is that a clear question?

LinEL: Dear Cindy, thank you for your appreciation. Yes, we know you mortals judge yourselves often. This is unfortunate and once again, partly a result of the rebellion on your planet. This is not a necessary, natural state of affairs. I would encourage you to indeed be more patient and also to visualize yourself as relaxing into the Father's love. This will help eliminate the tendency of trying too hard, which is understandable in you all; try to let go and see yourself in his hand, safe and secure. This will help. Do you wish more? Cindy: No, thank you very much. LinEL: Thank you Cindy, for your questions. Katie: LinEL, what is the spiritual significance of dreams and did Jesus dream when he was alive?

LinEL: Katie, yes, of course Michael had dreams, for this is part of the human mechanism. As the Urantia book tells you, it is very difficult to sort out (clock chimes) I will wait. This is no problem. I will repeat, it is difficult to sort out the spiritual content of dreams from the more material uprisings from subconscious levels. This is why you are encouraged to take care in your interpretations. Nevertheless, there are... dreams can contain spiritual material. I would suggest attempting to apply standards of judgment not unlike those you bring to other examinations for
spiritual content, that is: Are the messages you believe you are receiving positive? Do they further the love of the Father and your fellow men? These things can help sort out the dark parts of material life from the love that is constantly coming to you even as you sleep. Nevertheless, it will not be possible to clearly interpret your dream life. Enjoy what seems constructive and try not to worry overmuch about that which is frightening. Katie: Thank you. LinEL: Do you wish more? Katie: No, that's fine. Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you, Katie. Tom: I have a question about the teachers that we receive on the mansion worlds. The Urantia book says these teachers stay with us throughout our morontia career. Are the teachers the same teachers that are involved in this mission? LinEL: Tom, I heard your mention of this question earlier. This is interesting. We are experimenting here with a variety of methods and while I cannot guarantee that every teacher who serves will continue to serve in that capacity, there will almost certainly be some who do. Part of this will depend upon the relationship that you and your teacher can make. If it is adequate to your continuing purposes through your morontia life, then it is likely it will continue. Tom: In other transcripts, it's said, I forget which one, that as the circuits are restored, that universe broadcasts will be restored also. Will we be able to see them and/ or comprehend any of them or parts of them? LinEL: The universe broadcasts are only perceptible to those with expanded morontia vision, however, if we are able to succeed in our aims it may be possible for you to get/ to receive some faint perceptions. You may also be able to perceive certain broadcast messages from Michael and others- perceive/ hear in the spiritual sense that you may feel the content of these messages. However, we may be unable to accomplish this within your generation; we simply do not know at this time. We ourselves are benefitting, however, from the restoration of the broadcasts so that we are in touch with affairs throughout Nebadon and enjoying this very much. Tom: In one of the Florida transcripts and in Ramalar's transcripts of Janet, it was mentioned that there are going to be new Salems or new Melchizedek centers. Are these going to be training centers like on the first garden of Eden, or the second garden of Eden or how are they going to operate. LinEL: Yes, these will be teaching and training centers. At this point there are yet many details to work out, however the general impression we have, understand we also conjecture, is that they will be operated in such a manner that many will come to learn and then take what they learn out further into the world There will be a number of these centers. Try not to concern yourself with which centers might be... pause.... one moment. There should be no concern about status in this issue. Do you understand? Tom: Yes, and explain further. LinEL: I am referring to the natural tendency to find your location more special than the rest. These places will all be unique and special. Each will serve its own separate role. Therefore, know that each is part of the larger pattern and each is essentially equally important. Do you have further questions?

Tom: I have one more, but I lost it. I'll pass it on and try and think of it. LinEL: Please ask again later if you recall this question.

Delores: In that same vein, LinEL, I'm wondering, are the humans on Urantia going to be allowed the opportunity for more violet race blood for physical uplift? I mean, we seem like such mutts here. I just hope that that can happen.

LinEL: The time for this particular manner of upstepping is past. That is part of our mission - to attempt to learn and utilize a variety of other methods to achieve the same results. This will be more difficult and is very challenging. However, we anticipate great success and in some areas we feel we are making much progress. Other areas are more difficult. Even so, there is no reason to assume we will not succeed in this, given time. Delores: Okay, thank you.

Cindy: Do you mean, LinEL, that you're working on a biological upliftment now, too?

LinEL: Yes, this is true. We are attempting to work with some of the higher minds in your scientific communities. I may not speak more of this than I have at the moment. Cindy: That's understandable. Thank you.

Terry: Good evening to you, LinEL. This is one of those evenings where I don't have any specific questions but I'm just enjoying listening to the rhetoric. Thank you for being here.

LinEL: Thank you, Terry. I am also enjoying this. You are more relaxed and we are having something closer to a conversation. This pleases all of us very much. Remember, all of your personal teachers are here as well. We are all together being a group. This is exciting.

Tom: My question sort of relates to that. In the earlier studying we did, I came across that there's other beings involved in teaching missions, such as celestial overseers and mighty messengers, and there are other beings - midwayers. Who is observing this session tonight and are they regularly observers? Who else helps in these lessons?

LinEL: Tom, you are correct, there are many kinds of beings, however, I will not be able to reveal to you all who are present this evening. Nevertheless, there are many more than you might imagine, including midwayers - this of course will be no surprise. However, we will hope to reveal more of this as time unfolds. Understand that sometimes we must be cautious in our revelations because of the human tendency to become overwhelmed. There are many reasons why Machiventa has instructed us to restrict information. This is not always pleasant for us but we bow to his superior wisdom in this. I will simply reiterate, there are other beings of other orders present observing tonight. Please enjoy your conjecturing, we enjoy it as you do.

Tom: One last question. Is the teaching mission supposed to suddenly uplift the spiritual beings of Urantians or is it supposed to be a gradual process?

LinEL: This, Tom, depends on your definitions of "suddenly" and "gradual", which as you can well understand are not the same here. In human evolutionary terms, many of these changes will seem sudden. However as you humans most likely view it, they will take some considerable time, depending on which aspect we are taking under consideration. Nevertheless, this will be more sudden than would have been had this planet been left at this time to its own advances. I regret that some fear this change, and misinterpret words from the Urantia book about this. Just because things do not seem to fit expected patterns does not invalidate them. This change is, although unusual, not beyond the bounds of normal spiritual development overall. Does this answer?

Tom: Thank you.

Alan: Hi, LinEL. I've read some things and you've said some things, too, about God's love and I always sort of imagined it as somehow radiating out from God going to the thought adjusters going to different people, but recently I've read some things about God's love being like a stream or an energy stream that seems to flow all over the universe. Do you have anything to say about that?

LinEL: Alan, the love of God is truly everywhere. It upholds you, it surrounds you, it streams through you. It is manifested in manifold ways. (Tape turned) I repeat, the love of the Father is manifested in manifold ways. Part of your spiritual approach to the Father will involve learning to recognize all the different manifestations of the Father's love. Truly, there is nothing in this universe which exists outside of the love he has for all. This is a thrilling and never-ending journey throughout eternity. This discovery is the delight of all souls, all beings. Is this sufficient?

Alan: Yes, thank you. Also, in regards to God's love: Is there any best way that we can both let it into ourselves and also let it go through ourselves to others?

LinEL: I would refer you first to my answer to Cindy's question and encourage you to relax in the Father's love and open your heart to him. This is necessary for you to become a channel through which his love flows. Remember you can not try to love others, for this implies loving by an act of will which you know cannot be done. It is natural to attempt this, however it will end in frustration. When you yourself are held firmly in the Father's love, then you can begin to open your heart and let his love shine forth towards others. I encourage you all in this for it is truly a wonderful experience.

Alan: Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you, Alan, for your question.

Marlene: LinEL, again, thank you for being here tonight. I've really enjoyed all of the conversations that have gone on. One thing that comes to my mind is as we grow spiritually, I know we are slowly, but as time goes on, is there a time limit that you teachers will be here, or are you able to answer this?

LinEL: Marlene, I cannot fully answer this, partly because of restrictions and partly because as yet we do not know how long this venture will continue. You have discovered that group teachers sometimes do not remain beyond certain time periods, however, there are many teachers present and currently we intend your personal teachers to remain with you for the duration, and as I have answered Tom, very possibly beyond. You will not now be left without extra help, therefore do not worry about time schedules. Remember, you have eternity. There is enough time. Do not worry over this. All will be well. Marlene: Thank you. LinEL: Thank you, Marlene.

Cindy: I have another question, LinEL. It seems like I'm getting more as the night goes on. I have a lot of curiosity about the teachers, both yourself or the personal teachers and I don't know whether this is appropriate to ask these questions, but I'm sure you'll tell me if it's not. Are all the personal teachers ascendant beings, who were once mortals on another planet?

LinEL: No question is inappropriate. We do not see it this way, therefore I encourage all your questions even when I cannot, or am not permitted to, answer. Most personal teachers are ascendant beings, there are a few, however, of other orders. Cindy: Thank you.

LinEL: Your curiosity in this is natural and we try to occasionally share information. Perhaps as time continues we will be permitted to share more. Cindy: Thank you. LinEL: Thank you. Thea is having difficulty at the moment with coughing. If there are other urgent questions, perhaps I can yet answer a few, but we must soon end this session.

Delores: I'm not sure it's urgent, LinEL, it's just the words you gave Alan about the love of the Father and that it's enough for eternity to seek that wonderful love, then for me when I got that stab of fear today reading about Lucifer and his personal freedom and his thinking about the self, because I think any Urantia book reader has had the feelings of being different than anyone, and struggling to survive being a different self, that I thought that maybe there was more chance of us for failure in our ascendant career because we might be stronger in standing by our own beliefs but then when... I guess what must have happened to Lucifer maybe is he focussed on self rather than that love of God.

LinEL: Delores, remember, Lucifer never had to struggle as you all have had, to have faith in the absence of any demonstration. You are more able to withstand such difficulties rather than less. Indeed, you are different. This is true of all individuals and all orders of beings; this is valuable to the Father's plan. But this difference will probably open tremendous opportunities ahead. This is not a difference to consider negative. Delores: Thank you.

LinEL: I am going to close for now. This has been a very positive experience. I hope to encourage this free flowing discussion. I feel like we have begun to be a group, not only yourselves, but us as well. As you become able to receive your teachers, and do not fret that this takes time, this is normal, we will eventually be able to sit here together and all discuss these things. At this point we will be able to begin future projects. Do not, however, feel impatient for this time because your immediate tasks of seeking the Father and learning to love are also rewarding, and if you were to shortcut these, the loss would be great, even in your own enjoyment. I simply say this to encourage you in this direction. I feel we are moving very well. We all love you very much and enjoy spending time with you during the week as well as at this meeting. Michael knows of your progress and is very pleased. You may expect a message from him sometime. Machiventa as well is involved in this. Please understand, I am not making predictions, but simply telling you what is true. I will anticipate being here with you again and would encourage you once more to please talk to us, regardless of your apparent failure. Remember to learn to trust yourselves and not judge yourselves. You are all in the Father's love, always, and we are with you. Farewell.