Teacher:  Lestor

Topic:  The Pinwheel of Truth

May 4, 1994


I am your teacher. I am your friend. I reside with you and among you. I am with you this evening to impart a lesson on truthfulness.

Truth, veracity, fact are all descriptive variables of what we may call openings into the lighted meadows which extend around you in all directions. The truth you see initially as mortals is like light falling through a pinwheel so that you perceive isolated fragments or slivers of the great light of truth which lies beyond this filtering mechanism.

This filtering mechanism consists of many layers of thought patterns interwoven into a fabric which allows you to interact with your perceptions of outward reality in addition to your beingness.

Your consciousness [of] who you are also is a factor in allowing you to see through this impediment to the sustenance of that great truth that lies beyond . ... which is almost beyond expression and which you are asked to reach as apostles of Christ Michael .

So the question becomes how does one enlarge the pin holes and reside in a state of being such that ones slips the yoke and enters the veil of great light. What say you are, what can you suggest?


I would say certainly by meditation, service to our brothers and sisters, seeking to understand the will of the Father certainly would help enlarge those pinholes.


Yes this is good.


Trying to see the positive aspects, trying to see good in people.


Yes this is good also. You have both touched on a dual aspect of being. For [member] is touching upon the aspect of seeing while [member] is alluding to that act of maintaining connection with our Eternal Source.

For in order to see goodness we must be good. In order to enlarge the pinholes we must draw upon a higher source of reality which lifts the veil from our vision. Darkness exists to various degrees dependant upon the spiritual unity of the entire planet, the community, the group or family.

Vision can build upon itself through the conjoint energies of like-minded spiritual beings. It is a transaction or a ow that is not normally perceived with great affinity in a country where individualism and individual achievement is heralded as the ultimate goal.

Unity or unified achievement magnifies the ability to enlarge the pinholes for the Father gives all that you are able to receive up to [but short of] the capacity whereby you may verge or impinge upon imbalances.

So, if we can imagine on one side of the pinwheel, which is stationary, a brilliant light shines [like] a stream, laser like through the pinwheel this receptor on the dark side accepts this small narrow beam of light. But now imagine that the receptor is now multiplied like rods, multiplicity on the receiving end of this beam of light. We now have increased the receptive area for light.

Therefore, you gain what was referred to as stereoscopic [vision] so to speak. It is a differential and angle that broadens the area of receptivity. So now imagine light coming through the pinhole, imagine this pinhole is no greater than it was before but imagine now that the light can come in at various angles of approach, now the area in which it can enlighten is geometrically increased in radius.

This is analogous to multiplicity of spiritual viewpoints coming into a unified or conglomerate [field]. Now we must enlarge the hole, by enlarging the hole we can maximize it even more, the spread of truth on the surface of darkness that beholds itself behind the filter.

We can enlarge the hole through which the light falls when we are motivated into animation, into action by living the word. Thus the Teaching Mission is to the Urantia book as the pinwheel is to the hole, enlarging. So by these actions, living by the word you actually enlarge the ability for light to proceed and this is the path to the era of light and life.

We shall enlarge the circumference of the area to which the light falls to a point where the pinholes have enlarged such that there is no longer any filter and it is at this point that the planet can exist in the state of light and life.

It is at this point there is no [longer any] filter; but keep in mind the filter [originally] fulfills a purpose as delimiting the exposure of light for [member1] what happens when the films are expose to light?


We lose the details. Analogy seems similar to a camera or an eye?