Group:  Costa Rica

Teachers: Legion, Alana, Devina

Topic: Marriage

May 27, 2000

Legion: We come to all. We are present all ways. I am Legion. You struggle with my name, and the depth of my "voice," because you are unfamiliar with the masculine. Devina is with you, here with us, but she has stepped aside in order for me to speak with you.

Marriage is the bringing together of two people of different strains, different tensions so to speak, different readings on life. Some marriages dance, others plod along, some trod the same path but look east and west, separately. The most effective marriage is one in which two individuals, two different minds, learn, as you and I are learning, how to communicate over great gaps of understanding. The peace that surpasses all understanding, is the peace that married partners often feel after the sexual engagement, if that engagement has been successful. Sexuality is important in a marriage for this result, it leads disparate minds and warring emotions toward love.

Success in marriage is like the cloverleaf in highway engineering; several streams of rapidly moving goal-directed energies are brought together and allowed to mix, weave in and out and in between each other, without mishap or the elimination of any one segment or member of the traffic. The "traffic" in marriage is many fold; family, career, self-fulfillment; fears, dreams, hopes, intentions; physical existence and insistence, death. Divorce is the abortion of understanding; that is, misunderstanding can not be bridged and a new route, or highway, must be taken. You liken it to a crash only because many do not let go in their minds, even as they move on in other ways. To sever such ties includes the ability to remain misunderstood. That is the purpose of prayer, to turn your misunderstandings over to god.

As a woman, your focus in marriage is bound to be different than that of a man. Men want to be comforted, women want to comfort. That is an over-simplification, for women cry out for comfort on your world, but I speak of marriage now, not the other facets of life in which men are required to do the comforting with their ability to protect and defend. In marriage, however, a man¹s memory of "how it was" to be loved and comforted by his mother in the confines of home are re-stimulated. And a woman, if she is seeking to generate family, will seek also to make the nest soft. There are, of course, many other kinds of marriage, but your need from me, Legion, is to understand the comfort your husband seeks and you so often fail to give. A warm hand on the shoulder, a touch to the knee, the stroking as if to a child without judgement that he should be "grown up" already, or different than he is. You can feel the strength in my "voice" and the pattern you feel coming from me into your body, yet I tell you that I too need comforting. It is how you understand strength. Even the strongest is not invulnerable on your world.

The partnership between you and me will be strengthening to your marriage. As you grow to trust me, you will expand in your marriage. You know you are loved by him, but you must also know that you are loved by him as you are, not as you would like yourself to be, or as you hope you are perceived to be.

My dear one, Legion and I will support your daily life of communion with god and man. Do not be afraid to wake each morning to a new day of unknown events. Wake like the birds. Sing the songs of entering the day, love in your breast, love tucked under your wings. You struggle with the ways in which you are not like others; does the cardinal attack the wren? wish to be an oriole? No, each makes with the other a tapestry of love. Complete the tapestry by being all of who you are, alone, only you, connected and connecting.

Devina: When your mind is tired you can not expect us to enter into the same dialogue as when you are refreshed. Your body needs care as well as your spirit. You see, even your hands do not want to type. I do not scold you, only caution. The physical body wears down. You think you must perform miracles in order to be worthy in our sight and in the sight of others. Miracles are for everyone. Your body is yours alone and only you can keep it alive. Spend time each day giving your body rest, treating your body with care and attention as you would give to that which you deem important, and take your body outdoors, into the elements that contribute to your well being as they do to the gardens of beauty that you appreciate. We can not save you, we can only guide you according to god¹s will. You save yourself by your willingness to respect yourself and love yourself as you love us. Can you not see? We are on the other side of the mirror, looking at you looking at me. Yes, I am a treasure in your heart and mind, as you are a treasure. Breathe in this reality of love. It is a two-way mirror and it is two way love. Alana awaits to speak to you.

Alana: This is Alana. My joy resides in your heart each time you take a step in the direction of love. This can not be only love that pours outside of you into others, it must also be the love that pours inside, filling up your heart¹s chambers and leading your mind to rest.

Nothing we do is forced. We can not make you, you make yourself, a self-made woman or man who loves god, yearns to know god so much that you choose to give us this time. Yes, it is a wonderful feeling is it not? For us as well.

This is Devina. Alana is by my side and Legion awaits your call. He accepts your reluctance, but he does not wander far away from you. He is your mentor now. You simply must learn to trust that because "he" is masculine is nothing to fear. He is as full of love as I. And always we are filled with the love of god. You have been taught that god is a fearsome HE who tromps across heaven sending down lightning bolts of correction. This is the Correcting time, but all true correction is made with love. There are those of your religions who would punish the evildoer. This is a mistaken idea born of a primitive misunderstanding. Mishap and tragedy are bearable lessons. You know my love. Would I send a plague upon your house? Nor would god for he is my mentor and he does not turn his gaze away when the lessons are hard, His gaze of love is always a warm bath of encouragement and confidence. Relax in his love and stand forth renewed.

Legion loves too. The masculine and the feminine are so well linked on this side of the mountain that we are a dance of joy, every step so well timed it would take a crowbar to pry us apart. This is the cooperation we would teach you. The communion between man and woman on your planet evolves. We see it bearing fruit. Do not let the sluggish mishaps of daily life turn your face away from the magnificent opportunities that are in your path. Your partner¹s heart is as strong and yearns for growth as you do. Keep your eye on the goal, connecting with love to further love. Let both your hearts strengthen each one and give this strength to those who come to hear us and learn with you. Legion would speak now.

The history of men on earth is one of striving to achieve an understanding that can only bring them satisfaction if laced with love. I use that word well. Laced is a term of your drug mind, is it not? It means something hidden has been slipped in. But lace is also the gentle doily placed on the table by woman. The frill that lies across her breast, rising and falling as she goes about her daily tasks, ruffling at her chin when the breezes pass. Man¹s knowledge and power yearn to be laced with the softer wisdom of gentle love. Your leaders are confused when such wisdom is rejected or turned against them, yet they continue on, stumbling perhaps, but hunger does not allow for table manners and ignorance will make mistakes. Your men are still ignorant of the love of god as equal between man and woman. This is not a social concept, as your world would have it. This is the state of your inner realm untouched by all history. To thread the needle, to pull the curtain aside, is a silent approach, a quiet task, the effort of contemplation and love. Pray for all those in the seat of power as you do for those suffering the consequences of power misused and misguided. Every lesson leads us along the path toward god¹s manifestation of love.

I am Legion. You almost forgot, did you not? Yes, you can "forget" your arbitrary rules and demarcations when led by love. My love for you is total. Suffer not your fear of men with me. I am here that you may know a "man¹s" love as you know the love of Devina. This is an important task on your planet. We have come to you to teach love, nondiscriminatory love. You must discern the subtleties, yes, to allow love to pass through, but you must set aside your false walls and allow the curtain of love to blow freely, the infinite patterns of love to be seen. I too pass through the lace curtain with you hand in hand as we enter the anterooms of god¹s chambers. The burden of manhood is on my shoulders, I do not carry it lightly, but the joy of our communion in love sends all burden away. I thank you for this opportunity to dance with you. Legion.

This is Alana speaking. You are beginning to discern the different quality of vibration that is he and me. We will continue to work with you at this. That is all for now. Pass through the lace curtain of love each time you greet another being on your planet. We ask no more than that you give love where love is missing. Alana.