North Idaho Teaching Mission

GroupTopics: Engaging The Gears Of God's Will

Teachers: Lantarnek

May 4, 2003

* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Greetings, Lantarnek with you today.

The human heart desires to follow the direction of God, to go where the divine leads; and this noble desire is always met by God, giving energy and education so that you may fulfill your wish to be responsive to the divine leading and in service for God and for others. I will ask you to imagine a gear in your mind, circular, with teeth on its edges. Now to visualize another gear alongside. Let us label the first gear "God" and the direction is "God's will". Let us label the second gear "yourself". You wish to go in the direction of God's will. If we place the two gears together such that their teeth mesh and allow God and His will to rotate, naturally you rotate opposite. If God's will is seen as clockwise, you appear to rotate counterclockwise. This we may understand as surrender where you allow the overturning of God's work to turn you under, for you passively receive the force, where you surrender your ego that you may receive the divine motion, for you would readily understand that your gear rotated in the same direction -- which may be your heart's desire to follow in the direction of the divine -- the teeth would grind. So it is important to relinquish self to open and allow the force of God to turn you as the divine will can.

I will add another point to this perspective, and that is that the Father does not merely seek your passive acceptance of His divine movement in your life. He desires that you become as He is, that you also become a positive force that works for His will, as His will; by this I mean that your gear does rotate in the same clockwise rotation. If you wish to rotate in the same direction how might you accomplish being meshed with God and rotate identically when this enmeshment would rotate you opposite? The solution to such a difficulty is stillness. Stillness becomes the middle gear that takes on the counterclockwise direction and the third gear, your desire to do the will of God, is your service, your ministry, your helpfulness. By practicing stillness you provide that in between gear that rotates in reverse allowing you in your daily life to rotate in the identical direction as the will of God.

This model applies to other situations in your lives, for you have no doubt noticed in your desire to be in ministry to another that you have at times felt like you were backpedaling, retrograding, regressing, whatever word you wish to describe it, the feeling that you are not advancing in bringing truth into the mind and perspective of another. But you have learned to trust the work of God in your lives and through your experiences have accumulated enough episodes wherein you have understood that these apparent contrary motions have worked for the benefit of your fellows. This is a case when you are that in between gear. God is working; you feel you are moving contrary, and your effect is to move your fellow in the direction of the rotation of the will of God. These are episodes of ministry wherein you put yourself out of the picture, where the ego has no importance, where you are willing to rotate contrary to your perception of what you perceive to be following God's will. With reflection you would readily recognize events in your life wherein you were undertaking an activity with an intended result only to find yourself thwarted in the process. Suddenly before you is an opportunity to be of service to your fellows. Perhaps you are going to a meeting and the clock is running late. But as you race down the road you discover a fellow with a flat tire, and you pull over to aid in the changing of that flat tire. You feel the rotation of your gear spin backward to your intention, yet in the process you effect the will of God and provide the rotation required that your fellow may move forward.

This model of rotation and counter rotation was summed up in the phrase, "As you give so you receive", for giving is one direction of rotation and receiving is the other. Each time you receive you are empowered by that initial gift to effect giving; that middle gear rotating opposite causes the third to rotate in the same direction as the first, and the cycle goes on. It also explains why the human ego appears to recoil at what was intended as positive suggestion by you to another, for, as you move in one direction, another feels the counter rotation and resists, feeling themselves to weaken, to lose self direction. Understanding this you will the better receive suggestions, advice, or correction from another, for as that turn of their advice works upon you and you feel yourself counter rotating, know that it is merely your ego's concern about the direction of rotation, and that this application of force will apply to aspects of your life wherein your counter- rotation creates motion in the direction you desire. It is down the line of enmeshed gears that you receive the benefit.

I will conclude by asking you to picture the entire universe as an intricate watch, many gears all interconnected, each spinning in a direction though apparently opposite to another, all causing time to unfold in the great timepiece of the Supreme.

I request your questions.

Tom: The third gear I thought of was Michael performing the same function as stillness.

I've become interested lately in some teachings that the Father's will is really my will and that He does have a preference as to what I do, and He is interested in the experience I choose. It seems at odds with what you say, yet with the counter rotation it may make sense. Are you familiar with this teaching? If so, could you explain?

* Lantarnek: You have expressed the purpose of time/space activity, for God so willed that such activity take place and in so doing bestowed upon every personality the ability to be willful. Therefore each human being may be considered as a driving gear itself, causing work and effect upon other gears which are the conditions and circumstances of your life; opportunities and peoples. God's will is that you work, spiritually speaking, and by that I mean that you, each one, were given talents, gifts, potentials, which we may, to follow our model, call a different configuration of a gear. Large toothed. Small circumference. God desires to see how you will apply yourself.

You received a lesson on jigsaw puzzles and greatly benefitted from the understanding of the intermeshing of these pieces. So it is true with this gearing. When God gave you what you are many potential rotations came into being. As you engage you create different working effects. This is the Father's will.

Confusion upon this planet has led to the attempt to make God's will into a set of codes, rules and laws. This is the will of man, the development of these codes. And while intended sincerely to give guidance based upon understanding of universe principles and divine qualities, it results in forcing "God" to be a static condition.

We may benefit from expanding this model slightly and redefining a few items. Let each personality be a gear and each rotation your own will. The Father among this network of gears all meshed with one another is the wound spring that gives the force for each to rotate. That is the Father's will in time and space, power across the universe, vitality in human forms and all life; and each one of you has the ability to engage and dis- engage, to re-engage in a contrary rotation. Each time you do so others adjust. Every time others do so, you adjust. This is creating the dynamism of Supremacy and the outworking of all that God wills to occur in this universe. Understanding this integration makes your statement true. Mis-understanding the integration and perceiving your personal will as God's will will cause the grinding of many gears, for the word, "your" in "your will" must be understood as each and every one of your wills. Does this help?

Tom: Yes, seeing it as one rather than as individual.

God gets bad press when people say, "My friend died. It must have been God's will". I am of the opinion that it may be caused more by an individual's will than our Father's. In our text there are seven places where the Father's will is discussed, and they are all general. It is His will that we be perfect, that we treat each other as we would be treated, and things like that. It leaves the working of the details to us.

* Lantarnek: This is true. If it were God's will to run every detail of your life it would no longer be your life. God is fully capable of living anyone's life. But his command, "Be you perfect as He is perfect" requires that you be present. The phrase is not, "The Father is perfect in every way possible in all variable manifestations." He has distinctly created each one of you and bestowed within you volitional powers. If that power is to mean anything you must have the freedom to use it. If that power given to you by God is merely to be crushed that you adopt God's approach, you have taken away from God the opportunity to experience your living.

This does cause concern to many individuals, for it risks the application of will through ignorance and selfishness and can cause pain and destruction. The Father will not necessarily cause one to die as His will, but He does will that each live to the best of their given talents and accepts the results even if you should die in the process. What becomes the great task of all beings is to refine your will abilities, to develop your wisdom, to increase your sensitivity to truth, to become better able to be goodness such that your will engages with the trend of the universe that the Father wills and does not disrupt and destroy.

As a comparison, a wise parent knows that, as their child grows, to disengage from the parental direction of their life just to the degree that the child is capable of directing himself. That process continues until that young one stands as an adult. On a universe scale the Father is doing the same, allowing each of you to be a universe adult. In your stage of life, young souls that you are, it behooves you to perceive the guidance of the divine Parent. Oftentimes confusion results because the divine Parent is allowing you evermore freedom as you have matured. The desire for specific divine guidance may not be forthcoming, because it is the Father's will that you acquire your direction through the application of your own understanding and wisdom.

Tom: Thank you for your comments.

* Lantarnek: I will make one more comment in this regard. Imagine each one of your will centers as a gardener/landscaper and each of your lives is the landscape. You observe that each one landscapes according to your preferences and conditions, and that each one yields a different result. That in the overall is the Father's will. He has not created a landscape plan that you are forced to plant and cultivate and groom by. The attempt to turn the will of the Father into a set of rules would be like the attempt to make every lot on the block look exactly the same.

Evelyn: The week before Easter Elyon mentioned that there were some characters he was going to introduce us to. That hasn't happened yet. I certainly am not trying to chase you off, Lantarnek, but please pass on to Elyon that we haven't forgotten. We'd love to meet these other beings he had in mind.

* Lantarnek: I can report that these personalities will make their acquaintance known as the conditions become appropriate. The statement given by Elyon was to prepare your readiness, to instill within you the curiosity as you have just expressed, for as you ask then do you receive. While you are benefitting from the recurring lessons of your familiar teachers, you will also benefit from the many visitors who do attend off and on throughout these years. You have received contact lately from a high being, an Avonal. It has been some time since your System Sovereign addressed you, and you may anticipate further contact.

It is the goal of the Melchizedeks to train each one of you to be stronger individually, spiritually. But it is also our goal to develop within you the abilities to effect this planet. So, we proceed with our plans including such as introducing you to new personalities, new celestial ministers when it will benefit both goals, not to simply thrill you with newness. Your Easter gathering itself was chock full of new personalities who happen to be human, but you were not without a host of observers from other worlds, as well.

I finish my response by saying that each one of your TRs ought to be diligent in sensing the presence of a being not like the ones you have grown familiar in contacting, to be ready to identify that individual. But do not be so concerned that you cannot simply allow the contact and the message to carry unidentified or even mistakenly given a familiar name.

I hope this has addressed your question.

Evelyn: Yes. I'm very satisfied with all the teacher input. You are a high being. It isn't like I need greater entertainment. But we look forward to hearing from any who cares to join our group, and we look to be ready for new input such that we can effect the planet, to find ways each one of us can contribute to that.

* Lantarnek: I will dismiss class today and leave you with one request, and that is to not forget about your stillness gear, for it is a valuable link in the outworking of spirit in your lives. I will return.