Bakersfield, California

Teacher: Langford

Your New Path

January 12, 1999

TR: Jack

Greetings to all; this is Langford.

Tonight while we are together I would like to mention a few topics that were lightly touched on in the conversations you had with each other before we started the communication with us, your celestial teachers and all those others that have gathered here in this abode to witness what we believe to be an overwhelming ability of us to communicate with you mortals in trying to enrich your lives physically, mentally, and spiritually to help you gain the knowledge that you seek. There was mention of you mortals striving to understand what we try to bring you in our words of comfort and leading you through these difficult times that each one must live through at the present time.

You have the motivation and determination to learn all you can to enlighten yourselves of the way our savior wishes for each of you to know and be a part of. This road that you are troding now in this new way of teaching is not going to be the same road that you have trod in the past. The road that you will walk now will be in the consideration of your daily lives and what your attempts are in enlightening yourselves in righteousness and the way of life that you all want to be a part of. This is not going to be an easy road to walk, and this has been mentioned before, because there will be more demands on you as a mortal to see how willingly you will fight off all of those distracting ideas and things that you live with to open the gates, as you say, for us to bring to you what our savior wishes for each one of you to know. We know there will be times you will not understand, but there will also be times that you will stop and think more deeply about what has been brought to you in this new adventure we all are taking part in.

Your knowledge of what you are determined to do and be a part of takes your determination and devotion, openly with freewillingness to do and live the life that you wish to live, to be a part of this magnificent force of us, your celestial friends. You mortals take very careful notice of the things that you are striving to do and the things you try to be. Your abilities to be what you wish to be are within your grasp to improve, not only your mental conditions but your spirituality of being a part of those that are of this mission to walk and fight under the banner of our savior. I say "fight"; I am strictly speaking of you bringing light and life to those who walk in the darkness and guiding them with your beam of light to the words of understanding of the truths that you know at this very moment.Your longings are getting stronger as the days come and go. This is because of the desires that each of you has in learning more and more of what we try to bring you. Your mind is open to the words we give and to the knowledge that you will receive, not only from us, but what you have experienced in the past. Take your experiences of the past and learn from your efforts and those events that happened. It is with this knowledge that you can now progress in your field of enlightenment and know the difference between those that were right and those that were wrong. Like always, your experiences are your best teachers, and, like it is with all of you, it's your personal experience with your desires to be enlightened and worshiping those we hold dearly to our hearts.

[Here the TR felt surrounded by a great power of unknown origin.]

We have come a long way in the past, and we have seen many things, but with the determination and willingness of those that are here, you long to be, and will be, in the limelight of those above us because of the efforts each one of you tried to accomplish. There will be times that you will be discouraged and feel lonely without reason. But I can always say to you, and you know yourself, that you are not alone. Your loneliness is only temporary. Your sadness comes only from what you have experienced. You have many things to learn. As you walk this road of life, every day that goes by there is something presented to you that you can learn from, whether it be reading the text or taking part in what you wish to take part in and in the lives of other individual mortals.

So, express yourselves in love and tenderness and also with the knowledge that you have in trying to help and guide all those mortals that walk in the darkness and seek you out because of your knowledge and the light that each one casts. This light may seem dim to you, but, when it come to those that look for those words of truth and understanding, your light is like a beacon from a lighthouse that guides the ships away from dangerous shores. This light that you cast is because of your willingness and devotion to take part in this great effort of trying to bring this planet to the way our savior wishes for it to be. Yes, it will take a lot more to bring this about, but we are gaining member by member, and your success is measured by each one that is a part and wants to be a part and is a part of this great effort.

So, our success is growing not like we would wish it would be, but it is growing steadily one individual mortal after another. This is the way that we account for the success of this mission of Christ Michael. It is the determination and devotion and love for them whom we all cherish that brings about this growth that we seek and the truth and understanding and knowledge that goes along with it.Like it has been said before, in your knowledge of the text that you read, you will be the person that they will seek because they know that your way of life is the way they wish their lies to be when it comes to knowing and believing in the words that have been given to you so freely and abundantly in both texts.

One book is more of what takes place when you ascend to our world and the careers that you will face, but this has no bearing on this group or your determination and willingness to progress. Whatever it takes to proceed in this field of knowledge and truth will be given to you freely and without prejudice in any form. This is where your schooling begins, as of this very night when we teachers talk to each of you with words of encouragement and love that we express for everyone by our determination and willingness to bring to our students the meanings of the words that really mean what they say. The meaning of the words may be simple, but that doesn't mean that they don't hold a lot of love and understanding.

So, as we gather each week in our little gathering of us teachers talking to our pupils, it is good to be recognized and held with esteem and honor. I personally am more enthused each time we meet to realize, even though we do not always speak as we are speaking now, that you and the rest have taken part in letting others come and speak to you, whether it be your group teacher, your personal teachers, or teachers who are unknown until they tell you who they might be.

It is wonderful to see all of the new teachers that have come along and each one willing to say a few words to the group and encouraging each one to foster the truth and not falter in your belief, because to us it is the only way to believe and trust, that is, in our savior and his Father. So, you along with us have a great adventure in learning truly what it means to have faith and trust and understanding of what they bring to everyone so freely.

With this, my children and dearest students, I will call it an evening, because the night progresses, and you must have your rest for your mortal bodies to carry out tomorrow's duties. I wish you all the happiness that you can muster in your beliefs and understanding of the righteous way of life. With this I will say farewell. This is Langford.