Bakersfield, California

Teacher:  Langford

More Words of Encouragement

October 14, 1998

TR: Jack

Langford: Greetings, this is Langford. It is great to be together with our group to bring the words that you seek in your lives, to learn the truths that will enhance your lifestyle to be more than just an individual watching the world slip by, day by day. Your efforts to learn are the efforts that we, your teachers, are so elated about, is the effort that each one makes on their own initiative to learn and understand the words we teachers bring to everyone. The words we speak are the words of those that are above us that give us the instructions of what to say and how to say them.

Tonight it is a good feeling to be able to talk to my little group and know that the words I speak are well absorbed in your memories, but the subject that I would like to talk about is not a pleasant subject to bring forth, but I must bring forth these words. I am speaking of other groups that have the same advantage as this group has in hearing the words of the teachers that are involved. Yes, we are disappointed to know that in some of the groups there are individual mortals that attend these events in the hope that they can be in the world of materialistic things that each one desires to enhance their life of ease. But mortals as those that are in our little group have wholeheartedly given of themselves to be and learn all that they can with the efforts of us teachers and other celestial beings that come and talk to each one. These effects that we give are hopefully in the modes of enjoyment, love from us to you, and to broaden your abilities to enlighten yourselves of the words that are written and also spoken by those individual mortals that are truly within this scope of receiving and transmitting the words we give.

I did not wish to bring this topic about, but it is the truth that we see of those individual mortals that are trying to "jump on the bandwagon" without first giving of themselves to be as they wish to be. But I must commend each one of this group in the willingness that each one has given to be and take part in the process of learning and teaching those that seek you out.

Each one of you, your light is beginning to burn brighter, but it is all because of your personal devotion and understanding of the way we want everything to be. This is not only from us teachers, but it is from our savior himself that wishes for this universe to be wholly under the spell of Light and Life. This is the accomplishment that we are striving for. It will be individual mortals such as of this group that will withstand the storm of criticisms and falsehoods that is placed against you. But with your strength and faith each one of you has the ability to withstand all of these remarks and statements made of the things that we, your celestial friends, are trying to bring about. So, let it be as your saying goes, like water off a duck's back. Progress as you have in your attempts to enlighten yourselves and be those individual mortals that can explain your way of life and those things that you hold dear to your hearts in the believing of our savior and his Father.

Your attempts to gain this enlightenment and knowledge is because each one of you know of the promises that have been made for those that are willing to foster the truths of our savior and his Father. Our Father has given Michael the authority to use anything that will enhance the advancement of this knowledge that each one of you seek in the coming of those that will be here and their efforts to be as each one of you are. When I use the word "be" here I have reference to you mortals being ever ready to explain your feelings and beliefs, courage, and love that each one carries deep within themselves. There is no way that we, your teachers, can bring forth this love, devotion, and determination because it is you, individually, that must bring forth these feelings of righteousness that will be asked of each one.

But take joy in your efforts and in those experiences that come your way, because it is a process of learning for each one of you to be able to meet those questions that will be given to each one. Remember that the answers you give will determine whether those other mortals will truly seek the way you believe and the light that you shine for them to enter.

Your longings, as I have stated many times, are growing day by day in your efforts to understand and know the words that are of truth, with the backing of those that give us the words to say to you and those about you. So, you know the words we speak are not of us alone, but from those individuals that are of our teachers and those that rest on high. Yes, and even our commander-in-chief is ever ready to assist each one that has the courage and knowledge to come to Him with bowed head and humble natures to ask the question that rests in your heart. I am not speaking of those questions that can be answered by yourselves; I am speaking of the questions that are deep within you of which you seek the answers to be able to understand more of what we try to bring to you.

Your abilities to learn are as they should be because you are in, as we say, a child's grade of school, and your mind is ever active when it comes to hearing the words of truth and the understanding we try to bring to each one. But it is the free willingness of all of you that has given us this opportunity. We, your teachers, are bound and determined to take full advantage of this offering that each one of you has made, but we cannot do it alone, because it takes the efforts of you mortals to come to us with an open mind and open heart and be receptive to the things that we can bring you.

You and all the rest of this group are and have devoted your time, like tonight, to be together and hear the words of the teachers that are involved, to understand what the teachers have said, and take to heart the truths that they stand for.

I as I am can be only a celestial that can guide and direct the way you feel and direct you down this road you walk, but if it were not for your willingness for us to take charge and direct you, this would not have been. It is your love and devotion that has given us the authority to do what we can to enrich your lives as mortals and to help you down this road you walk from now until.... But always remember we, your teachers and group teacher, are constantly by your sides, walking with you, yes, and even whispering words in your ears to help you along in this life that each one lives.

We know at times it is a rough row to hoe, but it is the testing of your love and trust and courage to maintain the steps that each one is taking and to know that we are beside you and helping you along this road of life.

With this, my dear students, I will say farewell to all. With God's help and Godspeed we will be together again in the future. This is Langford.