Teachers: JarEl, Verona, Michael

Topic: Seek the Stillness

T/R Douglas


The power of God protects us. The love of God enfolds each of us as we gather here today in His name to feel once again the love, the warmth, the unity that the presence of God gives to each of you. Greetings my children.

Group: Greetings Jarel.

Jarel: It is indeed a pleasure as always to be amongst you. To share with you this wonderful experience of the teaching mission. To be able to contribute to your spiritual growth that bit of knowledge that I posses from my path and experience. It is always my hope, my aspiration, that I may encourage you to further seek your development, and to tread further on your individual paths. It is wonderful that our paths have crossed in this way. Never before in history have so many celestial beings been given the opportunity to interact with such a vast number of mortals. It is astonishing on our level, and quite astonishing on yours, that this interaction is taking place. So dear ones, come to this setting as often as you can. We need your faith and belief, your trust in the process. Here, this one had to be encouraged this day to take that leap of faith once again to be our voice in this the corp. group of Arcadia.

It is indeed wonderful to have each of you present this day. Our dear Donna, our dear Stella in our midst once again to bring completion to this corp., to bring their love, their energies back to the fold after venturing out. This is indeed a wonderful occasion.

In your hearts, dear ones, do you feel the energy, that the love of your coming together in the name of Michael and our Father is generating. Here you are the participants in the grand adventure. You have in your presence great numbers of celestial beings who observe and participate with you in the cause of Christ Michael. Your see’er has visualized the multitudes in this setting. These mere walls do not exist to hold within this great number who come, that send their love and support to you, the members of this teaching mission.

I wish for you to understand that here on Urantia the attention of the universe is focused. Unfolding here on the sphere of Michael’s nativity is an adventure that many wish they could participate in. Know for a surety that throughout Nebadon many are gathered to view the happenings that are occurring upon Urantia. Many listen daily to the universal broadcast to understand and witness your growth and development. Hosts of great import and magnitude are being brought about with your aid and assistance. Here on Urantia celestials and mortals are working together to bring this sphere into light and life. It is a great undertaking, but it is a task that will see completion. We would like to rest your thoughts about the clarity of this mission. You need not express fear and anxiety, for surely such momentous, such tremendous help is here that your efforts will come about, ‘in the twinkling of an eye’. The universe sends love, and encouragement to you, the members of this teaching mission. Here and throughout the sphere each group is growing in development and quality of spiritual growth. These numbers increase in each group, and the number of groups participating. It is through their efforts and desires to be a part of this process that you are in receipt of such help.

I will encourage this one, and you also, by your interaction with him, to seek the stillness and the aid of the Father. To take control of your thought process. To speak with authority over that which you have freewill control, and direct your mind to the stillness and the benefits of this interaction with the Father. You need this time to reflect and relax and bathe in His presence, to bolster you that you may step forward more willingly, more exuberantly, and defend this mission with your actions. You must share His love and the knowledge that you are aquiring daily from the practice of the stillness, the reading of the text and transcripts, and interpreting it into action, the knowledge that you have aquired . Here is where you are soldiers, when you exhibit the great caring and love that the Father has blessed you to have. It has come about from your interaction on this smaller scale. It has come about as a result of your understanding of this mission. As you sincerely seek you sincerely find the opportunities to relate that that you have learned to others. This mission is open at this time. It is freely given to all to come, to participate, to learn and embrace the knowledge that the Father desires for each of you. Your fellows are aware that something magnificent is occurring. They are scurrying from here to there seeking inherently to know the cause of this great desire that they have not been able to express. The feeling is one coupled with anxiety and reservation for those that do not know of the stillness. They are seeking to find the root cause. You, dear students, are in a position to assist them. As you venture from your homes you come into contact with more and more of your fellows who are seeking to know. Many have expressed to you this uncertainty, centered primarily around world events and the decay of this society. Here is an opportunity for you to bolster and support the truth that the Father has know declared for Urantia. Here is an opportunity for you who know to calm the anxiety of the world. You do so one to one. You do so thru your faith and trust in this mission by living the truth that has been revealed. You are defending and upholding that truth.

So it is with joy that you are eager to anticipate with us and the main celestials who support your efforts. Reach out with joy. Express the joy that is given you. We will allow each of you an opportunity to interact with the many ‘star students,’ celestial visitors, high observers, cherubim, midwayers that at this time are present. If you desire to commune, relax and allow them opportunity to interact with you. This is a wonderful practice for you who are budding transmitters. Here for each is an opportunity to experience the energies of others. So without further delay allow yourselves this opportunity.... Verona..... long pause.

Lucille; It was with heavy heart that I left here last Tuesday with Kendra and her dad to take her to a school where we thought she could get help. Deep down she also knew she needed help. After being there and seeing all of the help and support that they give to these teenagers, and finding out that there are as many therapists and nurses as teachers, I came home with the idea that we were doing the best that could be done for her. My question is How is she doing up there ?

Verona: Greetings Lucille. This is Verona. I will answer for our illustrious teacher. It is good to be with you all. I have been very busy conducting tours of visitors here, so my participation has been limited. You have done the best that you can do according to your understanding and freewill choices. The enlightenment that you have received concerning this one is correct. They will do well. They have a very active thought adjuster who is tirelessly attempting to contact. Who is tirelessly working toward objects that bring balance to this one. There is chemical imbalances that effect their growth, but the spiritual development can and will come about. Feel confident. Relax your heart and mind. Trust that you have led gently this one into the hands of those who are guided in the spiritual and physical development of young ones. Know that the guardian angels, cherubim, are about and are on duty. This is all. Let it be a comfort to you. Feel this great warmth and light that exists in this place at this time. My peace and love to each of you. Farewell.

Group: Thank you and farewell Verona......(Long pause)

Jarel; The podium is open... We must make the effort......

Doug: Are we all experiencing this luminosity now ?

Group: Yes. It is bright pulsing light

Betty: They are all gathered around me. They are saying I know this one will speak. Yet Jarel is telling me to wait. It is very bright. (long pause) OK They are lined up now.

Hal; Do you have anything to add to last nights efforts by Lucille and I. We attempted to open up channels to the Father. Were we successful to a degree or were we remiss in something we should have done ? Is there any comment that would be helpful to us in the future ?

Lucille; I think he wants us to contact the teachers now. The students that want to practices.

T/R Betty: Greetings I am a ‘light being’ from far far away, and have traveled on this mission after much study of history. I am here as an observer, yet I have been given permission to address Hal, with the guidance of my tutors beside me. The spiritual radiance from your being as others encounter you on your spiritual path is visible to the adjuster of the one you approach. So even if your ideas are alien to those you share your thoughts with, please know and rest in your mind that the impact of your words upon others is everlasting. You have implanted truth beauty and goodness where non existed. You are truly doing the work of the Father when you express your trust in the one that is your creator. Thank you for this opportunity to address you. Farewell. (long pause)

Donna: This one is experiencing tranquillity and great peace, and basking in what must be a feeling of great energy that all of the spiritual beings are imparting.... This one is truly enjoying just being here.... Feeling held, as it were, in the energy field... Better than ‘bagging rays’, as they call it when someone wants to get a suntan... This basking in the beauty of the energy and the love that is present here in this room.

Jarel: A gift for each of you to partake. We may touch the energies. Relax and allow. The vibrations you may feel in your being as you bathe in the light of luminosity, of spiritual countenance. Feel the presence of those around you who send great vibrations of love, support, and encouragement to you, to stay on your path . To insure. To overcome. Their voice says we will guide you. Trust in us. Take our hand, we will see that you safely traverse this road, this path, to higher spiritual development and luminosity. You may always feel our energies. Know that we are with you.....

Well dear ones it is with sadness that we close this encounter. However it is with great joy that we have been blessed to share with you these few moments of higher luminosity. we have in our midst young cherubim who are experiencing for the very first time, mortal interaction. They are quite energetic, curious, this explains to this one the thought of children that has been predominate in his mind. The children who are present and fill this room with laughter flitting from here to there.

Donna: I felt the same thing Jarel. They were kind of lined up saying well I want to , well no me.

Jarel; This is so.

Lucille: I felt the presence of Jarel in the center and he was pointing to different ones to take their turn.

Jarel: You, dear ones, are touched by these cherubim. May I explain ? They gather about you and touch your head, your face, your shoulders. They receive impulses of your thoughts and energy. They in turn give to you their love and encouragement. Do you not feel a certain warmth thruout your being? If so you are in receipt of this energy of love from these, your fellows, your coworkers in the mission of Christ Michael. We seek to give you a clearer understanding of the radiance and joy of being on this level. It is wondrous. To be on your mortal level is wondrous also. Here you have the opportunity of experiencing both levels while yet in the flesh. Here these students have the opportunity of observing and learning from your experiential living. It is a wonderful exchange, but know thruout this exchange that each of you are kept in the love of the Father. His love is expressed and radiated to you from all celestial beings, and they are in receipt of your love coming from your physical realm. It warms all who are participants. It encourages all to do more to ascend. ascension is the goal . The Fathers presence. I greet you ands thank you for this opportunity to be with you today, as I am often with you. Your teachers are present and applaud this exercise this day. Look to them, for further guidance. This luminosity you view you may have in your quiet times also.

Doug: Whew ! Another sort of luminosity ( heavy breathing)

Jarel: Dear ones. Be conscious of the fact that other higher beings will visit with you..... soon.... Hear our announcement..... Thank you......

Lucille: I think it is Christ Michael.........

Jarel: The Creator Son does not have voice with you.?.....

Dear students. You have received an announcement, that our Creator Son and those in His direction will speak to this mission. Open yourselves for this event. Seek in your stillness. Allow yourself to be the conduit of His choice. Doubt not that the Creator Son will have voice through you and with you. It is a wonderful experience to have His presence on any level. My students, my friends, my love and peace be with you. The love of the Creator Son and the Father be upon you. Seek in your development. Peace be with you. Farewell.

Hal: Farewell Jarel; ( All others in a deep stillness )

CHRIST MICHAEL (T/R Betty) Dear Ones. Come into my arms that I may embrace you as my own, so that I can infuse you with the joy of everlasting life, so that you will know that you are ambassadors of my kingdom, with the power entrusted into your judgment as tempered with the love of the Father and His Will in your life. Fear not. All is well. Farewell.

Group: Farewell

MICHAEL: (T/R Doug) : Be not frightened my little ones. It is joy I bring to your being . It is peace, and confidence in the resurrection of your lives that sent you to the Father. It is a surety that I bring to you by my presence and participation with you. This one must trust more. Have more confidence in these contacts. Much faith do you exhibit. Allow that faith to guide you to the Father. My thanks to you who were brave enough to accept my presence. Peace, Joy, Farewell.

Donna: Thank you for your visit Michael. I adore you.

MICHAEL : (T/R Doug) Know you not that you each are in my heart that you are present with me always as you seek the Father’s Will. I am aware of your presence. My love surrounds each of you. All thought I encompass in the Fathers greater love. Joyous young cherubim. Happy spirits. Celestial voices who fill your hearts. I take my leave, and leave my spirit to nourish you further.

Lucille: there should be some music. Can anyone sing ?

Marlies: Hold still. He is coming around to embrace each one of us.

Each one slowly came out of the stillness.