Arcadia Teaching Mission Group, Arcadia, California

Teacher: JarEl

Topic: Continue To Be Open To Change

April 26, 2004


Jim: Oh powerful goodness, bountiful Father, merciful God, increase in me that discovers my truest interests. Strengthen our resolutions to perform what that interest dictates. Accept our kind offices to thy other children as the only return within my power for thy continual favor towards me, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be among you once again; among my dear friends. Tonight I will speak about change and the benefits of change. In your lifetime you will experience much change. Some of you would like your life to remain the same, but change is good and beneficial. Change comes in many forms and in many strengths. Some changes will comes subtly while other changes will come forcefully. Depending on where you are spiritually, you will either get the subtle or the forceful. The higher you elevate yourself spiritually the more subtle the change will come. Many of you might not want change because of not knowing what is to come. That is common in a lot of people, to be afraid of the unknown. Change to many people becomes frightening and is unwanted. But if you open your hearts and your minds to change and let the experience envelop you and let yourself become part of the experience, then you shall become a part of change. You will also become a catalyst for change.

Before you can initiate any change in your own life you must first make a decision on what you want to do. I have spoken on this before and how important it is to your life and to those who surround you. How decision-making is an important part of your development. By making decisions you are developing your soul and your spirit. Once you have made a decision you prepare yourself for the change and the attitude that you bring forth towards the change will greatly illustrate where you are spiritually. It is not enough to only accept change but also to have a good attitude towards it. Many people go kicking and fighting when change happens in their life. When you begin to understand what change will mean to you and everyone, then you will be less likely to be afraid or fearful of whatever may come.

In this day and age much is changing on your world. There appears to be great turmoil on your planet, all of this happening because of the winds of change. Those who do not want change continually fight so that their way of living may be preserved, but you cannot be static in this life. You must be willing to change with the winds and to bend. You must allow change to happen within yourself. I can tell you what you must do and not do, but ultimately those decisions are up to you. As I have said before you must decide your own life and your own future. You make your own decisions in your life and you are responsible for those decisions. Whatever things that may come in your lifetime be willing to except them and confront them, do not be afraid. For everything that is given to you is there for a reason. Every challenge that you will face has its purpose. You are never given anything greater than you can handle. Therefore the change that will come in your life will never be greater than your capacity to adapt. At this moment I will step aside so that others may have an opportunity to speak.

Nebadonia: TR, Henry Z. Greetings to you my friends, I would like to spend a little time discussing some of the spiritual influences connected with the human personality. The seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits concern themselves with aspects of the human personality; the personality make-up, helping to bridge relationships between the human brain, planetary consciousness and spiritual agenda. The first five Adjutant Mind-Spirits, those that function in all life forms on Urantia (all life forms include both plant and animal)

help to maintain the integrity of the species. They have a lot to do with maintaining structure and order among the life forms. In that sense they would be functional rather than purely spiritual. Nonetheless part of personality development demands a certain amount of functionality on the world you live on and in the life form you happen to inhabit.

The two most important Adjutant Spirits, the Spirit of Worship and the Spirit of Wisdom function with two separate circuits. Our initial five circuits come from the seat of the Mother Spirit in Nebadon. These Spirits have tremendous access to consciousness. Michael’s Spirit of Truth is a spiritual circuit established through the Second Source and Center, the Eternal Son and the Creator Sons of the evolving Universes. The Spirit of Wisdom functions when the Thought-Adjuster inhabits a human creature. As the five Adjutant Spirits are more of a life form and a life sustaining ministry, the circuit of the Spirit of Truth is a worshipful and social spirit. It has to do with the integrated natures of man; the ability of men and women to come together and create among themselves new relationships, working relationships, growth relationships and spiritually-inducing relationships. In a certain sense religious activity would also be grouped in this category.

The personal and direct ministry of the Father is tremendously personal and an individual ministry of the Thought-Adjusters directly to the children of time. It is the coordination and integration of these separate circuits which bring the human to a level of spiritual maturity. Therefore, is it unhealthy in the spiritual sense to dwell just on one circuit? It is necessary for spiritual balance and harmony to integrate the use of all three circuits.

When you go into the stillness and quietness of meditation you are accessing the direct circuit of the Father; the personal circuit. When you are gather together as you are here tonight you are using are using the ministry of the Spirit of Truth, Michael’s circuit. When you go about your regular life, hopefully you are using all three, but in general most of you are using the circuitry of the Universe Mother Spirit.

As teacher JarEl was speaking tonight of eminent change; world change, it is spiritually of an advantage to you to intercept these spiritual circuits for guidance, support and help, especially during times of change. In steadying yourself spiritually in relationship to change, whether it be physical change, emotional change or some other crisis, change usually accompanies tremendous spiritual growth.

A few thoughts for this evening, the world which you are living on is swiftly hurling through space. It will never be the same as it was yesterday. It is redefining itself tomorrow. The Father’s plan, "Be you perfect as I am perfect", is still the perfect and eternal plan and is still the mode of operation here in Nebadon. It is, therefore, still the general guideline for spiritual activity and personal spiritual growth on Urantia. With these thoughts I send all of you my grace, my support, my compassion and my love during these times of change and spiritual unity on your planet, I am Nebadonia.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Nebadonia, I will open it up for any of you who have any questions.

Henry Z.: I have a question JarEl, you made a statement that abrupt change and subtle change was referenced by some spiritual standing and I was not sure if you were referring to a person’s spiritual standing is prepared to meet abrupt change? Or if you were saying that people of a certain spiritual standing are immune to abrupt change and awarded with something more palatable? I am not quite sure what you were trying to say? Maybe if it is possible you could clarify this for me? Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Certainly, what I had mentioned before, has to do with the ability for the person to receive change. It is merely in the perception of the individual that the change is abrupt. To an individual who has passed through certain stages of spirituality regardless of how abrupt the change comes, it will only seem subtle to him or her. It is merely perception of which I speak. For those of you who have prepared yourselves for changes in this world, regardless of how quick and forceful the change may be, to you it will always seem subtle. For you know that the change was coming and you know that it would eventually happen. You were merely waiting for the time it would happen. For those who have not prepared themselves for this occasion, to them this change will seem abrupt. That is not to say that those who have prepared themselves are immune from this sort of change. No one is immune, as long as people in this world are free to make their own decisions or choices no one is immune from the different choices that people make.

Henry Z: Thank you JarEl. Would it be safe to say when you have weathered such change that it becomes………….that when you are conscious of the nature of change that it is a lot easier to weather the change? I mean it is an inevitability, yet many people are always so shocked when change presents itself. We live in a very fluid, changing and unstable world. It would be tremendously difficult, even in very remote areas, not to witness the tremendous change that is all around us. I guess I was asking a question but maybe I was making a statement, so thank you JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Henry, are there any more questions?

Lucille: When we speak of change what do we mean by change?

JarEl: TR, George. The whole world changes around you Lucille. Everyday is a new day for you. When the spring comes around the flowers bloom, when the fall comes the flowers die. There is change in the weather. The same goes for your life, you were born, you live and you die. Some die a lot sooner than others. There is change in your physical environment, some days it rains too much and communities are flooded. Other days it is too hot with the resulting forest fires which destroy communities. These changes are a part of your world and are a part of your life. They shall remain so for quite a long time.

Lucille: Those are physical changes.

JarEl: TR, George. Exactly, the many physical changes in your world affect you emotionally and spiritually. Those are the changes that you can control. Those are the changes that you have authority over and how to deal with. These are the changes of which I speak. Change around you will always happen, but changes within you are something in which you have complete control. Now if you allow yourself to open yourself and change and to grow then you will prepare yourself for future occasions in which you will be required to face tremendous change. I have answered your question Lucille?

Lucille: Yes to a certain extent. How can we change our spiritual life?

JarEl: TR, George. What you are asking is something that you already know Lucille. It would be pointless for me to answer this question for you. You are already on your path of spiritual growth and change. However, for those who are reading this transcript and have not gone through the experience that you have Lucille then I will answer this question for them.

To change spiritually you must first recognize who you are, not only physically but spiritually. You are sons and daughters of God; you are children of God. As children of God you are required to grow and to become adults in a spiritual realm. How do you grow? You follow God’s example. You listen to Him in your quiet time. How do you get into your quiet time? It is simple, you sit down in a space where no one will bother you and allow yourself the time and space to meditate and to think about things of the spirit. You allow yourself to empty your mind and for God to occupy it. You simply ask for His Will to be done. If you have a sincere heart the answers to the questions you ask will come. Your road and your map will be laid out before you and your spiritual journey towards spiritual change will begin. Are there any other questions?

Stella: You make the statement that people are never given anything which they are unable to handle, but what about the people who have been tortured, how can they live a spiritual life when they feel God has deserted them?

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you for your question Stella. I understand the situation these people have been put into. Believe me that it is not God’s Will that they go through this torture. It is simply a choice that certain people have made to inflict this pain on them. They are the unfortunate beneficiaries of evil. They have fallen victim to those who have long left the spiritual path. We never intended to give these people this lot in life. That is not what I meant when I said, that you are never given more than you can handle. The situation is this, it is simply the choice of someone else which has effected these people.

Stella: Will these people, the evil doers, reap what they have sown?

JarEl: TR, George. Eventually in the coming Age of Light and Life all deviant stock of human DNA will be eradicated, eliminating such evil tendencies of such evil people who inflict pain on others. As for the individuals who have committed these crimes, they shall be brought to justice. Eventually your world shall get past this barbaric age. At this moment it is still very real and it is up to all of you to initiate the change that needs to happen. Do not wait for change to come, if it is in your power to make the changes then do so, start making the changes for your world for the better.

I don’t want to focus on the negative. I have come here to bring out the positive in all of you, to illustrate the positive that is happening on your world. Day by day more positive things are happening, more people are connecting with each other. The network of spiritual connection is growing and ever expanding throughout your world. More and more hunger for the coming of the Age of Light and Life. You have much work to do my brothers and sisters. This work awaits all of you, for if change is to happen it will be because of you.

The day that you arrive on the Mansion World will be a glorious day, for behind you shall leave a wake of change. You will leave a positive and pure legacy that this world has not seen since the days of Jesus.

Know that we are here at hand to help you in any work that you initiate. We are here to guide you and support you in your work. Thank you all for coming here tonight, until next time, good night.

All: Thank you, good night.