Teacher: JarEl



T/R's: Betty and Douglas

Date: Aug. 10,1993

T/R Betty:

JarEl: My faith children, my faith students. You remember the Father. You put Him before you. We are pleased. I listened as you talked at the table. The light was dancing in your eyes. Your hearts were full of love. The Father knows that you are faithful and obedient, and that you would carry His banner. Try. You are being groomed. All of the rough edges will be ground away. The Light will shine from others as you pass them by. Douglas is right. There will be sacrifices, but they will be easy. You have helpers. You have Christ Michael by your side. You have the Father before you; beside you; behind you. The power of God protects. The love of God enfolds you. Wherever you are He is. I have come to tell you these things, to gladden your heart not to burden you. To lift your spirit and bathe your mind in peace. You are a fine example. We are pleased.

There are many here tonight. Many marvel at your belief, and how little we give you, and how much you give us. You are dearly loved. All of heaven is watching. Let me say that in the days to come there will be unexpected events. Keep your head high. Keep your eyes open. Look at what is behind; what you see in the shadows. We are in the shadow. Our form is reflected in the shadow. You must look for the real form.

Blessed be to the Father. He is gracious, and kind, and loving and warmth; much, much warmth. That is all.

T/R Douglas:

How splendidly, are our messages received by you. See how you grow.

Betty:Yes, JarEl.

JarEl: Greetings, my children. It is well that we practice together this way. You are getting more practice, Betty?

Betty:Yes, I am pleased to do it. I want to become very proficient. I want to do the Father's will.

JarEl: You are well on your way to that proficiency. Keep in mind changes are being made where needed throughout this Mission. We must wait for Douglas to slow down a bit. (Pause) That is better. It does not take strife, only yielding; yielding to the Divine will brings ease. Our message is very simple in this life. Simple indeed yet difficult for some. We instruct you to continue in your path. You do well. Now you perceive your growth, where before you perceived it not. This was the thought behind Douglas's question earlier. He is looking for organization which is present, but not necessarily in the customary forms.

Machiventa has wisely built flexibility into this Teaching Mission. Were we to come with rigid, structured procedures we would not account for the variety of personalities involved in this movement. So the rigidness would alienate many, causing them loss of this opportunity to participate in the Mission. So please understand flexibility. That we are molding this Mission around your needs, and in that vein we are meeting with great success.

You yourselves acknowledged this earlier. We could not have said it better. This is what we meant several meetings ago when we said it was not necessary to make all decisions for you. As you learn, you progress. As you progress,it is the result of your decisions, not necessarily ours. There are some areas where you are best suited to answer your own questions.

I am reminded that there is fatigue in both of you.

Betty: JarEl, I have some things that I want to say. I am sure you have heard these things, but....several things. One thing is that we've discussed after you give us your lessons in our Sunday group we are all sort of shy or hesitant to come forward to ask you the things that....it's almost like we forget what it is we need to know! I am not saying that very well, but I am sure you will understand. And I for one want to make an effort not to do that. To become more comfortable with seeking wisdom and I think that's happening for me. And we've talked about it and we're all....they have shared with me that they all want to make that effort as well. The other thing we have been talking very much about being....feeling homeless. Feeling that we need to find a place. That it's very important for us to have....have a suitable place in which to dwell. I'm looking for a place to live and considering maybe buying a house, and yet I am not sure if my job's going to last and I don't want to lose my savings. These worldly problems are overwhelming at times for many of us. Dixie has had to move in with her in-laws. Joe had to borrow rent, and he doesn't have a job. And I know that a lot of it is the times that we are living in. And yet somehow I want to believe that they will be helped; that we will be guided; that we will be led to do the proper thing; that will ensure that we have a place in which we can focus our attention on things other than just this survival stuff. It's so draining; it's so senseless. It's like... Can you address this? Can you make any sense out what I am saying, and try to give us some comfort about this. About being led in a direction that will free us up to spend more of our conscious time in doing the Father's will; in doing our Mission work.

JarEl: This is admirable. The desire to manifest the Father's will from His children is always admirable. I understand your plight. You seek security. The foundation from which to build from.

Betty:That's exactly it.

JarEl: We have a history of early man who secured himself in the caves. He was safe from attack from the rear, but he was also vulnerable because of the minute opening. And from this position his feeling of security allowed him to venture out and explore the land; gather food; take care his inquisitive needs, and safely he would go back into his cave.

The needs are the same today. A home is a foundation from which you can venture out and make your living; satisfy your inquisitiveness; concerning other things and most importantly fill the mandate to do the Father's will. It matters not where you live. You must make that dwelling secure.

In your society I believe it is the purchase of the home that provides the security. But as you say that security is contingent upon the other component of suitable employment. I think what you ask is, if we can guarantee that your needs will be met if you venture to secure a home? Your faith in Father will secure all of your needs. Let Him be your unfailing security. Places that you have homes are subject to earthquake, floods, fires, and other forms of natural disaster. But your faith in the Father is not subject to such calamities. Should these calamities befall you; you would still have to have faith in the Father for the re-establishment of your base of operation. One must live in accordance with his needs. We hope to guide you in those spiritual areas that will assist you in increasing your means, thereby affording you the means to purchase your dwellings. There is guidance in the text and always from the Father Fragment. Are you attempting to listen to his inner voice?

Betty: Yes.

JarEl: This is good. I am not aware of any other security that I can give to comfort you more.

Betty: This has been a big concern. You have comforted me. This has been a big comfort.

JarEl: I can truly say that your faith in the Father will make all things well. Count on it.

Betty: Yes, I know He will never leave me. Thank you, JarEl.

JarEl: Dear one, when we have that security of heart, you can do great things. When you are secure in your heart through your faith and belief, there is no room for fear. As Douglas' says, "you can boldly go where no man has gone before". Seek that security of heart. Does this help you?

Betty: Yes, very wise. And I know it's true.

JarEl: The others in your group are having difficult times. Remember in the history of Christ Michael and his disciples the chosen ones always have difficulties, but it was their plight to overcome the difficulties and remain steadfast in the Gospel. So it is with you who are chosen for this Mission. It is your plight to work on behalf of the Father and also maintain your earthly needs.

All of us gathered here desire your success in all things. Seek that security of heart. You will find through the Stillness. From there make your plans and step boldly out on faith to secure your place.

Betty:Yes. I will not be afraid.

JarEl: This pleases me. This pleases the Father that you have that faith; that you deny fear. All that is left is to act. Are there other questions that you would like to shed some light on?

Betty: Nothing comes up for me right now, JarEl. That was my big question, about the help, and I am not going to be afraid of that. I am to act wisely and get counsel about it from the proper resources and investigate what I need to know. And seek the Father, and ask for guidance, and not be afraid.

JarEl: This is well, daughter. There are smiles all around. Douglas asks who is smiling? There are visitors; high observers; midwayers; cherubim; teachers; unassigned teachers observing and evaluating our techniques and your progress. Yes, I will address that. The question is, "Is this group different from the other groups in the Mission?" I will say yes and no. No, in that all groups are part of the whole. Yes, in that you have been fortunate to bypass some of the error in confidence that were suffered in other earlier groups. So, yes this makes you special. It is not our belief that these conflicts and errors are a necessary part of group growth.

When we came to you, each had a good degree of spiritual development and this made it easy for us to structure this group and to work with those who were ready to transmit and receive. Each Teacher likes to feel that those he is assigned to are special. So, yes, you are all special to me. And I love you and it grows as I observe your struggling to fulfill the will of the Father. So consider yourselves especially loved. Does this help you?

Betty:We love you, too, JarEl.

JarEl: We will take our leave at this time. Remember to help one another to share the love and experience that comes only from the Father. Peace be with you and love. My peace I leave with you. Farewell.

Betty: Farewell, JarEl. Peace be with you. Love be with you. You have a wonderful week, and we will see you on Sunday.

JarEl: Thank you. Farewell!