Daniel - More on The Will of the Father - Nov 19, 1992 - Pocatello, ID

Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teacher: Daniel

Topic: More on the Father’s Will

November 29, 1992

Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis:

Daniel: "Good afternoon. I am Daniel, your teacher and guide. I am pleased that we could meet here again this evening and that the lessons of the past months are working in your behalf, in that you are becoming more conscious, more aware of your actions and, most importantly, you are putting forth more effort in aligning your paths with the Father; and you are becoming more attuned to His presence within you at all times.

The prior discussion has, indeed, brought forth many questions. In B3's assertion that it must be society that has much to do with the inability of Urantians to seek silence, to allow themselves solitude, indeed, society has done much to breed this into its thought processes. Children must be taught at a young age about being able to be alone with themselves, to seek inner solace, to learn that it is perfectly acceptable, ok, and favorable to have time alone where one can think and be at peace without television, radio and the like. Those of you who have children, who work with children, will behoove them if you so direct them in this direction, that they can learn and have this aspect of coming to silence and stillness as a part of their life, not something that must be worked so hard to obtain later in life.

What B1 has said, that he does in fact notice those days when he goes without silence, that not only does the coming to prayer time, to quiet time with the Father help you to learn about this His glorious being, but it also helps you to know yourself. It also helps you to keep focused so that you can let go as L2 was speaking about today. When you sit with the Father you open yourself up so that the Father fragment within you can work to help you to let go and let God. When you take the time for communication with the Father you open yourself up to other channels so that your angels and teachers can so direct you.

Often times as you travel down life's path you will meet obstacles where you are not sure if you are following God's will or the will or the unfolding of some other willful being. N1's question is one of large proportion for it is one that confronts you all. How do I know when I am following the Father or falling back into old paths, old ideas, or am being led astray by a forceful free will of another? And so these questions cannot be easily answered or answered with one pat answer. The best way to know if you are following the Father is to always daily meet with Him. Keep yourself focused and in that alignment so that you will be more conscious of what His will is.

Whenever you are sincerely striving to do His will, that which unfolds will, given proper time, proper understanding, and proper motive, be brought to good, to fruition of His will. While you are not able to understand certain happenings, certain trials or unfoldings in life, the one thing you can be most certain of is the Father's love is so encompassing that even if you should err or fall out of harmony, He will always be there reaching down to help you to come back into alignment with Him. To ask if what has happened this week, N1, has been God's will or yours is often fruitless. Rather than worry about that which has transpired, turn it over to the Father. Ask for guidance that all of you will know how and what to do in any given circumstance. And just because you petition the Father for guidance does not mean that you do not employ your own intellect, wisdom, understanding, and prior experience to help you also to go through the trials of life. The old saying that the Father helps those who help themselves is true to this extent, that you must help yourself but also ask for the guidance that you can help yourself along life's path. Because you have had many experiences or one experience in the past that is now being apparently or similarly reconstructed, for all of you, does not mean you are needing to relearn or needing to have more knowledge/experience in any given area. Life is life. Many things transpire.

When your motive and desire is to do the Father's will this will be the mainstay of your actions. It is only through your working to know the Father's will that you will come into real understanding of it. For most it will not happen in this life time. That does not excuse anyone from taking daily steps to know His will. You on this plane are very fortunate to have daily experiences and for you to be able to accept in faith the reality of the Father. In accepting His reality you take a grand step in your soul development. In accepting His reality you open yourselves up to the desire to learn and understand and know about the reality of the First Source and Center. And you, my friends here, have taken the third step and that is your desire to follow and do His will. Know that in this desire, in this motivation to do this, to follow Him, you will not err.

You must, however, realize that you are also human; that errors that are made because of human lack of understanding or human weaknesses are not carried with you. Know that no Urantian has ever been subjected to non-beingness for the actions incurred or done on this plane. The errors which you make are not part of your ascending being. Once you leave this plane and you choose to continue, the errors of the flesh are no longer with you. As you come into further understanding of yourself you will be able to be more loving and be able to give service.

The question, I understand, is how do I know when my loving service, that I deem to be loving, is indeed that which the Father decrees? You, my dear friends, must follow that which you are capable of being and doing. No more can be asked of you! What you are capable of being is an essential part of your progress on this plane. For you to quit now, quit learning, to stagnate, to not try to understand would be error. For no one in this room has yet reached their potential. Potentials can only be reached as you walk the road of life, learning, growing, accepting change, understanding yourselves, and understanding the relationship you have with the Father. As you take each step and as you grow, that understanding that you have of the Father and His will becomes a little bit easier to decipher. Do not belittle yourself when you are not understanding His will, rather come back to the sanctuary of the stillness where in this quiet mode you open yourself up that you can understand further and know a little more. Think of yourself like a balloon, ever expanding and growing. The balloon cannot be its full size in one breath, but through many puffs of air, it enlarges. You must take many puffs of breath. You must take many steps. You must seek the silence many times that you can grow and enlarge.

My friends, know within your heart, within your full being that you are all coming along. You are taking those steps. The beauty of what is transpiring here is that many are now beginning to bring God into their everyday lives. Whenever a free moment comes up, how many of you find yourself speaking with the Father, turning over to Him, asking for guidance, praying for another? How many of you during your work time are not finding yourself pausing for a moment to reflect upon the spiritual side of your being in some way, shape, or form? This is what it is all about, to be able to live fully your human life, being guided by the spiritual, and knowing joy from it! It happens fully when you work and turn yourself over to the Father.

This week I ask each of you to sincerely take that time. For when you do, you, yourself, will know and feel the change. Religion is this very aspect of you and your relationship with the Father. His will becomes more evident to you when you allow it, allow Him to imprint upon you that which He wants for His children. You will begin to see this pattern when you put your effort, love, desire, and motivation behind it. I will now accept questions."

V1: "Good evening, Daniel."

Daniel: "Hello, V1."

V1: "I think that is a question that, the one that N1 brought up and you answered by making sure that our motives are to love and serve God. Sometimes I think it is very difficult to know for sure our own motives. Often in my prayer time, quiet time, I say to God, 'as far as I know myself, this is the way I feel'. I think it is a very difficult thing for me to make sure that my motives are service and not for self. And yet I think this is what you are saying, that we have to learn about ourselves through quiet time. And if we do this, we will surely know our true motives. Is this what you are saying?"

Daniel: "The quiet time definitely does help you to remain focused and to help you to come into an understanding of self, your motives, your desires and the reasons for your actions. One must also, in this same light, ask the Father to help you to understand your motives so that you do know why and from whence you do. And definitely as you come into the knowledge of your being and your characteristics, you are able to ascertain more readily when you are following your own desires, motives, rather than the Father's. One must realize here, too, that often the desires that you have are very much in alignment with that of the Father; that just because you are human, just because you have human characteristics, weaknesses, does not mean that you are always in a confrontation of wills with the Father. If your will is truly to be of loving service to one another, then that, indeed, is in line with the Father! It is what transpires in following through with the loving service that brings about questions and misunderstanding about what is the Father's will. Realize that when you are working with others, their free agency also comes into play. The chances and circumstances of life also come into play. The indirect input that you may subconsciously put into any situation comes into play. Many variables go together to bring forth the unfoldings of life. It is when you are consciously striving to bring about righteousness, lovingness, forgiveness, tolerance, and the free following of the Father's will, this will be the thread that you will weave in your cloth of life; that even though there may be impediments along the way, the overall path you have taken states that you wanted to serve the Father, you wanted to know Him and love Him. And you are, indeed, His loving son and daughter. Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. It does. That reminded me of another thing that often times when I am trying to find direction and I pray for the Father's will, sometimes I have to assume that if things are carried through, that indeed it was the Father's will, or there would have been doors closed. And I don't know if that is fair[accurate] because you said there are chances in life. When you want the Father's will, is it too much of an assumption to say that...that was the Father's will if it happened? Do you know what I am trying to say?"

Daniel: "No one knows fully the Father's will. What all ascending beings know is this; that the Father is all love, mercy, compassion, and His essential will is that all of His children, His creations understand and grow so that they can be like Him. If you are consciously working to grow to that perfection, to know Him, your desire to follow His will, will so be recorded, will so be noted, will be the thing that will carry on with you. Yes, in life there will be many, many circumstances in which you will have no idea or inkling as to whether or not your actions, your input followed the Father's will. What is important is that you continually work to know Him, hoping and coming to the point in your life where you are able to communicate with that Indwelling Fragment, so that there is more certainty that your path, indeed, follows His will. Do you see?"

V1: "A little more clearly. Yes, thank you."

N1: "Hi, Daniel. I want to very sincerely thank you for that beautiful lesson this evening, and for spending so much time on the question that has been bothering me do deeply in the last few days. I have so many questions and yet where they all go, what I hear is that what I need to do is spend the time in quiet. But I do have another aspect that perhaps you could help me with. I realize that part of my desire is that I want to be so perfect, and so good and so loving that I really almost fall into a fearful place, that I am not going to be loving enough or good enough. And I think that interferes a lot with just having joy and trust and faith, because always there is that fear. And I was wondering..and I guess the answer to this one, too, is time with quiet time...uh."

Daniel: "May I interject here?"

N1: "Please!"(laughter)

Daniel: "Do you wish to deny your humanness?"

N1: "Well I have been accused of that and that's what I don't know."

Daniel: "Whenever one cannot get past the aspect that they desire perfection to such a degree that all else is shadowed, is brought out of focus, then you in some ways deny the reality of what life is. All here are of dual nature. It is part of the human desire and the hope to make things better, to grow and to brings things to more light and life, more perfection. But, you see, this is a goal that will reach for eons; it cannot be obtained in one lifetime here. So accept the humanness but realize that with each step you take, all of you are manifesting yourselves into a little more perfection. When you realize that, yes, you are subject to error, subject to disequalibrium, disharmony, then it helps you to know also that even though you have erred, that does not mean that you are not able, are not capable of obtaining perfection over time. And so, do not make the mistake of thinking that you must be seen or you must in your own life be so totally perfect. Know that the Father created ascending mortals so that they can take those steps toward perfection. Enjoy your humanness. Realize that the weaknesses of the flesh can be opportunities to grow toward perfection. This does not give you liberty to deliberately fall out of perfection, to deliberately do that which is wrong, but it does help you to realize that because you are human there will be times when you will fall and stumble. But because of the knowledge and wisdom that you have been given, you are able to pick yourself up and not stay down on the ground or turn around and backslide and walk the other direction. Your paths, my dears, all of you, are facing in that right direction. Your vision and sight extends beyond this planet. You are seeing with great foresight the possibilities that lie ahead. And so with all the possibilities and experiences that you will have to come, know now that the present is but a part. Live it to the fullest that you are able to do so knowing that you are, indeed, in the hands of a very loving, compassionate Father/Mother. Does this help?"

N1: "Yes, it does. I think that probably . .I started to ask a question at the end of last week when you charged us to enjoy our humanness as well as our divinity and I guess I'm not sure what it means to enjoy our humanness. And I know that maybe it's going to be a process to change my thinking because I know when I heard you say that we would stumble and fall I wanted to scream and cry out, 'But I don't want to!!' Getting back, I guess I am confused about what enjoying one's humanness means. I think I have some idea of what enjoying one's divinity means."

Daniel: "May I ask you what you deem to be important in being human?" N1: "Well, some experiences that I haven't had yet...but loving and sharing with one another and enjoying the material world. And enjoying physical nature."

Daniel: "Indeed, these are all a part of the realm of being able to enjoy your humanness. You are a electro-chemical mechanism stimulated by senses. These sensory inputs to you bring you many pleasures, bring you some not so favorable pleasures, in thinking of perhaps, changing a baby's diaper, so to speak. You see, life is made of many experiences. And so your sensory input is one aspect that I would ask you to always enjoy. The relationships you have with one another, while there may be some rocky ones, ones that are not always joyful, yet they are part of life. And to enjoy the friendship and comradery that you have with those who are important to you is enjoying your humanness. Enjoying the material comforts that you have is certainly enjoying your humanness. How wonderful it is on these cold winter days to be able to put on warm clothing and go out into the beauty of nature and her grandeur. To experience nature in all of its aspects is another way of enjoying your humanness. To then come in from the cold outdoors and sit before a fire that provides you warmth and a time when you sit and seek quiet, is another way to enjoy your humanness. Indeed, to be able to learn, to read a book, to grasp a new concept, to learn a new skill, to be able to work, all of these provide you with ways to enjoy your humanness. And I know that you really do understand that. The aspect that troubles you most is being able to work to bring about change in the lives of those around you, so that there can be more love, more peace, more equity so that there are not the haves and the have nots, there are not the injustices, that there is a way that you can reach those who do not understand the Father; that there would be a way that you could reach those that reject the Father. These are the stumbling blocks of your humanness that you are having a difficult time getting past. But this is also part of the aspect of being human. You must realize that even as you ascend you will be given problems, that things will come up hat you must make decisions; you must work; you must serve. But because you have broader understanding than you do here, it is not as difficult. In your working through life, then, hold fast to your faith so that when you do stumble and fall, when the things that you have trouble working through in your humanness are not what you would like it to be, that you can, because of your faith, carry on; that the spiritual aspect of your nature will take you through the hard times of human life. When you are spiritually aligned there will be times when as the adversities of life are upon you, you will be able to appreciate your stumbling, knowing that it is very fleeting and passing, that it, in fact, may be an experience that is bringing more soul growth. Has this helped?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel, thank you. It has helped tremendously. I'm still sort of stunned and I know there is a lot to work through. And it will probably, as always, be a process that won't be handled instantly. But I do deeply appreciate your answers to my questions."

Daniel: "You are most welcome. And for you all I must say that life is a process. Growing and changing is not easy. Coming to reality about many things within your own life can, indeed, bring turmoil. Another necessary reason for you to seek sanctuary and quiet with the Father so that you can work through those times of struggle with more ease."

B1: "Good evening Daniel."

Daniel: "Hello, B1."

B1: "I was reading in the last Welmek transcript that you are going to be giving a lesson to their group. We talked about that previously. So it sounds like that has been OKayed. My question is..will Welmek present a lesson to us in a sort of exchange? Can you tell us about that?"

Daniel: "This is what is being planned. And we are both looking forward to visiting with the different groups. A time frame has not been set up yet. We will and are working on lessons, on aspects of the presentation to you."

B1: "I am sure I speak for all of us. We are excited about this whole prospect. The other question I had was..last week we discussed and read the transcript from C1 regarding the process of several people or two people agreeing upon a time to be contacted by a teacher and write down what they think they heard and then compare notes, etc. I was talking with J2 on the phone yesterday and we talking about that process. You haven't mentioned that to us as an assignment to our group. Is that basically something that is happening with the Woods Cross group or do you want us to try and be doing this as well? I guess that is my question. Is this something you want us to be looking into?"

Daniel: "The Woods Cross transcript from C1 has been distributed to many groups. It is the desire of all of us that you would begin working in this direction. The time frame and the manner in which you set this up will be left to your discretion. Know that the more you practice, the more you work toward this end goal, the reality of it will come about."

B1: "Well, OK. Thank you very much. That is what I expected you would say and I just wanted to have it really clear. I have enjoyed your lesson and your comments, Daniel. I'll turn this over to somebody else."

Daniel: "Thank you, B1."

V1: "Daniel, that reminds me of something I read in the Welmek papers in that he has been reprimanded for sharing things where I have felt like we have been really probably very conservative in our little group here. And we maybe have not asked the questions, I'm not sure. I couldn't help but think of what you said, that even as we ascend that there will be times when errors are made. I guess what I am asking is..are you..oh, dear, this is very direct, it's OK..."

Daniel: "(interrupting) am I conservative?"

V1: "I'm wondering...(another voice, 'are you conservative??') Yes. Are you cautious and conservative in contrast to Welmek who probably puts his neck on the line more? Am I being out of line in asking that? It was interesting."

Daniel: "As you know, I am chuckling immensely.(much laughter) As you are aware, teachers are assigned according to groups, and indeed I am very cautious and have always been one that works within parameters. And boundaries are difficult for me to step over when I am unsure of the ramifications that stepping over these may have. When I am in full understanding that the information that I provide to you will not in any way hinder your spiritual growth or lead you down certain areas of speculation that would be fruitless, then I do refrain from being as liberal as Welmek. He has much more experience than I do. I admire him often for his ability to be more free."

V1: "Thank you, Daniel, very much. I felt like, of course, that teachers have been matched to groups. Your description of you is very much my description of me. I appreciate so very much who you are and what you stand for and what I can take. So thank you so much for being here and for everything you have taught us and worked with us and that comment especially."

Daniel: "And thank you all. I wish you to know my profound love for each and every one of you grow daily because of much lightness. I really appreciate your growth, your work and your striving to meet your potential and to know and love the Father. Indeed!"

K1: "Daniel, this is M3. I just wanted to thank you for being here early this evening and listening to our sharing time. That really helps a lot. And I hate to see N1 upset. And I feel some of the same things she feels about beating yourself up to do what you think is the Father's will. And I also know that you can only do so much for people and then you have to back off. But I think it is wonderful that you love us enough to address those situations with us. And thank you very much."

Daniel: "Thank you M3. Know that part of the work as teachers and guides is to answer those questions to help you to take the next step, to help you to glean a little more understanding, to come into more acceptance of yourselves and through that acceptance to open yourselves up to the presence and loving core of which God the Father is, indeed."

K1: "And I am going to Sarasota on Tuesday, if you would like to go with me. I am curious sometimes about how you guys get around and I know that it is none of my business, probably. If I am going and you need to go, you are more than welcome to go with me."

Daniel: "Thank you. I will accept your invitation, barring any other unforeseen circumstances at this time. The manner in which we get around is quite unimportant at this time. Know that we do not drive a Chevy pickup or a Ford.(uproarious laughter) Or a Dodge, either."(more uproarious laughter)

K1: "I know that! Thanks, Daniel."

Daniel: "You are welcome my friends!"

B1: "Now Daniel, in the Welmek transcript...I wasn't going to bring this up but I am now..there is discussion that occurs,(and I know you know this) that you teachers are talking about the feasibility or possibility of, good and bad points of some sort of visualization on the part of yourselves to your students. And I found that a fascinating concept. Do you want to talk about that, or are you willing to or am I asking something prematurely. Since you say you are a little conservative I will push you a little and ask you about this."

Daniel: "My only words to you are to enjoy a moment of speculation and to try to visualize how you think I would look."(nervous chuckles in the backround)

B1: "That's about what Alkon tells me, too. He says it is something that may happen in the future and to try to think about it. Well, let me ask you a little more serious question or a more pertinent one, perhaps. I understand that there are efforts being made to help us to improve our morontia visual abilities, which we don't have at all, I guess, at this point. Can you verify that this is correct information? Are we being worked on to possibly see more morontial reality?"

Daniel: "As you, yourselves, work to become aware of the Father, as you, yourselves, put forth the work of furthering your understanding about the purpose of life, as you, yourself, work through the many lessons given in life, and as you become more God-conscious, you allow yourself to become more spiritual in nature, so that the actions you do, the thoughts that you think, the direction that your life continues to unfold for you becomes more and more spiritual, less and less material oriented. In this vein you open yourself up for morontial growth, morontial vision. As this occurs there is a molecular change within your being so that this can occur. One must be ready and prepared for this to happen. Today, you talk about boderline people, and how their reality is questionable, is not fully connected, not fully grounded. In order for spiritual and more morontial occurrences to come into your life, you must, in analogy, see that you cannot be a boderline either in terms of your spiritual nature. Do you understand what I am saying?"

B1: "Yes. I hear you saying it is up to us to do the effort to make the growth for this molecular change to happen, so that it isn't something that is being done to us. It is happening when we make the effort. That is what I understood you to say."

Daniel: "Exactly! Yes."

B1: Ok, well I appreciate that. Thank you very much, Daniel."

V1: "Daniel. Some people can see auras and is this really just a very human thing, or is this part of the morontial sight?"

Daniel: "The ability to see auras stems from one's relaxing and letting go that it is possible. Auras are nothing more than the energy heat stemming from the electrical/chemical makeup of the human body. All such things are within the vision of mortals when they are open and are willing to look and see. It is not really morontial vision, however, it is an awakening that morontial vision is possible. Those who do not believe they could see an aura do not allow themselves the possibility of seeing morontially. You question as to whether it is morontial vision, it is not."

V1: "Thank you, Daniel. One other question along with that..do teachers then have auras that could be seen, which would be a very natural phenomenon for a mortal?"

Daniel: "Often times that which is perceived by the individual is an aura-like form, indeed. And because this is a natural outlet for the human to be able to perceive, often the teachers will take on a light-like form at the beginning, indeed."

V1: "Thank you, Daniel."

N1: "Daniel, your comment on borderlines brings me to a further question which is something of my concern. Is there anything that can be done for borderline personalities or is my understanding correct that they really don't have the desire to change and just sap everybody's energy around. And is it fair to label someone that and withhold that energy if one doesn't really know for sure?"

Daniel: "To withhold loving service and giving to anyone is not a preferred way. When you are dealing with certain individuals, however, there is a cutoff point from which you must decipher, know within your own being for you. Let me restate. Some people are more tolerant, more able to keep giving and giving, despite what is given back, what is happening. If you are dealing with a person who is very much unwilling to change, very much in the mode of only draining the energies and resources of others, then, indeed, you must have a cutoff point in that which you can do and give for them. Recall even Christ Michael understood this, that there should not be given spiritual truths to those who are not ready. To continue to give service to those who cannot appreciate, cannot know their own responsibility time and time again, is unwise. And so, to each of you as you go through life, you will meet and come upon those persons whom you must, after you have done all you physically can, put up barriers, parameters to what you can further do; all the while and from that point on, however, you can continue to pray for guidance for that person so that they can at some point begin to see in clearer light, can be brought into the reality of life and their own need to be accountable and responsible. Many of these people will not be reformed, so to speak, during this life. For you to pray for them would be the loving service, rather than actual physical giving. Does this help?"

N1: "Very much, indeed. Thank you."

K1: "Daniel, just a quick question about the morontial light and the aura thing...when you say...and the same thing for hearing our teachers..when you say that all we have to do is to be willing for this to happen and have a desire for it to happen..I feel like I have that in my head, but am I missing something? Like, would I have a heart attack or something or would it scare me to death No, you guys, I'm serious to do this stuff and I don't know what I'm not willing[to do] and not releasing. If you could help I would appreciate it."

Daniel: "You will not be given any more than you are capable of accepting for all of this 'stuff' hinges on free will and that which you put barriers to will be respected. Do not become unduly alarmed or fearful or any of these things. Rather than think on this measure of visualizing or the like, do not concern yourself with that. Concern yourself with the business of life, of knowing yourselves and your brothers and sisters, of knowing the Father and doing His will. In doing this as you grow and become and reach your potential, not only human potential but your spiritual one, then that which you are ready for at any given time will be opened up for you. We would not do anything that would bring harm to you and your physical being. I am not going to materialize now here before you and I would not do anything that would bring you fear. My lessons over the many months have dealt with you being able to let go of that fear, that you can love and serve and know the Father. These messages coming through are given so that there will be a preparedness if and when these things happen. In the mean time, work to build and create that beautiful human and spiritual being that you all are. Do you see?"

K1: "Yes, Daniel. I was kidding when I said something about[a heart attack]..I know you would never do anything to hurt us physically. Sometimes I just feel in my heart that I am ready for whatever would happen. And when you say that we are able to accept it, I wonder if there is a fault in me. And I understand that just because I feel like I am ready, I may not be ready. And that is what you are telling me. And I know you love us and I love you and I didn't mean to...I am just teasing."

Daniel: "This is understood, of course. However, there are many that read these transcripts that would not be teasing, that would definitely fear or have much doubt in this regard.

I will close this meeting now, giving you, as always, my love; asking you to take time this week to consciously enter in to the quiet chambers of communication with the Father. Even if this is very temporary time, very short time, it is important that you do take the time. One of the most misunderstood things about this planet at this day and age is that Urantians feel that they do not have the time to sit with the Father. This is error. When you make that time for Him you are given much during this time that helps you to be very creative, to be more creative in your human life, and you will find that when you spend the time with the Father, then all of those seemingly important tasks that you thought you had to have done right now, will also get done. It is through your time with Him that you develop creativity in your outer life. And things will get done. Time spent with the Father often opens you into ways that help you to work through the things in your human life with much more speed, much more wisdom and understanding. And if you will forgive my last thing here..try it, you might like it.(laughter) I love you all. Go now in peace."

Group: "Thank you Daniel. Good night."