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T/R : S. Butterfield

January 13, 2002

This one reminds me of Celestial Nights, 2001, and beloved Wendy and Dennis, who had a tiff the night before their wedding on the beach. Our group member, Sandy, previously married, was about to be married again and was going through the prenuptial jitters. I also think of Celestial Nights 2002, and the weddings about to be performed on that same beach. David and I send our love to all of you attending.

I love this lesson: to learn to anticipate the fulfillment of love and joy with certainty, confidence, faith and trust has been a major turning point in my life toward becoming "disappointment-proof," especially in marriage. I can still be disappointed, and I still rage at life's terms and lessons from time to time, but I am able now to more quickly step into the heart room, back into peace of mind and the generosity of the certainty of God's love.

Thank you to the teachers, and to all of you learning how to love, and how to stand tall with the humility of respect for love as you walk down the aisle of life's lessons, S

Sunday, January 13, 2002

Alana :

Alana : This is Alana.

D : Welcome, Alana.

Alana : Yes.

S : I always feel such joy in anticipating your presence, Alana. Thank you.

Alana : Thank you. The joy of anticipation, your practice, yes? And bringing that anticipation into your walking life. This, my beloveds, requires the shedding of the scales of the dried and worn out skin; a skin that has become so hardened and thick from your encounters with distress, disappointment, angers, and upheaval that you bring fear and dread into your anticipation. To shed that skin is to step bravely into the stillness and to drink from the fountain of love: then, to bring forth the drink of love, the living waters of love, watering the encounters before you, watering the beloveds embraced by your life, and watering the far-away clashes and clamor of which you are told and which may strike your mind with the fear that grows on your planet for lack of the waters of love. And so, with practice, by habit of mind, when you see or encounter fear, you are guided by love to go within and allow love to be spoken.

It is love and joy that you so eagerly anticipate. Fear and doubt have the capacity to dismantle the function of anticipation, which, like the glass that carries the water, serves to bring you closer, and by its energy and construction, serves to tip you over into the realities of love and joy. The mind that has been sufficiently convinced by fear and doubt will become habitual in its experience of the anxiety of anticipation: endlessly anticipating love and joy, yet remaining in a state of the shadows of fear and doubt; fear and doubt held at bay like a vicious dog bearing its teeth, but love and joy greatly drowned out by the sound of the barking.

This is not to say, beloved, that your anticipation of the love and joy of meeting with me is such a pattern, but I have listened to you, carefully, and I have heard how the barking of the past, the baying of the wounds, have served to turn anticipation into the gray shadows of fear and doubt. I am glad, so very glad, that you, all of you, come regularly to visit with me, Legion, Devina, and others, for this allows you to experience the realities of love and joy: as well, to experience the anticipation of the coming greeting, when we will return again to be with you, to serve you the drink of love. This, my friends, like the practice of the stillness, this, too, is a practice I recommend: to fully experience the anticipation of love and joy fulfilled.

As you have learned to apply the stillness to your daily interactions, and as you have learned to enter the heart room in moments of distress, so I would ask you to enter into anticipation of that for which you have yearned, for that which you have chosen, for that which you imagine, and to step into that anticipation fully knowing anticipation of love and joy may be fulfilled, will be fulfilled, for it is God¹s will that you know the love and joy of which I speak. And as you stay steady on the path of love and joy, so you will become greater in your capacity, and stronger in your ability to realize love and joy on your planet, among your fellow beings, with those with whom you choose to live and work and know and understand.

This, my beloved, is my sneaky way to raise the question of your marriage. (S, soon to be married, had been feeling a deep, old fear of marriage.)

S : You are sneaky, Alana.

Alana : Yes. Thank you.

S : You knew that was a compliment, didn’t you. Just keep me on the path, I pray, I pray. Thank you for all of your help.

Alana : Beloved, step into the heart room. Join me. Enter into my embrace. Sweet one, know your sweetness. It has been tested. It is real. My sweetness is known by you, for you have sweetness that can know and be known. Allow, now. Allow love, beloved. As you allow my love, so allow your love to be real. So allow your lover¹s love to be real. Yes? You understand?

S : Yes.

Alana : So I hold you now, in my lap, beloved. Do not fear. Change is coming. Change will always come. It is not change you fear. You place your fears upon the idea of change: the idea of change going in the wrong direction, the idea of change causing pain. But my beloved, all change is welcome in the heart room. It is welcomed with love, as I welcome you, now, in my embrace, upon my lap. Carry this lesson with you as you go, even stumble, along the path, that love is never lost. As you grow, and you shed the fears and doubts of what you call mistakes, of what I call learning, staying true to love, the love within, the love that is yours to give away, you will discover love is strong, love endures, love is with you when you are lonely. All it takes, beloved, is the same simple step you have taken with me in pure faith in God¹s love. You step in. The choice, beloved, is to love, and you have chosen to love. As a human being you say that love makes you vulnerable. So I have given you my heart room that you may gain courage from my embrace, gain strength from the love that pours down into the heart room, the love that is blown into the heart room, the love that I give to you freely.

 S : Thank you so much, Alana.

Alana : Yes. Stand tall, beloved, as you walk down that aisle of life¹s lessons. Stand tall in love. Yes? Thank you.

S (and others) : Thank you.

Alana : We bring into the heart room now all those you would have know God¹s love as you know God¹s love. The source of joy. The source of peace. The source of being able with your human minds to comprehend. Everyone of you would be loved. Everyone of you seeks to know love. This is how to understand such acts of behavior that lead you to fear and doubt, that lead you to anger and revenge, that lead you to shut one another out. Everyone of you on your planet would know love. Everyone of you yearns for love. Resting in the heart room you have the opportunity to look upon your world through the focus of love, to look upon your fellow human beings, your friends, your partners, your loved ones, your enemies, and to see them through the focus of love. As you allow your eyes to see love, everywhere pouring into each heart...(I had forgotten to replace my batteries and the rest is lost. I apologize to all of you.)