Daniel - Tolerance - Prejudices - Mar 08, 1992 - Pocatello, ID



Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teacher: Daniel

Topics: Tolerance & Prejudices

March 8, 1992


Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis


Daniel: "I am Daniel. I am your teacher. As always I am happy and moved to be here with you. Your presence to these weekly meetings attests to your desire and commitment. Remain steadfast, for spiritual awakening comes about in these weekly meeting. During this past week there was a more firm commitment from this group. It is though daily communion and communication with the Father that clarity in your lives will be brought about. I commend you for your dedication. It is not always easy, for sure.

This evening we will be discussing tolerance, understanding, and prejudices. These three things interact with each other, weave in and out forming a picture, a whole. Understanding is that virtue which you fulfill fill when you see another person as they are and accept them for that. Understanding is, also, when you reach a clarity about some aspect. The last few weeks we have spoken about love and forgiveness. In this, you were asked to come to an understanding about yourself; to know who you are and why you do things, knowing your motives. So understanding, then, starts with yourself and then reaches out into the broader realm.


It is through this understanding, this knowledge of, that you develop tolerance, that you can overcome prejudice. When you are accepting of yourself, then you are not fearful of others, for intolerance and prejudice are founded on fear; fear of another's beliefs, another's culture, another's way of life, another race or color. So total acceptance of yourself, understanding yourself, frees you so that the ways of others cannot bring fear or misunderstanding, misgivings, or the like. You are able to get past these traits, for in ridding yourself of fear you leave yourself open to others. You are able to see them as struggling humans as yourself. If you will take the time to know another, then you will be accepting.


So release yourself of fear and welcome others. Welcome different ways of thinking, different cultural backgrounds, different religious beliefs, and know that the person you are embracing is just like you. Perhaps if you walked in his shoes you would be him. And if he walked in yours, the same. And so, you see, people are products of their environment, their heredity, their belief structures, values and mores. Even though you may not agree with others, this does not mean that they are necessarily wrong or that you are wrong, that they are right, or that you are right. Their perspective is different. It is in coming to terms and understanding their perception that you develop tolerance for them and love.


Even within the culture that you are raised, you will find many differences in people; in life styles, in dress, in the manner in which the hair is combed. And so it becomes important not to judge another by mere appearances. An example of this can be see in you adolescents, teenagers who in their quest for independence and individuality dress in a fashion that parents object to. They may wear their hair in styles that seem unconventional and yet if you have understanding that this is just part of their growth, the your own life, as well as theirs, will be much easier. Tolerate these types of things for they are not permanent, they pass away with time. The wedge you put between you and people in intolerance is much harder to alleviate than is the understanding of people.


To clarify, is it not easier to learn of another...one moment.. in a relationship with a person whom you meet for the first time and you in your lack of understanding form a negative opinion about this person which clouds your interaction with them, hampers your reaching out to them and the road you become more knowledgeable about this person and a friendship develops? You most certainly think back on your first encounter., Your perception is now changed. You could have had this same perception originally had you not formed an opinion before you had understanding. So the message tonight then is to hold back on opinions that hamper your understanding, your tolerance.


The Master Himself taught us many lessons in this regard. When He walked this earth, He did not look at anyone differently than He did Himself. He was open to all and was friends with all, but scorned by many who were not understanding, were not tolerant. Allowing the prostitute to wash His fee was not acceptable to many, for their tolerance was not of a spiritual nature. Tolerance of others, understanding of others does away with prejudice.


In your world today there is a resurgence of this evil. So my pupils, do your part in being understanding of others. For as you change and go about your daily life your influence is felt by others. The teachings that are being presented are for this very act, to bring about these changes for spiritual growth and love of all mankind to have a unifying effect in the brotherhood of all. do not let your own fear hold you back. If you find this happening then, again, seek understanding of yourself. You will be pillars to others. You need to make your pillar strong. Do not use materials that will cause it to erode in bad weather. Know yourself. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Understand yourself. Tolerate yourself. With this at the foundation you can

reach out to others. I will now accept questions."


C2: " Daniel, this is C2 This word tolerance I have heard used to say that it is really more patronizing, that there is another step that goes beyond and that is to acceptance, which would lead us into not just tolerance but more true loving or feelings toward another. Can you say more about that?"


Daniel: "Yes C2. And what you say is correct. For you see in understanding and tolerating you naturally become accepting. acceptance has a twofold meaning in that you may be accepting of another person and their beliefs but not necessarily believe them yourself, rather you respect them for who and what they are. That is one form of acceptance. The other being accepting of their belief system as an example, or of their being. acceptance is a natural flow from tolerance and understanding. As you accept one another you form unique bonds. This bonding has a unifying effect. If the person who is being accepted, accepts you likewise, then there is trust, there is mutual friendship, there is respect and in this acceptance then there is honesty. When you can be truly honest with another then you can plant seeds for them, because you do not hamper their freedom. You allow them to be who they are and they you. And honest discussion about belief systems, values, morals can take place. And through your example and these discussions these seeds are planted and you allow them another avenue to explore. and so, Yes, acceptance is the next step. Does this help?"


C2: "Yes, thank you, Daniel. I have just heard so many times in the words of hurting people, 'Yes, I was tolerated, but I have never really felt accepted'. and so that was at the root source of my questions in regards to the issue of being patronized in many ways."


Daniel: "There has to be honesty in your understanding and tolerance, for when you are not honest, you are not truly being tolerant or understanding, you are read like an open book."


C2: "Thank you."


F1: "Daniel, this is F1. I just want to thank you and tell you how grateful I am for your teachings. I have gotten so much. and I have a question. Through my desire to dot he will of God I have a F1 in me that doesn't want to do the will of God, and she's very rebellious and it seems like she fights me every step of the way. and I have a hard time with the inner turmoil because sometimes I am split right in half. And I was wondering if through self love I can overcome this or what the answer could be, like through prayer? I do pray about it a lot."


Daniel: "Yes, and F1 as you progress through the various worlds you ill always have struggle, as does everyone. I, myself, still struggle. Part of what you are feeling stems from having a dual nature. You are a mortal, a material being. You are also a spiritual being. And this is the conflict you feel in trying to resolve and make compatible both the material and the spiritual. As you learn self love and forgiveness, as you are able to forgo ego, these feelings you have will grow less worrisome, less toiling, will not be as pointed as they seem now. For as you become more spiritually alive, then you develop, you grow more in spiritual/morontial levels. The material becomes less important, less defined, and your whole outlook, your whole being takes on more divine attributes, more of the Father's will. And as you have progressed you have started to do this and you will continue. Yes, build your foundation with your love of self and your struggles will be lighter. You, and all of you here, have made great gains. I am aware that you look at yourself and say, 'but I haven't changed', but your have. Soul growth is what you are building, growth of those things you will keep throughout eternity. You are of a dual nature. You have potentials and actuals. So know that as you incur more wisdom, knowledge, spiritual growth, your soul is developing and growing from the embryonic stage into infanthood. This, you are not totally conscious of. That is all."


B1: "Daniel, this is B1. In myself I find I have degrees of intolerance and tolerance, and I'm sure I'm just like everybody else in this regard. But I find it a lost easier to tolerate a difference with someone else's interests, say they like football and I don't care for football. They like those or that activity and maybe I do to some extent, and etc. The part that's difficult for me is when I confront, either on an individual basis or on a cultural basis, a value system, in a person or in a culture, that I really don't agree with at all. I'll give you an example. As someone who is involved in education, I am very distraught with the way our culture devalues education and educators and tends to blame them for the failure of children to learn, when I see the problem as a worshiping of money and power rather than education and humane values. So when I encounter someone who holds those values of materialism, not that I am not somewhat of a materialist, that's not the point, but when they blatantly say the American ideal, the Good Life is to get rich, is to look out for number one, is to step on someone else so that they don't step on you, those kinds of things, then I become incensed at times and I become very intolerant. And I guess I'm feeling that I don't know how to deal with that, and I'm not sure it is wrong for me to feel upset and etc. and perhaps you'll say it is. And so I would like you to comment on what I just said if you will, please.


Daniel: "This is a very good question because it is on everyone's mind and this is the part that does become difficult for you to know what to do or where you are really at in your feelings. Again realize that God works through everyone through the Thought Adjuster and know that, yes, in your own right you do have liberty to feel incensed, upset. Even Jesus felt this. For you wee what you are doing is looking and judging the person by his belief system. And it is ok not to tolerate or accept other's belief systems. What becomes the bottom line is, here is a person, a son or daughter of the Father, as you, who has a free will, who has an Indwelling Spirit, and this is the part that needs to be loved and tolerated. And beyond that you will often be unable to feel more for that person than that., But what happens at times like these calls for much patience and understanding on your part to realize that this person is a product of his own environment, what he was taught, what he was raised to believe to be right or wrong, truth or untruth. And so it becomes an issue of saying to this person that you understand their position, however, you do not follow it. Again, you need to be able to be in a relationship where you can be honest with one another so that if the other person is so willing, you can share your beliefs. One moment...the many distractions have interrupted D3's concentration.


The discussion was somewhat fragmented. The point that needs to be made is that you may not agree with another, however, you need to be accepting of him as a person, his being, his presence. This is the point of the lesson that I was teaching tonight. While many have different beliefs, values, and morals, you need to understand that no two people are alike and that is perfectly ok. That is how it should be. Your job is to be understanding of others beliefs so that you can be tolerant and loving of that person, not necessarily accepting or condoning their beliefs. Is that clear?"


B1: "Yes, that's a lot better. And I do recognize that Jesus became angry at times when he recognized what he considered to be bad things in His world, and etc. but still loved individuals as children of God. Thank you for reminding me of that."


Daniel: "Yes."


B6: "We all live in a material world and one question I had is we are supposed to be tolerant and understanding and perhaps unjudgmental, but regarding what we or I might consider as the intolerable acts of individuals we are supposed to be tolerant and understanding of, my first inclination is to take immediate corrective action! Would you speak to this, thank you."


Daniel: "In regard to your son?"(hearty laughter)


B6: "That too!" (more laughter)"No, I wasn't speaking specifically about my son. I can think of perhaps several examples. We recently fought a war with a gentleman that had his country doing what we felt was intolerable at that time. There are social situations going on, for instance there are people luring adolescents and children into the use of drugs which will destroy their lives and etc. It would be my inclination to take immediate, corrective action."


Daniel: "These types of questions are not easy to answer, for sure. First, it borders on human will, human problems, morality, ethics. These types of questions cannot be dictated from this side. It cannot be our place to say what is right or wrong. In overseeing these questions you ask, I understand fully the dilemma you are in. It borders almost on paradox. For how do you rectify these wrongs in a world where there are so many? In a war, as in most things, there are always two stories, often more. And so it always must start with the individual. As you become more spiritually enlightened you are able to see past the immediate injustice, so to speak, while Jesus, Himself, felt He would not go against the law Himself, for He felt that social justice was necessary in order to maintain law and order. So in this regard my words would be that as a member of society then you need to do your part to fight against these injustices through legislation, through your proper channels in letter writing, or telephoning, or setting up committees to help rectify these injustices. As you put your personal input into these, change does, slowly, come about. And know that currently there is more hope for you as there is more global uplifting, spiritual guidance, than there has ever been. For there are many beings working on your behalf to help in rectifying these social injustices.


Immediate action is not always the best course. It sometimes is. Change cannot be too rapid or there would be more chaos that there is now. so to this group I admonish you to assume your social responsibility to help in those areas where you personally feel you want to help. There are so many areas that you cannot do it all. so choose an area and do what you can for it. Often in taking care of something immediately it comes down to poor judgment and sometimes revenge creeps in. Can you understand that? It is important that in bringing about changes that your doing so is in spiritual alignment as well."


K5 "Daniel, this is K3. My question is concerning fear. It is my opinion that fear in itself is antichrist or anti-Christian, anti-human, not that fear can't be good but its in that faith and hope are what we build our lives on and be more human or more Christian. And I think there is a real value to having fear, but I'm complicating this question, but I'm talking about the negative side of fear. I think that fear is created in our everyday awareness when we are faced with that at all kinds of levels: fear of losing a job; fear of being homeless; fear of war; fear of our child being molested, etc., etc. I think that here are some real concerns for the rear, except I think in a negative sense, this can be disastrous to our spiritual growth and our being whole humans. I guess a couple of questions that come from that are how does one overcome the real fear? There are some things out there that we should be fully concerned about. On a planetary level, the ozone layer and in our own personal lives are some real things to be concerned about. In concrete ways, how does one develop a sense of hope and faith to overcome the real fears we have confronting us?"


Daniel: "Fear itself is an animalistic quality that stems from your very beginnings. It is the base animalistic response that meant survival for your ancestors. As the evolution of man progressed and to the point where the indwelling spirit was common for the human race, the human species still carries the baggage from its past. And fear is the one trait which still is very prominent for your species. It is, in a sense, still part of your survival mechanisms for having fear, it stirs you to action.. In the fears you now have for planetary survival, you are being called to take action. so in this sense, fear serves a purpose.

The problem stems from allowing fear to become so dominant that you are unable to take measures for action. so in your fears for your planetary survival, realize that the fear comes from not totally understanding or knowing how to bring about change. Your scientists still do not understand the ozone. What really triggers its depletion is still being debated. This causes fear, lack of understanding. How to change so that you have more ozone also cause fear, lack of knowing what to do. So if you use this fear to motivate you to bring about change, then fear has an advantage. In your personal life fear can also work this way. Just don't let it become dominant. Know that in you is the Indwelling Spirit, that part of you which is from God. Know that you have your soul which is in development. Know that the faith that the Father gives you should alleviate your fear. If you have fear, knowing these things, then you are very quickly shutting down avenues that are open to you. You see spiritual growth and enlightenment opens you to all areas of your life. As you become more in tune with the guidance of the Mystery Monitor, then you become more knowledgeable, you gain wisdom and insight and that in turn opens out to the material world and prosperity will naturally open up to you, not in a material sense, but you will be provided for. Look to the birds in the air, even they are provided for by the love and will of the Father. And so you too, my pupils, will be provided for. Fear not for that, rather open yourself to love, open yourself to knowledge, to wisdom, to the prompting of your Indwelling Spirit. Do not let fear for your material well being stop you. Let it go. Do not let it close off channels. Fear is a poison of the soul. It slowly kills and robs you of insight. Do not let it take dominance in your life. Use natural fear to bring about action, and then let it go."


K3: "Daniel, I have more questions in the area of fear but I am sensing that D3 is getting tired, so it is up to you if you feel you want to continue this, if not we can pursue this at another time. I just want to check this to see where everybody is at, where you are at."


Daniel: "Yes, at another time or if you wish to meet privately you may let D3 know."


B2 "Daniel, this is B1. May I ask one more question?"


Daniel: "Yes."


B2: "My concern is about adolescence and my experience directly, but if you could speak in general. This week I have been dealing with the question of how to direct my child on a path where they're aware they are making their own choices rather than following peer pressure, they are standing on their own. How do I encourage that, in my child, without hurting their self esteem, in particular with the issue of tolerance of fashion or actions. Is that clear?"


Daniel: "Yes, and this is not always possible. Children, especially young adolescents are in a state of change, physically, mentally, and spiritually. They are not sure from day to day, often from moment to moment of who they are, or what they should be doing, or why they even exist. This is the hardest time for the child as well as the parent..for sure! As you raise this child it is through your actions that they see a foundation, a pillar to lean on. And while they may stray from the pillar it is still on the horizon, it is still seen. And so by making sure your pillar is strong, is consistent, then they will have you in sight. And the values that you have will be there for them. They may falter, they may totally disregard your values. If they know that you love them regardless, if you are steadfast in your ways, then as they become more sure of themselves they will draw close to the pillar again, and your values will be theirs. You must put them on a long leash, but know that the leash is the security they need to feel, that when they are down you are still there for them. You can pull and draw them in. And again they will wander and again you can draw them in, during this hurtful, often painful time that you allow them to grow. If you set an example in your own home life, say for instance at a dinner discussion, you, yourself point out a way that you, yourself, rose above following the crowd, that you looked at a situation and decided if it was good or bad, and you took the high road because that was what you knew you had to do to feel good about yourself. The child must see your example and it is from that they eventually will pull themselves in and draw near to you again. Does this help?"


B2: "Yes, thank you."


Daniel: "It is getting late and D3 does tire. I want you all to know that my love for you grows daily. As I learn more about you and understand you I am able to learn and grow myself. And I am able to feel more love. And so know that his is not a lesson that you will learn on this planet, that as you go through time, you keep learning this with more depth and insight. And so I leave you with my love and my peace and my encouragement that you will take time to understand one another. Good night."


Group: "Good night, Daniel."