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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group




Culture of Cooperation

Spirit Gravity Circuit

April 4, 2004

* Elyon (Jonathan TR) Greetings to you, this is Elyon, happy to be with you today in company. Our association is cherished by myself. It is always a blessing to be part of your life. We can always learn from each other and in doing so apply each other's experience to our own lives and in so doing expand our ability to grow, to mature as a spirit being. Socialization and fraternity are nutrients of the spiritual life, and it does benefit the soul to have a variety of such nutrients for a balanced spiritual diet. In a competitive world such as the world you dwell upon great emphasis is placed upon ownership and originality, the possessiveness of things including that of what you call intellectual property.

Even your industry of celebrity is geared toward non-replication, that being, each star is valued for his or her unique abilities and personality. However, when you ascend into the realms of morontia, you will be refreshed by a culture of cooperation where emulation is seen as honoring another's abilities. It is not seen as copying; it is not viewed derogatorily. In a competitive world honor is given to one elevated, seen as apart and above; more highly capable, accomplished, authoritative, or sanctioned, even crowned.

Those who honor clamor to be honored, all the while functioning such that undue honor is not granted ahead of esteemed value. And there is a tendency in human nature to pull down each other, citing the ambition of pride, the "and so, who are you?" attack. In so doing one's brother or sister is hindered in aspiration, and the attempt to better oneself is undertaken separately from, competitively with, one's fellows. Honor can create a chasm. Father has decreed that each creature strive for the perfection of manifestation of personality, and to do so He has expressed that you seek His will, for, in the comprehension and outworking of His divine purpose, you will attain that invitation. To honor God, while He is due all adoration and respect and high esteem, your greatest acknowledgment of His almighty qualities is for you to attempt, however imperfectly, to manifest those divine qualities resident within you. You are not usurping God's status and position; you are not deifying yourself as a substitute for His holy power and personality. God is presented as a parent, and you are His children.

There is always a child born among a family who exceeds the abilities and talents of the parent. Each parent is proud of that child's accomplishment and feels honored to have such excellence displayed through the family. This is the sentiment of Father. Your respect for the divine is not found in self deprecation as a counterbalance to the purity and sublimity of God. It is your willingness to express creatively your talents that acknowledges the power of God, His kindness, for in His blessing you with such abilities, He has done what can be done as a divine parent. But these traits and qualities are to be cultivated by you, developed into greater manifestation, thus fulfilling the reason for such blessings to be bestowed. This is the meaning of the parable of the ten talents. Michael revealed the Father in his life on earth, and it was to his Father that he gave all honor.

While mankind in general recognizes Jesus' personality as one that reveals the nature of divinity, his intention was not for his own elevated recognition. His intention was that each one of you go forth and do likewise, for this is your unique way to give God credit for who you are and for the reality of the divine support. In worship dispense with any feelings of unworthiness in your recognition of the stupendousness of God. Worship is an embrace and a recognition of belonging. It draws creature and Creator together. It should never widen the gap of lowly creature and the high and holy God. The spirit gravity circuits throughout the universe constantly draw at the spirit nucleus of your being, pulling you into orbit around the divine center of all things. When you worship, when you lift up God in recognition of His being, you are sliding into the inward pull of this spirit circuit, not passively, but contributorily.

While the circuits are ever present and always pulling upon you, your willing effort hastens the increased closeness that these circuits are, in effect, set up to accomplish. You know from pushing another on a swing that one push sets the swing in motion and that the individual on the swing can continue motion through rhythmic gestures, but that the swinging is assisted by your timely push. Out of synch you disrupt the flow. At the precise moment, well placed, the swing is enhanced. The circuits create the momentum such as the swing has; your worship enhances the circuits. You are a vital contribution. When you respond to your adoration of God by expressing your spiritual nature in your lives, you increase the drawing power of the spirit circuits. The intensity of the draw is enhanced. While associated with physical gravity by the word "gravity", it is not impersonal. It is a field of energy within which personality resides. It is very much connected to presence and being, unlike physical gravity which is connected to matter and energy. Every effort you make to transform your character along the lines of Michael's manifestation to you in his earth life will elevate God in your soul and reveal the relationship to others. You will derive true self respect, for you will coordinate clearly in your mind the real relationship between the Creator of all and yourself, one small creature among a vast universe of personalities. I have completed my list of points I wish to express today.

Evelyn I like what you said at the start about how we will be pleasantly surprised to find cooperation rather than competition to be the way of the morontia worlds. I find it refreshing when I stumble upon it here.

* Elyon It will be one of the first highly notable differences after you transition from this way of living on Urantia. While greater challenges await you in the morontia phase of existence, the ability to accomplish growth in the face of these challenges is heightened because of this cooperative atmosphere. A crowd moving in the same direction helps each one along. A crowd where every individual runs in various directions contrary to one another does not aid the progress of anyone. This is recognized and used to its fullness in the morontia realms. Each one is helped and all move together beneficially.

Ginny When we appear on the other side one of our greatest adjustments will be learning how to be cooperative and not competitive. For us to seek this daily will be a pleasure. For those who are totally competitive it will be a great adjustment.

* Elyon It will. A helpful factor in overcoming the tendency to compete will be the loss of the impulse towards self-preservation, for you will have experienced the death transition, and preservation will no longer be an issue. However, education will be required to shift the mind focus from self advancement at the expense of others to self advancement along with the upliftment and advancement of others. You have been told of your visits to each mansion world, even though you are evaluated as advanced in status to be domiciled on a particular mansion level, you are to become familiar with all seven levels. One of the benefits derived from such world visitations is a comprehensive perspective of belonging, of association in cooperation, of mutual interest in soul advancement. Coming from a world of rank and status at the expense of others' loss and degradation, you will realize that status and rank in the morontia realms is only a transition stage, a step to higher levels, and that all beings undertake such transformation. In the comprehension of Supremacy you will further realize the advancement of your fellow is upliftment of oneself. This is the meaning behind the phrase that Jesus spoke of when he said that he who will save his life must lose it. He who is to be first must make himself last.

Ginny Does any competition at all exist on the mansion worlds? Is there a healthy competition?

* Elyon Yes. I have emphasized competition at the expense of another here. In the realms I inhabit it is changed into teamwork, and the competition is the spirited encouragement of each individual by others to excel, to put yourself to the task to challenge your abilities. Just as a team roots for the pitcher or the quarterback to do his best for the benefit of the team, you are given that competitive push. What is missing is the negative detriment to any others.

Ginny What a world!

* Elyon Thank you for having me in your company today. It is always a delight to fellowship with my friends. I take my leave.