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Love and Light,

Interplanetary Contact

November 24, 2002

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, I am Elyon. I am touched that you were so receptive of my offer of a collective visualization. You have expressed yourselves in a personal manner adjusting this technique to fit your own idiosyncrasies, and this is an important adaptation for anyone to make when applying such visualizations, for the depth of meaning, the impact upon you, is best felt when adapted to your own preferences, to your own style. Since we have been discussing collective visualization these past few sessions I will contribute more thought, not so much on the subject but rather applying to the subject.

We have been calling this a collective visualization because it appropriately indicates the social quality of the endeavor. However, it is important to expand the perspective from collective to congregational, and I bring this up because your circle of prayer today illustrates that you were not simply a collection of people undergoing a visualization; you were and are a congregation of souls engaged in this healing circuit. A congregation is a collection, but it is greater than a simple association of beings. It is with gregariousness that you associate, and that attraction is the attraction of love. It is the pivotal force that binds you together with Michael’s children in spite of your varied viewpoints.

One who collects may limit their collections to a specific field, for instance, cars or shoes. Yet another may likewise use this word “collection” to surround many items that appear quite un-associated. Even a group of prisoners are collected. They share no bond among themselves nor toward the collector. Yet in congregation there is love; there is that familial warmth; there is the sense of hoped for well-being for each. You have expanded this sphere of energy to encompass the world today. In so doing you are collecting your fellows into this congregation of Michael’s mission of expressing the love for the Father and his love taught to us as brother to brother.

When you undertake your associations with personalities of many types during your weeks, I encourage you to approach the relationships with the intention of it being a congregation, a mutual embrace, a mutual care and compassion, and not as much a collection: a gathering to one’s side, entertaining within one’s sphere, as juxtaposed with another collectivity, another sphere of influence. Collecting can be forceful; congregating is willing.

I ask you to enter into our dialogue portion of my visit with you at this time.

Evelyn: Thank you for the visualization you suggested. I enjoyed it, especially applying the varied senses. At first I was just saying the words but then the tactile sense surfaced. I felt material things were more imaginary; we are all suspended in space. If that’s a more helpful way of distributing healing energy then great!

* Elyon: Thank you for your appreciation. As you know over these years I often do not present homework or assignments or make requests that you undertake behaviors that I suggest, though I do find pleasure in witnessing your spontaneous and free choice applications of what I present to you. I enjoyed your creative approaches and your multi-voiced direction in this undertaking this morning.

Ginny: Being the creatures we are, it helps for focus to have that led both visually and the other senses.

* Elyon: Indeed this is true especially upon a world that is peopled largely by agondonters, those who believe without seeing, those who function because of a trust in spiritual truth, those who know and yet have no tangible proof to offer another that what they believe is true. You have no headquarters that represents the Planetary Prince. Your Garden of Eden is long returned to the natural ecology of its location. No temple to the Father stands where you may see with your physical eyes. So these techniques are worthwhile and valuable in spite of any danger that may follow should this effort become crystallized into a meaningless ritual. But with your personal injection into this technique it becomes enlivened; it maintains your relevancy.

On the note of one who lives by faith in the inner world, you can easily verify your pursuit of truth because of the residence within you of the Spirit of Truth. But between you and others there are limitations of time and space. You must communicate by way of your mouth, two ears, by way of your eyes and through touch. It is in this medium of communication that enters in the uncertainty that another has received your expression, received it as you gave it, and associated in their minds as you wished it to be. There is more doubt to be encountered in this form of communication than there is within yourself before God. That this may not appear so to the human creature is largely due to the lack of spiritual training on this world and for the great emphasis placed upon sensory perception as verification of reality, when from our perspective as morontia beings the reverse is true. The inner connection verifies your discoveries of truth, and the outer senses inaccurately reflect and sometimes distort this inner reality.

* Lester (Ginny): Hello, my friends, I am playing the imp in Ginny’s mind. This is Lester. I come, as you have perceived, at times when things get a little heavy and ponderous, not that they... but I am here to remind you of the presence also of true spirit and true love. So, in the midst of all your concerns of the survival of your world and its peoples, you can be of great service also by helping to keep the hearts and minds of your friends light and easy. Indeed his burden is light and his yoke is easy. I encourage all of you to live in the light of love which is also in abundance on your planet, so it is important for you to focus on that aspect. We are all here in abundance to gather together to plan for the upliftment of the planet, and there is much activity and much preparation abounding.

As you approach the holidays and the gathering and the frequency perhaps of more gatherings you can participate in social ministry by being a ray of hope, a ray of light, a ray of love, and trying to avoid more sinister aspects of gatherings, which as you know are more apt to happen during the holidays. Having a grateful heart is a good idea at these times, simply to gather in gratitude for each other, for each of you is indeed a beacon of light.

It would be a good idea for you in these times to act and speak with words that communicate this understanding of the presence of love and light in this world. If you don’t do it, who will? So as you gather I will be there, of course, enjoying your camaraderie and your desire to be a pleasant and loving inspiration especially to those who may be troubled or in sorrow. As you express your desires to be of more service, I am simply suggesting ways that you can do so without scaring people.

Thank you and I bid you farewell.

Jonathan: Thank you and thank you for your lesson recently about God’s grace being like grease; grease removes friction and is like sunscreen when things get hot on the planet. I detect your lesson today falls into that same manner. Today you speak of love and light being that same friction removing we can apply in the holidays to allow different forces to come together with love. What you say has a sweetness, and I would like to join the sect of the Lesterines.

* Lester: Thank you for your company. I appreciate your comment.

Kirk: Have you ever heard of The Disclosure Project initiated by Steven Greer? Could you comment on it?

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is an undertaking that is welcomed by my associates and myself for it encourages human beings to ponder seriously the realities of populated worlds and to develop in the minds of many people the understanding that this civilization upon Urantia is not the end-all or apex of how culture can evolve. Urantia has developed a way of thinking that it has unfettered freedom to undertake exploits, for it sees no corrective force that would rein in its undertakings. Only does religion on your world have any application upon the thinking of mankind to steer its actions based upon universe principles. This fellow and others like him are planting in the mindstream of the human race another element wherein ethical comparison may be made to gauge the appropriateness of human undertakings.

When a single family lives alone on a desert island its social structure tends to be based upon its own inter-workings. When more families gather together the social structure reformulates to accommodate a greater diversity. When it becomes a huge city of families even more structure that incorporates the considerations of many purposes is developed. Through this process refinements in civilization are made. Self sacrifice develops and service also comes into being. Urantia has been like the desert island.

Soon -- and it is beginning now -- you as a world will design your social standards as you incorporate the awareness of an interplanetary family. The transition will not be smooth, for as you have found in your studies, there is resistance to the dissemination of knowledge already gained of life elsewhere.

We sit in this room today and speak to one another. This undertaking that we are engaged in can be refuted by many, for it is not highly tangible, so my presence with you can be written off. Individuals like you have expressed today are discovering irrefutable evidences, and this will increase receptivity of other beings from elsewhere.

While Urantia lingers behind many worlds in its development such that it is an unruly member in this system of planets, it would be unwise for you to have much contact with a neighbor at this time. It is deemed of great importance that you have more contact with higher celestial beings not from other worlds but from the higher spheres that lie ahead in your ascension career.

I applaud this fellow’s work, for I see it injecting itself into the philosophic thought stream, and that is where we look to help uplift mankind. It may appear to some as merely science fiction. It may appear to some as a cosmic religious undertaking. But its impact philosophically is where I and others like me may get a foothold to bring a broader perspective and to infuse within this manner of thinking the dimension of truth that is revealed from the divine personalities of Paradise.

I trust you receive well my opinion.

Kirk: Ahh, thank you, Elyon.

Tom: You have mentioned the rigorous mandates that celestials have regarding interfering with free will. We have greater leeway for imposing our will on others on this world. We are your hands and feet and aren’t held to nearly as stringent accountability as you. Are beings from other worlds under the same mandates as you are? Do they have the freedom to make changes on our world?

* Elyon: In the wisdom of our Creator inhabited worlds have been placed sufficiently apart in distance such that you may not unwisely impinge upon the evolution of another world, just as once upon this world your continents were protected by the seas from invasions from another continent. Once your civilizations developed more fully they were able to intermingle with greater degree of peacefulness than early on. This dynamic of behavior holds true between worlds. Elsewhere in this universe it has been witnessed that there have been some conflicts between planets just as you have waged wars between continents.

Urantia is only now emerging from quarantine. Those who will be in contact with your world are special members chosen and trained to approach your world cautiously. They are more restricted in their contact than they would be if they were simply pioneers seeking new lands. The reason is, as you have stated, that you, a human being, may have influence upon another human being because you are equals and your freewill spheres may intermingle or even clash. That is part of the evolution in Supremacy. Myself and others like me are on another level, and it is not deemed wise by the Creator that we manipulate what for you must evolve.

Visitors from other worlds who come as equals may have influence upon you and you upon them. In the case of Urantia, having undergone a lengthy period of isolation, these visitors are rehearsed by us and prepared to meet you according to Michael’s wishes, less independent than a free adventuring spaceship may do so in a normal realm.

Ginny: You are preventing aliens from coming here who may do us harm or that they are unable to come here?

* Elyon: Those worlds that are perceived to be potentially harmful to another world are as yet unable to traverse the distances, and your world is one of them. The worlds that have these abilities to approach your world are from worlds that have not been retarded by the Lucifer Rebellion. These worlds more readily comply with the methods of Michael. We do not prevent them who are potentially harmful; they are simply incapable. But we do train and rehearse those who are in the circuits of Nebadon and fully aware of the undertakings of this system and constellation as well. These come on assignment, for Urantia and worlds like it are under protection. It is the desire of the Correcting Time officials that these worlds that have been wounded receive healing and upliftment free from potentially devastating setbacks. Therefore you may plant within your conceptual frameworks the notion that those in the near future who will visit and become known on your world come benignly.

Had you developed as a normal sphere in this system and continued beyond the development level you are at now to be capable of contacting other worlds, less restrictions would have been in place, and you would encounter these cultures much as you have in the past when you encountered new cultures as you crossed the seas. You would and they would have made mistakes and learned from them. But Urantia is under the protective care of Michael, and that alters the conditions of contactability of your world.

Does this help?

Kirk: The technologies of our world are outgrowing the spirituality of our world. Are we a threat to the cosmos in any way?

* Elyon: Your technologies are advancing and often independently of moral guidelines. However at this point, at the risk of sounding condescending, you are like a young child with rock in hand who cannot yet throw that rock over the fence into another yard. So you are non-threatening to another world. More so you are threatening to your own well-being. However in a few centuries this will change. Therefore do you witness the Correcting Time well underway on this world to hasten the spiritual development and to prepare you to wisely discern whether or not throwing that rock is worthwhile.

Tom: Our meetings with you seem to have grown out of our petition to know more after reading our text. Since all spirit is contactable, is there a way to make contact ourselves? . ..(would contacting mortals on another world be) of a more physical nature if we were to contact these beings?

* Elyon: You have referred to technologies. There are technologies which this world has yet to develop to make more sensory contact. Yes, you are correct in discerning the ultimate approach, mind communications and brotherly contacts. These are available through the system and local universe circuits. Worlds around you were kept in touch with events upon this world as needed and as they were helpful to those other planetary civilizations. You need not span the physical distances to develop your interplanetary brotherhood. What we do today is the crude beginnings of better mindal contact. It is easier for one of my standing to make encircuitment, for the mind endowment bestowed upon creatures of my level of ascension has greater abilities in meshing with the human mind. You will unfortunately experience greater difficulty contacting a mind encircuited in the same level as yourself much as you do encountering difficulty in the forms of telepathy among peoples upon your own world. But it is not impossible. And I will unabashedly make a plug for stillness.

Ginny: If only this information could be given to every creature on this planet.

* Elyon: I give you that assignment.

I will take my leave and will leave Lester in Ginny’s care.