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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group




The Supreme and the Spirit of Truth,



Tomas Visits,

Helena Intro

November 7, 1999

*          Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, friends and family. This is Elyon. I regard us as family, for this month is the anniversary of my first address to this group. It has been seven years, and we are doing quite well.

I would make a comment to address Jonathan's question as to whether the Supreme and the Spirit of Truth comments I made last week factored into my assignment for you. I intended that you become more skilled at a sort of multilevel functioning that, as you pursue your purposes of a day or an hour, you likewise see the future in greater context, incorporating the needs of others and their future well-being. Whereas the Fragment of the Father that indwells us is strictly focused upon your spiritual advancement, the Supreme Being and the Spirit of Truth are interrelational. Their scope of guidance is from the perspective of the inner workings of many beings up to and including all beings. For this reason I hoped that you each would then be on the lookout during your week for these interconnecting and overlaying purposes and intentions that everyone has.

It is particularly difficult in a competitive culture to perceive that cooperative exchange. When more time is spent getting ahead then it is easier to limit one's bigger view because the broader perspective can distract from the intended purpose or delay the accomplishment. In a competitive environment this can be critical to success or failure.

It has been said that to a kingdom believer what does it matter that all earthly things crash. By understanding the inner workings of spirit beings as well as mortal relationships, particular events in your own life are only a few of the matters that can be your concern. In competition at the end of the event the winner is joyful and the losers experience some degree of defeat and disheartenment. But the spiritual athlete is one who delights in anyone's crossing that finish line first, making more goal points than another, for you perceive that interrelationship. Your individual loss is only an indicator of your forward tasks of improvement, and it is an indicator of your appreciation for the skills and accomplishments of your fellows.

If you have comments or questions you may ask them at this time. Otherwise, if your vision were extended you would perceive that I come not alone to this meeting. Others are more than happy to make contact and to share with you.

Mary: You're saying we live on many dimensions. While we accomplish an ordinary physical task, the spirit with which we do it contributes to other values and meanings. If we are conscious of the bigger scheme of manifesting spirit values, then we are operating with an extended perspective.

Elyon: Yes, this is correct.

Tom: Is that where the Supreme and the Spirit of Truth come in?

Elyon: Having a concern for others and a desire to foster progress of another being in their spiritual pursuit as well as making advancements for yourself is very much a Supreme process. As I pointed out, whereas the Father is focused on your growth, the family effect is a Supreme condition.

Michael is a Supreme Master Son for he has attained the highest level that one is capable of at the current stage of grand universe evolution within Nebadon. He has gained not only a viewpoint but an actual experience with such a broad range of life approaches and personality attitudes that he is able to minister to all unimpeded. Whereas he was capable of setting aside an address to the multitudes in order to fellowship with a single young child, he likewise is capable of addressing a question from an insincere attacker in such a way that all who listened gained in their own personal ways from his comments, not just observed a debate between Jesus and the questioner. He was able to view the overall scene and hold higher than any other dynamic taking place the welfare of each and every individual at that moment. This is difficult for a mortal to accomplish, and Michael serves as a great inspiration for all of us, particularly in times when we are confronted and our emotions release themselves, and we are in need of gaining control of them, not necessarily in terms of suppression, but rather in terms of being able to effectively ride them. Sometimes your emotions are like riding a bucking bronco.

Ginny: I've been thinking about responsibility. A lot of trouble in this country is caused by our attachment to individualism and independence. We have forgotten that we are our brother's keeper. How much to help, how much to let be, I'm working on not feeling guilty when I choose to not act or if I don't have the skills to help.

Elyon: It is good to hear your reflections, for even without having read the transcript of our prior meeting, you have been in the flow. I would comment on the topic of sensitivity, as this is how I perceive your comments.

Your increasing ability to sense need in others, to read their condition, is part of this exercise. As you develop this sensitivity, the subsequent actions will improve -- I say improve from the perspective of any aspiring mortal who desires to be perfect as the Father is perfect will always look for better actions in the next step. However, the sensitivity I speak of precedes improvement, for it is in this sensitivity that one recognizes the direction one can take to improve, even to the point of knowing when one's own actions would not contribute beneficially to the conditions perceived. The beauty of prayer is that it is a communication network wherein you can pass along your perception and a request that another be brought into the arena where ministry can take place and accomplish the task.

Ginny: If I am aware that someone is suffering and I do what I can, then I request aid, do you take over? What happens to that request? Usually I turn it over to the Father or some celestial close to that person.

Elyon: Yes, turning it over to the Father is the best move to make, for it is the Father who is indwelling the individual in need, and you thereby reach directly to the center of their being. The Father who is deeply concerned for this other personality is fully aware of the capable celestial ministers in the environs who can apply their services from outside. I am not necessarily the one who takes over unless it is requested of me by those agencies most involved with the individual in need.

You mentioned not feeling guilty once you recognize the limitations of your abilities or perhaps your lack of energy at the time or some other constraining factor, naturally. I am sure you are aware that spiritual beings are always working in concert with you when you are aiding another. It is beneficial to ones like yourself to give that prayer, for it also contributes to recognizing, in a sense, a closure of the extent to which you will be able to contribute and maintains your perspective that each one of us is part of a larger ministry project, whether it be for one individual or for an entire planet.

In a sense I think, as I have observed that in some of the offices in your businesses on this planet you have a sign-out board that others may know when one is in or out of the office. When you have reached your ministry limits, your prayer is a flag to the rest of the staff that you are at the moment out of the office. Others will know where they may fill in to accommodate your temporary absence.

Tom: Everyone in this room knows someone who needs healing or is in need themselves or soon will be. It makes sense that we all have the ability to heal because we have the need to be healed or to be healers. Once our compassion is aroused and our faith levels are maximized and we have exhausted our ability to use those, then we leave the office, and prayer is our other option. Correct?

Elyon: Prayer becomes your signal that you are at your limits. There are quite a few beings who will have perceived this prior to your petition, however, it helps to include you in this understanding to make that offer.

How many times has one felt that, as one undertakes any project and reaches an impasse, it sits in the back of the mind drilling them? That unfinished impasse can have an energy drain upon one's being. But when you in similar circumstances ask another to finish the project for you because of your blockage, then your mind is lightened; you are able to take a certain amount of delight that the goal will be attained. Prayer is the mechanism whereby we may tangibly feel this dynamic taking place between you and higher spirit beings.

You have also pointed out a principle often taught by Jesus where he said, "Judge not lest you be judged", where he said, "Forgive others as the Father has forgiven you". You likewise have stated, "to heal as you wish to be healed". Someone like yourself is fully aware of this principle and how it functions. Your spiritual maturity has eliminated the selfish bent wherein one may seek to heal that one would invest in being healed when in need. This is a significant difference between a selfish orientation and an altruistic motive and is often the debate of the implications of critical religious dogma, for instance, the consideration of good works and service to your fellow man and one's worthiness of eternal life, salvation. It is humorous to observe the debate which is merely another and complicated form of "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" That all can be put to rest by realizing the cyclical nature of the process and to be involved at any point in that cycle, whether you are the chicken or you are the egg, whether you are healing or you are being healed, whether you are seeking greater connectivity with the Father that you may feel more assured of your eternal standing or whether you are seeking to minister to another regardless of your standing before the Father.

Tomas: Greetings, this is Tomas. You have been on the minds of a few of my students, and I simply offer greetings and good cheer and share in the acknowledgment of the love and light of our common Father and in so doing also convey to you greetings from your human friends across this continent.

Ginny: Are you the Tomas who gave us the Fruits of the Spirit?

Tomas: I am.

Ginny: Thank you.

Tomas: You are welcome, and your gratitude warms the hearts of many who were involved in making these lessons able to be read by ones like yourself.

Helena (Ginny): I am Helena. I have been newly introduced to this group and have agreed to spend some time with you. It is indeed a great lesson for me to see mortals such as yourselves taking on these mandates of our Father. It is truly amazing to us to see how much faith you have in pursuing and accepting these requests of our Father. There are more new teachers coming aboard as the phenomenon of spirit revival increases. You are a wondrous experiment, a wondrous example of how this can be accomplished in beings such as yourselves. It has been done many times in the past, as you well know and will continue in the future. I am greatly pleased and honored that I have been chosen, that I have been led to you. I will spend some time observing and getting to know you so that I can better serve you and better understand you.

Jonathan: Are you a group or a personal teacher?

Helena: I serve more as a consultant, ready to be of assistance as a friend and colleague.

Tom: Could you share with us your status? Are you a seraphim or an ascending mortal? What is your field of expertise that we might appeal to you for?

Ginny: I can't do that at this time. On my own I am getting a picture of this magnificent queen, a powerful woman exuding light and power, a great leader of some sort.