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Nebadonia - The Reason for Everything - May 19, 2016 - Jerry Lane, Lightline
Mother Spirit Lightline on May 19, 2016.
Mother Spirit-Nebadonia T/R-JL


  1. (The reason for everything)
  2. (Becoming more soulful)    
  3. (Somewhere else in time and space)
  4. (Your life can grow more real)
  5. (Healing, the mind, and creative spirit)
  6. (Meditation is critical)
  7. (The importance of humility, contacting something greater)
  8. (The greater love—let them go)
  9. (Bitterness cuts you off from reality)  
  10. (Acknowledge greater spirit within you)

Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, I must confess to the two of you, and to whomever else might be joining in listening, or reading this later that, although I’ve had a very strong sense of your presence these last two hours in my meditation, I have no inkling, as I usually do, of what you might want to talk about tonight.  So I will just have to trust that you know our future audience--who might come to listen to, or read this, off in the future; you certainly know them better than I do. I trust you know what you are doing, dear Mother Spirit. Thank you, and Amen.

Nebadonia: Good evening, this is Mother Spirit. Michael and I are very delighted to once again be able to come across to all of you this way. As Michael has so often reminded you, we are right inside you; we are part of you; we are near as your next thought that you address to us, and then listen as we answer you--just like our mutual Father. I guess if you can call me Mother Spirit, and Michael could be your Father Spirit, then God could be your Grandpa Spirit. So also always remember, dear ones, that Grandpa too is part of you. He is experiencing your life right along with you.

(The reason for everything)

We have taught so many times this is one reason that there are all of us--all of us all over this vast universe, and beyond, in the whole, inner universe of Havona. This is just one reason why God has decided to create all of us--so he too can have our lives right along with us. And for this we do heartily thank him.  

You have that wonderful prayer, the Lord’s Prayer that says, “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Of course that opens up the question of what is God’s will? Insofar as we can only begin to conceive of him as some ultimate good, some ultimate, transcendent creative being responsible for this whole universe and us in it, that he wishes the best for all of his children. As we say: he is no respecter of persons; he loves us all equally and beyond measure.

Certainly part of his will would be to encourage us to do as much as we can to love everybody equally. How do we do this except by recognizing that we are all, all his children in not only who, but even what we are. We are kinds of personal beings. We come right from his personality.  So this is a challenge, especially for your human order of beings, is it not? We tease you with the idea of walking down a busy city sidewalk with all those dozens of people going by, and even to begin to realize that every single one is a unique creation of God’s in their very essence.

It is quite a challenge, and it will continue to be a challenge even in your next life, yet so much easier in one way because you will have survived. You will still be alive and your own soul will be so much more a part of you—“right up front”--as you say. You will be in a so much more soulful reality. So we tease you and invite you to realize this kind of reality that is possible for you already, even now.

(Becoming more soulful)    

For as you become more soulful yourselves in this Eternal Now that we all live within; as your consciousness expands more and more to reflect all of your living experience, all of your soul, even to the point when the present moment is full with meaning and gives you pause, and then wonder: so you can see this soulfulness in others. They can become truly wondrous, and not only those whom you know and are very much in love with, and sharing your life with, but all of those strangers coming at you down that city sidewalk.    

It is said that when you are in this condition yourself--this soulful condition, every face you meet can bear “the full stamp of the human condition.” For that very condition is always a transcendent reality to you--topless, bottomless, and actually ungraspable, something you can never quite hold for the very reason that it is holding you. This is soul. This is that reality that all personal beings are endowed with--the possibility of earning, earning your own soul through living experience, for which there is no substitute!   

True enough: the deeper your soul-consciousness becomes, the more you are in contact with all that you have been, all that you have experienced, all the folks you have known and shared your life with. It’s also in your vicarious experiences through your movies and television, over the inter-net, and in all your wonderful books in all the world’s libraries. All these so-called vicarious experiences can be just as unfathomable in terms of soul in what they can give you.

(Somewhere else in time and space)

These are those extra dimensions to here-and-now, to be somewhere else in some other time. Your marvelous historical novels and movies can take you out of here-and- now for a while and put you back in time; or half way across the universe in a different star system on a different planet in your wonderful science fiction. As you walk out of the theater it stays with you for a while. You get in your familiar car and yet, on driving your way home, you are aware of being in a strangely dated motor vehicle on the surface of a planet, in a very particular time.

All this is soul, and your wonderful Urantia Book even gives you a special word called morontia to kind-of put a handle on this special reality that you are growing. On the worlds to come after this life, the morontia realms are even more soulful. You will be more of all that you have been right on the surface as your consciousness expands. Your consciousness expands to the point that you will actually become one with and join with the co-author of your soul, the presence of God within you.

This is what the word morontia means. Yet it is not only a future state, it is your present state to the degree that you appreciate it. This soul-appreciation is very much within your own hands my dear ones. How much do you appreciate just being alive?--this heart beating in your chest, these lungs that are giving you energy, these fingers on the ends of your arms that can do so many things. Think of the mind you have and all its aspects of you--these living aspects of you--that I augment and are part of you: the ability to experience and store that as knowledge, your understanding and courage, your companionship with all those around you. There’s your wisdom and worship, your thankfulness to God for all that is.

You already have one big toe in that warm water of soulfulness, in the morontia realm. You are already part way there. You needn’t wait until your death here, and then your re-awakening on the mansion worlds, to begin to appreciate this soulfulness of human reality, God-created human reality.

(Your life can grow more real)

This is the way in which soul adds to and grows your experience of reality. It’s the compensation, the absolute compensation for the fact that yes, you are growing older. You are approaching that great transition of death. But you are growing. You can wake up in the morning, sit for a while collecting yourself, and then feel ready for more experience, ready to keep growing your soul. You can really appreciate this toe you have in this soulful realm that will be your whole existence someday.

So treasure this soulfulness of yours, my dear ones. This is the purpose of it all. This is why our Grandpa God decided once upon a time to get it all going, to create us and then turn us loose into this adventure of not knowing--no way of knowing!--what is going to happen next; except that we can trust in the very Creator of it all, and us.

So thank you, dear Father of us all, dear Grandpa of all existence, and co-author of these human souls. Now if you have any questions or comments for your Mother Spirit, let’s do that together.

Student #1: Mother, do you have any comments or advice on healing?--the application of spirit through the medium of mind in pursuit of healing? I’m sure you know that we all on this call have been pursuing this, and I was just wondering if you had any further comments for us, or advice. Thank you.

(Healing, the mind, and creative spirit)

Nebadonia: Yes, my dear. I think it is interesting that you thought of healing as coming through the mediation of mind, because the mind is itself so often the cause of suffering. Sometimes so much wounding of the whole person, even the physical part as well as the spiritual and soulful part, is a direct result of mind, or because of mind, I should say.

Let me introduce the idea that the spiritual part of you, this creative spirit part of you, can heal both mind and bod directly. It is part of you, part of your creativity. Healing is often, you might say, in spite of mind, or being able to set your mind aside and let your spirit do its work, especially when your mind itself is over-worried or stuck with things like cynicism or arrogance. These are mental attitudes of the whole person that can be the cause of suffering, and need healing.  

Sometimes there are the accidents that just happen, physically or mentally. You may be wounded physically, or have some terrible thing happen like losing a loved one where the mental anguish is enormous. Then healing is the ability to set your mind aside and trust in something that you cannot quite get a hold on, much as you use your mind.    

This is where the whole facility and attitude of humility comes in. It’s the ability to be aware of something so much greater than yourself. You have a choice--if you can be aware of it. You can feel humiliated in that you are just this tiny little speck in the whole scheme of things. Yet to have the spiritual blessing of humility, to be aware of something so much greater than yourselves, is to be able to tune into that. Because there is so much of what I would call transcendent wisdom right within you.  It’s like a little tool kit you might not be aware of, or how to open it, how to let all these unconscious and super-conscious healing tools do their work. So often it’s just a way of setting your mind and all its worry and over-concern, or even its cause--set these aside and trust in this spiritual creativity that you were endowed with.

(Meditation is critical)

This is where meditation is so absolutely critical when you are injured--physically, mentally, or morally. It’s being able to open yourself to something new. Just sincerely ask, “Dear Father, Dear God, what do I do next?”  and then listen, and be open to what comes. Be open to the creative presence within you that can suggest, perhaps, to stop doing what you have been doing, maybe for the last who-knows-how-long, that is causing this wounding of your body, your spirit, or your soul. Trust in creative spirit to suggest the best way to heal yourself.    

It could be physical, either stop doing something, or maybe commence doing something like taking a good medicine from someone who can prescribe this. But even then you need to keep evaluating their prescription, do you not? Or it could be mental, like stopping worrying, or even, as I said, giving up a cynicism towards yourself, or an arrogance towards others that is causing this deep wounding.

So, my son, look to creative spirit to do the healing, and be open to it.    

Student #1: Yes. Good--very good.  Thank you.

(The importance of humility, contacting something greater)

Nebadonia: Don’t forget, my son, you can always tune into wisdom by a kind of meditation in which you are not  literally stopping your thinking. That is just putting a complication on top of everything else. It is more just a very humble, open-minded attitude of sitting down and asking, “Dear Father, what do I do next?.”  Then be open to what suggests itself.

Don’t in any way try to stop your mind’s worrying directly. Rather, be aware there is this other part of you, your own creative spirit, as well as Michael’s Spirit of Truth and my presence within you. You yourself have your own creative spirit that can suggest this next step, along with all of our help.    

Be not afraid. Take notes. Use your mind to ask very specific questions about what is going wrong. What is causing your being wounded? Then what is the best way to heal? Open-mindedness means the willingness to try, to experiment even, to find the best way, the shortest way, of being your own physician and healing thyself.

So, my son, meditate on this very deeply, and don’t be afraid to try.  Be in my love.

Student #1: Thank you.

Student #2: Mother, you answered my question when you answered his question. My comment is: there is a grieving process in the death of a relationship, where the people are still alive--whether they be a brother, a son, or a daughter--but they no longer want anything to do with you and there seems to be no bridge-building possible. That seems more difficult to deal with than death.   

Nebadonia: Oh yes, my dear, it definitely can be, especially if you were so soul-connected at one time. You still are in a way.

Student #2: Right!

Nebadonia: We don’t have to get into telepathy or things like that to emphasize how souls are connected. Often separation can be so frustrating and painful because your mind keeps worrying at it like a sore tooth. Your very love for this person can keep suggesting ways of bridging the gap and re-establishing regular communications, even if they made it clear that you are to leave them alone and they don’t want any more contact.

(The greater love—let them go)

Sometimes though, it is the greater love to acknowledge their own free will to make this choice, and respect their choice. This can assuage your grief somewhat, even though there is still your missing them, knowing they are still there. But it helps to let them go by acknowledging the degree to which they themselves have been very forceful about breaking off contact. Respect that. Respect their free will and let them go.

It doesn’t have to be a cynical attitude of, “Well, so you don’t appreciate me? Good riddance!”  It doesn’t have to be that. It can just be a matter of, “OK! We’ll try that for a while. I’m letting you go now’.”  

You can say this in your own mind. You don’t have to tell them, “OK, I’m respecting your choice here. I’m letting you go. Go with my love. Go with God.  May this be a good decision for you. May you go on to have a wonderful life. I hold no ill will towards you. You are in my prayers.’”

It is not at all a matter of cynicism to think that if they don’t appreciate you in all that you are, and all that you have to offer, you can’t force yourself on them anymore than Michael, or myself, or even God cannot force ourselves upon you. Let them go and wish them the best.

Yes, there is grieving at the loss, the contact you miss, but sometimes it takes your totally letting them go, and this period of grief, to get over the break-up. It is like losing someone in death--to open yourself up again, going back in time, in your soul, for those good times you did have together. Otherwise the bitterness or the grief can cut you off from what really was there, once upon a time, and is in your soul as a true event.

Student #2: Thank you. That was a different perspective.

(Bitterness cuts you off from reality)  

Nebadonia:  All you shared with them, my dear, is still and forever will be in your soul. So it is nice to be able to revisit that experience in all its pristine purity as it first happened. Even the break-up, even the separation, is all there in your soul. It really happened, and it has all that meaning for you. Your very grief is an echo of that meaning. It may take a while, but it is good to look forward to the time when it is all there, available to you without the pain.

Student #2: Thank you. Letting go can be an act of love, and I hadn’t seen that. So I appreciate that clarification. It might make it a little easier.

Nebadonia: Well, that is one way of loving them--by respecting their choices.

Student #2: Right.

Nebadonia: Wish them well too. Don’t hold onto any bitterness or ill will, but say fare thee well. And there is always hope that maybe, maybe someday, if not even in this lifetime, you two may be able to once again enjoy each other’s company. But that is up to them at this point. Be in my love.

Student #2: Thank you.

(Acknowledge greater spirit within you)

Nebadonia: Well, my dear ones, if there is no more to share this way, hold me in your hearts. Hold me in your minds and your souls. Hold me in your whole being. Neither Michael, not I, nor even your Father and mine; we do not force ourselves upon you; so you have to acknowledge us if you want us to be real within you. This is wonderful, and it can be a wonderful event in your life, a wonderful memory, a wonderful part of your soul when you simply acknowledge Michael, and me, and our Father.

Come and talk to us. Say hello—any time it occurs to you, day or night.  Just say, “Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad! Hi, Grandpa! Thanks for all of this. Thanks for the company!—yours and all my friends!”

Now go forward with God, my dear ones. Michael sends you his peace, and I bid you to feel my love. You are only as alone as you choose to be. Good Evening.