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Nebadonia -Spirit Connections to the Human Body - March 07, 2016 - Evan, The Philippines
Spirit Connections To The Human Body
T/R Evan
Location - The Philippines
 March 07, 2016

This is Mother Spirit or Nebadonia.  I would like to talk about connections.  Earlier I was telling Ron all about the physical connectors in your human bodies and how they are used to communicate with spirit.  I spoke about the hypothalamus which acts as the receiver of many thoughts and words coming from different teachers and then Michael spoke of the third eye which is the region in the middle of the eyebrows.  This region is very sensitive not only to anything that comes near its vicinity but is also sensitive to light.  What do I mean by light …I mean the brightness and glare of the sunshine or any source of lighting that is more than 500 lumens.  That is quite technical; electrical background is needed.  And this is true for most cases because your eyes will be seeking to close the eyelids if you as much as try to look at the sun or anything that is bright.  This is actually a protective mechanism in that your eyes automatically shut to block out this glare.  So you need to be careful when looking at bright and powerful light reflective sources.  But with communication, this sensitivity should be kept at its maximum because the receiving mechanism (the third eye) needs to locate the source of the ‘wave’ or light energy (transmission) that is coming through.  This physical receptacle is a small region (that small sand box) and it has to stretch itself to hear and catch these spirit thought energies that if you can catch/assimilate readily, you will be able to get messages clearly.

Right now we are delivering messages through the hypothalamus as it is the lowest level of reception.  You learn this circuitry slowly and until then you will not know for sure if it is spirit you are hearing or yourself.  This is the kindergarten level.  It is still a good level as most humans do not even get to reach this level.  The next level is through the hippocampus which is a clearer receptor and many of you belong to this level.  The hippocampus is midway between the third eye level and the beginner’s level.  You will hear spirit stronger and you will not have too many doubts as to its authenticity although you will want to check and recheck with someone else if you are hearing it right or you are still normal-minded.  As I said Sue7 hears through her hypothalamus and not through her hippocampus.  It is because she was impaired during her childhood days.  Daniel hears through his hypothalamus but will take on a better level soon.

There are a number of levels on both these physical receptors and we can call these levels 'audio-bility levels' or ability to hear at different volumes.  You will just have to trust us that you will be trained at these different levels until you reach the next better connector. Once you reach the third eye level you will be hearing quite well and audibly and without hesitation or anxiety.

 It is only with constant practice and awareness of these levels that you will improve your TR capabilities.  I want you all to be trusting and believing that we will guide and lead you into understanding these different communication circuitry which is very important to what is coming to your planet.  We wish you the best and we ask for your cooperation in this work of practicing the reflectivity circuits.  Keep your antennas open and try to be attuned to us especially when you notice some unmistakable sign that we are near and there is a message for you to take.  

I will leave it at this for now.  Thank you and have a good day.