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NEC #61 - Monjoronson; Machiventa Melchizedek - Joint Session on Magisterial Mission and more - Jan 25, 2016 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

New Era Conversations #61 – The Father’s Will; Social evolution; Sexuality – Jan. 25, 2016

Monjoronson, Avonal Magisterial Son and Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Prince and Planetary Manager


  1. Scope of Correcting Time
  2. The global need for Magisterial Mission will increase
  3. Modern man’s readjustments of human values
  4. The focus of the Magisterial Mission
  5. The urgency of mankind’s efforts
  6. Co-creative management of Urantia
  7. Growing into our DNA
  8. The evolution into the morontial capacity is innate
  9. The importance of willing to do the Father’s Will
  10. Making strides in social evolution and adding soul weight
  11. Changes in the mind mechanism
  12. True humility leads to great spirituality
  13. Activating new ideas and values by doing God’s Will
  14. Your gift of mind from the Creative Spirit
  15. Passive versus active expression of doing God’s Will
  16. Training in Planetary Management
  17. Co-responsibility for management of the planet
  18. Questions dealing with bi-sexuality
  19. Questions on raising children
  20. Parental responsibility in accepting child’s sexual preferences
  21. The expression of self-will in children
  22. Questions on juvenile justice
  23. Role of the Church in highly developed societies
  24. Percentage of surviving souls from Urantia
  25. How to find TRs in your area
  26. Spiritual guidance will continue

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Team members:  Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray and a Student
January 25, 2016


Scope of Correcting Time

MONJORONSON:  Good morning, this is Monjoronson.  I thank you for gathering here today; you have not heard from me for quite a while, though I have been with you and almost everywhere present on the earth in specific areas, moment to moment.  I wish to report to you today in concert with what my Brother, Machiventa, has been sharing with you about the more specific areas.  Mine will be more generally concerned about the social programs that I have been working with and developing with you.  When you consider the Correcting Time program of Christ Michael, you understand that this is global in nature, and in some ways it is interplanetary, that the other planets that were in rebellion and quarantined are also involved in some facet specific to their planet involving the Correcting Time.  Something has gone amiss in those worlds as in yours and they need correcting, and need to have improvements.

For Urantia, my concerns are for this planet only.  There are other programs and other visitations planned for the other planets that were in rebellion.  Eventually, as you traverse to the mansion worlds you will hear of the development of these programs and arrival of Avonal Sons and Trinity Teacher Sons to these other worlds.  For you on Urantia, you have been visited by Christ Michael over 2000 years ago, as the incarnate being, Jesus.  And preceding that was the arrival of Machiventa, and if you read your Urantia Book you will also see that there were several rapid developments of spirituality on Urantia before the arrival of Jesus.  What you will find from the time of Jesus to the present and into the future, is the rapidity of developments that you as mortals can evaluate.  Since Jesus’ life, there have been spontaneous spiritual developments on Urantia, as well, and that the most significant development has been the Fifth Epochal Revelation as The Urantia Book, followed by the Teaching Mission and the actual development of active revelation on an ongoing basis around the world.  Some of this revelatory activity has taken hold geographically in some areas better than others.  Such revelatory activity has been rejected by the TR or his/her friends and associates, ending that development in that geographic area.

The global need for Magisterial Mission will increase

The start of the Teaching Mission, followed by the Magisterial Mission, will bring rapid developments into your world.  We too, as you have seen, note that it has been rejected by many people.  Their need to rely upon revelation and the proximity of God in their personal lives will become more and more immediate and necessary to them as their material lives become more difficult.  You have noted already that need facilitates the development of solutions; and, as the times become more difficult and immediate, even remote needs will be taken on as necessary to become fulfilled.  Even atheists will succumb to prayer and appeal to a beneficent God when their lives seem to be at imminent risk.

The need for the Magisterial Mission will become global, and we will be ready for that dissemination through you who have been our revelators, and already disseminated through the Internet to receptive individuals and groups.  You have friends in almost the majority of nations throughout the world who have tuned into our work, and who have attended to the reception of the sessions of the transcripts, as you call them, and are eager to read and hear more.  Eventually, these sessions will be spontaneously translated into many languages by interested individuals.

Our work in nations that are the most capable of disseminating these materials has been underway for a long time.  They are populated with individuals who have the leisure time to think and write and receive these messages.  As you are aware, leisure time/spare time is necessary for the development of philosophy and theology and thoughtful religious principles.  This work usually comes most often to those individuals who have time away from the material necessities of life and living that give them the opportunity to be receptive to what the Midwayers speak in their minds from the Melchizedeks and Celestial Teachers, Avonal Sons, Trinity Teachers and Creator Sons and Mother Spirits.  This socio-economic development is essential for providing populations with an understanding of how the universe is managed, and the care that is given to each planet, and how it does not interfere with individual decisions.

Modern man’s readjustments of human values

We were tuned in to your discussion before this recording began and noted that you were aware of the values that are typical of all humans that are innate to your species.  And as was referenced by one of your members, from the Urantia Book, Paper 92:7.10, the first sentence, “Modern man is confronted with the task of making more readjustments of human values in one generation than has been made in 2000 years.”  Of human values, he said that the values of social sustainability are intrinsic to every human being; and that being innate and organic to each individual, those values must become organic to all of your social institutions, organizations, visions, intentions, philosophies, and missions to eventually create a socially sustainable holism in your societies.  I understand that this is, perhaps, a rather intellectual mouthful of words, but what it says is that the unity of humankind will pervade all social institutions and activities in the future.  You are at the bottom level, in the basement of a multistory building, where you are going to disseminate these values to everyone, and you have been doing a good job in doing this, as it is fundamental to all the social rehabilitation reformation that will occur on your planet, preceding the Days of Light and Life.

Everyone searches for an improved quality of life, and to grow into their innate capacity, equally as anyone else would.  And further, from the value of equality, emanates the value-emotions of empathy, compassion and “love of humanity,” love of others.  These will become the foundation for the social reconstruction of your world.  Eventually, these values will become indigenous to all of your social organizations, the values, and so on.  Embedding them in every organization’s decision-making processes will create the social infrastructure of a socially sustainable future.  The reasons why your democratic form of government in the United States, France, Britain and other nations have lasted as long as they have is because they are so similar to the values that are organic to your species.  When you read the Declaration of Independence of the United States, you understand that the values that are “self evident,” are organic to people.  Until those values become organic to organizations, there will be dissonance; there will be emotional, political, and social upset until those values are invested in all social institutions.

The focus of the Magisterial Mission

I repeat this often because I want you to thoroughly understand that my work, as a Magisterial Son, has to do with social programs and social institutions of your world.  It is more specific than the Teaching Mission, which deals with the spiritual health and emotional well being of each individual.  Those individuals are required then to bring these innate values into the organizations in which they are employed and which they direct, whether they are executives or subordinates.  Whether you are a service worker or an executive, you can have an important influence on your environment, the organization where you work and live—and where you believe.  These values will eventually, though perhaps slowly, become innate and indigenous to your religious organizations as well.  When that happens, you know that your societies are well on their way to enjoying social stability and peace.

This is my work!  This is my work with you, and it occurs not only in the United States, but in every nation, particularly where there are receptive individuals who seek an improved quality of their life, and the freedom of their lives in order to improve it.  If you live in North Korea, a highly authoritarian government and nation, you still have these values within you, urging you on to have an improved quality of life.  When you are confined to a gulag, you know immediately what this is all about.  You must have freedom and the liberty to pursue the fulfillment of these values in order to become all you can become, and make a contribution not only to your life, but also to your family and children, and to your society.  This is the work that I am involved in.

We are involved in many developmental programs around the world.  What we are doing is creating a thirst, a hunger, a yearning, an ever-present, incessant urging in you to improve the quality of your life, whether you are multimillionaires or billionaires, or whether they have only a few pesos per day of income.  Everyone seeks an improved quality of life, and in doing so, they seek to have a purpose and to seek fulfillment and meaning in their lives, even if that is only to improve the quality of life for their children, which is primary to the improvement of your societies.  Everyone has a role to play.  Until the population of your world is balanced with the land mass and arable land, your societies will have tremendous difficulty in adjusting.  In the meantime, these values will become the criteria for measuring the quality of life and the improvement of life in social programs by governments, particularly democratic governments.

Thank you for the time today to be with you, to present these ideas to you.  I will be glad to answer any questions you have regarding what I have addressed to you today, before relinquishing the lectern to my good friend and brother, Machiventa.

The urgency of mankind’s efforts

Student:  With social sustainability and bringing it into my community, I try to let it unfold as it should, but I get the impression that it is more urgent than what I am realizing.  Is this true?

MONJORONSON:  Yes, that is true.

Student:  So, am I doing it right?

MONJORONSON:  (Chuckling.)  “Right” can only be determined after the fact of knowing whether it works, or not.  You are proceeding in an experimental manner; you are moving ahead courageously trying new things with your friends and associates, and yes, you are doing it “right.”

MMc:  I would like to clarify something.  Monjoronson, you are our planet’s Avonal Son, and you will not be participating in the Correcting Time on other planets?

MONJORONSON:  That is correct.

MMc:  Thank you.

MONJORONSON:  I thank you for your time and bid you adieu, and best wishes for the day and your lives.  Here is Machiventa Melchizedek.

Co-creative management of Urantia

MACHIVENTA:  Good day!  I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you, following the address by Monjoronson.  You know that I am your Sovereign Planetary Manager, Planetary Prince in archaic terms, and when you hear the presentation by Monjoronson, you can begin to apprise my role as a Planetary Manager more accurately.  In this perspective, you become co-participants with me in the management of this planet; and, you will become more highly effective as you perceive yourself in the role of a Planetary Manager.  In that role, you will begin to see all of humanity with one value system; with one eye towards the spiritual development of each individual; that you begin to appreciate what social progress and social evolution is all about in the realms of your social, societal perspective, the political and governmental perspective, and the financial/economic perspective.

Then you begin to place yourself in the co-responsible role of Planetary Manager wherever you are as a family member, or as an employee within a large organization.  You then begin to appreciate how you can make an influence where you are, however small, or however minute you think that is.  When you begin making decisions based on the values that are innate to your species, you begin to appreciate the values that are inherent or innate to your species that were provided there by the Life Carriers, by the approval of the eminent individuals who govern that from Orvonton, Nebadon, and in this sector.

Growing into our DNA

You can begin to realize how your world, as a decimal planet, an experimental planet, is coming into its fulfillment now, during the time of high evolution, of high social change.  The Life Carriers were not only involved in the biologic evolution of species, but also in providing those species—particularly Homo sapiens—with the capacity to grow into their DNA.  Within each of you, within your species, you already have the variations for social conduct and morality to develop within your DNA.  It is a matter of you coming into a social evolutionary necessity of those coming forward in your life.  Social evolution in your social institutions does occur spontaneously as need arises.

The evolution into the morontial capacity is innate

You have read in The Urantia Book where species suddenly appear.  They suddenly appear because of the necessity of the environment that the older species lives that suddenly gives rise to a new variety, a new species.  So, too, will this occur in Homo sapiens.  Just as there was an upliftment 35,000 years ago with the arrival of the Adamic lifeblood in the genetic stream of mortals at that time, so too, there is within you the morontial capacity within your species to evolve to the next level.  There is inherently in you the morontial capacity in your super mind areas, to develop the lower levels of a morontial existence in your mortal lifetime.  You must aspire to it, however, to activate it.  You must “will to do the Father’s Will,” not passively, not as a matter of initiation by anybody else, but by you.  To “will to do the Father’s Will” in your life, will initiate the Seven Mind Adjutants to bring about the adjutants of “wisdom and worship,” and the connection with your Thought Adjuster.  From there, you begin to develop and evolve in your mind mechanism the rudiments of the morontial mind mechanism.

The importance of willing to do the Father’s Will

When you are among others who have activated these areas within their minds, you feel oneness with them spontaneously.  Even those who are not aware of it that have aspired to do this privately at some time in their life, feel that oneness with you.  You provide the basis for those individuals to aspire to higher social responsibilities in organizations, whether in government or society or in your economy in those organizations.  You will have a positive influence wherever you go.  You will have an energetic eminence that will precede you; you will make a difference in your world.  Willing to do the Father’s Will, to actively will that into existence, promotes a much higher developmental relationship with your Thought Adjuster, and with your Guardian, to bring you into situations where you learn to achieve higher levels of social, moral, and spiritual thinking and conduct; to think in higher levels; to conceptualize in higher levels; to hold higher level values and develop them in your life, not only for yourself, but for others.

Making strides in social evolution and adding soul weight

You begin to realize that as you complete the fundamental lessons of your life plan that you came into this lifetime with, you are then given another set, and another set after that, and soon you are in deep service to humanity; you are in deep service to your own children; deep service to your spouse and your friends, not by proselytizing on a soapbox, but by simply being who you are with them, whether you are present with them or not.  You will make tremendous strides in social evolution of your world simply by “aspiring” to the Father’s Will.

Many of you who have come from strict religious backgrounds, this is foreign territory for you; this is new territory; this is expansive territory.  If you want to have purpose in your life and find deep meaning, then that lies within your DNA and your relationship with your Thought Adjuster and your Guardian.  When you do this, you are in the beginning of adding tremendous, tremendous weight to your soul value upon your graduation to the mansion worlds and your new education.

I hope that what I have said to you today helps you bring all of these concepts of social sustainability into wholeness with what Monjoronson is doing as an Avonal Son with social projects.  He works with myself, your Planetary Manager, together with Christ Michael who have brought the Teaching Mission to you and the Magisterial Mission to you—you are an integral part of that.  It will not function and fulfill itself and your societies will not evolve until you “will to do the Father’s Will,” and ask to be given opportunities to do the Father’s Will.  Asking for Father’s opportunities to give your life fulfillment, purpose, and meaning is a tremendous way of satisfying that innate urge to improve the quality of your life as a spiritual being.

Changes in the mind mechanism

MMc:  The sudden change you talk about, helping human beings, is this change going to be physical, or is it going to affect us in some other way?

MACHIVENTA:  It will affect the mind mechanism.  Your physiology, your physiognomy need not change, but it is the software of your mind mechanism that needs to change.  You initiate that change by being open and receptive to doing God’s Will.  It is though your genetic programming as an upgrade to your software, that is inherent and ready for you to activate.  Do you understand?

MMc:  Yes, that’s what I thought.  If we teach how and when and why to use their conscious thought processes of inquiry and discernment and reflection more fully, would this improve their thinking process overall?

MACHIVENTA:  That is just so much information to them; they must activate it themselves.  You have received much information in your own life, which you have dismissed or let it pass by you without activating it.  Sometimes in situations you recall something you learned, and you will have an “ah-ha” moment where everything falls together, new ways of thinking about old information, and so then you have it available to apply in your life.

MMc:  I guess what I want to ask is, what is the key ingredient here is that people are going to find themselves in this desperate situation and they are going to have to change the way they think.  Am I correct?

MACHIVENTA:  Partially.

MMc:  Assuming that that’s the initial process in making the sudden change in their thinking?

MACHIVENTA:  They must be aware of a need, an inner need that they do not have the answers to using their old ways of thinking.  Continue, please.

MMc:  So, not only do we need to teach them how to increase their consciousness, their thinking consciously, the difference from their thinking automatically in old forms of thinking.  We need to make them aware of what the higher process of thinking might be like?

True humility leads to great spirituality

MACHIVENTA:  Yes.  For many people, the intellectual approach is not adequate, and those people who are highly intellectual usually do not succumb to religious persuasion.  It is an irony, is it not, that those who have the greatest capacity to suddenly make a turn in their consciousness refuse to do it because they have such confidence in their old ways of thinking.  On the other hand, those who are more simple in their thinking are more able to accept that which they are not able to see literally in front of them; they have faith knowing that their answers with their limited intelligence are open and receptive to higher mind to guide them.  This is true humility of the most profound sort, that leads to a great spirituality, and truly, it does not matter how intelligent you are in this lifetime, if you have faith and believe and trust, and eventually even come to know God personally, you will arrive in the afterlife in the mansion worlds as fully and complete and prepared—perhaps even more so—than a person of immense intellect on the mortal plane.  Yes, your message must be addressed in multi-level ways so that people understand that they are accepted by the morontial realm/spiritual realm as they are; they simply need to believe, and in believing, act on it and call God’s Will into existence in their life, to will to do God’s Will and ask for opportunities to lead them to fulfillment of God’s Will in their life.  That principle is sufficient for those who are barely capable of understanding the concept of God, and those who have the concept of understanding 9 levels of universe reality.  It works for either one equally as well.

Your chore, your willingness to assist us in bringing this message to the world, assists greatly to reach those individuals who are open and receptive to will to do God’s Will.  That is all that we ask you to do.  These transcripts from this team and the transcripts from many other teams are important to fulfill our work.  As you can see the need to bring about social evolution and social progress is important in bringing about the Days of Light and Life, to actually getting your civilization through the next 30-40 years.  It will, be dependent upon how well those societies, those communities are able to not reconstruct what they had before, but to actually create sustainable solutions to their social existence, which will support their spiritual evolution.

Activating new ideas and values by doing God’s Will

Student:  Machiventa, when you have these ideas and these values, they are good to have, but they are not much use to you unless you actually, consciously activate them.  Would you mind expounding on that a little bit more, please?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, certainly.  As I said, you can activate many things in your life by willing to do God’s Will, and further, asking for opportunities to lead you to the fulfillment of God’s Will in your life, according to your life plan.  You can activate that by asking spirit, by asking your Thought Adjuster and Guardian to bring you opportunities to help you fulfill those ideas, or to gain more knowledge about them.  Ideas about doing service to others are also an act of activation for increasing the service to you and your spiritual and social upliftment in your lifetime.  You can ask to have those aspects of your mind programming, your mind mechanism, your software, to be uplifted, to be upgraded to a new version, or to the next incremental step by asking that to be done, and lead you into situations that require you to think in new ways, which actually activates that new programming.  The metaphor of the computer is very similar to your mind mechanism.

Your gift of mind from the Creative Spirit

As you are aware, you have a body, you have a brain, but a mind is a gift from spirit, Mother Spirit, the Creative Spirit in your local universe.  This is a gift to you, and she has waiting in your mind mechanism, many more facets of that mind mechanism to improve your thinking.  In order to activate that, you must live your life in a moral, ethical way.  You prove that by making decisions that support that morality and ethics and social conscience.  And then, when you have proven that, you have shown that you are responsible for good moral, ethical and social behavior, and you ask for those opportunities to be given to you that will activate your evolved morontial levels of your mind mechanism, those will be given to you, appropriately.  It requires you to be aware of your own thinking; you became an observer of your own thinking, a monitor; you become the outside observer.  This is not thinking about thinking, this is observation of thinking, which is much different.

So, one day you will say to yourself, “Huh?  I’ve never though that before.  I’ve never thought of this issue in that perspective with these ideas about that.  This is wonderful,” and so you think about it and how it applies to your life; how it applies to the lives of others, your friends and family, children and others—your society.  You begin to think about this, and you ask to find opportunities that will come to you, to exercise this new way of thinking, so you can gain a deeper appreciation of this new revelation in your mind.

Passive versus active expression of doing God’s Will

This is the ground level of spiritual evolution.  Yes, you can passively will to do God’s Will:  you can say, “I’m open and receptive to do God’s Will”—that’s passive.  But if you are active in it, you will say, “I will to do God’s Will,” and so you become the commander to bring God’s Will into your life, into full expression as God, your Thought Adjuster brings it to you.  So, you become aware of new thinking, and in this awareness, you realize that you have been receptive to a revelation, of a new way of thinking, an evolved way of thinking.  You have, through the kindness and generosity of service of your Thought Adjuster and Guardian, you have received this revelation, and you have become aware of it, and so you have a rather small or large “ah-ha” about your life, and then you think of how you can express this in your life to others—you evolve.  Other people may even remark, “My goodness, you seem to have changed; you think differently than you used to.  This is pretty impressive; I appreciate what you have done with your life,” and so it goes.

Training in Planetary Management

Student:  Thank you, Machiventa; that really helps!  When you talk about all of us in a sense of being Planetary Managers, I personally find that very overwhelming—just the word “Planetary Manager.”  In my mind, I think of maybe “planetary helper.”

MACHIVENTA:  (Laughing.)  We want you to get used to this phrase, because perhaps one day in your life as a Finaliter, you may be a Planetary Manager, and then what?  You will rely on what you learned here on humble Urantia as a Planetary Manager, the concept of filling this role.  Truly, we do wish you to think of being Planetary Managers, rather than planetary helpers because when you realize and understand that you are a Planetary Manager, you become co-responsible for co-creating the management and upliftment of your planet, within the milieu, within the capacity that you have as a mortal-becoming a morontial being.

Co-responsibility for management of the planet

Yes, it does sound ominous; it does sound awfully weighty to your life and to your thinking, to think in terms of being co-responsible for the management of this planet, but the budding of this consciousness has already begun in the environmental movement, and the ecological movement of social groups on your planet when you espouse the fact that each one of you has an impact upon your world ecologically, environmentally, and that you are partially responsible to your planet about its planetary health, ecologically and environmentally.  This kind of consciousness is now rapidly becoming innate and budding in other areas as well.

You realize that your conduct in the grocery store may have an effect on how children think about adults.  If an adult is having a tantrum with his or her own children in the grocery store, then this says something about the social environment of your world, that it is not safe.  If you were 5 or 6 years old and you see this occurring in the grocery store, it might have a horrendous effect upon you, as you grow older.  You may wonder, “Will I act this way when I grow up?”  The child really does not understand yet, how this occurs, and why it occurs, and what initiated that adult tantrum, but they wonder about it nonetheless, and so they are affected.  On the other hand, you may see a stock boy, or cleanup boy in the aisle, who has come to the aid of a child who has fallen against the grocery shelves and injured her knee.  And so, he cares for her and shows her kindness, and humility, even though that stock boy may be 3 times or 5 times the age of this child, he humbly cares for that child until the mother arrives.  The examples are all around you.

What kind of a Planetary Manager do you want to be?  Or do you want to be a planetary squanderer?  The choice is yours; the effect is planetary.

Student:  Thank you, Sir; yes, I understand what you are saying, and yes, there are a lot of people on our world that are Planetary Managers when it comes to the environment.  To me, Planetary Manager is very ominous and I’m working up to that.  As I say, I look at myself as a “planetary helper,” co-creating with you, but I’m working my way up, and I hope I will eventually get to be a Planetary Manager.

MACHIVENTA:  You must realize as well, that you have a wonderful partner with your Thought Adjuster, who has the training to be a Grand Universe Manager.  Now, that Thought Adjuster of yours provides you with that humble down-stepping to reach to you to assist you in this capacity.  It is possible for you to reach out to accept that, as well.

Student:  Thank you, Sir; I have no more questions right now.

Roxie:  I guess it’s time for off-topic questions.  Two sessions ago, the members of the Teaching Mission in Russia sent a question that was too inclusive and needed to be split into separate questions.  I received a full page from them of separate questions, as you requested.

Questions dealing with bi-sexuality

1)    “Machiventa, can it be said that there is a trend in the structures of power to promote various forms of promotion of gays, including at the legislative level?”

MACHIVENTA:  What you are seeing is the final, the eventual recognition that many people are truly bi-sexual in their thinking, and in their preferences.  This has always been existent in your species; it is the recognition that some people are truly fully male, and some are truly fully female, but there is a large portion of population across your world that are bi-sexual in their thinking, but also in their subconscious preferences.  A lot of the awakening of “gayness” arrives from the awareness of people beginning to becoming aware of their own thinking, to observe their own thinking and to realize that for them, the sexual or romantic relationship with their same gender is not offensive to them, but seems rather natural.  The arrival of legislation in Parliaments and Provincial Congresses and Legislatures should be of no surprise.

2)    “How could the law that upholds the rights of gays affect the ethical, moral and moral norms of the lives of young people in the future?”

MACHIVENTA:  It is a recognition of the fact that—yes a fact—that there is a significant proportion of all populations that are bi-sexual in their thinking, that this is an awareness.  The difficulty you are dealing with is the fact that children who have not really fully determined or experimented with their sexuality and their preferences for the opposite sex have also come into the awareness that they may have a duplicate preference for either gender.  This awareness coming early is a recognition in your society of that population that is bi-sexual in their sexual preferences.  What is missing from this legislative recognition is the healthy family enculturation processes, socialization processes that openly recognize in children that they could be one of three preferences, or all three.  This recognition causes great disturbance and unsettlement to the peace within a family that is recognizably, culturally, and verbally heterosexual.  To bring this to children’s attention early is more unsettling to the parents than it is oftentimes to the children.  Conscientious socialization and enculturation help children to find peace with themselves as they grow older as a sexual being, and that what they prefer is not objected to by the larger society.

What is remarkable is that this bi-sexuality is normal.  It is not a sinful aberration of your species, but simply a preference that individuals can express of their innate nature.  I perhaps have gone on farther than you wish for this explanation, but let us see what your other questions will reveal.

Roxie: This next question you may have partially answered already, but I’ll state it anyway.

3)     “The state controls the rights of children, whereby they can be flawed for their valuable education conditions and environment.  Gay families also have the right to take someone’s children into their own family.  How would you evaluate the consequences and potential results of the education into such a family?”

MACHIVENTA:  From the Celestial Planetary Manager’s perspective, your sexuality is your business.  What we are concerned with is how you treat others as spiritual beings, and you as a spiritual individual.  How do you contribute to your spirituality and to that of others?  We are most concerned about how children are treated as social spiritual beings in the family that they are adopted into.  If they are obligated to be bi-sexual or obligated to prefer their same sex relationships, then this is adverse and as abusive as incest is in heterosexual families.  It is essential that the sexual, intellectual, emotional, and social preferences of individuals be recognized and even appreciated, and that they are given guidance in the family that they are raised in, of how to develop their full potential that they brought into the world.  Their sexuality must not be violated either by heterosexual parents, or by homosexual parents in that relationship.  One is a violation as much as the other.

Roxie:  The next question on gay families I think you have already covered quite thoroughly, so I am going to skip that one.

Questions on raising children

4) Another question is:  “Children are our future.  From the proper education of children will depend on how quickly we can make progress as a civilization.  What could you say about child-rearing practices, the education of children in general, children who are left without parents for various reasons, or in a single parent family, and without family that are in the hands of the state?”

MACHIVENTA:  Let me address the plethora of questions and situations that are listed in the questioner’s request.  In raising children, as in Planetary Management, it must be recognized that one’s will is dominant, and that this will will not be violated.  Parents do have a responsibility to raise, socialize and enculturate their children so that they are able to exercise their will fully as capable adults.  Children at age 5, and who are in possession of a Thought Adjuster do have will that must not be abrogated, particularly concerning their relationships with God, and to their relationship to the higher dimensions of the universe.

Parental responsibility in accepting child’s sexual preferences

Parents become responsible for recognizing and becoming aware of preferences of the child early on, and to assist that child to develop their quality of life and to develop their innate potential equally, as though they were heterosexual.  If the child has preferences for friends of their own gender, which may eventually develop into romantic and sexual relationships with persons of their own gender, parents are there to guide and enculturate and socialize their children to be happy within themselves, to appreciate their intra-personal dynamics, as well as their inter-personal dynamics and social dynamics.  For parents to chastise a son who is age 11, who obviously at that time prefers boys over girls, to violate that preference could cause great emotional and spiritual disruption in their lives.

The expression of self-will in children

The expression of self-will becomes more and more independent and responsible to that individual as they grow older into their full self-hood.  The parent’s role is to assist that child in becoming a full person, as though they were heterosexual by preference early on.  The child’s responsibility eventually to God is their own, not their parents.  It is not dependent upon them being heterosexual or homosexual.  It depends on their dedication to doing the Father’s Will, as they exist on this planet.  Those individuals who are homosexual—gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or other—they have souls.  They have self-will and they have as much worth to me and to Christ Michael and to God as those individuals who are thoroughly heterosexual in their sexual and romantic and personal preferences.  God sees no difference between all of you, or among you, or between you.  You are loved individually as you are and your responsibility as the parent is to assist that child to become everything they can be within their preferences—sexually and romantically and socially.  The child’s will responsibility eventually assumes that responsibility to develop their innate potential to the greatest extent possible — to ultimately become as morontial as they possibly can within this lifetime, and as you know, morontial beings have no sex.  They may have energies that emulate that of a female or male, but genetically and sexually, they are asexual.  Your work as a parent is to assist children to become all that they can be within their preferences, and teach them how to live that life in the difficult world that they live in, where heterosexuality is dominant and preferred with little tolerance for those who are bi-sexual or gay.

Roxie:  Very interesting, Machiventa; thank you.  His next question is:

Questions on juvenile justice

5)    “Many people see juvenile justice as detrimental to the younger generation.  What are the principles, the reasons, the arguments that must be considered in the formation of the laws of juvenile justice?”

MACHIVENTA:  What must be taken into consideration is that these are children becoming adults, and whether it is the family or the justice system, that must assist the individual to become whole and complete physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, socially, culturally, and spiritually.  The juvenile system, as you call it, does not take into account but only one or two of those levels of human existence and being.  This is most unfortunate; therefore, there is much to be done in juvenile justice for the children.

When you speak of juvenile justice, you must also speak of the rehabilitation of family socialization and enculturation.  Parenting models are primary to form children to become socially congruent with the larger society.  Those children who come under the influence of juvenile justice, often come from families that are maladaptive and dysfunctional, where there is need for much improvement.  What is lacking in your society is the foundation of humane parenting.  As your societies are going now, whether it is the United States, France, or Russia, there is much dysfunction in the family parenting models.  There is no agreed upon, advertised, or recommended model for parenting.  This does a tremendous disservice to the social evolution and progress of your societies.  These are the very foundations that we are striving to address through Monjoronson’s social programs.  When those are in place, then the person can graduate and evolve into their maturity at age 18 or 20, and make real choices about how they want to think and live, and the beliefs and values that they have and want to express in their lives.  As it is, children are blank slates and they graduate from the family system still as blank slates, only to be marked upon by your advertising, marketing, and gross materialism that you live with.

Roxie:  Their next question is about the vision of the Church in the future.

Role of the Church in highly developed societies

6)    “How can the Church be arranged in a highly developed society, which has reached the era of Light and Life?  How could it interact with the rest of society, (i.e. science and the educational system?)  What are your thoughts on this?”

MACHIVENTA:  The Church truly is a cultural phenomenon; religions are not necessarily religious in nature, except for the fact that they adhere to the development of the cult of thinking of individuals that have a creed that becomes their standard of belief.  You are talking about a human social institution, rather than a spiritual institution.  I would be glad to entertain your question when you clarify the spirituality of religions, as opposed to their religiosity and foundation bonded to human needs.

Percentage of surviving souls from Urantia

7)    “Is it possible to see a qualitative assessment of our civilization at its present stage of existence, as total gross rate?  What is the percentage of surviving souls, leaving Urantia, for example, during the year that are recovered on the third day in the resurrection halls of the mansion worlds?”

MACHIVENTA:  In the gross total for Urantia, it is far less than 50% who graduate that arrive in the mansion worlds in an evolved state.  As you were told in earlier transcripts, most everyone who lives and dies on this planet who is not adversely opposed to religion and to the belief in God, do graduate to the mansion worlds on the third day.  Many are held in detention until they come to accept the fact that they are in the afterlife, and many continue in detention until they finally come to the realization that there must obviously be a God that created all of this, for they are no longer on earth, and that they are cared for by individuals who are not humans, but who are morontial in nature.  Those who are open and receptive, and who immediately go to an evolved morontial state after the third day, as opposed to entering in the most primitive and the most basic morontial educational classes, is less than 12%.

This may seem astounding to you, but it is because of the nature of these percentages, and the failure rate of those who choose not to continue on their ascension career, that the Correcting Time was foreseen and necessary long, long before I was here as the Sage of Salem.  Christ Michael recognized with his advisors and others that this world would develop as it has, as you see, that the influence of spiritual infusion from these spontaneous religious and spiritual developments would spark interest, but eventually fade, that they would not be effective in the long term of centuries and millennia.  What you are seeing now is the much more direct revelation of the Fifth Epochal Revelation and The Urantia Book, and now the de facto Correcting Time being present in the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission, to affect both the personal spiritual development, and the institutional social evolution, which would support a better social life for individuals to be more receptive to a spiritual evolution and the ascendant career.

You must have a world where families are not abusive, not dysfunctional, but healthy and functional and contribute to the peace of mind to let children to support the evolution of the mind of individuals of children, to support their improved quality of life and to develop the potential within them.  This potential is at all levels, at all seven levels of human existence, particularly the evolution of their spirituality.  That can never occur when they are hungry, when they are impoverished, when there is tremendous social disruption and dysfunction whether it is crime and abuse at every turn in their lives.

The Days of Light and Life will not occur until your social environments become evolved and peaceful.  The percentages that I shared with you are stark, and they are striking, and they are almost surreal in nature when you look upon that.  Yet, your world has been advised of the nature of God.  There is almost no one on your planet that has not heard about God, or thinks about God, and who has either accepted the presence of God or rejected that, and some who are atheists have rejected the intellectual concept of God, but still are open spiritually.  Yet, there are some people who have accepted the presence of God, who are so anti-social and rejecting of beneficial participation in your societies that they are lost, that their Thought Adjusters have long abandoned them.

So, when you see the startling facts of percentages become much more evident, that is why as time passes and the cataclysms become closer to the vast decimation of your species, that it becomes necessary, that our work become far more eminent, evident and material, because of the rejection of the messages that are sent, our work must become more proximate, nearer to you, and much more real, much more material and lead to social evolution.  If, as we spoke earlier within the passage of The Urantia Book, that the values of humanity must change more significantly within one generation than in the past 2000 years, then you know something major must be occurring on your planet from the spiritual realm to make this a fact, and be presented in such a way that the necessity of the times requires that people believe that there is an ascendant career, because their lives could be forfeit within the next hour or days.  People only reach for eternity when the obvious fact is that their day is going to pass before the sun sets.

Yes, the programs that Christ Michael has instituted are real, they are vibrant, they are developmental, and we will not proceed until they are developmentally fulfilled in order to be expressed in actual material programs.  When you see the evolution, the development of these programs in material terms, then you know that the developmental plans for the rehabilitation, the Correcting Time, have been fulfilled and are ready to be implemented.

Roxie:  Thank you.  And their last question is:

How to find TRs in your area

8)    “Machiventa, could you help us in finding Russian receivers/transmitters and contacts, if at all possible?  What would you advise us to do?”

MACHIVENTA:  Thank you for you question, and your question is, in fact, what you should do:  We recommend that you sit in your quiet time and speak with your celestial helpers and assistants—celestial teachers and Guardians and Midwayers—to bring you to the presence of one who can TR for you, or bring one who has the capacity to TR to be brought to you.  This will allow these processes to begin.  As you are aware, you now exist at a vector of probability, and there soon will be another vector, which will enter into your proximity, which could be of great assistance.  Do not necessarily expect this person who arrives to you as already a TR, but they may know someone who is, and who could fulfill this.  This individual will not be doctrinaire, or thoroughly religious, but may be one who is open to be receptive to bring through Celestial contact.  Thank you very much for your question.

Roxie:  Thank you, and I am sure the Russian Forum thanks you very much also.

MACHIVENTA:  I wish to bring today’s session to a close.  This One has almost expired his capacity to bring through any further messages from us at this time.

Spiritual guidance will continue

You are evolving; you are asking questions; you are asking important questions.  You are asking questions that assist us in helping you bring through the implementation the Correcting Time.  Many of you work and live in nations that are atheistic, which are totally secular, but there is a sub-stratum of belief among many populations who continue to believe that there is a possibility of God actually working in their lives.  It is upon this stratum that your work will be built, and our work is built to bring through greater realities.  Remember, that as times require greater need for revelation, those revelations will be provided to you.

Look about you, look within yourself; those individuals who are open and receptive will be receiving much guidance in the very near future, as they have been in the past.  Some, however, are quite shy and reluctant to come forward, but the urging within them rises to the point where they must do what they must do to fulfill their own lives, and bring through the messages that you seek.  We wish you a good day and peaceful days ahead, days and nights that are at peace as spring comes upon you.  We wish you a good day always and be aware that the Light of Christ Michael surrounds you, and the Love of God emanates from within you.   Good day.