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NEC #57 - Machiventa Melchizedek - Moving Ahead - Cataclysms - Nov 16, 2015 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

New Era Conversations #57 – Conservatives vs. Progressives; Personal Responsibility – Nov. 16, 2015

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince


  1. Moving Ahead
  2. Confrontations Between Conservatives and Progressives
  3. Co-creative Partnership to Continue
  4. Practice Social Sustainability Within Families
  5. The 3 Pillars That Support Societies
  6. Citizens Have Lost Representation in Their Government
  7. Social Evolution Is Mandatory
  8. Open Revolt, Police States with Martial Law
  9. Personal Responsibility to Increase
  10. Cataclysms Yet to Come
  11. Laying the Foundations for Our Future Work
  12. Bringing Ideas Forward to the General Public
  13. Joining Organizations Rather than Starting from Scratch
  14. The Non-workability of Conservative Policies
  15. Residency Requirements Are Archaic and Feudal
  16. Relationship with Your Creator
  17. The Meaning and Purpose of Life

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Team members: Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray, and a Student
November 16, 2015


Moving ahead and update

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek.  I will be with you today.  Session #56, the last one we had was the terminal conversation for that series of topics and issues that we were discussing.  How would you like to proceed?  We have completed our conversations regarding the issues of social sustainability and the other issues involving that and planetary management.  We have completed many of these topics to their fullest, at least to the fullest that you can understand, and which would truly help you with the New Era that has begun.

Monjoronson continues with the development of the Magisterial Missions, the programs within that Mission, and there has been no change with that.  It is simply a matter of your societies, communities and families beginning to engage social sustainability as a way of life, in preparation for living in the Era of Days of Light and Life.  You know, and we know, that that Era of Light and Life is centuries away, but it begins with individuals and families being committed to its principles.  How you change that politically, economically/financially will depend on how you as individuals are able to integrate your new value system into the organizations that you belong to, whether that is in government, or society, or in economics and finance.  This is how the new Era will become more developed and complete.

Confrontations between conservatives and progressives

You can anticipate that there will be much argument and many confrontations between what you call “progressives” (also named as liberals—we prefer the word progressives) and their dialog with “conservatives.”  These are not necessarily identified with the two-party system in the United States or elsewhere, as there are combinations of perspectives within one individual who appreciates both issues that are conservative and issues that are progressive in nature to their own liking.  As you know, our work will not come into its fullness in preparation for the Days of Light and Life until many of the topics of social issues—political and economic issues—have been legislated in your congresses, parliaments, and state and provincial legislatures.  (Interruption with technical difficulties on our conference call.)

Co-creative partnership to continue

Thank you for being here today and your patience with your technologies.  You will be amazed how reflectivity makes it easier to speak with anybody anywhere in the universe.  As for changing the course of a society, you will need to use your traditional means of doing so, to bring these values of social sustainability into your organizations and into your political systems, and eventually into your economic/financial systems.  The first place it begins is in the personal life of each individual.  You can be assured of our assistance to help you bring this into organizations and into leadership positions, but it requires that you do this as a co-creative effort, you initiate the introduction of these values to your organization, or to those associations you belong to, and we will participate in the group.  You will find this to be tedious to begin with, and almost impossible, but that is why we are there with you in the group setting.  The Most Highs and we work together with organizations.  We do not thwart the personal self-willed decisions of individuals; however, when we work with groups, we can be powerfully aligned to them, and to assist individuals in option-development in their minds.  Many of you will not be aware of that, therefore it is essential that you speak of that before you go to your group meeting so that we can be on alert to participate with you.

I am open for questions if you have some today.

Roxie:  Are we going to continue with these bi-weekly sessions with you or someone else on your staff?

Practice social sustainability within families

MACHIVENTA:  That is your choice.  I have said that we have come to the completion of these topics of social sustainability, personally and socially and in your families; we have spoken about that completely and repletely.  Until you bring some more issues to the conversation, we will wait for your direction.  We have been working with these topics for over seven years and so it is time to develop some new scenarios.  This work is more than entertainment; it should be personal to you and to your family, community and to the organizations you work with and you participate in.  This is now the most difficult part where the tire meets the road.  We have provided you with the engine, which you operate with us.  Now we must put those into practice in the organizations.  Individuals can practice social sustainability with themselves and their family and their children, but it is organizations that must begin to support those core values in order for your societies to become sustainable.

The 3 pillars that support societies

Societies are not organizations; they are collectives of people; they are groups of individuals who live together and you call it a society, but it is the organizations that make your societies function.  We have said that within a society there are three pillars of organizations that support the functionality of a society — the social and societal, the political and governmental, and the financial/economic pillars.  Those three pillars support an operational and functional society.  In order to make a society become sustainable, the practices of sustainability must originate within the organizations that support that society.  As you can see, this is no small effort.

Citizens have lost representation in their government

Many of you are quite aware that the conservative elements within the United States nation have co-opted the operation of your Congress through corporations, which are virtually in ownership of the congressional process.  Your political representation is nil for individuals.  Each individual is now only a very, very miniscule part of each representative’s district.  You, as an individual, have less than . 001% of effective representation by your elected representatives.  You have virtually no influence to that individual whom you elected to the Congress from your congressional district.  Therefore, this must become a new dialog within your society; do you want to have a conservatively owned government with passage of laws that make it more powerful as the 1% becomes even a 0.5% (one-half of 1%,) and this will continue eventually until the ownership is in the hands of a very few families as your nation economically spirals down to becoming inoperative.  This will presage a huge recession and eventually a global depression.

Social evolution is mandatory

It is essential, therefore, for you and us to work together to reframe this conversation between the conservatives and the progressives.  We have directed a book to This One, it is titled:  “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff, and it very quickly, in the first 82 pages, defines what is occurring in your nation between progressives and conservatives.  As you are well aware, the conservatives have the big end of the stick and are using it against the progressive populations.  It is neither a good nor bad situation, but it does not support the social evolution—the social, political, and economic evolution—that is necessary to bring about social stability and eventually social sustainability and the Days of Light and Life.

This is a most unfortunate situation, but completely predictable given the state of democracy.  This is not a single issue of poverty or wealth; it is a systems problem.  The integration of systems works now for the benefit of the conservatives, compared to the progressives.  This is, as you know, unsustainable and the operation of this is not progressive, but regressive.  It leads to the devolution of society, a movement backwards.  It is a movement backwards to monarchical family domination from which this nation rebelled and had a revolution against.  What you will see is that your country, your nation as it becomes more and more dominated by the 1% and the conservative perspectives will devolve to the point of the pre-French Revolution of 1789, which was more egregious than the causes for revolution in the American Colonies in 1776.  This is a most despicable situation that does not lead to equality, but to greater inequality.  The benefits of living in a prospering nation will devolve to the point of being not slavery, but of indolence, lack of work, inactivity, and a fruitless, meaningless life.  This must come to an end peacefully.  We are here to assist you to do that.

If you are a social activist, we suggest that you read the first 82 pages of Dr. Lakoff’s book.  It is highly informative and you will see how you must become more in dialog with others in what is occurring.  In cities and in districts and in boroughs of large cities, the problem of criminal gangs and the dissolution of a functional society and functional communities are problems that you as a nation face, both as conservatives and progressives.  All of these problems are systemically related, a system of systems that are devolving and not integrative, but leading to greater separation, and eventually will lead to social instability, social and economic stagnation, and eventually social revolt.

Open revolt, police states with martial law

It will not be unusual here in your nation to see similar open revolt and rioting as you saw during the Viet Nam protests in the larger cities of America.  This is most unfortunate because it will then devolve into a police state with martial law.  When that occurs, then the political options will be defined as “in or out,” “black or white,” the “go or no go” — a dualistic process of governance—violence or no violence.  In a militarily governed martial law nation, there is the complete lack of systems integration.  You will be called upon in times of great difficulty to voice the values of oneness, the values that have the capacity to unite conservatives and progressives that bring into existence a functional system of systems that leads to social and economic stability and peace within a society.  We will be working to these ends to assist you to do this.

Personal responsibility to increase

You have wondered how to proceed in your personal life with these conversations, and now we are putting the backpack of responsibility on you to carry forward into your organizations.  It will become more and more incumbent upon you to do this work with us, for us, for your neighbors, for your family, for your nation as social instability becomes more and more strained and more frequent.

Cataclysms yet to come

Monjoronson has told you about the cataclysms that are to come; you are already seeing the meteorological phenomena across your nation and the world, which are truly catastrophic in nature and cataclysmic in results.  You have yet to see these things occur tectonically within the earthquake zones of your nation.  These tectonics have gravely affected other nations around the world, which is the cause of tsunamis and the destruction of much infrastructure in low-lying nations.  Global warming, as you call it, will continue unabated, and yes, though there will be decreases in the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels in your atmosphere, the inertia that has begun with the industrial revolution will continue.

Laying the foundations for our future work

I know that this is not a good news message I’m giving to you; it is an update of where we are and where you are.  We will be giving you the means to carry this forward into your organizations more powerfully.  We have asked This One to begin a book, write another book for us, regarding the integration of the conservative and progressive points of view within the value system of social sustainability.  As many of you have noted, the “Social Sustainability Handbook for Community Builders,” written by This One is at least a decade ahead of its time.  It is the format for social, political, and economic activism that you can apply in your community, or even within large populations.  Now, we must lay this foundation for that work, the value systems that are necessary as ideas and as ideals and values—those three elements together—will assist individuals to understand the necessity of working with the six core values, the schematic for validating social sustainability and the projects that you will want to generate at the community level.

Within the topic of planetary management, there are no instant answers.  For us, however, it is remarkable that we have gotten to this point of progress with the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission and the awareness of the 6 core values of social sustainability in a large portion of your populations, at least within small locales.  This will spread in time as those cultural creatives begin to infuse the organizations with the values of social sustainability.  For us, we see the beginning of the end.  We are now at the beginning; it is only nascent and even much as a blastula that to you is in the very beginnings where you have engaged much as gametes [that] would join together to enlarge and multiply and become bigger and eventually organismic, viable in its own right apart from the mother energy.  We offer this to you, even before the cataclysms become much more aggrieved and difficult.

For this work to be able to engage realities of your difficult world, you need a process to provide answers, which has been given to you, and how to thoroughly explain how the values of social sustainability will become a commonality of both progressive and the conservative points of view.  Thank you for your presence.  Do you now have questions?

Bringing ideas forward to the general public

MMc:  Yes, Machiventa. In this time of great problems, how do we go about bringing these ideas forward to the general public, so that they might react to them and we might see some progress being made in their adoption?

MACHIVENTA:  We have made this available to the public through the New Era Conversations, and the publication of books on social sustainability, the one that was written by This One, and the one by the Committee, “Healing a Broken World.”  These give individuals ideas on how to proceed both in a spiritual environment of the team, or in a secular environment of a team.  As for starting new organizations, we would suggest that although this may not be fruitful to you, it is too long enduring, that there are many organizations that could make a huge difference.  Academia through the American Educational Research Association would be one where this would be a highly important area to bring these values into play and into examination.  Other existing organizations could be used as well.

Joining organizations rather than starting from scratch

If you are not part of an organization or association then you would need to join something to bring these values forward into discussion by the decision-making committees, or counsels, or trustees of an organization.  If you are already on those boards, those conferences, and so on, committees and directorates, then you can have these values in front of you—literally on a pad of paper to remind you to examine the topics of discussion and the issues for decisions in your meetings, and make recommendations or suggestions about how to re-examine the situations.

The non-workability of conservative policies

And truly, as the economic engines of your nation begin to slow down, because people in the communities are unemployed and do not have enough or sufficient money to live well, then there will become more and more discussions about the non-workability of conservative policies of continuing to collect and reserve these huge amounts of moneys into financial instruments, which are not productive.  It comes down to, “How do you invest?”  If you have $100 Billion in the financial instruments, which are not productive investments, then there would be a need to consider placing some of that money in productive investments.  As you can see, even in that corporate situation as that, individuals can have a large play in the direction and progress—and prosperity—of that corporation.

This is also a consideration for local school boards, for water districts, for police, community committees, and so on.  There is no end to how your participation and the existing associations and organizations of which you are a member, can effect great change in your society.  It is important that you begin to discuss these topics as integrated, that they are part of a larger system.  The work of a corporation is not isolated, but it affects other systems as well.  What is unknown to large corporations and to the conservative lobbies in Congress is that they work to prosper them now, but eventually, they are unsustainable and will cause the collapse of economies and societies—and even governments—and then everyone loses.

It has been our strategy to disseminate these values, these ideas and ideals long before the collapse of societies, governments and economies, so that these become well known.  How we do that is through you.  You asked me the “how” question again, and it is done through you; you must use your mind, your ability, your creativity to interpret what you are doing in those organizations in terms of the values that we have given you.  That is the “how,” and that is the answer to your question.

MMc:  Thank you.

Residency requirements are archaic and feudal

Roxie:  Last time you mentioned that our “residency requirements are archaic and feudal” in regard to our homes.  What did you mean by that, please?

MACHIVENTA:  I will give you one idea of a proposal for sustainable home ownership:  As homeowners you are fully aware of the costs of owning a home.  Let us say, for example, that you purchased a home at 12% interest, which is exorbitantly high compared to the interest rates you are now paying, but in the course of a 30 year loan, you would pay for that house 3 times.  If your home cost $400,000, over the course of 30 years you would pay the bank and the previous owner of that house $1.2 Million in principle and interest.  Additionally, to the cost of the home, you would pay a realtor’s fee of at least 6%, plus other processing fees that may apply.  When you add those interest rates together, you see that there is huge money being made on the housing market.  When people move to accept a new job, they pay a great deal to take advantage of that opportunity.

Now what would occur if you had a mutual housing corporation, one very similar to a credit union?  Let us say that this mutual union was of homeowners, and that 1,000 homeowners came together to put their houses in this mutual corporation.  Let us say that you were in Boulder, Colorado and you found a job opportunity in Ashville, North Carolina, and that there was somebody there who was in the process of moving to Boulder or Denver.  The corporation arranged for you to make those moves without any cost for changing your residence.  This takes on the similarity of a timeshare cooperative, but that these are homes, and that you would occupy this home for as long as you wished, and that you could change houses, residences more easily without any overt cost except for the cost of moving your household goods from one location to another.

This corporation would be of so large an extent that if there were no corporate homes in Cleveland, Ohio, for example, where you were going to move, that it would buy one for you.  Would this not be a wonderful process?  Similarly to a credit union or timeshare organization, you would pay for your taxes, insurance, an upkeep fee, and a membership fee, which would add to the equity balance of the corporation that would allow it to buy houses in other locations, as well as to sell houses that were empty, where nobody wanted to move.  Houses then become much like a commodity, and that it is treated as a commodity by the individuals who are members of that corporation.

You would, in effect, if you had $100,000,000 worth of homes in this corporation, you would save over $1,000,000,000 in interest in the course of several decades, thus making it possible for the corporation to continue to buy homes around the world.  Now, this is in terms, a socially sustainable idea for housing and residencies.  If you were not a homeowner, you could rent that home or condominium suite from the corporation.  A person’s equity and privileges of membership to that mutual residence corporation could be transferred to your heirs.  It would be a socially sustainable organization that would look out for the welfare of individuals, plus providing adequate sustainable housing for individuals.  Comparatively, if you are now paying a monthly mortgage of $4,500, you would pay a combined fee of approximately half of that—$2,200—that would pay for the taxes, insurance, maintenance and your membership fee.  This would allow you to live in a home of your choice, yet pay less than you would if you were buying it for your sole ownership; and still have all the privileges and benefits of a homeowner.

Does this make sense to you?  It certainly will to accountants and to attorneys.  This process can be replicated many, many times in other situations.  This is a way of not making the rich richer, but making life more sustainable for ordinary people, which is something that you have always wanted.  You can apply this same concept to other areas of interest as well.  It takes the willingness of a number of individuals to begin a corporation of this type and still have full ownership of their equity that they put into their home, into the corporation.  The home then becomes titled to the corporation and not to you, but your equity remains on balance as it would in a credit union or other financial institution.  Obviously, the initial capital to start such a corporation would be difficult.  Once started it would be self-generating and self-sustaining financially and socially in the end.  We hope this answers your question to its fullest at this time.

Roxie:  Yes, it does answer my question and gives me a lot to think about.  It certainly is an interesting concept.  I know that I currently have two timeshares and I have been kind of angry with myself for buying them in the first place because they have been so difficult to manage, but your comments make it a lot easier to look at the concept and think of it in different ways.  Thank you.  (Machiventa:  You are welcome.)

Student:  I have some questions, but I think I am going to leave them to another session, if that’s all right.

MMc:  Machiventa, do you have any closing comments for us today?

Relationship with your Creator

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, one moment.  In your relationship with your Creator, Christ Michael, and the First Source and Center, and with your Thought Adjuster, the God presence within you, there is a mutual responsibility for all the parties involved, including the mortal.  Your Creator Son has created a local universe with millions of inhabited worlds for the development of its souls to engage the ascendant journey.  There is a responsibility to come to understand the universe and the individuals placed in it, and the meaning and purpose of a lifetime and the journey to Paradise.

The meaning and purpose of life

Through the work of the celestials and of the [Chicago] Forum, The Urantia Book has been presented to you to make it clear to mortals on Urantia what this is all about, why they are here, the purpose of life, the purpose of this world, even the difficulties that are involved in this world.  Plus, knowing that you have a responsibility to the growth and evolution of your soul to engage this journey, positively and constructively in the decisions you make.  As one of humanity living in a society, you have a responsibility of bringing this information forward to other individuals who do not understand their purpose and the meaning of their life, of this journey, and so, many millions of people have been presented with a copy of The Urantia Book.  As far as those of you who have engaged an intimate relationship with God, to literally experience the presence of the Divine Being of the Thought Adjuster within you, it is an incredible event and experience in your lifetime.  Yet, many who have read the Bible and read The Urantia Book, have never experienced the personal presence of God within them.

Nonetheless, they believe in what they are doing and they move forward.  You, as one of humanity, have a responsibility to co-creatively work with Christ Michael and Nebadonia in this world to bring this message forward to your fellow brothers and sisters in the operative way, through living your life of decisions, using the values that have been given to you in this large blue book, and through the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission, and the values of social sustainability.  As you know, God, your Creator, Christ Michael, is not a stingy or miserly Creator, but one of beneficence, who benevolently gives you immense bounty in your world to live and enjoy.  Once you are aware of this purpose in life, you would want the same for your families, your communities, and your societies.  Your responsibility becomes to yourself, and to your fellow brothers and sisters of the world, to assist them to live sustainably, peacefully, courageously and constructively in an evolving world.

You are living in a responsible, co-creative relationship once you read the book and once you become aware of the necessity that your world become more whole than it is, to live in the light of oneness, not divisively or with separation.  These responsibilities are not onerous, but they are generous and good and will help you grow.  It depends on your interpretation of the values and your relationship to God.  I wish you a good day, and we will be with you always through your struggles and difficulties, and particularly now as you engage those organizations around you that you participate in and live in, and have known all your life, whether it is your local church, or whether it is some brotherhood, or sisterly association, we will be there with you.  Good day.