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Nebadonia - God and Us - Sep 17, 2015 - Jerry Lane, Lightline

Mother Spirit Lightline - September 17, 2015.

Jerry Lane:
[Dear Folks, for the first time in many years Lightline Teleconference had technical problems recording my transmission of Mother Spirit, and so a small amount of material was lost. In the future I will record the sessions myself to have a backup in case this happens again. For now I’ll just put “MISSING” where appropriate. Thanks for your understanding, Jerry.]


  1. (God and Us)
  2. (Implications of Our Being Unique)
  3. (Impossible to Be Fully Objective)  
  4. (Universal Uniqueness)  
  5. (Be Not Afraid)
  6. (Others Are God’s Gifts You Yourself Could Not Create)
  7. (Worship and Appreciation)
  8. (Creativity and Insatiable Curiosity)
  9. (The Soul and Memories)
  10. (Take the Time to Reflect Deeply)  

[MISSING-my welcoming Mother Spirit and Michael to be with us, and mentioning Michael’s last lesson on Turning Things Around.

Recording starts in JL’s introduction/prayer…”getting healthy and make relationships with others who are suffering, that we might notice. But how do we turn things around? How do we turn our situation around? How do we turn ourselves around? Thinking on that, for me it came down to the nitty-gritty of this: we’re dependent on our understanding of ourselves and the situation.]

Mother Spirit, our understanding is one of your little boosts, one of your Mind/Spirit augmentations that you give us. Just what is our understanding--of all the knowledge of all the experience we have accumulated? How do we get a hold on understanding itself?  What are the most important things--within these short lessons--that you are able to give us? What is the most important thing we need to understand? We’d be so thankful if you could enlighten us while we are on this subject, as we get to share our lives with each other.  

Nebadonia: MISSING—her first response to our invitation: …”I get to share my point of view with you and hopefully it helps you understand what is happening. Sometimes you can even trace back why, why is it happening?

(God and us)

Michael gave a lesson on how you can turn things around if you feel things are getting worse in your life situation. The main thing for you to understand could almost be put in a single sentence: You are a unique personal being endowed with creative spirit--a creative spirit earning and growing a soul of life experience. And so is God! He is primarily a personal being whose power of creativity gives rise to that whole universe out there, that you can see some tiny little piece of on a clear, starry night: the Creation.

This points to the enormity of what God--our Universal Father--is sharing of himself with each of us. We too are each a unique personal being, a creative being endowed with creative spirit, growing a soul of real experience for which there is no substitute; there is no other.

And so Michael and I ask as you listen to, or later read these lessons of ours,   take your time. They are not quite like a novel or a narrative you just read through. Do your best, your own creative best to feel, feel for the meaning and the value of our words as we try in our own way not to be too succinct, too condensed in approaching such an enormous subject as understanding—which is part of a being such as you.

(Implications of our being unique)

Tonight I’d like to address the creative aspect of yourself. It’s the fact that you, very much like our Father, and like Michael and myself, are a unique being. As we said before in some of our lessons, this has lead some folks to such a state of loneliness, feeling so overwhelmed with their own uniqueness and so much of themselves that they can never share with another person--just because they are unique—this has led to despair and even suicide. They are the poor souls who have had no sense of an indwelling presence of God, the one other Being for sure with whom we are all sharing our lives.

He is our one essential Company to keep, and God, for his part, is always doing his share of this, he is part of the sharing. He is as much your Father as you are his children. He belongs to you for he actually gives of himself an individualized presence to be part of you.

And so: be aware of his presence within you. Be still enough to feel him and actually hear what he is contributing as his thought adjusting. This is one of the primary ways out of your intrinsic aloneness. You share this with him because he too is unique like no other.

His whole nature is--as yours too can be if you choose to adopt it--one of sharing, of being unique but with a spiritual, creative nature. It means that in one way yes, you are living in a unique universe because there is no ultimate inside and outside to your experience. No matter how much your psychology wants to split things into an objective world and then an inner subjective world, in your actual experience of life they are intimately connected and mutually influencing each other.

(Impossible to be fully objective)  

Again: this could lead to despair since you can never know anything that is purely objective, just because you yourself are co-creating everything--even if not in a physical sense. Obviously the chair you are sitting on, and the room all about you is real in itself. It is not only your creation. But what meaning does it have for you? What value does it have for you?

Some folks can get in such a state of despair it seems that all the meaning and value has just drained away out of their life. They can still see things; they can see other people and perhaps even relate somewhat to others. But if this condition gets too severe, they may have to be institutionalized. They literally need someone else to take care of them because suddenly their life has no meaning, no value. This is how they experience it, and it is real. They have to be given food, and shelter, and even basic cleanliness.  

But then there is a saving grace. Another gift of God’s is that part of his nature we call sharing. With this deep understanding; with having your experience of how unique and alone you are in a sense: It is the understanding that this is universal!--of all personal beings of whatever order--human, angel, Melchizedek, Michael, or myself.

(Universal uniqueness)  

Once this uniqueness is thoroughly experienced, understood, and embraced, then it becomes something you can share. You have something unique to contribute to someone else, and so have they something to contribute to you.  

This is the whole realm of social intercourse, and not only your own personal day-to-day contacts with your family, your friends and your co-workers at your job. It is there when you turn on the television. It is why you go to the internet.   It is in all your arts, all your creativity beyond, shall we say, keeping a journal or a diary only for yourself. It’s every novel that has been written, all the plays performed, all the whole history of human literature, philosophy, and psychology. It’s all the plastic arts, the painting and sculpture. All this is a sharing of a person’s own inner reality. Your own unique take on things is your greatest gift to others.

Then too, if you’ve learned the wonderful ability of self-forgetfulness--when you have enough self-confidence and courage to let yourself go--then you have your whole mind and spirit open to take in another. You can take in the whole history of art of the human race, there through the buttons on your computer.

This too is what gives your life its meaning and value: all these others, all their production of all the art everywhere. It’s also there in the machinery that gives you so much power over the physical world. Think of all the kinds of tools, all the progressing abilities of the whole human race that are available.

This is what we would hope and ask you to understand: that you are co-creating everything you experience. This has been the understanding of all the greatest philosophers, for this is what you have to share. This is what you can appreciate--the creativity of others in what they are offering you.  

So let yourself go. Forget yourself. Be thoroughly immersed in whatever interests you. Take it in. Let it be part of your soul experience. It is your understanding that unifies all of this, all these million little bits of knowledge and experience. It is the part of your spirit and mind that I help you with.

Understand this: in one way you are unique, but so is everyone else. This is how you can extend yourself. You can offer yourself graciously to others because you might have the very thing they need—company, someone to share their life with.

(Be not afraid)

And so my dear ones, as our wonderful Michael, my dear companion says, “Be not afraid.” Let yourself go. Take in another completely. Trust that you’ll pop back up again to yourself, if nowhere else but in your meditation.

There you are alone with Michael, and me, and our Father. One of the reasons you do meditate is to reassure yourselves that yes, you still are!--along with all these others you now have in your soul. Share your lives freely, my dear ones. This is where all the meaning and value comes from. It’s what really and truly enriches you.

So take the time. Stop a while and meditate. Think of all the folks you have known, clear from the time you were children playing in the sandbox with your friends; and ever since, all the hundreds of folks you have known and shared things with. This is your true wealth, and it is yours forever.

Now if you have any questions or comments, let’s share those.

Student #1: Yes. I’d like to say that wealth is something else. Who says you can’t take it beyond the grave. We take all that wealth with us.

(Others are God’s gifts you yourself could not create)

Nebadonia: Yes, my dear. This is your soul. This is your only possession, but it is your only necessary one. It is what gives meaning and value to your life: all these other folks that are so unique in their own way that you couldn’t even--in your wildest imagination, since you are not God: you could not create them in all their uniqueness. If you will: it is the mystery of personality. Some little nubbin of everybody you know, and everyone you have ever met, comes strictly from God. It’s who they really are. So yes, your soul is your eternal possession. Are there any other questions or comments, my son?

Student #1:  Not really, thank you.

Nebadonia:   Be in my love

Student #2: Thank you, Mother Spirit. This is __ and I love that we will pop up again in our meditation.  

Mind if I borrow that? We have in less than a month/three hours from me--they are holding the World Parliament of Religions. It still blows my mind that it is happening. Can you say a few words on it? It is very impressive to me.

(Worship and appreciation)

Nebadonia: Well, my dear, this is another part of you that I augment—worship. We love to give another name for that, and that is appreciation. Both worship and appreciation are how you can dedicate yourself and focus towards something to be thankful for. Consider your appreciation of all that is possible now with your modern communications--the way the whole world is instantaneously connected. You can be out in the woods somewhere with your laptop computer and begin a conversation with someone in India.

You can appreciate how you yourself co-create the value of this fact for yourself; or not. Then too you can also recognize the intrinsic value within it for everyone else. This is what I talked about this evening.  Co-created and intrinsic value are not separate things in your experience of life. It is partly your own recognition, and partly your own acknowledgement of something so wonderful, giving it value, tuning in yourself. So I would say: go ahead and feel blessed.  

Student #2: Thank you, Mother Spirit. I do feel blessed, and I love this university, and this campus, and all the professors. Thank you.

Nebadonia: This awareness pays tribute to how much the human spirit has created, from the very beginning of cave men and women who went deep into their caves and painted something. I love that one where somebody put their hand on the wall and, using their mouth as a primitive spray gun to blow specks all around it, just outlined a human hand.

(Creativity and insatiable curiosity)

From the very beginning you are endowed with an insatiable curiosity--that can be a plague to some, yet can be a blessing--just an infinite blessing--to others who appreciate this insatiable curiosity is to know, to feel, to experience, and to understand. So feed it well.

Student #3:  I was thinking all these relationships we have make the afterlife more appealing, because it is something we can go to and enjoy our relationships--looking forward to our relationships. So that is the value of the afterlife: it can entice us.

(The soul and memories)

Nebadonia:  My son, this is the understanding that your soul is almost, but not quite, contra-distinct from your brief memories, just because your soul is co-authored by a presence of God. It is something that even in your present life--your first human life here--you can set aside part of your on-going experience of life to, in a sense, visit. You can meditate. And in your meditation you can let some previous event in your life come forth in all its fullness. Even for a few short moments you touch your soul and appreciate/be thankful for the enormity of all it truly is—your whole life!

Comparatively, your memories are like sketches or outlines of an event while your soul is more like a photograph, because it is partly God’s experience of your life too.  This is what you will one day become truly one with--consciously: both your soul and with the presence of God within you. It is where your personal, conscious awareness needs to--and is capable of—growing, so that you yourself--your personality--who you know yourself to be--one day becomes equivalent to--embraces and becomes one with--this enormous soul you have developed and grown up to that point. You become one with the presence of God within you and can truly worship and appreciate: That nothing of value is ever lost. It is all part of the Supreme Being--as are you.

Student #3:  Thank you.

Nebadonia: You are welcome. These are such delightful things that our Father gives us.    

Well, my dear ones, let me close with addressing that basic question one more time, that your philosophers have played with for thousands of years.  

Michael mentioned last time that wonderful Serenity Prayer of asking God for the courage to change the things you can in your life, the serenity to accept those immutable things that you run across, or run over you, and then the wisdom to know the difference.

If you are a unique creative-spirit endowed being, and yet are also definitely involved in an objective reality that you are not creating: how can you know the difference? This is where wisdom comes from experience. It is also how much you yourselves are willing to reflect on all your experiences to get that understanding, to enable your personality to unify everything so that it does make sense, it does fit together.

(Take the time to reflect deeply)  

I think one of your philosophers said, one time, “A life without reflection is not worth living.”   We prefer to say that by taking some part out of your active, daily activity to simply reflect on what you are doing, what your life has been, who and what are all these folks you have known and shared your life with?--this is the 200% of life. It’s even now, as a human being, your touching this enormous spiritual soul you are growing, and feeling deep in your heart: Thank you, Father. Thank you for me--that I am! And thank you for all these other souls that I have known.  

So: Good evening, my dear ones. It is so wonderful being your Mother--your Mother--for again: I definitely belong to you, and I glory that I do. Good evening, and be in my love.