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NEC #44 - Machiventa Melchizedek - Peace; Self Forgetfulness; Soul - Apr 13, 2015 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado


New Era Conversations #44 – Peace; Self-forgetfulness; The Soul – Apr. 13, 2015
Teacher:  Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


  1. Progress in South Africa
  2. The Formula for Peace
  3. The Innate Nature of Humans
  4. Begin with an Intention for Your Life
  5. Human Vs. Spirit Concepts of Time
  6. Self-forgetfulness
  7. More Discussion on the Power of Thought
  8. The Mind Mechanism
  9. Are Thoughts Airborne like Odors?
  10. The Generation of Thoughts
  11. Projecting Thought in a Creative Mode
  12. Defective Thinking
  13. Thinking of Chaos or Thinking of Peace Is a Choice
  14. Knowing That You Have Options
  15. Denial of Personal Responsibilities
  16. Living in the “God Moment”
  17. Understanding Ego
  18. The Coined Word of “Miss-creation”
  19. Creation of the Soul
  20. Your Internal Environment of Thinking
  21. The Soul and Mental Health
  22. Preexistent Aspects of the Soul
  23. Being Committed to Doing God’s Will
  24. Humble Yet Powerful Individuals


TR: Daniel Raphael

Team members:  Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray and a Student
April 13, 2015


MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek.  We are pleased to be here with you, and yes, we will do our utmost to fulfill your prayers to assist you to understand the work that is here, and the work that is ahead, and the work that is now evolving in the present, and will evolve into the future work.  You can accept—perhaps not take for granted—that your requests for spiritual assistance is eminent, it is paramount, it is the point of approach that we have with you, to be with you, to share the wisdom of the universe as you grow, and as you grow to fulfill your life’s plan and that of the Father for your world.

Progress in South Africa

We continue to report to you about the progress that we see, though we know as we have observed your thinking, and the thinking in the minds of many thousands of people, that they see very little difference from one day to another, from one week to another and from one month to another—and only slight variation from year to year.  Yet, for us, we are very excited with what is developing.  We have now begun to spread our influence into the continents.  As you know, we are well established in the North American Continent and in the South American Continent.  We have begun our approach into Africa, from the very south—South Africa—and we have yet to make inroads into Europe and into the Euro-Russian area, and to the Far East.  There is much work to do in the Far East.  Amazingly, perhaps it is ironic, but it seems totally in keeping with the approach of Christ Michael as Jesus, to begin in one of the most humble continents of Urantia, to begin in Africa for the expansion of our work into families and communities.  It has the most to gain from what we offer to them through our human partners at work there and in the other nations of Africa.

The formula for peace

These values that have been given to you—the three core values of social sustainability, and the three core value-emotions of social sustainability—are the antidotes for war and discord, they are the formula for peace.  You may think that is a tongue-in-cheek statement, but truly the formula for peace does exist, and it does not work against war, it works for peace.  It works for accord; it works for agreement, collaboration and partnering, and for the love that people can share as neighbors, friends and family.  Yes, we surely have our work cut out for us, as you have for yourself in your own life.  When you see the hurdles and challenges of your own life to overcome your habits that are detrimental to your growth, when you have so many emotional thoughts to overcome to have peace within your own mind, you have a small idea of comparison to the challenges and work that we have here on Urantia to bring about peace and accord.

Yet, it is possible for you to bring peace into your thinking and your thoughts, and your life, as it is for us to bring peace into your world with you.  It is this partnering that is essential and core to all that will become in the future.  And yes, we surely do have a toehold on this long and steep climb upward to peace and the Days of Light and Life.  When we say, “toehold,” think of also the “handhold” of a free-climber on a rock face, climbing upwards on a mountain to reach the top—this is how we see our work with you.  And it is you, your lives, your commitment that provide us with the handholds and the toeholds to climb upward in this challenge.  We do that together with you—you are on this climb with us.  Yes, it is challenging; yes, it is difficult, but it is surmountable.  And with Christ Michael as our guide, we will surely overcome the vicissitudes and difficulties, turmoil, tragedies and chaos of this world to bring about peace to you in your personal life and in your mind, to your social relationships and into your world.  And yes, it will take decades and centuries to accomplish this, but in the era of existence of the human species, this will be a very short period of time.  Just as you have seen graphs of the population increase throughout your world and all other comparisons to history, the rise of humanity into stability and peace will be not only arithmetic and exponential, but sometime it will be logarithmic as well.

The innate nature of humans

Innate nature of humans is good—you can be assured of that, as you are assured that God has created you.  This might be a challenge to your thinking, particularly for those who do not believe in God, or believe in the Providence that guides the course of worlds.  For you who know that you were created by God, and even more so for you who know that God dwells within you—and particularly those who have consciously partnered with God in their lives—you know that the essence in the core of all human beings is that people are good.  The reasons for evil, for difficulty, for chaotic thinking, is that children are raised in chaotic, dysfunctional families, or they have consciously chosen that life-style of chaos, or that they were manipulated by others who were ignorant and undiscerning and did not have the capacity of learning and training to know how to examine questions and topics and social issues to make conscious decisions.

Begin with an intention for your life

People are inherently good, and this is the founding principle upon the work of the Correcting Time, that people are inherently good, and that those who know that they have the God essence and presence within them can be led into greatness, to express those ennobling qualities that humans have within them, that through their empathy and compassion they can reach out in love and caring to others, to assist them, and in that service they grow themselves.  This is how it has been and always will be.  Once one overcomes the challenges of their individual human nature and their ego and fear, then it is a time to engage service.  In service you grow into oneness with the Father within you.  In doing so, you become a living expression of God’s Will in your life.  Not knowing how to do that, you call upon us; you call upon God within you, Christ Michael and Nebadonia to offer you opportunities to lead you forward in the course of your life and in fulfillment.  Yes, it is as difficult and as simple as that.  It requires you to first begin with an intention for your life.  Whether you have ever stated this, or written it down, it is time to do so now.

I am open to questions concerning this prologue for today, if you have any.

Human vs. spirit concepts of time

Student:  As humans, we have our own concept of time, and there is the perception in my point of view, of spirit-time—they are both two different prospects of time, as I see it.  Could you explain what spirit-time is?  Things happen in spirit differently than they happen here, when it comes to time.

MACHIVENTA:   Or so you assume.  I will do better than that.  Humans measure time by the factor of change.  Time has always been explicitly known to your ancient ancestors as such.  They knew the change of the days, of the sunset and night.  The moon rose and it set, and the sun rose again, and so on.  Change was measured in days and in seasons, and in phases of the moon, so that they were able to follow these very exactly.  Even the most ancient civilizations of Homo sapiens had a very detailed calendar of astral change—change of the sun, change of the moon, change of the moon in thirteen phases throughout the year; and that stars were in the same position next year, and so they understood the universe as a great mechanism of change.  It is only with the invention of water clocks, sand clocks, and so on, that individuals began to divide the day from noon until noon the next day.  And there were mechanical clocks, and now you have atomic clocks that measure the oscillation of electrons around an atom, so many billion times per second.  This is how you measure change and call it time.  What time is it?  What you are saying is how much change has occurred since the last moment that we noted the time or the change.  And so, you have a measure of that.

For those in the morontial, spiritual and eternal realms, change is not something that is measured in days, as there are no days and no nights.  There is only daytime—the lighted planets that illuminate other planets.  They are bathed in constant light, and so, lacking nighttime, or the absence of light, there is no change as humans, mortals on planets account for the changes of revolving and spinning on their axis around a sun or a star.  This is the preparation for morontial beings to appreciate the constancy of God, to eventually enter into the eternal realm and the embrace of all light with God, the First Source and Center, and the Creator of all.

Now, when you take that—when you juxtapose those two existences, one of the diurnal day, with the eternal light of God, your question really develops into a question of “how do morontial/spiritual and eternal beings relate to mortals on a revolving planet —into account where there is so much constant social, political and economic change;” we are at an advantage to you.  On one hand when we work with you personally, as in this case right now, we are in sync with your times, with your perception of change, and though we are here with you through these minutes that may stretch into an hour or two, and yet, when we come apart from this engagement with you, we are planning ahead in what we call the vectors of probability to extend our influence into the future of your change.

Through the influence of God’s Plan, of Christ Michael’s Plan for your planet in all regards, this change will be positive.  It will be constructive, and in all cases, it is benign and it is benevolent as God’s beneficence is always present within the confines of the parameters of physical, created reality that you live in.  Yes, this planet does have geophysical changes, some of which are violent, and some that cause the death of individuals.  This is a natural part of every evolutionary planet.  Every planet that has sentient beings has gone through this process, particularly for those who are on the ascension plan.  And in no case, do these plans and our influence along the vectors of probability abrogate any expressions of personal self-will.

So how you measure change depends on where you are.  When you, become one with the morontial realm, your question will be known to you in full, and you will have one of those awakening “ah-ha” moments, which will be one of a crescendo of thousands of “ah-ha” moments as you come into awareness of the tremendous differences between your mortal life and the morontial.  And yes, you will suffer from tremendous culture change, and you will do so with the comfort of your celestial teachers, who are there to assist your morontial mind to be at peace and at ease, and to be able to integrate these changes in your whole being, slowly and completely so that you can continue your ascendant career with full knowledge of where you have been, where you are and the plans ahead for where you will go.

I hope this answer helps you.


Student:  Would self-forgetfulness and positive thinking all the time help to evolve a person with spirit in a quicker manner and help the person to evolve mentally and in all other ways? Right?

MACHIVENTA:  You are correct.

Student:  My question is:  Would self-forgetfulness be tied along with positive thinking all the time, going to evolve a person with spirit in a much quicker manner… a person with those elements is going to help evolve a human being, mentally and in every way, right?

MACHIVENTA:  Would you like a comment besides “correct?”

Student:  Please; can you talk about it?

MACHIVENTA:  Of course, I would be glad to.  You have presented yourself with quite a paradox, have you not?  On one hand you must become forgetful, and on the other hand you must be remembering.  You must be forgetful of your fears, which are irrational, and your egoism, which can lead to bizarre appreciation for yourself, overt self-aggrandizement.  Yes, self-forgetfulness is important.  You must forget that you are above others.  You must forget that you are below others; and, you must remember that you are a child of God.  You must remember yourself to be self-observing, to augment your positive self in construction of your self into the future by tending the store, so to speak, of your thinking.  This is part of the process of growth, and always to do that, you must live in the moment.

Forgetful self forgets about the regrets and spitefulness and disappointments of the past, and must forget the worry and anxiety of the future, but remember to live in the moment.  Only this moment now is that place in time, as you say, where you can change your being into growth by remembering who you truly are.  And there are wonderful positive, helpful guides through various religions of how to come into your greatness, without your ego being embellished by appreciation of your being as a child of God.  This is the humble, powerful position you must remain in always, through your ascendant career, that you are at once that sole, unique being in the universe where no one is like you, and to appreciate that you are a child of God as well as only one among trillions and trillions of other beings who are as equally important to God as you are.  This gives you the capacity and capability to grow; and, it is your responsibility to grow into who you truly are, by forgetting and remembering.

Student:  Thank you.  I have no more questions right now.

MMc:  I experienced an “ah-ha” moment as you spoke, Machiventa.  You said, “you must forget that you are above everybody else, and you must forget that you are below everybody else, and you must remember that you are a child of God.”  And at that point, I felt myself quite alone and relating on a one-on-one basis with the Father.  I almost face between us in that the contact was made.

MACHIVENTA:  “Very good,” as you say to me!

MMc:  Yes.  What we must remember as we go through our ascension career is this point, this contact, and that everybody else is in contact also.  Thank you.

MACHIVENTA:  You are most welcome.

MMc:  ______, if you are done, I’ll begin.

Student:  Michael, I do have some questions from a reader, sometime, if I am allowed to ask them.

MMc:  Go right ahead.

More discussion on the power of thought

Student:  Thank you.  Machiventa, a reader has sent in some questions regarding the discussion that was given on the power of thought.  He quotes from what you had said in your statement of the power of thought, and one of the statements was, “We are striving to assist you and your readership, to fill their thoughts with positive attitudes and opinions and content, so that they are able to become supporters of Christ Michael’s work, whether they are spiritually inclined or not.”  He says, “The quote above suggests that thought is something to fill, much like the soul being an empty envelope that must be grown and filled with our life experiences.”  He says, “So too, our thoughts must be filled with right thinking to produce right doing.”  His question is:  “So is thought similar to the soul that must be consciously and constantly filled with positive thoughts?”

The mind mechanism

MACHIVENTA:  Good question!  Our reader’s statement offers many options for development, one of which is the mind mechanism.  Thoughts are those emanations from the mind mechanism that can be conscious or unconscious.  When a thought exists it is much like the ones and zeros that are written on a hard drive, yet on that hard drive there are many spaces—billions of spaces—that are empty.  Spirit’s work is to fill the empty space of a mind mechanism with options for thinking, for doing and for speaking.  Individual mind-self, or the will-self, can either run through or past those positive thoughts, or to pick and choose what they want to express.

The mind-self is often able to grow because of the influence of the Thought Adjuster and the Seven Adjutant Spirits as well; they have a positive influence.  And through the habitual mind mechanism running through, over, around and between these options for life and living it is that the Thought Adjuster and the mind-adjutants have given the mind.  It becomes something that may come to the conscious thought presence of the will-self to make a choice to pursue one of those positive options.  Mind mechanism is much like the soul—of course they are not the same and the metaphor of the parallel is very weak—but nonetheless, there are similarities in that they are empty and need to be filled.  The best course of the mind mechanism can be developed through the will-self choosing what to think, seeking out what to think, choosing what to say and how to act.  These are the relationships between those various parts.

The mind mechanism will, of course, cease when the organism dies, but the soul will continue on.  It is through the choices of the will-mind that the soul can grow.  We, as your conscious spiritual advisors, offer in addition to the seven adjutant spirits and the Thought Adjuster, many options for life and living.  When the individual willfully chooses to do God’s Will, and more than chooses to do God’s Will, but wills to do God’s will, and makes that commitment of relationship with their Thought Adjuster, that is when we can then augment the influence of those options in the mind of the individual so that they stand out more clearly, and that the individual can see the choices involved for decision and action at the moral and ethical level of social conscience.  So through those choices that are fulfilled through action, is the soul filled or not.

Student:  Thank you.  He has another question regarding thought.  He asks, “Do our minds become infected by good and bad thoughts from our genes, environment and enculturation?”

MACHIVENTA:  The question is too diverse to answer well.

Student:  Do our minds become infected by good and bad thoughts from our genes?


Student:  Obviously, the answer has been given that our minds can be infected by our environment.  Right?


Student:  And our enculturation?


Are thoughts airborne like odors?

Student:  Thank you.  Another question he has here is:  “Are thoughts airborne like odors that enter our minds uncontrolled?”

MACHIVENTA:  That is a very good question.  One moment.  Thoughts have no influence upon others unless there is an emotional energetic projection behind them.  Many thoughts that occur in the mind of an individual are just so much whirling and gyrating of thoughts without projecting past the individual.  But, when they are connected with an emotional and/or spiritual influence, they can become influential to others, but not as a thought.  The thought projection does not register as a thought upon others.  The energy emanates from the individual that is formed through the thought, and the form of the energy is much like a sound wave that can be projected forward.  It is much as wolves or coyotes or dogs hear a sound that is very irritating to them, and one will start to howl, and so on until they can cover a large region of a state, county or otherwise.  Some of you call this energetic resonance or race consciousness.  The consciousness that is global surrounds the globe and that is how thought works to move forward.  It becomes more powerful when the individual has an intention to harm or to do benefit to another person, and projects that to them.  That is why when one has a loving nature and is around those who are open and receptive to that that they become known to that individual and so they enter into conversations more easily.

Does this help you understand the answer to your question?

The generation of thoughts

Student:  Yes, I think so.  He has one more question here and I’m going to read it anyway—I think it has been answered, but I am not sure.  “If we are not our thoughts, then where do negative and positive thoughts come from?”

MACHIVENTA:  You are not your thoughts but you generate thoughts.  You are a thought of God.  Excuse me, one of the restraints of mortal beings is that they cannot project their thoughts to create things through thought alone, whereas the deities can create by thought alone.  Because of the immature nature of mortals on the ascendant journey this restriction is imposed upon them, upon you, to decrease the potential of harm that you would wreak upon the universe.  Immature consciousness, immature emotionality, immature minds, mind mechanisms, immature spirituality is quite dangerous, and so you are confined by gravity to this planet, and you are confined by the limitations of your mind mechanisms to project thought into creative forms.  This is a restraint that is inherent in the evolutionary growth of individuals from their material/mortal self, through their morontial-self, and into their spiritual existence.

Projecting thought in a creative mode

You will, in the future of your morontial development in the later stages of your morontial career, be able to enter into the Life Carrier Laboratories and begin to build life, and to create life in all its manifestations.  This is the time when you can, where you are truly measured in your god-like qualities in your journey.  Those individuals, who are morontially immature, create beings which are imperfect and which have many flaws.  Those who are mature create beings that are more god-like and more perfect.  You can appreciate this limitation as you go through the daily activities of your life, visit your stores and in your associations in groups, and as you drive upon the highways.  Were you to have this capability of projecting thought in a creative mode, your planet would have been destroyed long, long, long ago, and there would cease to be any civilizations at all.

Student:  Thank you, Machiventa; I have no more questions.

Defective thinking

MMc:  Machiventa, you said that the function and purpose of the Correcting Time is to develop a society and social existence that provides a stable and helpful environment for the development of social individuals who are moral and ethical.  Would you like to speak to us about the development of this goal concerning the defective thinking we see so much today?

MACHIVENTA:  That is the purpose of the Correcting Time, Sir.

MMc:  I see.  I agree with you that you said that so many people are unaware that they are defective in their thinking, that most of our populations take for granted the anomalies of thinking that are unproductive and self-defeating and ultimately harmful to themselves and society.  My question is:  What are the options of solving the problem?

Thinking of chaos or thinking of peace is a choice

MACHIVENTA:  When you say “our,” do you mean mortals?  (MMc:  Yes.)  Your options are to engage your life of quiet, of peace.  Your religions, even as violent as they have been throughout history provide a social mechanism by which individuals can experience the quietness, the stillness of meditation and even of prayer.  This sets apart those activities of peace, as opposed to the chaos and violence of daily life in your thinking.  This juxtaposition provides the individual with the opportunity to choose the course of their life.  Do they wish to continue the thinking of chaos, or the thinking of peace?  There is one mechanism for doing that; it always is the choice of the individual.  Children oftentimes go apart from their classmates to be quiet, to play alone.  Oftentimes this is pursued throughout a person’s lifetime; it is a matter of choice.  They begin to want to be at peace; peace of as an activity; peace around others; peace by themselves.  True torment, mortal torment is when an individual has no capacity to control their own thinking, and oftentimes has never thought of the possibility of doing so.

MMc:  Are there any other options that are available to us?

Knowing that you have options

MACHIVENTA:  You must apply the question to yourself personally, Sir.  You have the answers within you, as do the readers.  To simply know that you have options is the opening to thinking, of making choices.  A person who feels they have no options in life becomes very dangerous.

MMc:  My feeling is that people are in so much denial that there is a problem and therefore they are unwilling to go aside and meditate about their particular problems.

Denial of personal responsibilities

MACHIVENTA:  Could you rephrase that, perhaps, in saying that what they are in denial of?  Could you perhaps say that they are in denial of their personal responsibility, their existential infinite responsibility for the course of their life?  For their responsibility to live socially in peace with others?  Responsible for living at peace within themselves and their own thinking?  Could this be what you are saying?

MMc:  Yes, and there is chaos because of that.

MACHIVENTA:  You live in a nation where people are in denial of their responsibilities, and in fact deflect them and reject them.  The majority lives this way, and so the very few, such as your environmentalists, who feel a responsibility to the ecology around them, some have defined this responsibility in environmental terms—the ecology around them—but others have rejected this responsibility to the social ecology around them.  They are also responsible for raising their children to become morally, ethically, and socially responsible, and others have not had a thought about that at all.  When you become existentially conscious, your responsibilities to your relationship to yourself, and to God, then you make moral choices that impact the course of your ascendant career of your life forever.  Acceptance of responsibility is core to the healing of your planet.

Individuals oftentimes feel that they have no impact upon the larger aspects of the world population of civilization, yet we know that you do, that you do have an equal responsibility to all others, as they have to you, and that you have quite an impact upon your life and the lives of others by how you conduct yourself.  Some people are consciously evil.  Some people consciously choose to do wrong and harm to others.  The vast majority of people simply dither about not consciously aware of making choices for the good of their life, for the good of others, or the harm of others.  They simply walk around as mortal automatons that are influenced by advertising and the culture that they live in.  But everyone is responsible.  You are responsible for the peace that exists in this world; you are also responsible for the wars that occur in this world.  What can you do about it?  You can do a tremendous amount by beginning with yourself to be at peace, to stop warring against yourself, to be conscious of the decisions and the thoughts that you have, and the choices you make.  This work of the Correcting Time is no small project.  It enters into developing conscious choices of thoughts with individuals to the conscious development of a global civilization, one that is peaceful and lives calmly and stably.

MMc:  Thank you.  I have several other questions, but looking at the clock and asking if Roxanne if she has any questions she’d like to ask before our time gets too long?

Roxie:  Yes, I have quite a few questions that readers have sent.  This series of questions are on will-self.  I’ll skip some of them because I think you have already answered them.

Living in the “God moment”

“If we will to become a self-observing individual, and begin evaluating our thinking and our lives, as a three-part brained individual, how does this enhance our moment-by-moment communion with our spirit-self?”

MACHIVENTA:  Intimately.  By making conscious choices moment-by-moment, you live in the God-moment of how God lives, of making choices moment-by-moment.  Having the intention of becoming more God-like and perfect, you become more in sync with the God-mind within you, and so this is an intimate relationship.  This is a close relationship that you can maintain throughout the course of your life.

Understanding ego

Roxie:  “Is it possible for we humans to get on common ground with your teachings in terms of how human ego imprisons us, and how to identify when we are prone to allowing its guidance, rather than spirit-self?”

MACHIVENTA:  You must first appreciate what your ego is.  We do not identify ego in the same fashion as you do.  We recognize that everyone has an ego, a persona.  Is it the ego of self-aggrandizement or the ego of the groveling self who feels so inferior to everyone else?  Both positions are inadequate; both positions do not give you the presence of being who you are.  These are façades; these are something that you learn to discard eventually, to become who you are.  Your persona is something that you will continue to have throughout your life.  In fact, until your fusion, you will continue to have and struggle with your ego-self.  When you are fused with your Thought Adjuster there is that moment when there is no equivocation between choosing to do what the ‘little-self says,’ or the ‘over embellished-self’ wishes to do.  At that moment you will be in concert with God, and your thoughts will be one with God, and you will make choices appropriate for the continued growth.

The coined word of “miss-creation”

Roxie:  “Is “miss-creation” a term that can be used for that human thought that is not aligned with the Will of God?”

MACHIVENTA:  That is one aspect.

Roxie:  “Is there a way you would explain to we humans the difficulty inherent in dealing with the electromagnetic energy of the egoistic thought forms?”

MACHIVENTA:  No comment.

Roxie:  “There have been meditations given us by Christ Michael and Mother Spirit in regard to healing the centuries of prolonged “miss-created” error, the stigma of the Lucifer Rebellion, through thought, complete forgiveness of the perpetrators?  Can you give us a more thorough idea of what true and real forgiveness is?”

MACHIVENTA:  I wish to make one clarification, that “miss-creation” and error are synonymous—error of thought.  Complete forgiveness occurs when there is no more resentment or hostility against that individual, that there is total acceptance that they are a child of God who has made the wrong decisions in their relationship with God, even though those decisions may have had a harmful or negative impact upon other people.  It is simply accepting another as themselves but not being in alignment or agreement or resentful towards those actions that individual took in the past.

Roxie:  He says, “Can you speak to how we would specify whether a contact for spiritual guidance is from the borderland or a teacher who is a part of the morontial/spiritual and deity realms?”

MACHIVENTA:  Simply ask them.

Roxie:  “How do we learn to administer neuron-bridging to traumatic blast injury of military personnel?”

MACHIVENTA:  I decline the question.

Creation of the soul

Roxie:  Here are some questions from a different reader.  “We know that people have been designed as unperfected, and we have to be growing on the basis of our experience.  Evolutionary history of our body is very long that eventually led to the creation of the human body, but what about the soul?”  He’s interested in how the soul comes about and grows, I think.

MACHIVENTA: Your soul is a gift to you, much as your personality.  It is an aspect of your morontial “being-becoming.”  It is with you and you begin this activity of giving your soul weight with your first moral decision, making a conscious decision.  The soul is much as has been described as an empty envelope that is handed to you upon your life, and for which you are responsible to fill and give weight to by your decisions that are positive and in agreement/alignment with God’s Will for the universe.

Roxie:  He asks, “Do we have imprints of animal nature in our soul?  What effect do they have on us?”

MACHIVENTA:  There are no animal imprints upon your soul.

Roxie:  “Could you please reveal a nature of infestation of sub-consciousness when it is clogged up with hidden and vague stuff?  I would like to learn more about this unclear ‘enemy’ to resist better.”

MACHIVENTA:  I decline the question.

Roxie:  “What happens in the structure of the soul, as we gradually become free from intrusive internal influences?  I hope that this understanding will help me open the valve of love even wider in the heart, to be more receptive to the Father.”

Your internal environment of thinking

MACHIVENTA:  Your internal environment of thinking is a matter of your own conscious development.  It must become a conscious aspect of your decision-making for your soul to grow.  The conscious life is the life that eternal beings live; they always live in the now.  This is where you want to go with your thinking.  You develop your mental environment by your intention for your life, and your conscious activity to monitor and make choices about what you think, and what you say, and the actions you take.

The soul and mental health

Roxie:  “Are there any new essential things that we have to learn about soul affecting our mental health?”

MACHIVENTA:  Your soul is the repository of all good choices for moral issues and topics, as well as ethical issues and topics, and your social consciousness.

Roxie:  He has some more, but I think I will leave those for a future session.  Back to you, Michael for your additional questions.

Preexistent aspects of the soul

MMc:  Yes, thank you.  Machiventa, are there aspects of the soul that are preexistent in the individual?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, of course!

MMc:  We are told that the soul is a construct; it is made by the Thought Adjuster and by the individual.  Does the individual possess a soul prior to the Thought Adjuster’s arrival?


MMc:  Would you like to enlarge upon that for us, please?

Being committed to doing God’s Will

MACHIVENTA:  There is no need to enlarge upon this; the individual need not be conscious of their soul, much as a handbag or a shoulder bag that they would carry with them, except in the aspect of making right decisions—more ethical and moral decisions—that help fill that handbag, that “soul-bag” with weight, so to carry you forward with spiritual inertia into the morontial realm.  The concept of ego and soul, and so on, need not be of concern to the individual who has committed themselves to doing God’s Will, and living in the now and making conscious decisions, and consciously choosing what to think and what to say, and how to behave.  These are part of the environment or territory conceptually, for individuals, but nothing to be fascinated about, or to think of as some fetish that you needed to worry about.  Simply live your life consciously and in alignment with doing good, and your soul and ego will become fulfilled by themselves then.

MMc:  Thank you very much, Machiventa, for your thoughts today.  I wonder if you have any closing thoughts for us?

Humble yet powerful individuals

MACHIVENTA:  Yes.  You have many inspiring examples of humble, powerful individuals in your societies, and in religions.  Individuals who had no care about their soul, who had no care about their ego, but remained humble and simple, loving and kind, compassionate and extended themselves doing good to others.  Your technologies of this past century and currently have given you thoughts of phenomenology, or conceptual entities, which need not be of any concern to you.  Yes, there are things that do exist; there is ego and there is soul, and so on.  But these were never a concern of those who were self-conscious and felt a need to fill them; they simply did good to others, and they did good to themselves, neither regretful about the past, or concerned or worried about the future.  Life for a mortal can be quite simple and enjoyable when one lives in the moment.  Think of two young children, two boys playing in the sand, imagining all sorts of things that they are doing.  Imagine two young girls playing with dolls and setting up households, and so on, with sticks and stones and building houses and places where people live.  This is the simplicity of life that adults can live as well.

We are not asking you to be simple minded, but to be simple living, to live in simplicity, to be humble without seeking self-aggrandizement, neither seeking to be lesser than others, to be impoverished in self-empowerment, or overly embellished with self-empowerment, but simply to go forward in the day’s activities, the activities of life on an even keel, to be at peace with yourself, and to be at peace with others.  You may think that this is impossible, but only to the extent of your past decisions to place you where you are.  You can begin this moment now, to place yourself in a space of peace, a lifestyle of peace and harmony, simply by making those choices that put you there.

MACHIVENTA:  You are most welcome.  We appreciate the forum that you provide for us to speak to others, and as you see from the questions you received, you can know how impoverished people are, and who hunger for the peace that we speak of, that Jesus gave example to, those who are so desperately confused in their thinking that they are unable to form questions that bring clarity to themselves, let alone others.  We have our work cut out for us, do we not?

[Group responds affirmatively, and shows appreciation to Machiventa.]