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Nebadonia - Children - Life and Spirit - Jan 15, 2015 - Jerry Lane, Lightline


  1. (Children)
  2. (Life and Spirit)
  3. (Consideration of Another)
  4. (Finding the Security to Open)  
  5. (True Soul Wealth)  
  6. (Our Mutual Delight)
  7. (The Power of Co-creativity)
  8. (Our Lives—our Gift to God)
  9. (Being Non-judgmental)
  10. (The Female Aspect)
  11. (God’s Sheer Possibility for Us)
  12. (To Be Free)

Dear Mother Spirit and Michael: We welcome you with open arms, open hearts, and open minds, and ask you to give us your New Year’s blessing.  Michael, last month for your Christmas message you reminded us that when we think of your life as a small baby in a manger, and then all that the Urantia Book gives us of the rest of your life, it is time for reflection and remembering our own lives.   Especially if we get a little carried away with ourselves, we can remember we too were once this little tiny creature so dependent upon others for our life.  

It is a New Year and although those not in our culture may not pay much attention between one day and the next, from December to January, for us it is a way of looking forward. Our Roman God Janus has his two heads, not only looking back, but also looking forward to what is to come. So with this in mind, we definitely invite you, Mother Spirit, to give us your blessings for the New Year to come, because definitely--here it comes. Amen.

Nebadonia: Good evening my children, this is your Mother Spirit, Nebadonia. I’m delighted to lead off this New Year and wrap you in my loving arms. Remember, dear ones, that I am part of you--literally part of your mentality right within you, and then surrounding you as well. This is my space, my glorious space determining our Local Universe for, as I said before, I’m like a bubble in foam, surrounded by all my fellow Mother Spirits in their Local Universes, as we are spread out among the stars. This is my delight, as it is for all of you parents, all you mothers and fathers with your own children.


Think about how much you feel that part of you that is out there with them, going through their daily lives. Our parental interest is itself interesting just in the way it arises so spontaneously, this delight in our children and our curiosity of about what they are getting into. We have our own fears that maybe they will get into trouble, or some kind of harm. So it takes courage for parents to let their children go, yet be right there ready to back them up and catch them if they stumble. But we let them go, knowing they will stumble from time to time.  

This is just part of the vicissitudes of being--in your case--a physical being on a physical planet, with ten little toes to stub in the middle of the night. It’s your very physical-ness that you sometimes decry, but it is the envy of all the spiritual realm, for you are so intimately connected with and part of God’s creation of an impersonal part of reality. It’s all this stuff all around you of impersonal energy and matter; but then too your own living material, your own bodies alive and still beyond the reach of your deepest science and medicine. These are the miracles of your bodies, this living material, something that makes you parents so proud of these sweet little creatures you have created. Yet you have only you passed on this thing called life.

(Life and spirit)

Indeed is there any profound difference between life and spirit? Spirit is that dimension of reality of God’s that is all-inclusive. It is the origin of everything, the creative aspect within reality. And creative spirit is all personal. There is no creativity in the impersonal aspect of reality of matter and energy that invariably follows God’s original plan from the beginning. It’s when he shares his creative spirit with Michael and myself, and then, through us, with all of our children across so many millions of worlds. It is this creative spirit that is the hallmark of the power of personality. This is what each person gets to do, right from their own unique being.

So even these physical bodies of yours--just because they are alive--they themselves are so susceptible to your will and the decisions stemming from your own creativity. In fact you, as a personality, really experience yourselves spiritually because your awareness of your physical self can come and go. You can delightfully forget yourself in the middle of some activity, some creative endeavor. Then you pause to reflect, maybe sit down for a moment, and find yourself back in a body again, back in a physical continuity that is given you moment-to-moment whether you are aware of it or not, whether you forget yourselves or not.

You are this enduring reality, this living, and it is this living part of you that we assure you is what continues. In a very deeply ironic sense that challenges your faith and your belief, think that this life of yours can outlast the sun you see coming up every morning, and even this world you are standing on. This life of yours is a gift of our Father’s. This is his nature, his love and intrinsic nature, to share his life with all of us, else there would be no creation.  

Then he endows each of us with his creative power. We can grow to express our own uniqueness--which he originally created. This is definition of heaven enough, when personal beings find a way of expressing themselves in such a way, with such possibility, such eminent possibility, of expressing themselves without limiting another. That takes some doing, some consideration of another.

(Consideration of another)

This consideration is the essence of love, expressed. This is the genuine sharing where you not only speak, but you listen; you not only provide, but you accept. This is the true nature of God. This is sharing, welcoming others into you and having them in your soul.

If you think of some of your current problems now throughout the world, the most ungodly aspect of human behavior is the refusal to share. This is the real, practical negation of love, the imposing one’s will upon another. This is what leads to the most obscene acts that folks are perpetrating on each other. This is the essence of violence, this refusal to take in another and respect their life as well as one’s own.

For sharing requires that you grow. You not only have what you have always had and been up to this moment, but here is another unique person and you have to grow in order to take them in. You have to let go of yourself, unafraid, to acknowledge them as equal to yourself, another personal being created by God as unique within themselves, and between themselves and their God, as you are within yourself and your God. Because there is only one God, one Father of us all.

This is why it takes courage to be open, especially to those who are inimical to your beliefs. But keep in mind and really treasure deep within yourself, this notion of spirit being all-inclusive. This is why the spiritual community does not demand, it suggests. Or, as Michael and I are willing to admit, we tease, dangling something out in front of you as a wonderful possibility to just to open yourselves up to. Entertain the idea of free people strong enough within themselves to be open, to want to share their lives with others by taking these others in. It’s where one and one makes four because then each has the other in their soul, and their souls are blessed with each other. This is the real family of personal beings.

(Finding the security to open)  

So the challenge is for each of you, as it is for Michael and me, and for all personal beings: how to find this security within oneself that lets us be open and welcoming and joyous in the face of so much uniqueness. Everyone, everyone you meet is a God-given unique being.  

How do you do this? You start by regularly being fully with yourself and with our Father alone. You lose your fear of being totally open first by being your own democracy inside. You take some part of your day to “just be.” Be still with whatever wants to come up in your mind, and let it. Open yourself up to the deepest trust in your own self, in your own being, in your own mind. Just be open and think:, “OK, dear soul of mine, what have you got for me--now?--so that I can have my whole life; so I can be all that I am, at least now-starting now.”

And then open to that. After a while think: “Dear God, Dear Father, what have you got for me? I know you are part of me. You are right within me. What are your suggestions?”   

Then when you get up from your stillness, once more as whole and complete as you can let yourself be, now you are ready for another. Now you are more deeply you, and you have something to offer. Essentially, you are just practicing being open.

(True soul wealth)  

Now here comes another person, and you’ve experienced again all that enormous room in your soul for them.  You realize they are your soul wealth.   They are what you will carry with you forever when all the rest of this stuff changes. They are what makes the new year, the new day, even the new next hour so happy, so full, so bubbling over with God’s unique creations. As Michael said, this is where you are blessed to be not only who you uniquely are, but also who everybody else is. Reality is each of us, and it is also all of us, all of us that you will meet someday. This is what both you and I have to look forward to, when we meet face to face someday.  

It is up to you because it is within your power, your creative ability, what this New Year, this next day, and this next hour will be. This is God’s gift to each of us--this creativity, this ability to respond. And so we thank you, dear Father, for this most precious gift of your very nature. We pray we will be able to share it with others. Amen.

Now if you have any questions or comments this evening, I am always delighted because they too spring right from your own unique essence. So feel welcome to come back to me with any questions or comments you may have.

Student #1: This is _ again.  I want to thank you for the long service you have given to this Lightline to help carry the message. And bless whoever is transcribing these for you. Thank you, Mother Spirit, for the teachers you have sent, and for holding us in your arms.

(Our mutual delight)

Nebadonia: Thank you, our daughter. It is our mutual delight is it not?—like that little grin and gurgle you get from your babies when you hold them, and that look of thanks when you send your teenagers off to their first date in that big world. Thank you so very much. (long pause)

If anyone else wishes to comment, it is “star-six” to un-mute yourself.

Student #2: Mother Spirit, I want to thank you so much because I am just now realizing how much you are a part of my life, and I have never really talked to you and communicated with you before. But now it is such a comfort to know that I have a mother who is watching over me, and I am so grateful and thankful.

Nebadonia: Thank you, my daughter. It is always much more a delight of mine when you begin to actually feel me within yourself. Sometimes I am just an oh-so-very-faint background to your conscious self, just a mental tingling to let you know my boosters are operating fully, right within you.

Student #2: Yes, and I’m so thankful for the Revelation which has helped me to realize all the help that we have, and the blessings we are given. It changes your whole life, and has changed mine.

(The power of co-creativity)

Nebadonia: Yes, it is the enormous power of creativity that you have. We kind-of wish in one way, when you were little kids going to kindergarten, and even in your later schools, you would be taught even more vigorously how much creativity each person has within themselves, because each of you is using it all the time. You need to bring the awareness of your own co-creativity into full consciousness.  

Look around and realize that you are the only one right where you are. You are the only one with your whole background of all the people you have known, and all the things you have done. Then there’s the fact that you can see and share this lifetime of experience with each other. It’s what you call character.  It’s what you truly venerate in all your arts and entertainment. It is the essence of this profound reality we call personality, what each of you can be so thankful to our Father--that “I am!” The whole universe resounds with that cry.  

This is the sharing. This is the marvel, the inexplicable marvel of It All--and so wonderfully humbling.

Student #2: And too, the Revelation has taught me that when you grow up, even with all the hindrances from your childhood, you are special in God’s eyes. You are very special, and that helps so much.

(Our lives—our gift to God)

Nebadonia: That is the wonderful relationship you have with him, I see. It is in knowing that your whole life is a gift to him. It’s his purpose for having all of us: so he can be all of us, and share our lives with us, and enjoy us. Through him, by way of his being our universal Father--that I talked about tonight--we find a way of being secure in him, and then in ourselves. We have the courage to open up to others and invite them in to share our lives. Again, this is the essence of all your art is it not? All your entertainment is the way you get to share your life, and know about others.

Student #2: It taught me too, to try to not be judgmental. I’ve worked on that for a long time. Learning now how to really focus on another person’s life, and what they’ve been through; it helps so much with empathy and understanding.

(Being non-judgmental)

Nebadonia: Oh yes!--it gets you out of yourself. Being judgmental is only a terrible way of laying yourself on reality with a big brush, like slapping yourself all over everyone else out there. What it does, it covers up the essence of what they are. By getting rid of your judgmental projections, you let them come through, so you really have others in your soul.

Student #2: The teachings have been so beneficial to me, I just can’t wait to continue my journey.

Nebadonia: Well, we love to tease you that no matter how you anticipate it, it is going to blow your minds anyway. In that moment of reawakening, it’s just knowing you have survived! But even this is something you can know now. There is a wonderful song about the light at the end of life--to know that you can actually see it in this lifetime. You can feel the warmth, and you can see it shine, even in this lifetime.

Student #2: I think just going out in nature--it helps me tremendously to be out in nature. I feel a closeness that I don’t feel when I’m in the house. It is beautiful.  

Nebadonia: That organic life out there is such a contrast to these flat geometric figures you live within--like walls, and floors, and ceilings, everything meeting at right angles. It’s nice to get out where the vines and the creepers are proliferating everywhere.

Student #2:  I have to remember that Mother Nature is in them too.

(The female aspect)

Nebadonia: Well, it is nice that your culture does respect a female aspect. It recognizes the female aspect that is part of everything. I appreciate the Urantia Book that gives so much of my nature, and how Michael and I are so much as yourselves, men and women. You can focus on the differences between Michael and me, and between yourselves, but then you notice these differences are complementary. There is some kind of great, at times rather transcendent delight involved. This whole idea of sexual difference, of male and female that starts with Michael and me, I think was one of God’s better ideas.

Student #2: I’m very grateful to Mother Spirit, and of course to Michael and our Father. I am just so grateful.

Nebadonia: Thank you, my dear. It makes us glow. Then too each one of you does outshine the stars. They are just big lumps of glowing stuff, while each of you is a unique creation of our Father’s--although Michael and I had our hands in the process as well. You are our children, and you truly have your own.

Student #2: Can I say, God Bless You?

Nebadonia: Sure! We feel very blessed at the moment. As to this: I thank you, my dear. Be in my love.

(God’s sheer possibility for us)

My dear ones, let me end this evening’s session with repeating that we are blessed, as God’s children, to have such sheer possibility constantly coming down on our heads like a driving rain. It’s a bit awesome, and very humbling, how much of this New Year, and this next day, is put in our hands.  

It takes so much courage to accept the fact that so much of what does happen to you is your own doing, or, at times, even your inability to do. There is such a thing as being overwhelmed, surrounded as you are by so many other human beings who don’t have your wonderful sense of sharing, and being responsible--responding to you as you go through your life.   

But still to have the courage to be out there, to offer yourself, even walking down a busy sidewalk with all those strange faces coming towards you: to just be there. You offer a smile, irrespective of whether they can respond or not. Sometimes they can’t. You meet some folks who are totally--even necessarily--so wrapped up in their own life they cannot acknowledge you. But then there’s all the love, and warmth, and tickle, and delight you can see in another pair of eyes.

It’s the amazing, instantaneous—sometimes if only a split-second--sharing in another’s eyes that makes the moment worthwhile. This you know, as you are letting them know. You are reaching out for contact and sharing; and it works! You are being open to acknowledge them, even if only instantaneously--like our Father who has a twinkle in his eye for each of us, and for all of us. Without our dear Father’s sense of humor and delight, we would all be in trouble. So we love him so much.

(To be free)

We do our best to offer his sense of sharing to everyone we meet. This is our contribution. This is our gift. It is a reward in itself that offers acknowledgement, but doesn’t at all demand it. For it is in this giving of ourselves that we most profoundly and deeply know our freedom.   

Michael sends you his peace, and I bid you be in my love. Good Evening.