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NEC #39 - Machiventa Melchizedek - Redirecting Wrong Thinking - Jan 26, 2015 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

Teacher:  Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


  1. Rapidly Developing Events on Our World
  2. What Is So Desperate about Our Species Mental Health?
  3. Personal Responsibility for Our Progeny
  4. Many People Are Unaware They Are Defective in Their Thinking
  5. Some Individuals Aware of Their Own Psychosis Choose Suicide
  6. The Self Is Separate from the Mind or Body
  7. The Continuum of Consciousness
  8. Redirecting Wrong Thinking
  9. Alternative Modalities of Treating Mental Health
  10. Correlation Between Fear and Desperation
  11. Doing the Inner Work Is a Matter of Choice
  12. How Does Mental Health on Urantia Compare with Other Worlds?
  13. Eruption of Latent Psychoses
  14. Training Children to Overcome Their Own Disabilities
  15. Seven Spheres Need to Be Balanced
  16. Being Spiritually Grounded, Mature and Complete
  17. Truth and Reality Can Be Found Through Meditation
  18. The Hive Mentality
  19. 60% of Human Race Does Not Choose How They Think
  20. Spiritual and Emotional Developments Are Personal
  21. Bad Things Happen to Good People


TR:  Daniel Raphael

Team members present:  Roxanne Andrews and Michael McCray
January 26, 2015

Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, we greet you once again from our beautiful planet Urantia.  The purpose of our small group is to aid our local universe parents in their plan of correcting the many faults that besiege our world.  As we emerge from the isolation that we have been under since the Lucifer Rebellion, we appreciate all the help that Christ Michael has granted us to assist our efforts, starting with the Urantia Book, the many teachers from the celestial realm, and particularly Monjoronson, whom has mentored us for many years.  Currently, we thank Machiventa for his patience in teaching us what we need to do to make this world a better place.  We appreciate all of the celestial helpers and request that our universe parents ever watch over us and guide our efforts.  Amen.  

Daniel:  Michael, why don’t you go ahead and start.  They say they are here, but I don’t see a speaker at the lectern.

MMc:  I hoped that I might speak with Machiventa today.  He was with us last week.

Daniel:  Okay, one moment.  Machiventa is in communication with us but he seems really distant, which usually indicates that he is either in Edentia or Salvington.  He is connected to us by some “chat mechanism.”   [Long pause]

Rapidly developing events on our world

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek.  It is a pleasure to be with you today.  Many developments have come about since the last time we spoke, and particularly in the last month.  We are now in the midst of a rapidly developing field of events—we see them though you do not—you may not be aware of what is occurring; the world may seem placid and the same to you, but from our perspective there are many developments now in process.  This is one of the protections you have as mortals who learn by experience and if you were aware of all these things, then you would project expectations and anticipations, anxieties, worries and concerns about what is developing without the capacity to control them, amend them or change them.  This situation, without this kind of vision requires you to live in the moment, to make decisions in the moment without regret about the past or worry about the future, but to make the best decisions now, in this moment, to bring about the best outcomes for the future.  Were everyone on your world to do this, your world and civilization cultures would change within one generation.

I am open for questions, if you have any.  I have no other opening statement to make.

What is so desperate about our species mental health?

MMc:  Thank you very much.  I’d like to pick up on what was discussed in our last session, and upon the question you gave to me:  What is it about our species mental health that is so desperate in your opinion or your wisdom?

MACHIVENTA:  Your mental health relates directly to my opening statement today, that you are unobserving of what truly is going on around you, and that you worry and cause so much concern for yourself, which is almost completely avoidable.  What is so desperate about your species is that your DNA that controls the software development of your mind was tinkered with many thousands of years ago in the laboratories of Caligastia and others.  This is most unfortunate.  The only way to remove this effectively is by three methods:  One is by choice, choosing not to think what you think; the second is to not pass this defect onto future generations, your next generation, meaning your children, many mental defects that are within your personal family history, or that of your partner’s.

Personal responsibility for our progeny

It is important for the sustainability of the human species as a civilization that each person becomes personally responsible for their progeny, what kind of progeny that they produce.  If there is a high likelihood that your children would inherit your obsessive/compulsive or other mental defects, such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders, which are directly related by gene transmission to the next generations, then children must be educated about this before they come into their sexual era of their life, and particularly within the era that they would want to bring children into the world.  It is responsible to make that decision early and have them made so they are unable to produce children.  Unless they are willing to make that sacrifice of themselves they sacrifice the future life and happiness of their children.

The third method has to do with mental health programs that are efficacious.  We see that there are very few therapeutic modalities that are effective to deal with these problems.  Talk therapy is virtually ineffectual.  Other means of alternative medicine do provide efficacious therapies for changing the thinking patterns of the individual.  Your pharmacologies are currently self-serving, though they do help individuals adapt or cope to their situation, and to allow them to become more functional in society.  What is remarkable is that pharmacology seems to be far ahead of the psychiatric therapies.  This is an anomaly and it is promoted principally by the fact that there are so many mental health problems in civilization on Urantia that providing an efficacious medication is highly profitable.  Psychiatry is able to weigh and measure the changes that these medications produce, but in almost all cases they are not permanent, which is most unfortunate.

Many people are unaware they are defective in their thinking

The penultimate desperate situation of your species is the fact that so many people are unaware that they are defective in their thinking.  What is so desperate on Urantia is that most all of your populations take for granted the anomalies of thinking that are unproductive, self-defeating and ultimately harmful for themselves, their family and their community and society at large.  It is our hope that by bringing this topic into discussion, we can begin to open this topic to a larger audience and to give practitioners of psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic medications greater insight into the problems that exist with your species.

Some individuals aware of their own psychosis choose suicide

One field of endeavor that has been perhaps most productive of all, is the inquisitive mind that seeks spiritual resolution or peace and harmony in their mind.  It is not just intelligent people who desire to have peace in their life, but when individuals become disturbed, they become aware that they are disturbed, and that they seek solutions.  You know and we know many instances where a person is so much aware of their own psychosis, for example, that they have chosen to commit suicide rather than endure a life that is psychotic in many ways, and an aberration to family peace and tranquility, that they have chosen the only possible way that they can remove themselves from that pain and agony.  This is tremendously unfortunate; it is surely a loss of tremendous potential with individuals who chose that course.

MMc:  May I interrupt?  (Machiventa:  Certainly.)  Can we go back into your first way of dealing with this for the individual, was to not think what they thought, or something like that?  To choose not to think what they’re thinking?

[Daniel:  Do you take notes?  Do you have a notepad there and you take notes of the things you want to go back and query about?

MMc:  No, Daniel, I don’t.

Daniel:  You need to, I guess for my sake, Michael.  He was on a train of discussion that was not yet complete.  That is just a part of the interviewer’s needs.  You see even highly paid, $5 M a year interviewers taking notes, or they have an assistant who can do that and put it on a reader board.  (One moment.)  I guess of necessity he will go back now to answer your question.]     

The self is separate from the mind or body

MACHIVENTA:  This is Machiventa.  Yes, it is of necessity that mortals who are aspiring to an evolved spiritual state of being, learn to—and do—actually teach their mind what to think and what not to think.  One of the other aspects that are so desperate about mental health in your species is that most people do not know that they are separate from their mind.  Some even are so primitive as to continue to identify themselves as their body.  When you have this kind of monolithic thinking of “one person, one being” in all planes of existence, then it is nearly impossible for them to be effective in their conscious spiritual growth, though of course, individuals learn lessons and add to their soul growth through their service and through making ethical and moral decisions correctly, and learning from their mistakes thereof.

The continuum of consciousness

The continuum of consciousness begins when a person realizes that they are not their body, and this is typical of many people, and then there is yet a smaller group who realize that they are not their mind, that truly they are the will-self of their being, and that the will-self must take command of the mind-self and choose and teach the mind to think and what not to think.  Even before that self-observing situation occurs, many people realize that through habit and repetition of ritual that they can change their thinking and their behavior patterns.  That is why people have affirmations in front of them, why they hear subliminal affirmative tapes or CDs that are spiritual in nature, to re-imprint their mind, to give it a new positive way of thinking.  Quite metaphorically, doing these rituals and affirmations hundreds and thousands of times, pounds into the mind a new way of thinking that overrides the way of thinking that was enculturated within them by their parents and family situation, their peers and authority figures.

Redirecting wrong thinking

Yes, it is highly possible for your will-self to redirect and re-teach your mind-self its thinking.  It is necessary and efficient and effective to do so, for those of you who are struggling with wrong thinking.  Any of this wrong thinking can take the form of the seven deadly sins, which we have spoken of before.  Some of you are so fortunate as to have been born into positive thinking families, where the child is empowered to become who they would become, and to think what they would think, and the parents assist them in controlling or forming their thinking in positive ways.  People as this are able to unlock the inherent potential within them at all levels of consciousness, which is tremendously assistive to the morontial life and what you carry forward with you into the next life.

Individuals who are adept at self-observation observe themselves as they talk and as they think and as they interact with others, and they are self-correcting of behavior, their words and interaction which are unproductive.  Forms of thinking may not be immoral, may not be unethical and may not even go against the social conscience of your society, but nonetheless, there are forms of thinking that are unproductive and lead into “rabbit holes” if they are entertained, and may, become self-destructive.  I hope this answers your question, Sir.

MMc:  Yes, thank you.

Alternative modalities of treating mental health

MACHIVENTA:  I might add that there are alternative modalities of mental health which are extremely and incredibly efficacious: there is EMDR, (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which uses the rapid eye movement to remove or amend negative thinking and particularly past events that generated negative thinking and self-image and self-esteem problems.  The other modality is PSYCH-K (Psychological Kinesiology).  PSYCH-K uses methodologies of body movement and positions to re-imprint positive behaviors and is particularly efficacious at removing those incidences and concerns about situations that were instrumental in forming your mental state now, particularly emotional responses to historic memories and to painful situations, and so on.

Correlation between fear and desperation

MMc:  Thank you.  What do you feel would be the correlation between fear and desperation, not only in our interactions with one another, but also in relation to our interaction with life, death and God?

MACHIVENTA:  Say again the first part, Michael, please?

MMc:  What do you feel would be the correlation between fear and desperation?

MACHIVENTA:  Very high.  You see, fear is one of the most corrosive emotional responses to developments that have not happened, and depending upon the history of the individual and their own inner conversations, they can become or develop into acts of desperation that are pre-emptive, but anticipate something that has not occurred, and so the individual has entered into a situation in their mind, acting out in the real world and then it becomes so destructive to them.  The correlation is high.  I will end at that point and let you ask further questions if you so wish.

MMc:  Would you say that the mental health problems will become more apparent, more desperate as the crises continue to augment?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, this is something that your mental health workers and emergency EMT people and emergency medical personnel do anticipate, though the majority of the population has not even considered that possibility.  You will find that if a person has had interior conversations, their intra-perspectives of situations and their worst fears begin to appear in reality.  You will find cases of dissociation and psychosis and extreme anxiety and a tremendous amount of acting out individually and in groups.  This will sort out the leaders from those who are not; those who act rather than respond.  This is at once terrifying to a society and community, but it is a time when developments reveal those who are together within themselves and who are grounded in the larger perspectives of the universe, and in their faith in the ultimate good of the universe.

Even those who say that they are religious will fall apart.  Only those who have done their inner work will have the assurance and confidence within themselves that “this too shall pass,” and that life will be different in another year or five years, and so they will proceed ahead more peacefully than those around them.  Your questions point to individuals doing the inner work, the intra-personal conversations and the development of the personality, the person who they could become.

Doing the inner work is a matter of choice

Much of this is a matter of choice.  It is a statistic that your researchers have found that the case of mental health, expressions of mental health problems is that it is 40% a matter of choice, and that the other 60% just act out what they feel.  Peace and happiness and joy is a mental state and can exist in even the most diverse situations and the most humble and impoverished situations.  Joy, happiness and peace are not dependent upon the outer, and when you begin to appreciate this separation, then you can appreciate what you can do to prepare for your own mental, emotional, social and spiritual development and evolution to higher levels, so that when situations and events on the outside become personal, that other people would disintegrate as you hold firm to the ground that you have established within yourself.  This is the essence of what Jesus was saying that, “the kingdom of God is within,” and if you identify that with yourself, and you identify with the “peace that passes all understanding,” you can overcome many challenges that crumble others.

How does mental health on Urantia compare with other worlds?

MMc:  Thank you.  In your opinion and considering our background, what is the prevalence of mental illness, both visible and latent in the population of Urantia, as a percentage of population, and how does this compare with a normal world?

MACHIVENTA:  Giving percentages is almost always in consideration of what is the standard.  Quite easily 60% of the global population has a mental/emotional state that is not peaceful, that has the potential of erupting and is waiting in some ways, latent, for an event to let that defect become evident.  In this regard to the answer and the previous question you asked, is that many of you carry around defects in your psyche.  But in a normal peaceful life, this never comes to the fore of your life, never becomes evident.  These often do become evident when a situation becomes so aggravated in your life, whether it is due to divorce or career problems, or children who are aberrant, or the demands of everyday life become so overwhelming that your mind can no longer cope, it will then default to the defect that you carry with you.  For some of you that becomes evident as obsessive/compulsive behaviors, withdrawal and many other manifestations.

Eruption of latent psychoses

Some people do not develop psychoses or schizophrenia until after their developmental years when they go out on their own and they are faced with the challenges that they were protected from in their family situation.  Or it may be that a series of personal circumstances in life go from one bad event to another until the individual succumbs to tremendous depression and thinks that life is worthless and useless, and that there is nothing positive ahead for them.  This too, is a matter of choice and this is where the skilled and disciplined mind can come into play to counteract these defects as they become evident early on.  Psychoses and schizophrenia and depression and anxiety do not suddenly appear manifest in their most robust form, but there is ongoing evidence oftentimes for years, even from childhood, that there is some defect that is lying dormant.

Training children to overcome their own disabilities

It is important to train children to observe themselves in their thinking and to assist them in training how to overcome their own disabilities.  When you take into consideration the Tibetan Buddhist Monk, and the selection of the Dalai Lamas you will realize that these children were born into family situations which were peaceful and offered them the possibility of inner growth that was always innate there with them as the God presence, and the connections are very strong.  This can be developed in “ordinary” children as well, but requires the diligent and effective parentage to assist the child in the discipline of the introspective way of looking at their lives.  We are not speaking about self-analysis, as that can be extremely unproductive and in fact, destructive.  We are talking about becoming the observer of the inner terrain, the inner environment, the inner landscape of your mind, to become one with God, to assist you in observing your mortal self, your mortal mind-self in its machinations and its traumas and its difficulties, and gently easing it into maturity and growth.

This is why good parents teach their children to love themselves and to let their children give free expression to what they are thinking.  Most children are able to self-express what is going on within them, even though they do not understand it.  By the parental acceptance or rejection, the psyche of the child is formed into who they will become.  By allowing the child to express those inner thoughts, those inner feelings, the parent can assist the child in overcoming that, and in fact, turn that around into a very positive development in the child’s life.  The desperate situation of mortality of your species on this world is that most parents are not even aware of their own inner/intra-mind landscape and environment, let alone observing their own thinking, or accepting the thoughts of children that are innocently provided and for which they are sometimes chastised not to think that way, without giving any advice of how not to think that way or what to think.

Seven spheres need to be balanced

MMc:  You asked us to use Jesus as our primary example of a mentally healthy individual.  In The Urantia Book, Jesus is also used, as an example, of an individual that is balanced, psychologically, in his personality, he is balanced intellectually, and he is balanced spiritually. This balance that Jesus had, is this what produces a mentally healthy individual?

MACHIVENTA:  But you must realize that the individual is not just an intellect, is not just a mind.  A person has numerous spheres of awareness that need to be balanced.  Consider the physical, the mental, the emotional, intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual; these seven spheres need to be in balance in themselves and between themselves and among themselves.  This provides you with a checklist for checking your own balance.  Some people are so empathic with others who have suffered as perhaps they have suffered in the past, that they react inappropriately, overly emotional and socially inappropriately.  Now, that person is not in balance—even with the capacity of empathy.  So, the individual, to be productive and to become satisfied or at peace within themselves, must help themselves to become balanced.

Being spiritually grounded, mature and complete

This is where many spiritual techniques, or traditions bring great relief to people in the stresses of everyday life, that yes, there are rituals that are unproductive in some traditions, but in other traditions the rituals are meant to bring the individual into a state of groundedness.  And when you think of the states of being of an individual, you would want them to be spiritually grounded, that they are connected with the universe and the circuitry from God to your system, your planet and yourself, and that you are balanced in your emotional state—you are neither anxious or excited, neither are you depressed and unthinking—and you are centered.

You are centered in that which comes from the center of the universe that you have and see and know your essence and being emanates from and to the First Source and Center, through your Creator Son.  It is important that you, when you think of yourself as whole and well, that you take into account these three parameters in these seven distinct spheres of your being, that you weigh this accordingly.  Self-assessment that is accurate can lead you to emotional happiness and fulfillment and social fulfillment and contentedness, when others seek millions of dollars in expensive houses and they are still unhappy.  The pursuit of happiness is not through hedonism; it is produced through the inner development of your Self, (with a capital S,) so that you know how to live a whole life.  The holism we speak of is engaged in your infinite sustainability.  When you work on these seven areas and consider these three planes of existence, you have begun to live the life and lead the life that will lead you to incredible preparation for the fusion with your Thought Adjuster.  No small project, is it?  That is why you are given this brief lifetime of 80 years with incredibly intense experiences to weigh your growth, or your lack of growth.

MMc:  It’s no small project becoming balanced within all of these parameters within that one small lifetime.

MACHIVENTA:  Once you begin to realize the means by which you can assist yourself to become more mature and complete, you realize “what a piece of work” you really are, as you would say to each other.  How much work is there in being a responsible individual in all these realms, in preparation for your transition to your morontial life?  It is a challenge that only the informed can appreciate.

Truth and reality can be found through meditation

MMc:  Very good.  About the great difficulties I find here on Urantia, is that truth and reality are difficult to find here, both on an intellectual basis and on a spiritual basis.  Studies show that what people believe is what their favorite media outlet—whether it be secular or religious—say, and these media outlets put their own spin on the stories they tell.  Can you suggest ways Urantians can secure more truthful information?  (Daniel:  He’s chuckling to himself.)

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, certainly.  And the immediate word that comes to mind is to meditate, to come to peace, put your intention in the ultimate channel of communication, the ultimate social network of the universe and that is the oneness with God, and oneness with all others.  You realize, perhaps, that social media has become so strong because people do not go to the source of ultimate reality that is within themselves, and to sort out and discern the mind-voice from the voice of God, or not hearing that, they do not know how to find God in the forest of life events that occur, to see the doors of opportunity that are presented from the Source that leads from one connection to another.

The hive mentality

The majority of people who enjoy social media have a hive mentality, yet they do not take on the responsibilities of supporting the hive.  They believe in their uniqueness, given their ubiquitous sameness.  That is not a mean thing to say, it is simply a statement of where most people live their lives, that they think they are unique and what they are doing is unique.  But given 7 billion people on your planet, there is not much variation of peoples’ behavior and what they think, and how they socialize when they are within the confines of the culture that they identify with.  When you identify with the culture of God, the culture of oneness and oneness with all, and that you are truly appreciated as ultimately unique to God, then you can give expression to your uniqueness without reference and referent to your social media.

MMc:  Would you say that our “me first” culture is itself a form of mental illness?

MACHIVENTA:  I would not.  Your culture, which is dominated by media and minds that are not themselves well balanced, or do not exist for higher purposes of your society, that there is every possibility that people are led into thinking that is unproductive.

MMc:  I’d like to come back to something that you said earlier, Machiventa.  (Machiventa:  Certainly.)

You said that 40% of this is the person’s deciding that they want to control their mind, and what they think, and 60% of people just don’t control their thinking and they go off on a tangent.

60% of human race does not choose how they think

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, the study had to do with happiness; they discovered that 40% of people who are happy had made that choice—they chose to be happy.  They chose what they thought, how they lived and they were able to discern what was unimportant and what was important, and what contributed to their happiness and what did not.  But that 60% did not, and that 60% was divided into other categories, but fundamentally, 60% of the human race does not think, does not choose how they think.

MMc:  This to me is a very important distinction, because basically if you are looking at that will-self, the mind-self and all the rest of the ‘selfs,’ you are looking at yourself as an individual that is not necessarily corporal, or mind or intellectual, and you have spiritual content.  How you think, how you conduct yourself is an important aspect of being—at least in my opinion.  (Machiventa:  You are correct.)

Well, I’d like to end there today, if I may.  Do you have something for us to close with?

Spiritual and emotional developments are personal

MACHIVENTA:  Yes.  Your spiritual development is personal; your emotional happiness is personal; what you think is a personal decision.  You are accountable on what you think, whether you are aware of your thinking as a responsible person or not.  That is why your society holds those who do wrong to others accountable for their behavior, even when they testify that they didn’t think about what they were doing.  This is a way that you are viewed as mortals on this planet, and that the Correcting Time was brought here to you—to all of you—to amend that, so that individuals become aware that they are responsible for how they live their life, for how they integrate themselves in the lives of others socially, what they say and what they think.

Personal responsibility for the holism of your being is the one aspect that is unfortunately missing in the awareness of the masses of humanity.  That once you become aware that you are responsible for how you act in your world, how you socialize with others, or what you say and what you think, when you become responsible of this, then you have every possibility of growing into the fullness of your being as a mortal in preparation for your separation from this lifetime and entering the morontial realm.  The acknowledgment of personal responsibility for the whole of your life is immensely important.  Yes, someone may do some harm to you, but they are responsible for that.  How you react to that is your responsibility.  If you believe in retribution of a like kind, then you act out with that belief, and that belief is not sustainable; it does not contribute to your sustainability as a spiritual being or to your social being either.

Bad things happen to good people

It is unfortunate that on your world, so many bad things happen to good people, but how those individuals interpret what happens them is their responsibility, and that is why some realize that bad things do happen to good people, and they shrug it off and move on as just a happenstance that was unfortunate, that they truly believe in the benevolence that is in their relationship with God, their Thought Adjuster and in Christ Michael’s universe.  Personal responsibility is very weighty if you have worry and fear in your mind.  That is why living in the moment to make right decisions assists you to weigh and sort and discern what to keep in your life and what not to, and to proceed in your decisions and your perspectives and your interpretations in a way that brings about greater good and joy into your life.

In this way you see that the 40% is a most incredible percentage, considering the conditions of your world.  In fact, it speaks greatly to the connection of those who feel this way and to the Source and to the connection that they already have, consciously or unconsciously to their Thought Adjuster within, to the God presence within, the Source of all love, compassion and feeling for all of you.  We bless you as you think about these things and as you choose your life, how you react to what occurs around you, and to how to resolve the errors that you made for yourself in the past, which now weigh upon you and cause you such tremendous difficulty.  If you are open to opportunities that can guide you to remove the weight of those errors, we suggest that you ask for those opportunities.  Thank you and good day.