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NEC #38 - Machiventa Melchizedek - Mental Health - Q&A from Readers - Jan 19, 2015 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

New Era Conversations #38 – Mental Health; Questions from Readers – Jan. 19, 2015
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek


  1. The Experiential Co-creative Relationship
  2. Predicting the Vectors of Probability as Mortals Take Action
  3. No Small Accomplishment by Man Goes Unnoticed
  4. The Celestial View of the Mental Health of Urantians
  5. What Is “Normal,” Versus “Abnormal?”
  6. The Lucifer Rebellion and Adam and Eve Have Already Been Discussed
  7. The Separation of “Will-self” from “Mind-self” in Asking Questions
  8. Jesus Is the Example of a Mentally Healthy Individual
  9. Becoming More Spiritually Connected to Your Thought Adjuster
  10. Improvement in Mental Health Is Required to Enter into Light and Life
  11. Being Spiritually Unbalanced
  12. What Is Needed Is a Full Discussion of Mental Health Issues
  13. Postponing the Discussion on Mental Health
  14. A Complex Subject of Intellectual Origami
  15. Mental Health Affects Everyone in One Way or Another

Questions from readers

A personal question concerning bi-polar mental health issues
The great necessity to cover the mental health issue

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Team members present:  Roxanne Andrews and Michael McCray
January 19, 2015

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, and all those who are with us this morning, we welcome you.  We thank you for your attendance here today and for your help in the Correcting Time.  We are a small group, but it is hoped that our work in the Father’s behalf is of some importance to the Correcting Time.  We thank you for your help in this also.  Amen.

The experiential co-creative relationship

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek.  It is a pleasure to be with you.  I wish to expound on a topic that may interest you.  We, as you, are experiential participants in the program of the Correcting Time, and the other various programs on other planets that were in quarantine.  As such, we are learning more about the co-creative relationship.  This is not new to the universe at large, but it is particularly new as it is being used in Nebadon, and particularly on Urantia.  This planet has many individuals who are so desperately distant from the Creator, the First Source and Center of all, and that many are not aware of the good that abounds around them, that they only see and live in the misery that they are helping to perpetuate.

As a co-creative program, this is an experiential one for us, one that is so remarkably “risk filled with risk” on the part of Christ Michael, as he has moved this program along.  You may notice that he has not appeared, or has [not] been present verbally in our sessions, but I wish to convey to you that he has been here, he is very much aware of what occurs in the Correcting program on Urantia, and is very intimate with it.  But, he is not interfering, is not actively participating to amend the program that he initiated quite some time ago.  In doing so, he wishes to garner the greatest experiential awareness of co-creative relationships and the potential that lies within them, as potential for the new local universes that will come into existence eventually.  As there will be further rebellions, we anticipate—though we do not encourage that in the least—but on experimental and exceptional planets as Urantia, that possibility becomes much more prevalent, becomes much more probable.  When you couple that with the sovereign right of self-decisions by mortals on Urantia and all other planets, you have the higher probability that there will be errant progress on those planets.  And so it is that Christ Michael is providing a training manual, so to speak, for other new Creator Sons that will be available from Paradise on the planets/spheres that Co-creative Sons use for their conferencing.  The libraries of the Grand Universe will be stocked with this working manual so that others can benefit from it.

Now, remarkably, Dear Ones, you, who are reading this passage or hearing it, are actually participants in this experiential process.  You are not our “guinea pigs,” but you are the “executives of the project,” so to speak.  You are the ones who form the future of the Correcting Time.  Your participation is marked, is referenced in those passages of those instructional manuals, again within the libraries of all the Local Universes of all planets in the Grand Universe.  Your “risk-taking” to participate in a high risk-taking project is noted, and is duly appreciated by myself, the Triumvirate, and all the celestials and others who are participating directly and indirectly in the Correcting Time program of the former quarantined planets.  Remarkably, this is a forethought of Christ Michael, but the process of experiencing that by you, and fulfilling it by you, is not known.

Predicting the vectors of probability as mortals take action

Yes, we are using higher developed, predictive processes of probability to understand and forecast the vectors of probability to where they might lead, as you make decisions, and as groups of you make decisions, and particularly as you act upon them.  That is why we have given you an awareness of the vectors of probability so that you can see how you participate in the experiential development of the Correcting Time.  The outcomes of the Correcting Time are known only in the most general perspectives, that it will be successful, and that as you make decisions and participate in the Correcting Time, that you are developing decisions and actions by which we can formulate new vectors of probability and prepare for those advanced nexus that will join together in ways that will be fortuitous for you and for us and the Grand Universe.

Yes, this is no small project as it requires all of the participants, mortal and otherwise, to be on the same page.  Unfortunately, there are very, very, very few of you who are on the same page with us, but as you can see, we are making progress, even with the small numbers at hand of you participating, either directly with us or in the projection of your consciousness for Divine Order and Development of the Correcting Time project.  Your human consciousness has become more and more prominent as it joins in like-manner with thoughts of consciousness on the similar topics.  When you pray for the Days of Enlightenment, the days of awakening upon your planet, that assists in the human consciousness as an aggregate of all those little lights of consciousness that each of you has within you, and this is deeply, deeply appreciated and we give thanks to you as our co-creative partners in the fulfillment of the Correcting Time, and particularly as you live your brief lives here on Urantia.  Thank you.

Roxie:  Thank you, Machiventa; that was very encouraging.

MACHIVENTA:  You are very welcome.  Now I am ready for your questions, if you have any.

No small accomplishment by man goes unnoticed

MMc:  A comment first:  I’m always surprised that my small steps and accomplishments and small things that I give are so much appreciated and so much of value beyond anything that I could possibly know as I go about my day and go about trying to help in the Correcting Time, my small output of faith and knowing that it will help.  It seems to be magnified tremendously.

MACHIVENTA:  There is no thought, no action that contributes to our work that goes unnoticed.  These are indicators to us and to your guardians and to your Thought Adjuster of when to chime in to your quiet mind and give that a boost, and to encourage you to continue your thoughts and your words of support, and your actions of support.  Thank you.

The celestial view of the mental health of Urantians

MMc:  Thank you.  Machiventa, I’m interested in your views on… how do you view the mental health of Urantians?

MACHIVENTA:  In a word, desperate!

MMc:  I’m hoping that you have more than one word on that, but go ahead.

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, we have many words to share regarding that.  We have anticipated this topic for years, and our team and supportive members have worked diligently on preparing a voluminous reply, and in that, we will let you be the instigator of the direction it takes.  As the completeness of the work of my associates is such that they are capable of anticipating most any question that you have prepared.  We are not over-confident about this; this is simply a topic that we know well, because it is so closely associated with your mental-emotional situation, your intellectual situation, your general thinking, and the software of your mind as being distinct from your identity of yourself, your will-self and your embodiment.  So please begin.

What is “normal,” versus “abnormal?”

MMc:  Looking at those around me, and the situations of our leaders and followers, what I find is that there are many things that I would think were abnormal, except that they happen normally within our societies.  I see much of the thinking of people around me as abnormal, or at least it appears abnormal to me because it does not correspond to reality, as I see it.  So, the question is: why is everybody else so crazy?  Or why is it that everybody we see is?  What is the cause of all of this?

MACHIVENTA:  And you include yourself in that group, do you not?

MMc:  Oh, yes.

MACHIVENTA:  Thank you—I want to keep you honest here.  For one, our discussion about mental health will be much more productive if we talk about mental health as a topic, rather than its causes and its origins.  You will find in my questions, and my responses that they will be brief, rather than long and expanded.  I want you to ferret out how you want to proceed.  I will provide you with very accurate answers to your questions as your questions deserve and are worthy, but I will not anticipate what you may ask, or even what you are thinking, though I am quite aware of that as well.

So, as far as the reasons why, you have ongoing species mental health problems as a topic we will not discuss.  Please proceed.

(Long pause.)  Do you understand in any fashion why we will not discuss “why there are mental health problems on Urantia, with your species?”

MMc:  Because they are so prevalent?

The Lucifer Rebellion and Adam and Eve have already been discussed

MACHIVENTA:  Because we have discussed that with the origins and problems of the Rebellion of Caligastia; because of the deficiencies of Adam and Eve; because of the Lucifer Rebellion—those things have already been discussed in great detail, and we do not need to walk that path again.

MMc:  Okay, what path would you like to walk?

MACHIVENTA:  No, you are in charge of this question asking process, Dear Friend.  What you proposed in your very first question led to a blind alley, a cul-de-sac of inquiry; that has been answered before.  I am holding you to a high standard—you know that.  Take your time and go slowly.

MMc:  I almost feel you are poking me with a stick and saying, “Go ahead and ask your next question.”  I still do not know what the next question should be?

The separation of “will-self” from “mind-self” in asking questions

MACHIVENTA:  Then, you are the wrong moderator.  First, My Friend, let me lead you by expounding upon what I did not want to.  First of all, you must be the specimen under the glass; you, as an individual—as are any other individuals—to participate in this conversation, are the best individual to ask the questions.  You, yourself, must have the capacity to examine your own thinking.  If you cannot appreciate the separation of the will-self from your mind-self, the software of your brain, then you are not capable of proceeding with meaningful questions.  I do not mean to say this meanly or harshly, but simply as a factual statement with anyone who comes to this forum to ask questions about thinking, about mental health.

Jesus is the example of a mentally healthy individual

Each person who is reading this is also a specimen under the microscope of this question and answer session.  There is no one who is capable of surpassing the wisdom and the mental health of Jesus, who is your primary example of a mentally healthy individual.  He began as a child without conscious awareness of his Sonship as a Creator Son, with the First Source and Center.  He grew into that consciousness, and this is the same journey that each of you must make in your lifetime.  Each of you is limited by the capacity of your intelligence, by the software of your mind and the state of its health, though this is easily amended by your spiritual growth and spiritual enlightenment, and your willingness to have your “spiritual friends” adjust your software to a higher level.  Many of you have already received upgrades to your mind software, which assists you to think more clearly with much more focus, with much more clear intention.  And, of course, when you do this, you become in greater oneness with the First Source and Center, your Thought Adjuster within.  This is a primary attribute of your intelligence.  Yes, even your software of your mind helps you communicate with your Thought Adjuster.  This is the medium of conversation between your will-self and your Thought Adjuster.

Becoming more spiritually connected to your Thought Adjuster

As you ask your question, and as you read this, you are really using yourself as an example of the mental health condition that is typical of you and millions of others who are at your level of mental health development.  There are those who are without mental health problems, but who have not used the attribute of mind to develop it, to become more enlightened, more spiritually connected to their Thought Adjuster.  This is very sad for us to see, as this is an immense potential that is not being used.  I am not saying it is “squandered,” but it is not being used or developed.  You, personally, you could participate in this question and answer session very well, but it would require you to be very transparent to your readers, and this is something that you may not wish to participate in.  This is not a mental health burlesque that we are asking you to participate in because every vulnerability that you reveal in your self is identical in many others, and even more developed in some.  And those who think so arrogantly that they are without mental health problems are so deluded as to be guiding themselves into eventual spiritual delusion.

The greatest participation you can give to us is to be willing to have us participate in your life, to have your Thought Adjuster control your thoughts.  Give—actually give your Thought Adjuster permission—verbal permission out loud—to adjust your thinking so that your thoughts are more clear, that you can become a more true expression of God’s Will.  It takes much courage to do what you have so innocently stepped into, and it may not be something that you wish to do.  We are not goading you to do this or not; it is a decision that you must make.  We do know that there are others who are willing to step into your stead and ask those questions.  We have no opinion about that; we have no concern.

Improvement in mental health is required to enter into Light and Life

We wish you to know that this topic of mental health on Urantia is just as prominent to us as is the rise of spirituality on all of Urantia.  It requires the improvement of mental health in all inhabitants of your planet to enter into the Days of Light and Life.  Yes, there are mentally stable people on planets of Light and Life who choose not to do the Father’s Will; that does not mean that they are mentally ill; that does not mean that they are insane; it does not mean that they have a mental health problem.  It simply means that their ego, their self-identity is such that they do not wish to participate willingly and transparently and voluntarily to be a vulnerable participant with their Thought Adjuster, and this too, is sad.  But that is a choice.  They make that choice with full awareness.

Being spiritually unbalanced

On planets of Days of Light and Life, individuals are fully aware of the association of the spiritual elements on their planet.  Everyone has met a higher mind, has met the higher presence.  They have met Melchizedeks, and they have met others.  Most are able to perceive the presence of, though they may not actually see them with their eyes or their mind’s eyes, but they are very aware of the presence and they know the reality that exists around them.  They are not agondonters, yet they can make the decision to be in association with God or not.  This does not indicate that they are mentally ill.  They are simply spiritually unbalanced if it is a course that they have chosen, and so, we do not interfere with that.  We do not try to sell them into oneness with the universe, oneness with God, the spiritual ascension adventure to eventually meet and be embraced by the Creator in Paradise.  They know that already, so we do not try to sell that to them.  They make their decisions, and some change their minds at the last moments of their physical life, and some do not; and they pass into nothingness when they die.  That is their choice.  As you know, the universe is not a coercive place to live; however, it is a place where full knowledge of the consequences and the opportunities must be known before there is responsibility.  Decisions made in ignorance are not held against you.

What is needed is a full discussion of mental health issues

So, mental health on Urantia is a major concern of ours, and as I said, we have anticipated this discussion long ago; we knew that eventually it would come to the fore, and so we have left it at that, waiting for you to come forward, to ask those questions.  I suggest that we adjourn for this session and that you find some associate who is spiritually enthused, spiritually connected, and possibly best of all if they were understanding of the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission and the presence of our presence here with you, and the opportunity to ask these questions.  Clinical questions are not so important; what we want is a full discussion of mental health that the average reader can understand, something that assists them to grasp the reins of their mind to lead themselves into personal happiness, personal development, personal association with the spiritual growth of their life—the things that bring joy into their life.  We will not entertain a clinical discussion of the pros and cons of various definitions of mental health; that is not necessary, it is not desirable, and it would not be understood by the majority of your readers.  Furthermore, our definition of schizophrenia is far different from your own, for example.

I have been very candid with you.  I have been a “stern uncle,” so to speak, who has spoken very clearly to you.  I share this with you in the greatest compassion for your approach to this topic, and how you might have second thoughts about whether to proceed.  We know that eventually we will have a discussion about this with some moderator, some individual—it will happen, but we want you to be fully prepared for that when it does occur.  We did not prepare you in advance for this introduction, or this preface to this session, as we wanted an opportunity that would provide a forthright and candid discussion and disclosure of this topic with you.  We want you now, to make a decision of how you want to proceed, or not.  We have no judgment or opinion regarding that either way.  We want you to be comfortable in how you proceed, and I thank you so very much for your time today.  If you have further questions, I would be glad to answer them.

MMc:  So you are suggesting to me that I contact my Thought Adjuster and give It permission to ask the questions that need to be asked?

MACHIVENTA:  No, that is not what I said.  I said, “each individual, each reader who reads these words should take time out individually, in their stillness, to give permission to their Thought Adjuster to control their thoughts.”  This was a suggestion to you personally, and to every reader who ever will read these words.

(Long pause.)  Did I miss your question, the meaning of your question?

MMc:  Well, I thought there was some direction to me personally, about this particular subject.

Postponing the discussion on mental health

MACHIVENTA:  The suggestion I did make is that we adjourn, and that during the time of adjournment, before the next session—or whenever you want to reinitiate the topic of mental health on Urantia—that you get in contact with some individual, some mental health worker who is capable of assisting you in asking meaningful questions between the mental health issues of Urantians and their spiritual development.  Your adventure into this topic suggests to us that you do not have full awareness of how to proceed with this topic, and that your confidence—you ask me “What questions should I ask?”—reveals to me that your confidence is low concerning this, and that you need time to withdraw and reform your position and your questions.

MMc:  I think my hesitancy here is that I realize that there is a differential in the way that I view mental health from my position as a doctor, and through that venue, and also that the way mental health is viewed in our world, versus the way that you might view mental health for your position.  I realize that there is a tremendous difference that may be here, and so I realize that approaching this from my view, the view of medicine and view of psychiatry and psychology in our world is not going to be the same as the viewpoint that you would put forward.

MACHIVENTA:  And that is the point of these discussions, is it not?

MMc:  That is the point of these discussions, but I don’t have a real window into seeing what your viewpoint of our mental health is.

MACHIVENTA:  Dear Sir, that would be giving it away, would it not?

MMc:  Oh, yes.

MACHIVENTA:  You must take the stand and the position of other readers who have no awareness either.  You must ask those questions from a position of total ignorance and innocence.

MMc:  That’s why I picked the widest question that I can ask, “How do you view the mental health of Urantians?

MACHIVENTA:  And my answer to quote was, “Desperate.”

MMc:  That’s the one word answer, “Desperate,” and I can see that and I agree with it so very much.

A complex subject of intellectual origami

MACHIVENTA:  I have thrown you off center, I know, and that is good, as it is a position of learning.  It is a position of uncertainty, and in uncertainty comes forth the best questions.  You and I are not in collusion about this topic, as we have not revealed to you how we feel about those subjects beforehand.  Therefore, you have a total horizon of possibilities to ask questions about mental health and its relationship to the spiritual development of individuals and of whole societies.  It is very possible that we could have easily 6 months of discussions about the relationship of mental health and spirituality, even if we discussed this every two weeks.  You will find that this is a very complex piece of intellectual origami; a complex piece of intellectual/spiritual origami that it takes a long time to reveal each fold carefully without tearing the subject matter so that it is easily understood, and then when we are done, you can understand that relationship very clearly.

Mental health affects everyone in one way or another

We take this topic very seriously, as we know that the words that will be shared will affect almost everyone who reads this material, in one way or another.  And realize too, that there is absolutely no criticism to you personally, or to any other individual, or criticism to your whole species, whether they are evolved, spiritualized or ignorant and agnostic or atheist.  It is simply a matter of fact discussion of this topic.  It is much as you would be a pathologist:  You are presented a cadaver, a person who died of unknown reasons/causes, and so you are going to open up this cadaver and examine it carefully.  The instruments that a pathologist uses are very primitive, as our pathologists can do so without ever intruding physically into the body.  Your examination of the pathology of Homo sapiens’ mental [status], we will conduct that in a very similar method and means as your medical pathologists would do today.  We will do it carefully, piece by piece, with some forethought of hopefully that we know where we are going.

When we say “we,” that includes you because it is very important that you ask meaningful questions that take into consideration others who do have active mental health problems, and those who have mental health problems that are latent, but not evident.  We hope that you will write up this and publish this session today, as it is, with some amendments or editing as needed, as is usual, but this is a topic that your readers must embrace carefully and with full knowledge that they are actually looking at the mental health pathology of themselves.  Are you ready to adjourn today?

Questions from readers

Roxie:  Machiventa, I do have some questions that were sent in by readers that are not part of the mental health issue.  (Machiventa:  Certainly.)

One of our readers in Arkansas says, “I am a leader in several community building projects, as well as my family, a farmer’s market, hometown health, and sober living, and sometimes I am overwhelmed.  I wonder in which direction I should focus my energies to be more effective in my local area, which is rural?”

MACHIVENTA:  The choices are all yours, of course, as you understand.  We offer no specific programs to delete out of your life, or those to now include.  We do, however, offer the advice for your lifetime, and for your children and all others, and that is to focus your energies on where you can be most productive.  Do not dissipate you energies among many, being ineffectual in many.  It is much wiser to focus on a topic or subject or project where you can excel, where you know you have the capability of producing good results.  This is important because there are others who can excel in the programs you no longer participate in.  You do not need to be everything to everybody, or to every program or project, simply pick one or two—three at most—where you can focus your time and energy.

If you have small children, or teenagers that are still home, then you must consider this to be one of your most important projects, and that surely must not be left wanting for your attention and your focus, energy and wisdom… or your guidance.  Once those responsibilities are out of the way, you can participate more fully in the projects that you are pursuing.  We are not saying that you must abandon projects that you are involved in when you are raising children, but your children and your family situation must command at least 50% of your spare time as well.  The other 50% spent somewhat on yourself and on your projects.  I hope this helps.

Roxie:  Another reader would like to know if competition is related to animalism and is not part of Lucifer’s philosophies?

MACHIVENTA:  Your question limits me to two options, which is insufficient to answer your question.  Again, we are not so much interested in the origins of competition, but however, how you engage in competition.  You live in the moment now.  The most effective time that you can live your life is in the moment.  Competition diverts much of your attention away from productive living.  Competition is personal; it is part of your mind mechanism, as you participate in your world.  It is also a part of the race consciousness that is pervasive around your world and has been for many hundreds of thousands of years.  Among other species, beside yourself, competition is innate to your DNA; it is built into you.  It requires an advanced mind to know when to choose, how to choose and what to choose to compete in and what not to.

If you have socked away $3 billion in assets in your life, and you still seek more, then you are no longer an active member of the human race, as a contributor to the welfare of all that exists of your brothers and sisters.  If you are in a foot race, and you seek to be #1, then of course, you must compete with all your might and all your will and the capability of all your being.  This is a non-threatening act of competition, unless your ego gets involved in that you must be #1 to prove to yourself and to all others that you are the best in the world in that category.  This is as destructive as any competitive actions in marketing or finance, or in industry—or in the medical field as well.  We do not have a specific answer for your question, as it provides us with an insufficient means of answering the larger question of human competition within the individual.  When you are driven by competition in your mind, and this occupies most of your thinking, then you are really giving your Thought Adjuster less of your attention and less of your concern for your afterlife than for your betterment as you see yourself in comparison with others.

Roxie:  One of our readers in Russia sent me this, this morning:  “For many years I know about predictions from Russian men of God about persecutions of Christians in the future.  They told me, ‘Flee by the first train to Russia, otherwise it will be too late.’”

“I would like to learn what kind of events will lead to the persecutions?  My today’s attention to this prediction is due to the weekly Charlie Hebdo, the immoral mockery at the feeling of all believers.  I feel that they launched the pendulum of religious controversies that will sway more and more.”

MACHIVENTA:  And the question again, please?

Roxie:  “I would like to learn what kind of events will lead to the persecutions of Christians?”

MACHIVENTA:  First of all, you seem to be trying to convince me that there is going to be a persecution taking place.  We do not believe that this is true, as there has been ongoing persecution culturally against believers for all time.  The status quo—the dominant cultural environment of your world does not make spirituality a viable option.  Overt persecution means that there are overt individuals who are overt in their beliefs, that they believe that they know the way, when in fact, most of them do not.

Christianity and all belief systems are a way forward; they invite you to “knock upon the door,” and the response is, “Enter in!  Learn more,” for your religion is simply an hors d’oeuvre in the banquet of spirituality and the invitation from the Father to become one with Him/It.  You do yourself a great disservice by focusing on these events, and by this “Charlie Hebdo,” as this is not only an inconvenience to your spiritual progress, but an impediment to your relationship with the Father.  You must come into stillness with the Father within you, become comfortable with that presence and when you say, “Father/Thought Adjuster, lead me forward into safety that I may be of greater service to you.”  You must trust and know that you will be!  Many have been told and given these directions, but in their fear they took other directions.  It is fear that is your enemy, not the persecutors who will persecute the believers.  Your fear is your greatest impediment to your faith-growth and development and to your assistance to this civilization.

Roxie:  Thank you.  I’m going to skip his second question because you have already answered it.

His third question is a very personal one:  He says his mother, Anna, passed away Dec. 28 and he would like to know, “What is her current state?”

MACHIVENTA:  For you, this personal question is that she has passed the Resurrection Halls and has begun her journey.

A personal question concerning bi-polar mental health issues

Roxie:  I have a personal question of my own that I was planning to ask after our discussion of mental health issues.  I have a son-in-law that has recently been diagnosed as “Bi-polar.”  He refuses to take prescribed medications, so his flips between the manic and depressive states are very hard on his family, his wife and 3 sons.  Do you have any suggestions that I can give to my daughter and grandsons to help them cope with this situation?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes.  First of all, I would recommend they speak with a mental health counselor, one who is fully acquainted with the social/familial dynamics of a bi-polar mental health issue of an individual within the family.  It is important that they understand the social dynamics in that situation, and as this individual is the father of these children, the children must grow up quickly in their discernment of what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.  We do not enter into a discussion of what is right or what is wrong, but rather in the process of discerning, to observe what is going on and to discern the appropriateness of the individual’s actions, meaning the bi-polar person’s actions.

This is most unfortunate because children then begin to have a skewed view of the world, and even worse, they have a fear that eventually they perhaps may become bi-polar themselves, which has a great possibility of occurring.  This is one of the most difficult of situations for families to engage, that they are not allowed the decision to become sterile before they beget children, who have every possibility of becoming a mental health problem to themselves and to their family and others.  The realization is that they are/may have this within them.  This is a decision that the children must make; this is information that they must be given, as transparently, without coercion, without obligation, without guilt about how they proceed with begetting their own children.  This is a reality in your world; this is a reality of awareness and decision-making of the New Era, that mental health is a personal decision of whether you pass that on to your children, or not.

As for this family situation, first of all seek the counseling I advise, and secondly, they must make a decision whether to try to assist that individual to contain himself.  You already know that this is nigh on to impossible, because the person who is experiencing these bi-polar episodes feels adamantly that they are “right.”  When they are manic, they want to enjoy the feeling of being omnipotent, of being incredibly intelligent and capable, and when they are in the state of depression, they feel as though no one can help them, that they have no worth at all, and that they reject assistance to take medication, because they know soon that they eventually will be in another manic state and enjoy that ecstasy, which can last for weeks at a time, and take its toll on those who are around them.

The question you ask is most difficult, as there are no firm answers within your society, and there are no well-developed medications which have long-lasting effects, such as if he were given an injection that would last six months.  This is an eventuality of your medical professions and pharmacology, but it is not present now.  If he is unwilling to take his medication, then he is making victims of everyone and you must realize that in his arrogance, he makes everyone suffer.

Roxie:  Thank you!  One of the problems we have run into with this is that there are so few trained psychiatrists and psychologists to contact; they just seem to be so overbooked that it takes months just to get an appointment.

That’s all the questions I have, Machiventa.  I appreciate your help today.

MACHIVENTA:  I would like to close then, if there are no further questions.

The great necessity to cover the mental health issue

As you see, both of you see, and understand from the conversations and the questions and answers that have developed from my opening answer in expounding upon the “one word response” I gave you, that mental health is a prominent topic that needs much exploration.  You are most welcome to fumble around with this process, as you do not know the way through it.  It is a way through the forest without paths, and that you are a path-maker.  So, you are welcome to ask questions, and when you see that you have stumbled or fumbled, do not be dismayed, but proceed further.  Learn to—in the process of the Art of Inquiry—learn how to recover from a fumble.  I give you only one advisement.  After I stated the word, “desperate,” your next question could easily have been, “What is it about our species in mental health that is so desperate in your opinion or your wisdom?”  You must have a set of recovery questions in this moderating process or you will fail.  You will fail not for yourself, or for us, but you will fail for your listeners and your readers.  It is important that you be their mind and ears, and their mouth, to proceed competently.

This is not a reprimand, it is not a chastisement, this is simply, “Wake up!”  There are easy questions to ask, which lead forward, but you think you have a PDA (Physicians’ Desk Reference) in front of you to refer to, and resources that you can go to.  Well, you do not.  You do not have foreknowledge of where you are going; you simply must know how the compass in your hand works [the interview process] as you look at it, and you hear the answers to know how to proceed.  I give you this sternly because this is such an important question; this is not to be dithered with, or to be dallied with, or to be ignored and forgotten.  I insist that you come again to this forum and ask the questions—that may be next week; it may be next year, but it must be asked.  And during that time, we suggest that you ask your guardians, your guides—even a personal Melchizedek who would be welcomed and invited to advise you how to proceed.

I think you are seeing in some way, how your education as a physician has now become an impediment to your own intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.  This is standard fare for physicians and for accountants, and for attorneys, and those who are graced in the fine art of linear thinking.  This is a dance between yourself and between us, between not knowing and the other side of almost knowing all.  We do not have awareness of all that exists concerning mortals’ mental health on Urantia, but we certainly have access to higher references and sources that do.  We wish you good speed and good luck, and blessings upon you, as you pursue this endeavor, because now you know it is personal.  Thank you and good day.